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from candoor :
yeah, but your blogger link doesn't work...
from hamlette2002 :
So, the pelonkey would be in the Porquine family?
from iwontellthem :
mmmkay, you asked for music, so here i'm going to suggest some. first off, listen to the best radio station in the world, KEXP. you don't live in seattle, so you listen in at they're independent and have opened up my musical world like nobody's business. now for bands. -the math and physics club is belle and sebastian-esque local seattle pop music. -+/- is music that in the space of a single song goes from dreamy pop to electrorock. google as 'plus or minus' -listening to the acid house kings is like eating sugar, just not gross. -the brazilian girls are my favorite new dance band. incredible live and on record. only one's a girl, none are brazilian. i believe the girl is french. -central services is the math and physics club's drummer's other band. -clue to kalo is wonderous ambience. -hanne hukkelberg makes beautiful music and is from norway or sweden or somewhere like that. you know it must be good if it comes from northern europe. downloads of her and clue to kalo available at the leaf records site. that's it.
from logophobic :
Some dude KEPT HOLDING THE DOOR OPEN when it went off on him today. It made me glad I don't keep a knife in my room 'cause I'da stabbed a bitch.
from maibee :
We have one of them feckin alarms on our resident apartment blocks too. Makes me want to smack bitches at times!
from logophobic :
It's just been that goddamned long, I guess. The funny thing is I actually went back through that one and fixed a bunch of other spelling errors after I posted it, but now I've got to let that one stand.
from hamlette2002 :
You forgot how to spell recommendation.
from triple-m :
just to let you know i am one of your faithful readers and i was seriously depressed when you didn't update... BUT ITS OKAY NOW!!! keep posting... you make my day! you make me laugh. trust me, thats hard to do. ~mik
from triple-m :
UPDATE HONEY! im an avid reader and you always make me laugh! i miss my daily dose of comedy from your diary. help me out and give us an update! ~mik
from hamlette2002 :
Just thought I'd drop in with a great new word for you - hematopoiesis. As in, "I haven't been feeling as weak since I've resumed normal hematopoiesis."
from slobber :
Have you quite disappeared?
from amomsmusings :
What, no album recommendation? And I was desperately needing to go out and blow a whole lot of cash on some new CDs. Well, I'll wait until you're "off the fritz" and see what my next purchase should be.
from voodoochick :
1984 is a great book - the film is a bit odd though.
from labrayne :
Slint INVENTED it. I am always happy when someone gets into them.
from voodoochick :
I'm traumatised by the lack of updates and the new pope is creepy pope. (VIII.2)
from logophobic :
I am eating one AS I TYPE, and it is like some sort of taste bud orgasm. It is as though you reduced a Reese's cup to goo and put it on some bread. And as far as I am concerned that can in no way be wrong.
from iwontellthem :
you know nutella? HELLYEAH! try a nutella and peanutbutter sandwich on white bread. that is the shit. THE SHIT. it's so good...
from artgnome : - I think you can order it from here, or they would probably help you to find it locally. I have a music review up on my diary today: I hope you like it. Go for the comedy, who knows what could happen!
from voodoochick :
Yay \o/ good luck with your open mic night :-)
from logophobic :
I stnad by my erorrs.
from voodoochick :
from hissandtell :
Um, thanks for the link - I think ... still not sure whether you found me entertaining or otherwise! !!!! (Liberal scattering of exclamation points!!) Love, R xxx
from voodoochick :
from artgnome :
Hi logophobic. I also hate hairdressers who cannot catch their client's vision and can totally relate to oral fixation. I really liked Pilotdrift's Sails, but then they lost me with the vocals. I love your reviews though! I already have gmail and would love to see a comments section for each entry. I just got comments for my diary from and love it!
from voodoochick :
"I borrowed _____ to _____..." I can totally relate on that one.
from labrayne :
I dig all the reviews, they don't have to be current, if there's something good the people may have missed.
from haloaskew :
Oh man...your blizzard story reminds me of how I had to go into work on CHRISTMAS EVE, even though they knew it'd be the slowest day of the fucking year. Unfortunately the mantra is "we're a horse farm - we never close." YEAH. I KNOW. BUT I DON'T WORK OUT IN THE BARNS. I WORK IN THE OFFICE. To make matters even worse, we had a big ice storm the night before, so it took me an HOUR AND A HALF to drive 30 miles (had to back track and take the country roads because of some big wreck which closed down the main road). White-knuckled driving over winding, hilly, UNSALTED Kentucky country roads was an experience I hope never to repeat. But I was a TROOPER, made it to work, only to discover my BOSS gave up after an hour of fighting traffic and was "working from home." Hope you enjoyed your nap, LOSER! It was so dead in the office that the farm manager whipped up a batch of pancakes, brought his kids in to run around like howling banshees, and let everyone go home after lunch. Thanks. I can't believe I risked my life for lukewarm, and rather untasty, pancakes. Being a "trooper" ain't all it's cracked up to be.
