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from licalicious :
If you're writing now I'd love to know... you don't even have to tell me where... just knowing it's out there is enough. I hope you are well.
from candoor :
long long time ago... I can still remember how the music used to make me smile...
from dalyrical1 :
i hope you are well...wherever you are
from funda :
My hope is that you are finding happiness somewhere, even if it meant changing your online name.
from waterstain :
i'm sad that you're gone, too. i hope you're okay.
from candora :
no what? :) seriously, again you empower those who would see you gone by giving them what they want... by not ignoring the negativity you empower and give them validation... many of your readers, the people who care, have no idea what is going on and wish you would stop playing to the small negative audience (realize that we don't even see it) and come back to the rest of us... rise above... I hope this makes sense to you.
from lately :
I'm sad that you're gone.
from saladwhore :
What the heck is going on? I really miss reading you! What's all this drama about? Oy oy oy, e-drama is so obnoxious! Well I hope you are well and come back soon, I love your writing! :-)
from and-um :
daisy! i'm in the middle of final exams, so i've been not reading, because i've been twelve-million kinds of busy, but... where are you? where did you go?
from elgan :
Thanks so much for adding me to your favourites. I�m really touched!
from devilslaugh :
let me tell you's ok to rant once in a while. it is your diary,a nd what people think shouldnt matter. it is your own personal tool for deciphering your intricate feelings, and no one else has any say about what you put in it. i've been though that myself, and have made many mistakes because of online journals....but in the end I came ot the realization that this is MY own personal page, and i can say what i want, do what i want with it, and no one can say otherwise because their MY feelings and no one else's. whoever made that mistake is rather stupid and obviously thinks that they can simply run around doing whatever they want to. newsflash: they can't. so don't feel too bad about "losing control." it happens to the best of us, and it feels better to finally get that out, no? it's good though, to try and keep it on the down low and not to do it too often. it may make you a hateful person. and honestly, only fake people would have tried to make you feel fake, just so they themselves dont have to face facts. there are nice people out there, you just have to know where to look. good luck, and many huggs! --deviL's laugh
from starlight42 :
clicked on your banner & followed you to your new home...your entry on being pessimistic so hit home today! I feel the same way. Here's to things improving!
from funda :
What color are your walls? (do you get to paint them?.. or paint things on them?)
from candora :
Wallow wallow wallow, it's a very bad habit you know (I know, I've done it... feels really stupid when I do and it's sometimes hard to stop, but stopping feels wonderful, so stop). Remember the people at the homeless shelters who you tried to get out of that habit? Do they become like that because they give up on themselves and buy into other people's negativity? You are smarter than that. Find positive things to focus on. Until you are able to go out and do good work in your community, find positive people to communicate with. Feel the hope and optimism and spirit that once filled your writings. Negativity is a cancer to the spirit, you do not want to bring the cancer home from the hospital with you, so don't drag the negativity of others along with you as you continue sharing your life in words. Life is too short, remember? :)
from wilberteets :
Yay! You are back. I'm glad you are going on with your diary despite a handful of negative people. A lot of people are very happy to see you back today.
from wilberteets :
Thanks for the note. I don't think you are fiction. Your sweet spirit shines through what you write, Daisy. That is what matters. I hope you come back to your journal and delete the negative nonsense rather than letting them run you off. You should just post an entry that says "Wow, you super-sleuths caught me!! I'm really an eskimo with 2 pet seals and a foot fetish, but you saw through me! Congratulations!"
from wilberteets :
Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! Come back!! Or at least, make a new diary and drop me a note or something with your new diary url! I have been out of the loop here lately and I came back and found that you've stopped posting to your diary? I don't even know what happened and why you would stop doing your diary. You know you have so many people who love you. Mean people suck, and their opinions do not matter. I hope you come back and write for the people who care about you and want to keep your light in their lives.
from tifftavious :
Dearest Daisy...I truly pray that in the near near future your pain will subside and everything that was once beautiful will come back to you. You are the rare person that comes along in the lucky peoples lives that is able to pick out the beauty in everything... even amongst all of the trash. The world is lucky to have you as a tenant.
