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from quezacotl :
Holy crap you know someone in Arcade Fire!?! That's insane! They're like my favorite band right now, I'm seeing them on the 31st! Good for you! Sorry for the random drunk note! Take care!
from hcatty :
beep beep!
from emperorincxt :
from annivate :
it's halloween. step away from the computer.
from wasteland89 :
I wanted to let you know that there is a song by The Appleseed Cast that is called "Kilgore Trout". If you already know this and it is true that your diary is named after their song, I feel quite foolish. If not, well you learn something new everyday I suppose. Be Well.
from arletterocks :
Dude! Dude! A dream achieved! I am now W3C-compliant, HTML 4.01 strict! Well, my blog is, anyway. Yeah!
from abeyant :
an abundance of similarity in our tastes... a strange abundance. neat.
from arletterocks :
*Ahem* "Jersey Girl" was pretty good, right up until the scene where Affleck stares into the crib at the little meatball baby and starts crying. Then it slid right down into the crap zone and stayed there.
from lgrasmeyer :
from beagle47 :
the science of a beagle visit: french banner + kv screen name reference = *click* (now back to your irregular programming). peace.
from red-flag :
rarely does one individual standout on this silly network of garbage. yes writing is important. and yes i enjoy your writing. thats all. stay safe.
from arletterocks :
Looks like I get to sell my soul to eBay for the ponies. I saw a six-pack of dangerous-looking serrated steak knives at the dollar store that ought to work quite nicely.
from arletterocks :
Yeah, I tried that one. All out of My Little Pony and steak knives. They tried to sell me some plastic forks and ten hits of windowpane on My Little Pony blotter paper.
from arletterocks :
Also: you're a longstanding addiction. So we're even, except that I sound like a stalker. Yay! Stalker!
from arletterocks :
I never proofread my notes. It's ... uh ... against my religion. You happen to know where I can get My Little Pony toys dirt cheap? Also some steak knives. I'm in the mood for a new wall decoration.
from darkoverlord :
Hi! You seem AWEsome. So are we. You should definitely check out our adventures.
from sukirella :
I like your Europe pictures a lot. I swear I've been in that gas station. The twin super funny looking stop signs in front of the mountains look terribly familiar. Of course that's probably what every gas station next to the Alps looks like.
from sukirella :
I think you got a little out of control with the self portraits there. Nice new glasses though.
from kill-myself :
i love you. i love kurt vonnegut. i love kilgore trout. i wish i was a tralfamadore so that i could see people naked. did i mention that i love you? slaughterhouse 5 is an awesome book. read hocus pocus. now!!
from goldink :
Your guestbook link doesn't work. I am using Mozilla 20021130. It's been doing the same thing for a view days. Fix it.
from bean-bean :
Your dog is the cutest dog i have ever seen, i love its eyebows!
from ambrosiah :
I love breakfast of champions! Bruce Willis rules. Thought I was tha only one who saw that movie, now I know there's others. Great diary name, oh, yeah, very impressed with your diary too, very interesting. As Arnold would say: I'll be back!
from donnaisblue :
LOVED the margritee-like banner
from bottleofbluz :
This is going to be minimalistic: Your french banner grasped my attention.(guess why...) I think you almost outdo discothekid. You're my new heroe.
from nebulous615 :
indeed. I was actually going to gripe about guestbooks as well. I was lucky, however, because when I clicked that handy word "back" in the drop down menu, all my gloriously crafted words had been saved. As for a diner on a cold and stormy night...well...perhaps I'll work it into the analysis of Shakespeare's Sonnet 35 that I am supposedly writing at this moment. But I suppose this could all be written just as well in an email. But isn't it oh so much more fun to receive that glorious "you have a note" email from diaryland?
from lagrimitas :
hehe cute Mario banner, I use to rule at that game lol *sighs* (turns back the lil hand of time)
from bean-bean :
thank you for putting that conversation in your diary. it reminds me of what my friend and i used to discuss. we haven't in a while...thanks.
from kbaa :
yeah, i know. you rock too.
from kbaa :
sunny day rocks.
from saranwrap :
the picture; i didn't take it. but fell in love with it, assumingly, as you did. i found it on this site: wishing i knew more to tell you, but all i know is that the lady is beautiful. and that i wish i could make art like it.