from logophobic :
It took me a while to figure out what that meant. I thought it was some sort of obscure reference for a while. Then I realized I was retarded. Review for De-loused In The Comatorium comin' up next time.
from itineration :
de-loused in the comatorium by the mars volta
from liebestoeter :
Hey, good job on your reviews man.
from logophobic :
Why yes, in fact I do listen to the Killers:
from waterflyer :
Do you listen to the Killers? If you haven't heard their album, it would probably be worth checking out. :)
from crateobscure :
Also, Invader Zim rocks.
from crateobscure :
You can't go wrong with reviews of creepy music.
from artgnome :
my son loves Invader Zim, he also loves Tim Burton's work, which I think shows a strong resemblence to me, hah. Also, maybe not 50 cents, but the dollar store has some non-perishable food items. We also have a chain here in upstate NY, Aldi's totally geared to budget grocery shopping.
from spazmodic :
'Why do hot dogs come in packages of 10 when hot dog buns come in packages of 8?' So you have to buy a minimume of 4 packs of hotdog buns and 5 packs of hotdogs to even it out, and then you have to pray that you're hungry 'cause that's a shit-load of hotdogs
from herdarlinsin :
aww the birdies.
from waterflyer :
Hey there, I just want to tell you I've started reading your diary, and it's one of the best journals yet.
from sallydallydo :
Why is abbreviation such a long word? Why isn't phoenetic spelled the way it sounds? Ah, college life. I would enjoy reviews of CD's That Suck And Must Be Avoided, same with Download Sites That Suck.
from paper-girl :
I'm a bottomless eating machine today too! Must be the weather ;-)
from voodoochick :
The pants you speak of are called Pedal Pushers and they are vile.
from to-my-heart :
I often ask myself those questions. A bowl went missing just a few days ago. We looked everywhere and its not there...hmmm maybe grimlins borrowed it.
from artgnome :
I also suffer from "get-me-the-fuck-out-of here!" syndrome and relieve it by getting out of town at least twice a year, if only for 24 to 48 hours, it's a reprieve, it freshens me up and gets me back to the task at hand, getting a master's degree in the next 8 years. I'm also in my first year of associates. I though, have the advantage of living in between Toronto and NYC.
from logophobic :
More consultation with Buddha seems to indicate that the universe in fact loops back upon itself. Therefore it is both finite and infinite, in that it contains a certain amount of stuff and space but if you go straight in one direction you wind up right back where you started eventually. Either that or it is shaped like a giant hamburger, complete with bun, and on the outside is soy sauce (Buddha speaks an ancient Tibetan dialect which I am not very knowledgable in). Hope that helps! If it doesn't and you just want to get it out of your head, try this one. According to Big Bang theory, there was no such thing as time before the event itself. So how did the event get started if there was no timeframe for it to begin in? That one keeps me stumped despite Buddha's claim that it was all just gnomes.
from crazy4muffin :
I have a question. Incidentally I linked to you via the "within five degrees of Kevin Bacon" method. Where does the universe end? Seriously. It can't just go on forever, right? And if it "ends", isn't thre then something on the other side? It has been killing me this morning. You are a psych major? You probably don't know the answer, but you most likely have a means of getting this irritating question out of my head! Enjoyed your entry.
from outlawrose :
i like in wisconsin too. ashland wi.
from for-you-only :
Cute diary. Dull, but interesting banners. Good writing. Dry template. You do like irony don't you? ~Pink
from emomusic :
hey, just lettting you know i was browsing your journal. It kept me entertained for quite some time. And i think your music reccomendations kick ass. you seem like a genuinly cool dude, and it would be nice to chat sometime. visit my jounal, and forgive the lack of entries, i never have time for myself anymore =). buy buy
from hamlette2002 :
And yeah, about the words thing. I've been living out of a medical dictionary the past few weeks. I have one of those phobia lists. Interesting stuff. It's amazing how many things humans have found to be frightening.
from hamlette2002 :
Hey, have you listened to the Dresden Dolls CDs? I'd love to see your review of them ;-)
from mango-kiwi :
Hey, nice diary. Not to be a stalker or anything, but I think I know where you go to college (due to your MN/WI reference.) I live in that general area too. Also, I actually think one of my friends has logophobia... he starts getting nauseous when he reads things. Or maybe he's just dyslexic...
from surrey-grrl :
tee hee....funny stuff. And you're right about statistics=BDSM....we're a crazy bunch.
from bohemianlife :
found you through your insanely cool site. i think i need to add you so i can get some good music reviews. i'm a bit of a music freak myself...and i liked your survey thing as well.
from banefulvenus :
nice site...