from tifftavious :
Daisy, oh no, don't leave us. You're life is such a wonderful adventure to read. Please don't shut us out now.Forget about what those losers said and prevail!
from candora :
You are empowering others negativity. Ask yourself why. Then stop.
from kimisamazing :
melomane? i don't understand... why are you leaving us? your diary was one of the best i have ever read... why?
from candoor :
Everybody has their own fantasies, so if some want to believe you are one, let them have their fantasies. You can be as real as you want to be :)
from funda :
You will be stronger for this. You are a survivor. You will sift through the people and those who truly care will rise to remain, those who were false will pass into the past. You are in transition again, without your supports in place. Think of those you help at shelters, how they've been betrayed by life, how they've sunk into hopelessness. Some of them have given up. That was their choice. It is not your choice. You are stronger than even you realize. Much of life is fluff, superficial, trivial, pretentious, or just plain bullsh-t. To sift through it all to find the truth takes some major tests of faith. You face one now. The light in your heart, the love will lead you to a better place, a more secure place. Trust it. Go forward. Create your new life. One day at a time. You are alone, yet you are not abandoned - and in spirit, not alone. Leave those who doubt or disbelieve or throw stone behind. That is their loss. Talk to those of us who believe in you, who care about you, who love you.
from candora :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few (Happy V-Day from funda too :)
from funda :
you remain my favorite fantasy :)
from thespark :
I run a diaryring/community. I'd like for you to join the ring. E-mail me if you're interested: [email protected].
from sidhequeen :
Daisy, I've been reading your entries (which I love, by the way), but the entries seem to get cut off at the bottom and I'm unable to read the whole thing. Has anybody else had this problem or is it just my crappy computer? -Cat
from candora :
you are still as precious and adorable as ever... I hope Santa gets you a spare computer :)
from rkwj1 :
Happy Thanksgiving! Later, ROB
from funda :
Yay! they finally approved your "roll your own" banner... there is intelligent life. ummm, yes. Congrats on your own domain and learning moveable type (something I intend to do eentually). Still loving your written personality and optimism and spirit and literary smile. Still sending loving healing no-pain energy your way every day.
from candora :
I've been wandering so i caught up on your writing today - great to see you have your own domain and even better to see you're working and so happy. Take care of you :)
from fan4 :
Movable Type? What's that?
from golfwidow :
Feel better, Daisyhead. .:schmwah:.
from vitabella :
thumbs up to the princess bride! that movie rocks! i can quote it line by line, and do so probably more often than i should. :) when harry met sally is good to, i love the restaurant scene :) mmk well i really just happened across your banner and thought i'd say hi, so HI :)
from leonmcphelps :
I love your Princess Bride Banner. And the Beatles are awesome. Good Job, Leon approves.
from his-holiness :
I love the Eddie Izzard banner-D
from candoor :
after a long weekend, you really are a pleasure to read.
from funda :
You bless us with your wit and wonder, your presense in words is precious, please bless us now by resisting your beautiful altruistic nature and focus on you for a while.
from candora :
love and bejeebers and a plea for you to use your stubbornness to force yourself to take care of you... you like challenges, right?... well challenge yourself to spend another whole week doing nothing but eating, writing, showering, and resting... dare ya!
from mgjmb :
I somehow stumbled onto your words...I fell right over and landed here.Impeccable writing!!
from waterstain :
i hadn't seen your tampon banner until just now. there i am crying my eyes out, and then i absent mindedly check my buddylist and see that banner across the top. i think i must've bust a seam. you made me laugh. i appreciate it. the end.
from athena32 :
I was reading your diary and wanted you to know what an amazing person you are. Are you like a million years old. I am 33 and you seem much past your years. Good Luck and take care of your boo-boos.(okay I have children and I like the Rugrats, I admit I am just wierd sometimes) heheheh
from waterstain :
i'm so glad (x infinity) that you're okay. if i asked how old you are, would you tell me? age never occurred to me 'til tonight. then i realized my mind hadn't assigned you a number. i'm sure i can find a random one lying about unused if you'd rather.
