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from lslptr :
hello lady... long time no talk to. once upon a time i was snapdragonrn.... i miss talking to you. my life has changed MUCH. I'll drop you a line soon. hugs and kisses to you and to your lathans! tell everybody in the unit i said Hi.
from snapdragonrn :
Hi ya Lady A! Just wanted to let you know that i'm still around if only as a voyeur... teeheehee. I'll be sending a card via the unit soon and my email will be in it. miss talking to you and hope this finds you and your family well..... L
from halowenslut :
You know, reading your diary makes raises children (okay, just yours) out of the "strictly parasites" catagory into the "really cute cause the belong to someone else" catagory. How are the joys of day care working out?
from snapdragonrn :
i'm here now! and you must swear on all that is holy and Lathan's left leg that you don't breathe a word from this thing to anyone at work! not that i thought you would, i just wanted to use "Lathan's left leg" in a sentence. teehee! thanks for turning me on to this thing (like i need another addiction)
from alesiag :
What kind of shirt do you want?
from alesiag :
hey! just added you to my profile. Great to have you here. Miss you lots. did you see the 7/31 entry about the family story what did you think? love much b ps check out halowenslut - it is who you think it is. :)
from elsworthy :
I've got news for you on the weight-loss thing: That weird out-of-body feeling never quite goes away. Once you've been fat, your mind never quite accepts that you're thin. It happens less over time, though. And the whole people stopping/talking/noticing you're there? And how! This is why I never trust people who say that they treat everyone the same - odds are, they've never been really fat. Liars, all of them. :)

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