from techrat :
i also live on campus at a university of wisconsin school! it is also right across the mn/wi border! it is kind of a long drive to the twin cites, though. also, our washers/dryers cost an entire DOLLAR to use. but by never washing any of my pants, i save a lot of money. i mean...hi! i clicked on your banner today! it was awesome.
from jm-obsession :
And by shit-piece I mean my personal journal, because Diaryland is my life. Is that sad??
from jm-obsession :
The first entry I read was a Q&A of you, which I thought was damn appropriate. I think you're a lot of fun, and I've added you. Feel free to read my shit-piece. I mean diaryland.
from sallydallydo :
I'd do the NotifyList, fer sure. And keep up the album reviews; for those of us stuck in Mommyville with depleted chances of new music experiences, we need sources. Find me enough good new music and you just might earn a college care package. Oh how I miss my college days...good times, good times.
from logophobic :
Careful consultation with my small Buddha figurine reveals that the hurting will end in approximately 7 days, 15 hours, 42 minutes, 10 seconds. So to answer your question, just over a week! Of course Buddha is a tricky character so we'll just have to see.
from breezip :
Saw your banner - I'll definitely visit again. Thanks for bein' out there to catch all car-humpers where they lay.
from abigail-road :
just came across your site today, and love that you're a music nerd. I'll be coming back for more.
from crateobscure :
Ok, I got a question for you: When will the hurting end? Also, if you put up a notify list, I'd gladly sign on.
from spoiltangel :
I just use the buddy list to check diaries... it's so much more easier. Just like already baked chocolate cake is easier to eat than packet mix!
from logophobic :
Minnesota indeed, dismal state that it is - I'm from St. Paul and go to school a little ways across the Wisconsin border.
from artgnome :
wow, Duluth, MN? I was just there in October with the Crash Test Dummies, as they were taping a live DVD there.
from to-my-heart :
I hate self check out lines too. But I've used them before when buying embarassing items.
from loonylyssie :
well i've read a few of your entries, added yoy to my buddies etc. so just thought i'd be polite and pop over and say hi.
from spoiltangel :
Ohhh, Mr Brightside is sooo good! Mes amis, run into your local music store and grab yourself one of these albums! Ahhh, the sweet bliss that is music... great entry btw! =D
from tornnbroken :
I speak french. ha. your diary makes me happy. Hi.
from beckybaggins :
Got here through one of your banners and after reading your 2/13/05 entry, am convinced you live in my building. But you made me like you. Damn you.
from gumphood :
I just play half life 2 death match. No counterstrike. Enjoyed the banner.
from rladyofpunk :
So...bitter...argh! Me- sarcastic Texas college-type. You- sarcastic (Michigan, right?) college-type. So similar, but no! Alas, you have the sacred iPod which I can only dream about! I am jealous. Jealous and bitter. Like you, my blur of studying and not studying would be so much more bearable if only I had one of those fabulous little rectangles of music! *Note to self- do not leave notes for strangers before finishing coffee: makes me sound crazy(er)... better stop while I'm behind.
from justamephit :
Ok, so three banner clicks got me here. I guess it's fate. I am enjoying reading your diary though. But, God, don't talk to me about languages other than my own - I'm stranded in the middle of a "relationship" with a beautiful Spaniard to whom I am immensely physically attracted but as yet unable to say anything other than hola bonita. Woe is me. I also keep a handy "Excusez-moi, mes petites escargoes." (however you spell it) to tongue for wading through the hoardes of dithering French schoolboys who plague the streets of Ox during the summer tourist season. Tee hee. Bugging French school children - practically a hobby. Anyway, yes, longest note in the world. But I'll be reading.
from size18dream :
Hey. Came across your banner. Like your diary. When are you gonna get a guestbook, notes are so 2 years ago. ;-) Gina Marie
from artgnome :
I did find you through your banner, and I think Gollum selling iPods is ingenius, you smarty, you! It gets funnier as I think about people I know with iPods and how addicted they are. I hope to join the ranks after the tax return comes in. :)
from dream-worlds :
Hey, just landed in your diary via your banner! Might I add, irony rocks the world! I swear, it rocks the socks off anything ever in the whole entire world! So yeah, this was just to say hi by the way! love Aimz PS. Feel free to visit my diary, it's a weird, freaky place to be and no one but me gets what I'm on about! xx
from logophobic :
sally: I do that too. I also have a bad habit of using mathematical notation where it doesn't belong, like in the middle of a sentence (bad because math is a close cohort of Satan). I'll just be writing along and without thinking throw "+" in when I meant "and", or "=" in for "is", which makes even English 112 look like Precalculus. One of the best things I ever wrote down was "MAG = spd/for/etc!" which continues to stump me to this day, although being in my Algebra & Trig notebook from last semester, surrounded by stuff about vectors, it's probably related to that somehow. Then again, maybe not. The world will never know.