from atomicbuddha :
I've been reading you for a while but never dropped a note. Just wanted to say your diary is wonderful and I'm sending out waves of healing blue energy to you...for what that's worth from a stranger!! Take care of your hurty spots.
from and-um :
i also cried. glad you're doing alright... thank moira for writing... i was worried.
from beatpoetgrrl :
goddammit that made me cry. i'm really glad to know you're ok...tell your friend that she needs to start writing a diary too so we can all read her.
from and-um :
no new posts in a while... i hope all is well in the vein-washing expirience... and that you'll be back soon. i miss the updates! ~ maggie
from funda :
You are a dear sweet lovable funny girl and I'd give you a verbal spanking if I didn't think you might be amused by the thought - but serious please take care of you... that means try to remember how not to get a hole in your body infected by over-sweating while doing a dirty job... it is not fair, you see, because you write words that inspire people to love you and then you don't take care of your holes... no wonder you are getting hosed now. I hope this rather odd reprimand was amusing as it was ment to be a friendly hug and look of concern and yeah, I know, you know, but know better dangit!
from onebluegreen :
Hahahahahaha the tampon banner is great. You have a nice layout and I enjoyed reading back entries from your diary.
from joalu :
OMG, I loved your tampon banner, then I loved your diary, and then � get this, cuz you might not already know � you have Rufus Wainwright AND The Princess Bride listed. You friggin rock.
from amber320 :
I love your tampon banner!!:)
from waterstain :
my last prescription warned me not to take it with grapefruit lest things too horrible to mention (apparently) afflict my person. of course, i read that three quarters of the way through my bottle of grapefruit juice i'd used to swallow the pill. i'm not dead yet. with any luck, you'll experience the same outcome.
from sole-soul :
I'll make this short and sweet, I like your diary
from waterstain :
why do people eat stuff like that? don't they know what livers /do?/ that's like eating an air filter. a used one. i've never eaten kidney, or tongue, or even less appealing portions of bovine. there are some things you just know you won't like. like disembowelment. and liver.
from beagle47 :
the oddest banner i've ever seen and i like it. most glad i clicked as the actual material is even odder yet. which, oddly enough, is one of the highest compliments i believe i might pay your words. off to the gallows for me now. peace. (and i really mean that).
from edwin :
very much liked your banner, where am i going, and why am i in this basket... so i clicked. love your diary. are you in england? you seem english to me. ah well, let me know if you like me diary as well, alrighty then. -mike
from geeky-kiki :
A Rocky Horror nightshirt!? You must elaborate-- and where did you get such a thing?? I am much enthused.
from inkdragon :
10/09/03 Guestbook system is down, so I'll post my message here. Loved the day-after entry. I am sending my best get well wishes for the days after the little blue pills aren't as fun as they are tonight!
from funda :
Yay! for you (now rest :)
from elgan :
Glad to hear your ordeal was endurable and you are none the worse for wear. Je t�envois mes meilleurs souhaits.
from golfwidow :
Whither Canada? (heh)
from perceptionss :
I'm sending a lot of "bejeebers" your way and hope all goes well. You're in my thoughts and have been since a little bird flew bye and told me about you. Take care =)
from funda :
You deserve every bit of the caring you get and much more, for the caring you give to the world makes it a much better place to be. (and bejeebers too :)
from candora :
sending much strong energy for you today...
from candoor :
bejeebers for you, my brave girl... may today bring good news and many more tomorrows...
from ninjajesus :
did you konw taht a sutdy was dnoe taht poreved it dosnet raleley mtater waht odrer the lteters in a wrod our jsut as lnog as the frist and lsat are in the rgiht palce
from squirrelx :
I got a message from Funda sayin' you're in need of 'beejeebers' and I'm makin' my contribution telepathically. Hope you can feel 'em. Warmest regards, Xtine
from annie-m-s-b :
A world full of bejeebers to you as well as thoughts and prayers! Hugs to you, Annie
from funda :
We just heard you were in need of bejeebers. The Funda Foundations has recently acquired a wharehouse of bejeebers and several truckloads have been sent to you through your diary. More bejeebers shall be sent as they are acquired. We hope this is satisfactory.
