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from ska-t :
maryalice... you are such a star. since they emasculated Iron Chef, i have a reason to watch Food Network! i. am so proud.
from robotheart :
ok i just signed your guestbook with like...herbal advice...insomnimaniacal relation (dont do the nyquil or anything with DXM in it...its a hallucinogenic, man.) try alpha cf, a homeopathic jobby by hyland's i think...there are remedies for sinus congestion that dont involve freaky medicines...whenever i take nyquil i go into some weird delirium...and not all the time is it pleasant. chalk your fears up to hysteria and lack of sleep and let yourself chill. i got my cd. it's lovely as promised. you and i write the same. it was like getting a letter from myself. which figures, cuz most of what you write seems that way. love and thanks. and a big fie on your guestbook for stealing my eloquence!
from robotheart :
i cant sign your booook! fatal error! kinda like your finger. gross! i totally think that is the weirdest thing in the widest of worlds...lucas thought i was trying to hack my ring finger off in a fit of subliminal change of heart. next time. go fork. or...cole slaw or something. im so sorry you're hurt my little chickadee.
from annegeluna :
We have a song in my family for such events: It's quittin' time, it's quittin' time, everybody knows it's quittin' time. Congrats on the new job and the honeymoon location!!
from annegeluna :
And don't forget to take a shot each time a robotic wolf appears on the screen - what was up with that?! Have a fabulous showery weekend!
from robotheart :
i wish we could cocktail and exclaim and delight w/ one another...we need a virtual cork poppin, exclaimin' chatroom or something...anyhoo, happy so happy you are happy...and the prenup dreams are that of the craziness.
from kats :
well, I would put this in your gbook but it probably won't let me sign again. oy vey. so I'm here to add that your story of the salon trauma rang oh-so true! I went to my salon which I used to frequent when times weren't so fiscally tight... and oh, the courage! the explanations! and the beration for my bleached white job. that said, the only to do in your case is what you clearly have already done. shake that hair-thang and get along with yer bad self! as always-- k.
from ska-t :
rockabilly... i <i>knew</i> you were too cool for words. matter of fact, a pal of mine just dropped a stack of Bob Wills CDs on me... used to be the bass player for the Atomics. NoVA grown... big in Finland. bonafide credentials, in my book. nice SciFi look, BTW. and congrats on yer life choices.
from annegeluna :
Hi - I haven't written to you before but I've been reading your journal for a while and I wanted you to know that I'm sending good thoughts and energy your way after reading today's entry. My grandmother just turned 90 and is facing some end of life issues, so I might understand some of the feelings you're having. You, and your grandmother, will be in my thoughts in the days to come. Fondly, Annegeluna
from suicidalsada :
You rock me world. I really enjoy reading your things. A rabbit with a waistcoat and a watch? How peculiar.
from achren :
dear miss malice, i highly recommend telling the companies that sell boxes to piss up a rope, and instead stopping by your local liquor store and stocking up on wine boxes. they are a lovely size for books and CDs and such as they can never get too unwieldy. and also, well, if you're me, it was kind of fun to drive cross country in a car full of gato negro boxes and guitars and a skateboard deck. "this car looks like it belong to a boy, it does." xo.m.
from spindle :
ah, asparagus with butter and lemon, I miss it so. but the last time I went to the supermarket the asparagus was five dollars a tenny-weeny little bunch that I hesitate to call a bunch, for fear of misleading you with the connotations of plenty the word bunch carries with it; and I walked out with a veritable sack of potatoes for substantially less. and because I am always either broke or about to be broken that about makes up my mind on the issue of the two vegetables. but I do miss asparagus, now that I think of it. perhaps that will be next week's indulgence.
from spindle :
I do think you may be being a bit hard on cinnamon. it is a difficult spice to get to know very well and sometimes it is difficult to like, but a good piece of toast, buttered, with a bit of brown sugar and a bit of cinnamon, is an excellent way to get past those difficulties and wander into the kind of emotional ground that both you and it should enjoy immensely.
from hey4eyes :
Thanks there Malice. I know I'm not supposed to be old enough to go to bars but I'm going to let you in on a tip. If you're in New York for the weekend check out Passerby (Chelsea) on Friday night (late night that is), Wednesday and Saturday you want to head to the Hole (2nd ave) and this Friday night in particular there is an interesting group show on Bedford and N1st (Williamsburg , Brooklyn) if art shows are your thing. Good luck mate. Bobbie Sue Dicks.