from enigmotion :
i'm a sucker for poetry. came across your diary- and now...i'm totally hooked. kudos! Love, Cat
from rustybicycle :
i really hate comments like this, but i'm going to say it, regardless. i genuinely love this.
from cockheadjoe :
Ask yourself if life is really that important. And then, after saying "yes" in that "obvious" kind of tone in your head, realize that embracing new things in this "important" life is what is so important. And what could be more new and exciting than death?
from l8love :
Hey love the entries, they're all like poetry in a way..if I'm not journal is kinda lame but that's cause I can't get words out...anyway come check it out and keep yours updated man....jk
from mrbelvedere :
are you a mormon?
from daphness :
i used to live in a town called kilgore. and my dad likes trout. so....there.
from cacophoni33 :
hey there. i love vonnegeut as well. i lived next to him on long island last summer. i got to be friends with his daughter. she did a lot of coke, but he was the coolest man alive. if you think his writing is cool, you should meet the man. his mind is like a library. he's one of the few people i have ever met who trancends age. his interests in and knowledge of everything amazed me.
from leiascully :
I think I've fallen in love with your profile. Vonnegut, OSC, *and* Beckett? I'll be back.
from flummoxed :
helloooo... i stumbled across you, and you have a darren aronofsky film listed in your favourites! on account of this, you have become one of MY favourites. good show!
from quezacotl :
I like the new picture.... it actually reminded me I saw that dream girl that you've put in every once and a while. She was in a BMW with Minnesota license plates though....
from asteroidbelt :
yer banner ad is super awesome. stick men that breakdance are cooool! and kilgore trout is a good name cause vonnegut is clever. yeah. that's all i have to say.
from starsalone :
came out of boredom (a-la-banner). stayed out of interest. Oh my dear, you have "wooed" me. <3
from lady-phoenix :
i'm like amazed at your diary, i hope you don't mind if i take a peek. i might go in and out for awhile if i'm not stuck in the clouds. I'd like to find more of your poems (Do you care to share? I'll make it fair and i'll put one when i'm done on my little webpiece, alright? Peace.) oh have you seen dancer in the dark? it's got Bjork in it and i think it's awesome, you should see it. I was in a really sensitive mood that night and i cried for 15 minutes after that. It was really sad.
from modernista :
i haven't read any of your entries but i've just browsed your profile (i'm new to this thing) but i do believe you like girls.
from quezacotl :
I've meant to say this for a while but haven't got the chance. I like you. In a platonic way of course, I wouldn't want you to confuse you with an semi-anonymous online crush. Anyway, I was wondering if you remember that show Square One? It had this math maze thing where this big purple monster chased this Pac-man monster around, and other fun math related things. Or how about Super Munchers! Come on! Everyone loved those guys!
from repusevad :
i'm not using my diary anymore but went to read diaries today. yes, Amelie is so awesome I told everyone GO and nobody's complained. so wonderful when art is driven by passion. saw Gosford Park the other day and it was merely a technical exercise compared to Amelie. Vonnegut being a longtime favourite, i won't hesitate to urge finding A Confederacy Of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole. Maybe you already have. Not LIKE Vonnegut, but the spark behind them both is wild and immense. I once received Cat's Cradle and A Confederacy of Dunces for Christmas, and the memory has outlasted innumerable gifts since. And so it goes.
from vitality :
i am currently using "swirlydesk". it will probably change to "fairladies". p.s. i think you are amazing. no no no. really.
from vitality :
i am using your wallpaper. xox.
from abbeynormal :
I, too, love an elegant proof. It was the sort of proof that ran 5 or more pages that I was never too crazy about. And when I was your age, I lived and breathed Vonnegut. I own every book, and several critical works and biographies. So, we have that much in common. You know, not many people appreciate an elegant proof.
from strawmallow :
I checked the people in my diaryring "kurt vonnegut" (im under a different alias, the other is "lovelytrip") out for about the first time, in about, oh months. Thanks for joining, and for the love of god - keep reading!
from strawmallow :
I checked the people in my diaryring "kurt vonnegut" out for about the first time, in about, oh months. Thanks for joining, and for the love of god - keep reading!

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