from candora :
as many bejeebers as can fit into a notebox are now being sent, repeatedly, and repeated bejeebers are the best kind...
from lydibug :
in your guestbook, I said "pither"... I meant pitcher.
from citizenhum :
i just clicked on your Eddie Izzard banner, and came across the rant of Wed, 1 Oct 2003; i am completly floored. you're absolutly right. any child is the most important person on the planet, certainly the most important person in the life of a parent, and i have always felt that people like this are why we should reinstate a firing squad into our justice system. after they are raped and battered themselves by large men named Bubba. or something else particularly displeasing... and frenzied glowing hormnonal emoticons sound like fun, i have to admit.
from glassshell :
you can jump on me with as many smilies as you want. not doing anything today...but that goes without saying....when you live in a small town you never do anything ever... love the name. i want a big parade! ooh how about in a dark room! wile im developing pictures! that would be fun! rugrats is rascist well no not really...they try to be really un-rascist...and thye do a good job so i guess thet they really arnt rascist but i think of stupid stuff...ll the time.. i like cookies.... but not peacon pie, thats just gross... wow...note me back
from crazydayzee :
i clicked on your banner, and came across your latest entry...i am amazed at your proverbial balls of steel for working with people like that, because i know myself enough to know that i wouldn't be able to handle it...i hope that both of the baby's parents get hit by mack trucks, and that they live through endless weeks of suffering, and that the poor baby gets socks, and adoptive parents who will love him...ciao
from kristintracy :
I just clicked on your Waiting For Guffman banner. I love that movie soso much. Just the other day, I watched the DVD again, with commentary. I am going tomorrow to purchase A Mighty Wind. Thanks for reminding me! ~kristin
from candoor :
you are amusing, you are precious, you are right.
from guderian :
Aloha melomane, after reading your latest entry "Ghandi would have ripped this guy's balls off with his fingernails, which I understand were quite long. . . . "Mr. Ed and his associates (i.e. the herd) and myself have decided not to visit you demanding apples, because we have seen that you are a good person and worthy of horsey respect, however Mr. Ed would still like to come there just so he can kick the shit at of that man (which'll probably take alot of time to do). Did, you call, the police and/or Child Protective Services on that bastard? I would! Sincerely, Guderian
from waterstain :
i have never liked horses. if the masses thought the dog food comment was bad, they should've been with me when i made that comment about getting a "my little pony glue factory" for christmas.
from guderian :
"Take one of our horse driven city tours -- we guarantee no miscarriages." -- A sign in a Czechoslovakian tourist agency.
from snowrise :
Scheiss, it was great reading! ;)
from snowrise :
Scheiss, it was great reading! ;)
from snowrise :
I came upon your diary via one of those banner-type things and started digging it right away. Mmmm...good reading.. 8)
from guderian :
Aloha Melomane, Just thought I'd give you the heads up on this. Be expecting a visit from Mister Ed and his Associates (i.e. Herd) very soon! Oh! And be afraid, be very afraid, that is if you don't have plenty of Apples you can hand feed them. Ciao Bambina, Guderian
from sheisbliss :
a horse bucked me off when I was 7 or 8.I've been scared of those big teeth monsters for awhile now.
from makeluvwitme :
do u like pickles...if mine
from makeluvwitme :
u a hungey lil girl aren't u?
from candora :
I adopt you (if you don't mind, that is... it is much safer than fantasizing about your innuendos... but what a world it would be if we were unhampered).
from candoor :
and you are not boring, but you should always carry extra quarters and change for emergency phone calls, yeah, do that :)
from frozen-vodka :
Oi! Found you through your "As you wish" banner. I love that movie!! I forgot how much until I saw your banner.
from queenbee13 :
wow.... you are a fun person.... rock on. Coincendentally, cake or death? (read my profile you'll love it.... I promise... if not.... ummm... I'll give you cake)
from candora :
you are only alone in your mind.
