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from lily-neko :
I'll be using the day dream... layout.
from lobo21 :
Hi there. Using One Lonely leaf. I really like the colour and the autumn feel, even though it's just getting into summer. Thanks
from starkitten01 :
I couldn't leave a guestbook entry over on your design site. Wanted to let you know that I chose the "Overlap" design from the imageless collection! this is a *beautiful* layout! I have given you full credit, of course, and thank you! Beautiful layouts!
from blacksheet :
I wasn't allowed to leave my name in your guestbook when I used your template. Just wanted to let you know I'm using it. Thanks.
from fieryvamp25 :
I just visited your web site, and I LOVED your designs. Each one was unique and awesome in its own right. I took the Fairie template, and I tried to submit the form, but I kept getting errors. So, I hope you don't mind that I am telling you here.
from adrienneuk :
Hi, I LOVE your templates, but when I use them the pictures don't work - is this a restriction put on me because I'm not a gold member? Or should it be ok anyway and it's something I'm not doing right? :p If you have a spare moment please help! thankyou x
from janedoe0 :
Hi there. Just wanted to let you know, I've added a hit counter and changed the heading a bit.Everything else is still the same and your link is still there. I hope it's fine, if not please contact me. Thank you again!
from janedoe0 :
Hi there, couldn't sign the guest book for some reason, I am using winter chill, Thank you!
from prissy-pants :
I have done it again! Everytime I try to use one of your templates, I manage to screw up the image!!!! Please help if you can, I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Thanks
from simple-tea :
I'd just like to say something. That Aura girl is such a bitch.
from s-facesuper :
It would be great if you made a template themed on "desperate housewives", "grey's anatomy", or "ER". Theyre great shows and people should know that.
from divine-jose :
hi i seen all ur templates and i loved them but mostly i fell in love with the thin wishes (a girl wit a dream--something like tht) i wud like to have that for my diary. i realised tht i failed to get the code. plz help me if you can.i wud be very grateful if u cud.
from bunny828 :
Hello Nicola, I just read that I should have notified you if I modified the layout that I got from your site. So I want to let you know that I've modified it a bit. Your link is still there and I didn't actually change any colors or pictures (though I added one and I thought I might add others in the future). I added a table so that I could add information to the left and right of the center information. I also slightly modified the style sheet. I hope this was ok. Please let me know if it was not. Thanks!
from jaykay617 :
Hi. I chose the wedding template the other day for my diary. I noticed that the grammar/punctuation is still looking odd; I figured it would straighten itself out after a few days, but it's still not right. I wasn't sure what to do about it or if there was anything I could do about it. If anybody could help me out, I'd greatly appreciate it.
from behindthelad :
HI thanks for the template :)
from piporlicharm :
hey! i was getting jealous of my friend's templates...till I found yours! great job and I like the exploding dog ones best...i still can't decide which one i'll take because they're all so fantastic! a polite suggestion: maybe you could do Lord Of The Rings designs? some of the elvish stuff are quite elegant yet simple, and LOTR in general is quite popular. Not to mention the fact that I'm in "Rabid Fan" category! Thank you and have a nice day... pip
from tempchalenge :
Hey this is Alexis and I started up a site called the Template Challenge (Yes I know im copying off of teh old one) and I would like to know if you would like to take place in it.. if so just go to
from blckballlist :
Hi. I just wanted to let you know about a new listing site called Black Balled. It's a lot like Black List. It works like, you would submit the name of a diary that has been stealing code from you. Or taking credit for your designs in any way. I hope that this hasn't or doesn't happen to you in the future, but incase it does, remember to Black Ball 'em!
from badbanners :
Hey! I took the Monster Inc template and I LOVE IT. I am using it for my banner review site, it fit perfectly with what I was trying to go for. GREAT JOB!
from wingsabove :
I love your templates, especially your fantasy ones. You should design a few more for that category, I'm hungry for more lol. Just letting you know your doing an awesome job.
