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from wild-fire :
Hey hun, not sure if you'll even check these messages, but I neeeed to talk to you. Hit me up so we can talk ok?
from jackthripper :
Are you really what your title states? If so, we have more in common than you know.
from whystinger :
I just checked out a few entries. Cool diary. Good luck with the Zoloft. It has done wonders for my wife. Helped me too. Honi,(wife) will be on anti-depressants for life. a good resource?
from wombat420 :
There's a girl that was in a car accident and had to get the left side of her body amputated and you used to have her on your favorites list and now she's not there... Do you remember her name.
from amberness :
is she gone???
from alonenafraid :
If I were to give you a banner to put on your diary for a couple of weeks, to help raise money for the victims of the Tsunami, would you be willing to put it up?
from gumphood :
ah crap. its been 50 days since you last updated, which worries me you might not come back. too bad really. good blog.
from arjay :
Heya again, I came by ages ago just wanted you to know I still read your stuff. I don't know if youve ever read my old stuff from the beginning of this year, but I lost a baby around November last year..i didnt abort it but i was so scared of the implications that i think I drank it away. I hope you're okay and I guess it's just one of the things we learn to live with, the void, the missing child.
from wild-fire :
My lord girl, I haven't read anybody in a good mood at all and check out my last entry too...what is up????
from slurpymundae :
i had the strangest taste of neglect a while ago when my boyfriend and i took his baby brother out for breakfast. everyone was oogling over him and edd hardly noticed me and we usually sit BESIDE eachother but this time we sat across from eachother and hardly did anything. and he sees his brother everyday since he lives at home but when he saw me after he hadn't for a few days it's like i was barely there. gosh. what a reality check. your entry today about your husband's gaming obsession has also been a reality check. why DO we get married? good question, prostituee, and i want an answer from someone!!! lol!
from betchy :
hello, stumbled by here, and popped in to have read. i like!!!! adding you to my faves, and if you would like to read me, leave me a note and i will give you the password. ciao!!
from suta :
Hi. Congratulations with being pregnant. *is from the Netherlands and doesn't know how to write it* *nodnod* I really liked your diary, so that's why I write this note... Being pregnant.... I just write the whole time how "wonderful" the world, our live and stuff is.... (^^;)I need a change... Well Bye bye and Ganbatte!
from slurpymundae :
i left a note about that earlier, i also want to know how you got pregnant while on b/c, because that's all i use as well is the pill...
from rockyraven :
congrats on being pregnant! I've never heard of it being called a hoo ha. You got pregnant while on birth control pills?
from pashiesplace :
Sometime after 16 weeks they can usually tell gender. I feel for you. I do not do pregnancy well either. Forget healthy glow, I get so anemic my skin looks gray not even white. Gained 60 pounds per kid with morning sickness so bad I was hospitalized. I was always jealous of gorgeous looking, radiant pregnant women! Glad he is supportive. That makes a world of difference!
from charminggirl :
This is how it works... When you see the word username put your username there. 1. copy and paste this to your template, right under your title. <script type="text/javascript" src=""> </script> 2. now that you have that pasted to your templete their are two different ways you can do this, depending on if your diary is blog style or one entry one page. I will put up the one entry one page and if you need the blog style just leave a note and I will tell you what to do. Now, paste this to your template right above or below your entries. <a href="javascript:HaloScan('%%date%%%%time%%');" target="_self"><script type="text/javascript">postCount('%%date%%%%time%%'); </script></a> | <a href="javascript:HaloScanTB('%%date%%%%time%%');" target="_self"><script type="text/javascript">postCountTB('%%date%%%%time%%'); </script></a>. That should do the trick. If you don't want the Trackback counter, which is neat but a pain to put up for all your entries then just put up the first half.... this <a href="javascript:HaloScan('%%date%%%%time%%');" target="_self"><script type="text/javascript">postCount('%%date%%%%time%%'); </script></a>. Hope that helps. - CG
from neoblue :
Huzzah, you're back! You've been missed. How far along in your pregnancy are you, out of curiousity?
from ntlworld :
HEy! Good to see your back! But sad to hear your pissed off... hope your mood improves.. and please dont leave it so long before you come back and fill us all in ont he last few months... :) Take Care.. and get them feet up... Fuck what he says/does/thinks.... :)
from slurpymundae :
(btw i'm scared to ever have children now... lol and i HATE husbands who are not supportive, yours better be friggin' supportive with this. he should be rubbing your feet and telling you he loves you and buying you ICECREAM!)