from voodoochick :
I'm leaving you a note...hello :-)
from sallydallydo :
I always preferred my own obscure abbreviations in notes, making note-copiers wonder just what things like "app lv of ch bhv" was supposed to be. It was my little secret, MINE ALL MINE MUWAhaHAHAhaHA. Now I need a new way to have fun. Maybe a whole diary in abbreviations?
from elysium1982 :
nice diaryland you have here. =)
from iwontellthem :
i found your diary a couple of weeks ago, and it is already one of my favorites. i love your sense of humor. things in writing rarely make me even giggle, and you, my friend, have made me giggle many times. it just hit me that i fucking hate the word 'giggle'. anyway. your diary kicks ass. you kick ass. write on, dear friend.
from logophobic :
Wow, apparently le fran´┐Żais est tres amusant! I shall have to speak it more often. Or plus souvent. Take your pick. Like I said though, my knowledge is pretty limited and further French-speakin' will likely consist of things that are mort.
from leftunspoken :
Okay, I caught you on a banner and wandered over (as I'm a wandery sort of person), so I'm leaving a note as instructed. Enjoyed your writing but didn't get to stay long. I'll be back. (Which truly was meant in that nice way, and not that terminator threatening sort of way.)
from sallydallydo :
Je parle francais un peu, mais je parle anglais tres bien. I followed your le banner and found much le fun, and also noticed I have subconsciously followed amomsmusings' happy trail. Adding you to my faves!
from amomsmusings :
Clicked the banner, checked it out, added you to my faves. "C'est la vie."
from cant-escape :
Ask and ye shall receive. I just clicked on your banner, and I like your style! I'll be adding you to the buddy list..
from rivetergirl :
Surfed in from a banner. Stayed for the French. I was pleased that I could actually read it after all these years. Good to know my francoise no est mort.
from bra2002 :
hello there! I found you through a banner. And I am enjoying the read thus far.
from spoiltangel :
Bonjour! I'm doing French at school at the moment... and have decided that year 12 french is all about the food. Mmm, j'adore le cafe et les fraises! So yeah, I clicked your banner, and have thus added you, being as your diary is tres cool and what not. Au revoir, Kelly. P.S. Remind me not to speak french on diary notes ever again...
from poorpisces :
Actually, your French (what little phrases you know) is not bad at all.
from candoor :
I'm leaving this note to let you know that I'm taking notes (I am the proud keeper of a music addiction :)
from jesbohn :
it is kinda disturbing to hear ppl doin it when you are trying to get shut eye. cute entry. -bohner
from treedancer :
Greetings! Your banner ad intrigued me -made me laugh. Enjoyed the few pages I read. Will come back. :)
from to-my-heart :
lol hes lucky it was a quarter...when somebody wakes me up and I usually throw the flashlight by my bed at them. If you need any help figuring out any html problems you have feel free to ask and I'll see if I can help you out or at least direct you to a place that can.
from for-you-only :
Hey! Sup' dude - yeah people are reading your joint - people read mine too, I can see my my gold stats, but they hardly say shit to me. ~Pink
from to-my-heart :
Hey cool site and yep there are people reading it. Spooky ain't it.
from poopiebitch :
hey, I'm leaving you a note because I clicked your banner randomly, read a few of your posts and thought you were pretty funny. but mostly, I'm leaving this note because I like the idea of myself causing someone to "giggle with glee".
from logophobic :
damn, man, that's a good question.
from elvisload :
why would anyone want to read this crap...?
from starzero :
promising. we'll see if i make it back, though. intriguing banner, at least.
from beckers-j :
New reader here. This should be fun.
from evildilara :
I just wanted to leave a note...I started reading you today. I added you to my favorites so now there are more than 3 people reading you. Woo hoo!
from ms-imago :
Don't giggle 2 much but I'm reading also. U write well, it's v. entertainin'. Hi my new buddy.
from candoor :
your writing is comfortable (familiar, even) and before any more of my readers ask me if you are me or if I am you, I figured I'd leave a note here to clear the question up... or perhaps, just to add to the confusion (I am enjoying reading and hope you are too :)
from excogitate :
Hi, I followed a banner ad to you diary and read some of the last post. You might be having trouble finding readers because the font on your page is really really small. It made my eyes hurt. I just tought I would offer up my opinion. Have a great day.
from mollydog :
Hey found your diary..I will add you to my diary reading list so you can count on my readership.
from early-rain :
Hello, just wanted to tell you that I clicked on your banner. And I read some of your older entries!
from logophobic :
no. and it's still scary.
from dadoviende :
you realize that the goldblum thing is, like, three years old, right?
from dadoviende :
=O this is Alex I just wanted to tell you, Howie Day is the shit. Also, I'm going to have to check out that AllofMP3 thing I think...

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