from foreverfairy :
Your Templates are gorgeaous, I have (and still do) used a few so far. As a suggestion, I know there is quite a few Kid Rock fans and also Stevie Nicks (she IS the Goddess of Rock n Roll!). Other than that... I love your designs!! {{{HUGS}}}...Forever Fairy
from prissy-pants :
Thanks for the help. I don't know how I missed all those "Prissy-pants" in my template.
from prissy-pants :
I am using the Rose template, but I am missing the top right corner of the design. I have no idea what I am doing wrong. Could you please take a look at my diary to see if you can figure it out? Thanks a bunch.
from elvenrae :
I think an Inuyasha template would be great!
from c0ral :
hi i luv ur designs. can i suggest a Jessica Alba refreshing template?
from dawdle :
oooo, the exploding dog 'it might make you feel better' is fabulous. the contrast rocks. rather artfully appealing. awesome job.
from miss-blue102 :
I LOVE your templates!!! I've been searching for one that's simple but not boring forever...and finally found one! Thank you thank you thank you!
from jenne1017 :
But you don't have a matching GB :(
from rape-fantasy :
I'd like to suggest an Eliga Wood Layout
from foxgallagher :
I used your Stargate layout (the form at the bottom isn't working)
from twodesigns :
I fuckin love your designs. =) ~~Lauren
from xxssxx :
hey there, okay Im in a delema b/c I LOVE your templates and there is one in particular,the one in the black section, with the girl just barly holding up her skirt? (gorgous!) anyways, I CAN host the images but because My computer is so old it wont download winzip (its just too much effort-l-) so if possible could you contact me with the image addy's so I can upload them to My own site if it isnt too much trouble? thank You very much in advance xxSSxx
from yellowrosetx :
I don't know if you take requests, but I would really like to get a great template with a "Yellow Rose," hence my name!! Let me know if this is possible! THANKS!
from atomicbuddha :
Great designs. I'll probably be using "pebble" sometime in the future, when I have time to figure it all out and do it.
from xxxtainted :
your diary kicks ass. ♥
from banefulvenus :
from candoor :
I remember you in a different place at a different time with a different name... I think :)
from wall-of-rain :
Hi, I really want to use one of your designs, the Frozen one from the people page. I am a pretty inexperienced when it comes to this stuff so could you please tell me what exactly image hosting entails? Do I have to have a Gold Memebership? Can I just save the image on my home computer? Please be as specific as you can as I am really new to this. Thanks!
from under-shadow :
Hi, not long ago (about twenty minutes) I signed your guestbook, because I'm borrowing your fantasy (horse) design. It's really great and all, but some of the links like surveys and stuff, go back to my old template, and I don't know why! Could you maybe help me out please? Thanks anyway. Jess x
from kikai-yasha :
Woow I just adore your designs! I'm thinking f setting up a review site and was searching around for designs for it and found your site! Every one is just amazing I'll have the toughest time deciding. *applause* From Kim
from datura93 :
Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I'm trying out your "come closer" layout, but I get an error message when I try to sign your guestbook as requested! Soooo, I did want to say thank you and let you know that I've already got quite a few compliments on it! Wooooo!
from ceel :
I read ur shamed ones and that lady aura is really pathetic as u said. How could she do that to you? Or anybody? That's just sad how people can be like that! Well, your templates are great. Too bad I don't have a host tho T_T Keep up the great work and don't get down by some pathetic girl.
from littleniki85 :
hi- i borrowed he palms template, but then i accidently closed the window, which is why this little FYI was not dropped into the same plave as the others. sorry & thanks
from krazieespy :
Hey I noticed I was on the pending customs YAY! Just let me know when you want me to send you pictures. I also "if you have time" would like you make me a few banners, and a link back button. That would Rock! Just let me know. Thanks again hun!! Heather
from manda2247 :
I was looking through your site when I noticed that one of the people on your Shamed wall (the Corndog person) has a link back to you now :) Down at the very bottom of the links bar (below the tagboard). Have a great day :)
from pinkqueen8 :
I was trying to get the template frozen when it wouldnt' work and the pictures came up on the computer as an x is there anything you can do?