from hey4eyes :
Well I'm going to guess my attempt at signing your guest page was a complete disaster so I'm letting you know all over again that your journal is fantastic and that when you are stomping around New York you can't forget Brooklyn. This from the mouth of a local. Trust me....Bobbie Sue Dicks
from raven72d :
Avoid the clippers.
from zerom3ph :
wierd. i think i once wrote a piece called 'malice in wonderland'. or maybe it was one of the lines? dunno. don't post notes when you're hungry, cold, nicotine fiending, and sleep deprived. it's the incorrect bullshit.
from smile4onlyu :
yucky picture
from myrkur :
oh. this is nice.
from raven72d :
Y'know-- "hotcha!" is just a vur' good thing to say.
from nancyboy- :
you probably have the best layout i've seen in diaryland.
from kstyle :
hi -i joined d-land a few weeks ago-tried to write you then,but i didn't get through-i actually tried to remove the spamblock-i SAID i was new. have read bits of your diary- it's very cool-the look is so calming-gonna try to get deep into your diary this weekend. hope you can stop by and take a look at mine-my member name is kstyle...i'm glad i waited to write to you, cuz now i have a little more to share. hope you can check out my little art gallery,too-i'm new at all this stuff,but i feel i've accomplished a lot in 2 months. take care,michael- i still can't understand your email address...
from citizenjane :
i love you!
from citizenjane :
i guess we've all got daily themes... hope the froat feels better.
from kats :
yay! i've been waiting for a way to talk back to you without writing on elvis's insides. miss you, k.
from annabelsays :
my brother had that when he was a kid. we always called it cradle cRap though. what is kaballah?
from chinacat :
no way! i've always thought it was just like you were talking about "po' white" folks. well don't that beat all.
from trancejen :
OK, I'll bite. Asparagus pee??
from annabelsays :
oh boy, your mayor is a spunk! he looks so bruce willis in that white tanktop. grrr
from chinacat :
i have a bottle of yellow tail chardonnay sitting in my fridge. it's a nice saucy little wine. the aussies make good chards.
from moldyfork :
interesting diary...nice bath tub too.
from discodave :
Why do birds suddenly appear, every time, you are near?... Dxx
from swallowing :
shit.. that entry about the bus ride? i feel you, girl. all.the.way.
from discodave :
You too hon, Dave xx p.s. I specialise in the horrific and hilarious together.
from discodave :
Yeah, but apparently it's also the greatest thing since the spin cycle for spending a night in with. Dxx
from aella :
happy christmas and hot cocoa kisses
from illiac :
you should try, "that's some crazy-ass shit." when your boss tells you how the company did last month. its no "kickass," but it'll work.
from kerykes :
you just made me go recheck my calendar. for some reason i failed to recognise that we are not in the same place. and yes, dan bern is tuesday. not thursday. okay, i'm fine now.
from kerykes :
okay, i'm dying to know where you're wanting to go to theatre grad school, cause that's on the boy's to-do list, too. and how funny it would be if you went to the same place - hee.
from snowy :
You wanna know why everyone signs up the novel writing thing? Because it's so much fun to say nanowrimo. I mean, just listen to that sound. It sounds like either some plumbers application or something you'd use on some weird unknown part of your cat in order to treat some scary disease. Nanowrimo is all the rage:> (and yes, I have signed up:>)
from kats :
m-alice! I seem to have overlooked a great many "muppet fantasies" in my day. Viewing of the Dark Crystal as well as a second of Labyrinth scheduled for tomorrow. XO (PS. I'm crossing my fingers you don't have pink-eye or it's back to pirate-land with you. And then we'll REALLY be soul sisters). Take care, sweet!
from kerykes :
don't freak with excitement yet, but yes... the plan is to be eventually maryland bound and increasing the fabulosity of that fine state. or maybe just dc. of course, like all plans, it depends on a big IF (which is in this case IF i get any of the possible jobs).
from kats :
i don't know where your guestbook has gone off to (or your msgboard either). but this is a note (and truly a note) to say that bellies in dressing rooms scream woman. and bellies rock. and I am still getting a handle on the fact that my body does not look the way it did when I was 17 but sometimes I stick out my belly and I think "it's better than a tongue". go soul sister go... thinking of you, xo kats
from miranda-2001 :
I just had to tell you how much I love the way you write - unfortunately I've only just found your diary so I have some catching up to do but I've really enjoyed what I've read so far and I loke your layout, too. I hope you wouldn't mind if I link to you?

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