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from siopup :
i'm dying here - i need the password already!! um. pretty please?
from narcissa :
yeah.. so i don't remember what it was before... i think it was programmed into my computer. email? lisasaldanha at
from narcissa :
password change? i was still reading... if you don't mind, will you leave me the new one? otherwise.. good luck and all that.
from narcissa :
hm. your guestbook and i don't get along. just want to tell you that somehow i always know where you're coming from in your entries... not exactly the same, but i've been there or i am there and it's somehow relieving to see that someone else feels these things. i'm glad you're writing again. (5/21)
from siopup :
! you owe me a password. if you've emailed it to me, then i haven't checked my email and i apologize for this note.
from narcissa :
password? where are you?
from ozrockchic :
love to be your penfriend, as long as they can be like the letters i used to send some poor girl in america when i was about eleven, written in different coloured texta colour!
from freshlolo :
yeah, I am so jealous...I got to see them last year (Im from the states) and a few people made the experience less than enjoyable (sister freaking out and some ungreatful friends being themselves.) I hope it is amazing. You are seeing them in Australia?
from freshlolo :
have a good time at radiohead
from freshlolo :
wow...your last entry (I hope you don't mind my reading...) really summed up what I have been feeling for a while about people. I often find myself drawn to isolation (many times practicing my cello excessively) because I get so appalled at the way people act. Even my own sister has been acting this way. I haven't called her in over a month just because I cannot be around the negativity. Not that you want to hear all my personal stuff, but I just wanted to tell you that you are not alone in what you feel. :)
from cdghost :
i really liked reading your words, thank you thecdghost
from noalarms :
this ugly, go to the guestbook, it's warm there.
from rhetoric :
here i'm allowed everything all of the time.
from cordeliameg :
You lured me in with the Radiohead theme and now I can't get enough. Did you get "Amnesiac" yet? If so tell me what you think. I bought it the week it was released. I'm still not sure how I feel - need to listen a few more times. I kind of miss the "OK Computer" and "The Bends" style. "Kid A" is amazing though. *hugs*
from limbless :
Why must you be so addictive?
from siopup :
lovely writing.
from sicko :
okay. YEAH. the smallest things make me very upset, but then say, i might not get into ryerson, and it doesn't bother me much. i think it's the innate underlying feeling that all be taken care of by the higher power. ahh, 15 years of catholic school screwed me up bad.
from sicko :
sometimes this won't let me leave messages.
from bruised :
i didn't mean to choose this over the guestbook. it's just that i've never left anyone a message before. you remind me of a friend of mine. that's not a bad thing, in case you're asking. :) i'm too tired to read much. i'll be back tommorow morning. and yes, projectile is gone.
from ninjabitch :
mmm, your diary's design looks great. where do you get your fonts? : / I am a font junkie, you see, and always looking to add to my rad collection.
from paddington :
I think I know exactly how you feel, in terms of being nonplussed by everything and everyone. I've been in such a rut lately and I don't know how to get out. Any suggestions?
from rsprice :
V cool diary...
from ferokitty :
also, email me a text message! i won't think you're a stalker, i'll love you!!
from ferokitty :
you smell like candy!!
from sicko :
ps my IP is 24.66.asdfasiodfie or somethng FUCKING RIDICULOUS LIKE THAT!
from sicko :
maybe it's me! sometimes i leave the computer on and walk around and come back, hence some ppls' fucked up stats. i am ZE DEVILLL
from ravenglitter :
"Don't Dream It's Over"'s the ONLY song by Crowded House I have partially memorized...and the only song by them I really love...(don't you just love that opening gurtar riff?? I have it coursing through my head right now). I also remember it being used in the movie, Spephen King's "The Stand"...the forces of good against evil. Coolness.
from outlook :
ur diary kicks ass. i love it.
from nancita :
thank you for posting my first message, for the tracklisting suggestion (which i may well take), and for reading my vain thoughts. feels strange to know that someone else has seen them! loved the old layout but can appreciate the minimalism too, nancy x ohhh, coathanger update, he told his parents all about it but wouldn't let the doctors tell them he takes anabolic steroids. what's that logic about?
from cravings :
ahhh, the white diary... yes, it could be the precursor to vanishing, but I think it reflects a quieter tone.. wanting to be heard, but not really. there, but not there, or some such thing. PS. this is a nifty message thing. are you a gold card member?
from scott :
from ennui-me :
I hate you because you're so wonderful! =) In a very good way of course :D
from ravenglitter :
I hate those presumptious t-shirts/tops's Nothing wrong with being egotistical, but keep it to yourself please. Lend an air of mystery to yourselves...hehe. I love your journal...just need to say it again and the layout picture is soooooo weird/cute/artistic/weird again...I just wanted to let you know that I appreciated it.
from jeffy :
Your diary is purdy and is named after my most favoritest Radiohead song. Strong work, deary.
from ravenglitter :
I loved tonight's entry about shower-shagging and balding and go knows everything oh man I really do love that layout of yours.
from level-off :
Aw, you like Sicko too! Ain't she just like a goddess or something? Anyway, I love how you've laid out your diary. You just bitch slapped that html and told it to go scrub your floor then make you a m*ther f*cking sandwich. You rock my world:)
from sicko :
yeah. me too. and like. my images don't work. just in time for the 'pay money and then you can have images' thing. coincidence? maybe.
from bluechicken :
yes, and yes.
from ispiraldown :
Hello. I love the layout... I wish I could do something nice to my stupid diary... but..ah..well.. what're ya gonna do, right? Stupid HTML. Radiohead ROCKS :) check it out baybee.
from davidr :
so, you got your list on girlboy... nice diary (maybe dim the watermark a bit in your layout) BTW, about the list, you misspelled 'capitalization'
from ewige :
freedom from that which celebrates chardonnay and skies filled with seven karat mushrooms. oh wait. i mean, i like yr diary, and i don't know why.