from science-boy :
Hello! I took the "Didn't work" design. There was no form on that page to submit. I am changing some of the links as I don't have g-book, etc. Thanks and have a great day! science-boy
from concreteslip :
thank you oh so very. you are most kind. ~insert image of bowing~ the end.
from concreteslip :
i took the galaxy template but am debating whether or not i'm going to fully change my mind. the thing of it is that i was wondering if i could change the text on the image either to nothing at all or to that line from that Yeats poem "..tread softly, because you tread on my dreams.." but i thought i'd check with you first. in any case your designs are great! could you leave me a note and help me make up my mind? nothing or text change, thats what i'm trying to decide. ~in any case, thank you.
from dietpeppers :
k man.. i'm trying to get the spacer picture (I can't unzip the pictures so I just saved them) so I have this box with a little red x in the corner on my diary. plese, if you could help me. thanks.
from renderdesign :
Hey there, I linked to your site from mine!
from tutiefruity6 :
I love your layouts! I'm going to comme back sometime and take one... when I have time. I love how you do those little buttons or whatever they are... the ones that say diaryland and Links and those. Well I'll be back! Keep up the good work!
from mmeanaya :
wow...I am a preschool teacher....and i agree...the pay sucks. (I am working toward my BA and I only make 8.49 an hr.) And I have my associates..anyhoo.. I like your's great..
from crazygal13 :
how about a lesbian design, unless your a homophobe or something
from bestdesigns :
Contest is over. Do you have an idea for the next contest? If so, let me know asap, and I'll be having a poll until tomorrow during the day to decide.
from kissingadict :
Hey I'm going to use you're raunchy red imageless layout. it's my first imageless layout and I just want to thank you I LOVE IT!
from luv-2-sing :
hi! ummm i went to this website and took your purple overlap layout and claimed it as her own. it's the layout I have, and that I am currently using. I gave YOU the credit of course, because YOU made it. thought u otta know!
from stardancer05 :
Hey! Instead of sleeve I used chair, my blindness finally cleared up and I realised what was wrong! Anyway, here's an idea, how about an anime character for winter? Please? Be soo pretty...*sigh*
from shotgunshack :
sorry sorry, i am blind and a jerk.
from heyjude85 :
Hey there! I just thought I'd leave you a note telling you that I really admire your organization. Most layout sites don't even care if their templates are used or how "usable" they are to the average person. You have a very customer oriented site here. Thank you for raising the bar on design sites.
from shotgunshack :
It's nice how you use all those exdog pictures and then don't give Sam any credit for drawing them.
from iluvjessee :
Hey! You have some neat designs! Im really liking the fall designs!!! :) God bless! *Christina
from trapidi :
excuse me...i m not good when it comes to there ne way that u could do the template 4 me...or help me better understand how to paste it? my html is my guestbook isn't working very i don't care whether u do nething w/it or not...but if u wanna it isn't pasted with my diary ne way 9couln't figure out how) it is is optional! thanx p.s. i 4got to tell u which template i wish to hav...the cat that says "what ru looking at!"
from vitabella :
hello there :) i just used your apple layout and i was trying to change a few of the links down at the bottom of the page, well i managed to change where they actually go to, but i cant figure out how to change what it actually says on the layout....would it be possible to get a little help on this one? pretty please! let me know either way if you can, thanks! - rachel
from opalanne :
very nice designs! you are very talented!
from popscene :
hey there! i'm Lex who wrote the 'Lex Generator' - I just saw the comment you left on this, that & whatever designs' page about a month ago, and thought I'd toot my own horn :) My site's down right now because I went over the bandwidth for the month, but it should be up online at in October.. you may wish to wait til about mid-october though because I'm re-writing the code and hope to release it soon (check out - I've uploaded it there while my other URL is down.