from guderian :
Aloha melomane, I read your diary and laugh so hard, that I asphyxiate and wet my pants, are you happy! I now probably have COPD and I may develope a horrid diaper rash. Just for that I'm going to add you to my Fav Diaries that should show you a lesson you will soon forget. I hope you visit my diary also, all though I am new to diaryland and it's still kind of rough. Love your stuff, and I can't get that everybody was tard fu fighting out my pea brain. Ciao Bambina, Guderian
from dfirefly :
yay for "puttin' on the ritz".
from candoor :
written with a big smile: strangely inspired by you and others who write about life as it is lived (as opposed to some creative or philosophical or partial persona), I have started yet another new diary that hopes find me (I suppose I will have to get lost first) as I am... I am late, being away a bit, but still am very happy to hear you are surviving your encounter with a counter culture and that you are finding your way around youre town so you can find useful things to do and the right places for you to help... helping is the next best thing to being there... I hope you find more amusement in buldges in pants in the future (or innuendos, in your windows, or wherever)... you amuse me so much, I must apologize for laughing for it might appear that I am laughing too much, or at you... I am not, except when you are laughing too, but even then I laugh lovingly, cuz I mean no harm and truly enjoy your written personality... this is a rather long note, huh?... luckily, you have cable now (ummm, sometimes I have no idea what I am talking about either)... please continue.
from candora :
ducked taped face to face... now that is a line for a country song if I ever heard one (even for the non-pervs).
from candora :
You are a breath of fresh air in a land of despair, you are hope in the valley of death, you are someone to love who deserves a great hug and I whisper a prayer for your breath, thank you for your happiness.
from aaronorear :
Tea and cake or death, tea and cake or death! Little red cookbook, little red cookbook!
from funda :
All in good time... you are still a pleasure to read.
from perversions :
Don't worry about laughter, it's just insecurity blowing off steam and when it's directed at someone like a dagger, it's fear. You still write cutely (it's the best adverb I can come up with, even though it had to be created for you), more importantly, your words are honest and open about yourself. That is worth much to me.
from raven72d :
What on earth did he say to get dumped at the restaurant? But you may be lucky. The new underwear he bought might have been a leopard-print male thong. Which would be too horrible for words.
from and-um :
i do in no way blame you for your behavior at red lobster. i would have done exactly the same thing. i've been reading you for a while.. keep it up with the belligerence; it's amazing. ~maggie
from funda :
vocabulary... thank you so much for defining it so well, I have been writing zillions of words trying to explain what I want and need most in life, what makes me happiest, what I am alive for. yes, it is ~ wonderful, wonderful ~
from ordinarykat :
I admire your talent...I hope tomorrow is a better day for you.
from dominomofo :
I somehow stumbled on your entry on "Life can be so excremental sometimes", it really inspired me to not give up hope. Thank you for being a random stranger in the right place at the right time for me! :)
from jing-ryu :
You own everything and everyone! Mwaha!
from taliarant :
Hah! I dropped in because of the Inigo Montoya banner. I haven't read a thing yet, but I loved your banner and had to say so! :)
from kellybutton :
Hmm. I like you. :D
from obscurestorm :
Would you also need an infinite amount of blind people to read these literary works?
from katehackett :
Oh, I forgot: Psych. (at least psych 101 which is probably what you'll be taking) isn't really going to teach you much about analysis. You'll learn about lots of different psychologists and their methods, theories, etc. Lots of memorising. But it's still interesting.
from katehackett :
You goof. Minimum wage IS volunteerism.
from funda :
you too may be catnip... gentle *hug* for your pinky toe, no running home for a while, well, at least not all the way.
from funda :
lots of bored disgruntled people come online to pick fights and put other down, it's the misery loves company and stupid pet trick philosophy that somehow gives the small minded a brief moment of feeling superior cuz they could get a rise out of or hurt someone else. Feeling that helpless or small must be a terrible. Rise above them, and they shrink to their normal size.
from idiot-milk :
Wait. Is "goddamnit" profane or obscene? And what if I said "godFUCKINGdamnit", like I generally tend to do? Does that change it up a bit?
from idiot-milk :
Okay, so, that "the the" was SUPPOSED to have been "TO the." Goddamnit.