from plume :
your diary is packt full of goodies. I'd applaud your taste in music if it wasn't such a lame thing to do.
from judascandle :
Wow...this is by far your best layout, and well out of any layout i've seen. *is mesmerized* -Bryan
from ravenglitter :
Stunning layout...prose heaven. I love your writing and your taste in music...Pumpkins..Garbage...Portishead...and I had a Russell Crowe ooh-la-la type of dream in February and detailed it in my journal. He is sneaking into our dreams.
from sicko :
today's entry was fabulous. goodstuff
from cravings :
I'm glad you're back :-)
from sicko :
bah. i went through hell to get here. i hate uni administration !!! they can all kiss my ass. specially dave and chris, those bastards.
from noalarms :
argh i can't post. the computers at univeristy are inherently evil so i can do everything except add an entry (it's so cruel). bear with me people?
from halo16 :
Heh, i'm getting ready to change my layout just a tad bit more as it is :) i -TOLD- you i changed it about ever 5 minutes. I think your right about Bush, but consider this, George Bush pres, we go to war with iraq, clinton president a full 8 years no problem, another bush president, bombs iraq.
from sicko :
by the way, all week, i've had the phrase "don't take it serious" in my head. wanted you to know.
from sicko :
by the way, all week, i've had the phrase "don't take it serious" in my head. wanted you to know.
from sicko :
you're right. i shouldn't give him something as personal as my diary. i'll just give him... um.... my virginity. yeah. that's it. we have no food.
from mercuryrain :
I am very close to adding you as a fav, just keeps gettin better
from jewelia :
hey you never told me you had a diary!!! all this time...i SOB!!! sorry my diary hasn't been very up to snuff lately, i'm sort of boring and wallowing in my own tragedy. sigh.
from mercuryrain :
i agree with you about vday your right we do have food.. your well grounded and i will be coming back, you go!
from i-luv-cw :
Absolutely gorgeous diary! I'd be honoured if the joined the I Love Constable Whiskers net ring (yes, yes, another ring, but is it really so hard? :) Hope you see you in the queue soon!
from mahawards :
You've been nominated for best page theme.. congrats & check us out thx
from sicko :
kay. you rock. where'd you park the car? i'm not really here. jewelia passworded her diary, if you want the password, you can mail me or her and we'll giveittoyou. no alarms. no surprises. i quit my horrid job today.
from paper-bag :
I LOVE your diary.
from halo16 :
That little update wasn't anything at all, i usually do a complete overhaul and change everything. :)
from firedaisys :
For me, you admitted you were wrong. A task which takes courage. And just the smallest amount of sass. In such a world we breathe within, sass is rare... hang onto it.
from marybeth :
ah! the layout is so rockin! & you are such a neat girl. thumbs up! :)
from whitepepper :
ohmi. your layout .. its breathtaking. the words are also beautiful. i really love your site .. you have a new frequent visitor. :) visit me k?
from halo16 :
I love your layout, and i agree the same look gets too boring after a while, but with my usual keep a week then change may be a tad too much. I do believe you qualify for my favorite diary list, which serves you no purpose 'cuz my journal sucks. radiohead rocks : )
from fairytalefun :
What a great layout! I love green! Awesome! I'll be back to read some more of your entries.
from pischina :
Thanks for your comments, and so far - poultry free! But I live in a non-vegan house, and that makes it very difficult, to make two completely different meals for four people. I do agree with you, but we'll just have to see how it goes.
from fatal-error :
Argh! Yes, I meant you, but since your e-mail keeps bouncing back this is the only way of telling you so. ;-] I was trying to let you know (among other things) that I really like your pink/grey/black color scheme. What graphics program do you use? You were asking for tips, and I'd like to lend whatever help I can...
from firedaisys :
It is a private world one might quote from, when one takes without asking the words of another. It has been said all journals, no matter their form, were written with the intention of being read. Just because there is writing on the wall, does not mean one has to read it. It is a choice to read, and a choice to take quotes from what is read, with or without permission. Those whom find themselves quoted are honored perhaps, but perhaps not.
from wheresdaweed :
very attractive diary.. as well as attractive writing.
from radhapria :
hey i really like the design of your page. i guess diaryland isn't limiting if you actually know what the hell you're doing, and you appear to. :) keep it up...
from cordeliameg :
Garbage and Radiohead. Amazing taste. And you are oh so charming and witty. I love you.
from cultureshock :
hey girlie-q! I would leave this on your guestbook if you had one, but the "you're quietly judging me" is from my favorite movie, Magnolia! you should see it, actually. it's genius. you can steal it if you wanna. =) xo. nice talking to you in chat!
from strongerthan :
"and if I die this very moment" I would have died knowing there was a Lisa from NZ ! yeah well, gotta love the Lamb. nice diary !
from pinkribbon :
her green plastic wateringcan...for her fake chinese rubberplant... I love your diary! the writing is awesome, and you like the pumpkins and radiohead. mmm. such delicious bands.
from averagegirl :
Thanks for visiting my diary site. Thought I'd take a look at yours. Love some of your descriptive entries, like the plastic wrap!
from sicko :
ohh i'm so flattered. thanks :o) just because you're paranoid, don't mean they're not after you. yay radiohead layout!
from karizzma :
from liza :
who are coldplay? if they are little radiohead #2 (and next to travis!), then they must be wonderful.
from cultureshock :
your design is so awesome. those flashy Kid A lyrics make me swoon. I'm kinda reading your stuff right now but taking a break to say you're rad.
from the-one :
Searching for "The One"? (Aren't we all?) Search no more! ;0) Yay Radiohead!

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