from giannarazi :
I was wondering if you could take the Angelina Jolie template you have and add one of just her eyes. I love the one you have there, I was just wondering if you could make one with just her eyes showing.
from singinchik06 :
Hey, your designs are wonderful! I like the quote/couplet from "heartshoulder", but i'd like to try my hand at putting something together for it, and I wanted to know if I could take your words (if I gave you credit, of course!). Please let me know... it's lovely. Thanks!
from moviegrrl :
Thankyou!!! It was a risky design to do, you either "get it" or you don't, but the positive feedback has been lovely!!!
from laurenxo :
hey there. your designs are really pretty. have you considered doing one featuring kate hudson? she's gorgeous and i think she would be great on a layout!
from onlyyouknow :
Your designs are amazing. If I was going to use someone else's template I would definately keep yours in mind. Unfortunately at the moment I'm to attached to my own!
from concreteslip :
oh and i think you're designs are really nicely done. and i'm not just saying that..
from concreteslip :
i'm kind of new to this thing and i'm not anxious to step on toes here.. soo.... if i were to use one of your templates.. ok here's what i'm trying to ask: does diaryland count as an image server? or am i just wrong?
from oceanbluevic :
Hey, I am writing for my boyfriend who is using one of your templates. For some reason, neither of us can add a message to your guestbook so I just wanted to let you know that he's using the very awesome "while the city is sleeping..." template (which looks great, by the way). His url is: if you'd like to check it out. Wonderful templates!! Thanks!
from lastyeargirl :
Not using a template, but since I'm here (clicked on a banner) I just wanted to compliment you on your designs - they're absolutely amazing! xx
from banefulvenus :
wow, great site!!
from katehackett :
Quick question...why can't you accept credit cards via paypal?
from albinoqueen :
I didn't use any of your designs, but wanted to take the time to applaud you for creating the 4 'fantasy' templates. Not nearly enough people use fantasy art in a layout! so good job and take a moment of rest. you deserve it!
from divadesigns :
Hiya chick. You're all linked on the affiliates page. I was just looking @ your pictures & I have seriously freaked out at some of the locations... Aylesbury... Milton Keynes... I lived in Hemel Hempstead until September last year. Small world eh?
from noellesimone :
Hey! I'm unable to get any of your templates working.. everything works but the pictures do not show up! Do you think you could help me? My diary is (noellesimone) you could post me a message.. or you can IM me at: PersianKitten88n or email me at because I can't find out your email address for some reason even though it says it right on your home page. I also love the leslie* template. Do you think you could help me lay it out.. how much does it cost? Please try to get back to me!! ~noelle
from barbwyre :
on my own layout. awesome work!
from pennygirl :
i love your templates! I'm using one of your celebrities template.
from blu3-flame :
Hi i saw ur design i wanna make 1 4 myself and i am unable 2 do so hope u can send mi a note 2 teach mi how 2 do it thanxs manz i like ur design
from lolas-a-fox :
hi! saw your design for leslie irene and fell in love with it. i would like to commision a custom template of the same fashion from you. please get back to me with the cost or something off your wishlist!!!!!!!
from leema :
I love your teacher's pet/apple design. Balisimo.
from moviegrrl :
Juat a quick one - firstly LOVE your design for leslieirene (notleast because i loathed the old one!!*wink*) and consider yourself added to "contributors" for the Template Challenge!!!
from ladyofthefae :
Hi, I just thought I'd leave you a note saying how much I love your designs. I've been to so many template design sites and I think yours is one of my favorites. Thanks!
from elizbeth :
hey, I design at Migraine and I noticed the other day that you had designed something with the same image. I was going to let you know, but it really doesn't matter in the long run. Sometimes great minds think alike; once I designed a template that was practically exactly like a Poo Designs layout without even realising it! These things happen. I just put a little disclaimer on the Poo-esque template saying what happened etc. just in case there were any issues down the road.