from duckysmiles :
Hey. So I went over to planet feedback and I've just got to say, what is wrong with those people? Do they have nothing better to do than sit around at their computers and put people down? Apparently they do not. They were extremely pathetic and rude. But I especially enjoyed that woman who used the word "fowl" wrong. She said that she did not appreciate your fowl language, guess she doesn't like birds :0) Keep your chin up!
from fujikopez :
Hello! Sorry bout the whole AA thing. Hey, about the people you met there, who was the teacher from ND and where were they from? I'm from ND and I have gotten to know some of the teachers because they come to the college I go to in order to complete their masters degrees and other training.
from ophelia84 :
i totally know what you mean by that whole american airlines being nasty stuff. a couple summers ago, i went to london, and on my third ever flight, i wished for a pair of those nifty little wings. well, i asked the stewardess, and she never produced them. also, my headphones weren't working, and she basically said tough shit. bah! oh well. i'm sorry that you had a bad time of it in chicago. and yay for nerds who love harry potter!
from racingturtle :
i'm talking. and also a huge rufus wainwright fan. i saw him open for tori amos once. it was amazing. and if i have to choose, right now, it would be cake. i'm so hungry...
from grasp :
you are lucky you fell asleep. the entire movie is so wonderful, but the ending SUCKS. it involves smashmouth and a stupid benefit concert. i seriously think it ruined the movie for me.
from funda :
hey, what? (looking up, there is a banner about tampons that lead to this entry {yeah I know, gots to cut and paste it} and wondred why it was approved... Andrew, you gots some splaining to do, man).
from thatmarygirl :
so, so good.
from funda :
Orlando, Florida, current home of the funda... you should stop by.
from maskedmofo :
"I like my coffee like I like my women. Covered in beeeees!"
from sweetenigma3 :
hello. i find your diary completely interesting. you'll have a great time working at the coffeehop, i'm sure. (smile) ~Nancy
from funda :
PS... it's all the more special a feeling when I'm added by someone I respect. My fingers and toes are crossed. I crossed my eyes for a while, but it became difficult to drive home, so I crossed my legs instead. It was an interesting journey, safely concluded.
from funda :
you need to ask?... please do add me, add me a few times if they allow it, tell everybody to add me, I get this strange thrill to be on a favorites list, like I'm special or something... of course so are a million other people at DLand, but that's ok cuz I'm the only one that's me :)
from funda :
During my blogathon, perhaps in a sleep-stuporific effort to find something for an entry, I chose to hold an impromptu best banner contest in my mind. At that particular moment in time, your tampon won, even got linked a few times in that entry. Now, a few days later, I caught up on your entries and remember why I was so happy your banner stuck out in my mind (now that is a graphic surely to be rejected). I love your sense of humor, but also the positivity and person I read in the words you write. Optimism inspires me. Realness even more. So I applaud and cheer and send this note.
from katehackett :
Dude...I had to change a dog's diaper once..The people I was babysitting for had a REALLY old dog who didn't have any control of her bladder. It was kind of sad.
from annie-m-s-b :
That is the best banner!!! Oh my God Andrew has just got to let you run it!!!!!
from banefulvenus :
your banners are so awesome! Let me tell you, THEY WORK!! :) Great site!
from maryboleyn :
The tampon banner is priceless! Keep up the good work! Cheers! Stacy aka: Mary Boleyn
from dancerpiper :
Cake, please.
from duckysmiles :
You never cease to entertain me, and for this I thank you. In a land full of meaningless diaries yours is amazing. You are damn hilarious, keep it up!
from cathoholic :
Wow chick. I was home wallowing in my own exciting self pity, using the excuse that I needed "me" time, when I ran across your diary. I can now say (in a completely non-stalker type way) that I've read atleast half of it. Thanks for cheering me up. p.s I think I read the 'penis in hand' entry about 10 times was definitely my fav...that is until I got to the Kielbasa.
from funda :
But what if they are 107y/o?
from rishi :
For weeks, neigh, for months I have searched for a diary by somebody with an intellect. Somebody who knows the importance of spelling out the words "to" and "you". It was an ageless drought, and just when I believed I would never again find a diary with over a hundred lovely entries for me to peruse your wheelchaired banner splashed on my monitor, and I knew I was saved. Thank you for saving me from being bored by "The otha diarees I h8". I would weep, but for your humor that is making me pee just a little. By the way, you may want to check out Her writing style is a touch similar. Thank you for the entertainment!