from vaj24 :
how come i cant download the images for the dice template?
from vaj24 :
how come i cant download the images for the dice template?
from vaj24 :
how do i use your dice template? i love the dice one it kicks!
from ladyofamber :
that sunset one is *gorgeous* :)))
from xemochick :
you are brilliant
from secretescape :
Hello. Just wanted to let you know I'm now hosting the picture myself. =) *** A question though. I have put a tiny picture at the lower left in the entry box. I'd like another one in the lower right corner too, but I can't get it aligned on the same row. I've tried the align=right code but it doesn't help. I did make two different tables, and it worked. But then there's this annoying border cutting the two pictures off from the entry. Do you have any idea what I should do? Another thing. Is it technically possible to reverse the code (the reflection layout) and make it mirrored? I'd like to take the basics of this layout and merge it together with another diary I have. My own looks pretty wierd in Explorer. I'd appriciate any advice since I'm pretty new to html. Thanks.
from goesbyl :
I'm having trouble with the guestbook, so I hope it's okay that I post this here. Anyways, I'm using your bluebells layout. THANKS!
from squirrelx :
Thanks for the compliment on my squirrels! In answer to your question, I start by taking my own pictures and also scouring the internet for varmint related imagery. Then I go to work with a primitive graphics program and post the results in my diary. Your site is magnificent, Nicole, truly magnificent. I'm in awe of both your artistry and your html know-how. Best, Squirrel X / Xtine
from call-me-ana :
Honey I can't read the writing on the page at all! (only the links)
from hollyberries :
i just wanted to tell you how much i LOVE the design i got from you. i get so many compliments on it daily. thank you so much for letting me borrow your talents. when it is time for a new templete i will definatly come back here. so, now i have a question...i know the code for the last five links is: %%older_entries%%, but i want to put them at the bottom of the page in the "black" area, centered under my diary entry. and i need to shrink the font for the last five. i can't figure out how to do this and everywhere i try to put the link it just totally ruins your design. so, if you have time i would really appreciate your help. thanks again! holly
from sandgerella :
hi. i left a message in your guestbook. if you could please get back to me on those tech probs that would be great. oh, and the short description doesn't say the title it says %%short description%% and i deleted an entry but it still shows on the older page, other than that the rings, links, and profile don't link to the right page. my email is, thanks.
from sandgerella :
hi. i left a message in your guestbook. if you could please get back to me on those tech probs that would be great. oh, and the short description doesn't say the title it says %%short description%% and i deleted an entry but it still shows on the older page, other than that the rings, links, and profile don't link to the right page. my email is, thanks.
from hollyberries :
ok. so i am an idiot. please disreguard previous note entry. everything is working great! thanks
from hollyberries :
hi. i have a question. i am using your beautiful autumn design and i am having a problem with the "new" link. it doesn't show up. any suggestions? thank you
from p-brain :
No problems with the news flash. I saw the linkers when I took your layout. I didn't really think about it. I just changed it. =) I must say, I LOVE the layout I took. It gives a feeling like there's something on the other side of the screen. A layout is so much more than just a nice picture. It represent the writer. It's a pity some people forget that. Well, thank you. =)
from p-brain :
Hello again. I tried the rainbow one. The width of the table seemed bigger than it does in I.E (I can switch between I.E and Netscape but the view isn't that great with I.E if you have a Mac). The entry section looks thinner in Netscape. I did find (like it was hard =P) another template I like. The Reflections In The Water. I'm going to start up a 2nd journal and will not need some of the links. Is it ok to remove like Ring and Guestbook links?
from p-brain :
Hi. I have a question I couldn't find the answer to. Do your layouts work in Netscape 4.5? I really like your layouts and would love to be able to have one of them. =)
from sweet-indigo :
You bitch, I love all of these :)
from sweet-indigo :
Ooh, I like the autumn leaves one. Damn, I usually design my own but that is gooooooorgeous.

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