from fuckatruck :
i love your tampon ad. makes me all hot and bothered.
from busty-midget :
your diary is like crack, because now i'm addicted!
from wott-man :
Hi! Just stumbled across your diary. I don't know you and yet you make me proud of you. How does that work? Your diary has just become requred reading for my 12-year-old stepdaughter. And tell your group therapy counsellor that I said to FOAD. Wott-Man.
from kimmyro :
Ha! You made me laugh, when I hadn't even smiled until now. Go you. Seriously, go you.
from piano-keys :
hi...if you ever feel neglected, if you think that all is lost...::heart::
from bundychick :
Hey, I absolutely love Dvorjak's New world symphony.. I did a B.Mus at Uni (well most of one) and that was my all time fav peice. I also love the lumberjack song. Your a deadset legend (in australia thats a compliment :) )
from boxspringhog :
Jesus you're just about the raddest person I've come accross on diaryland. Kudos child.
from bundychick :
Clicked on your "A war to plan, my wife to kill and Gilda to blame for it.. I'm swamped!" I love that movie... have the script, have the DVD, the VHD... you could call me addicted.. Love your diary, best of luck with the Chemo.
from wilberteets :
When given the choice between cake or death, I make it a policy always to opt for cake. Much cake to you. ~wilberteets
from xeriphism :
firstly - i came by entry of 'my name is indigo montoya...' banner.. The Princess Bride was such a good film. and u know, i'd like to see a banner of the bit when they've just rolled down the hill and they're saying possibly the most romantic words ever spoken to each other.. secondly i just wanted to say hi. *shrugs* anyways take care.. regards oh and,,2-2003310256,00.html it's a worthy read. Greg.
from diaryquotes :
Dude. I think I spelled "Inconceivable" wrong. Is it "InconceivEable"? Dammit. Maybe I can switch them in your directory and Andrew will never be the wiser...
from summerosange :
i thought your "tampon" banner was genius. what dumbass didnt approve that?
from laboheme532 :
just thought i'd let you know that you have one awesome diary!! :) kristina
from piehole :
Hey! I don't have a dog! Come over here and give mama a kiss... EWW!! I just called myself "mama"! *Erase erase*... Yuck. Now I feel old and disgusting. Bleh! DON'T KISS ME! YOU HEAR! DO! NOT! KISS!
from melomane :
You should have added last night's conversation. "Not tonight, I have cancer." I loved it. I love it. I love it all. Except the actual fact, of course. Blah.
from booberella :
goody! i thought you were going to be mad at me for sharing the dialogue of part of our cancer script. heh heh.
from nools :
hey thanks a bunch for the postcard. I got it today. =)
from poppyfish :
Oh, yeah, and Sirius = me crying like a geek. I loved him. Dammit. Anyway, I'll go now.
from bratnatch :
...that is, for the writing and style... not for those referred to in the content (re: horrible)
from bratnatch :
...that is, for the writing and style... not for those referred to in the content (re: horrible)
from bratnatch :
::approval all around::
from amberfalls :
thanks for adding me to your faves.
from ugotsoul :
btw- thanks for coming by and filling out the survey... :)
from amberfalls :
Hi. I signed your guestbook on diasychain and just realized that you apparently have two different diaries linked together very confusing. I'd like to list you in my favorites so I can come back again. Which diary are you currently residing in most often, so I can be sure to read your updates? Thanks. -a-
from nools :
hey, thanks for linking my diary. but if you could change it to 'nools' rather than 'noolsapalooza', so the link would work, that would be even better. Oh, and ten billion cool points for the Bono/Edge comment in your profile. =) thanks again!
from melomane :
Thanks for the tip!
from a-splinter :
BTW Daisy, concerning your profile. You only have to put the person's "username" in the favourites section. (for example: "unclaimed", as opposed to "A concession to prohecy.") Not the name of their diary because then the link doesn't work. Just a heads up. :o)

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