from slurpymundae :
eeek quick question now! do you mean you used birth control pills, but not a condom, and still got pregnant?
from redhorse :
EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! i am so glad you are back!!!
from lordmob :
you got some interesting entries.
from wantonness :
where has ptostituee gone?
from onlylittle :
hey do you have somewhere new that you're writing??? i miss reading you!! .ol.
from lostenboston :
omg Effexor is evil. evil evil evil. ive taken it once and i threw up and spent the rest of the night with my eyes wide open shaking and hearing shit. i thought i was going to have a siezure. good idea warning people. that pill horrible. i know two perfectly sane women who have both married actual crackheads while under its influence.
from purex :
where have you gone?
from the-mistake :
i have been warning people about effexor too. i just got off of it a couple months ago. it was fucking hell. i never felt so shitty in my entire life. i was also on paxil before that for about a month and then switched to effexor. after a few months on it i read that paxil and effexor are the most addictive anti-depressants out there. i hope you feel better and your off of them completely. i know how it feels when you stop taking them.
from pesogrande :
I hate to tell you.......way too fast, but it's been a year since I quit good ole effexor, very slowly......still cry about shit. But, then, alot shit needs to be cried about. I think this shit needs to be cried about, with or without. With, nobody gave a shit, without, I at least have my sorry mind back. See there, I'm not crying now, and thinking maybe a normal person should be. Strange being wierd on drugs, and strange being wierd straight. Oh, I cheat helps. Oh shit, what if I'm just wierd, and don't know it? What if I'm wierd and you don't know it? Oh fuck, what if your wierd and I don't know? On shit, what if we're normal and don't know it? Even worse, what if we were the only normal ones? Maybe effexor makes you fucked up like the rest of the world? Damn, now here I am only one left. And, what if the normal people are being treated to act like the fucked up people? That's why we drink beer, us effexor types, then we don't give a fuck. Which is basically the good part. Have a bottle left, I don't need. But, don't ever tounch my beer. Love ya.
from jessnichole :
I hate anti depressants... I've been on them on and off since the 4th grade (currently in 11th)... and you know what they're saying now in the news about the reports of anti depressants and kids... that sucks. I can't even remember the names of all the ones I have taken, but I do know I haven't been on one in awhile because they're concentrating on my ADD. And the thing that sucks is that no one knows wether the drugs are working because I'm so bitchy and PMSy all the time... haha.
from traumatease :
Your lastest entry broke my heart and lifted me at the same time. I don't know you, but I am truly sorry that you had to experience the dark of men before finding the light. We're not all in the dark. My best to you.
from emoxcore81 :
Hey hun...I've been a reader of your diary for a while now. I'm grateful for your openness when it comes to sex and your past and even your medical difficulties. I was diagnosed w/ Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia four years ago and am still fighting it at 22 years old. It's been a struggle but I know I'm a better person for it. Anyhow, I have a personal question to ask you. I know you're not an expert or anything but I'd love to hear your take on my situation. Anyhow I tried emailing it to you cuz its sorta an odd one but the link didn't work for me. Can you give me your address? I'd appreciate it. Thank you so much. Amybeth
from ntlworld :
Hey.. just wanted to say that I sympathize witht he pain thing at the moment.. I am having to type by memory as I cant focus on the keyboard! the pain is too much to cope with when i try to re-focus at the mo... so I am just reading the screen.... Hope the pain subsides for you soon.. and I hope that I shall be able to see when my dad walks me down the eisle in 5 weeks time... heres to hope.. *chink* What a pair he and I will make.. he is completely blind and me... well I am jsust plain and simply fucked int he eye department some days... the pain is horrific... and I feel like driing a drill bit through my temples to relieve the pressure.. damn this disease.. damn it..
from taura :
Hey I just wanted to say that I take oxycontin and it wasn't that difficult to get at all. It was perscribed to me by a doctor last week whenever I got my tonsils taken out. I'm supposed to take it every 12 hours as I need it, so I take it at night because that's when the pain is the worse. I thought I was getting liquid motrin laced with codeine, or something similar to that but I was surprised with two perscriptions, one liquid, one pill, both oxycontin. I think it is a good idea that they're making the heavier drugs harder to get. What I take is a very low doseage, 10mg, so it's not like I get a high off it or anything. It just numbs the pain. But I do agree that the government should be doing something to make it harder for people to get drugs illegally. Take care. I hope you are feeling better. I always enjoy reading your diary. :-)
from candora :
This is a test. (beep) This is a test of the Emergency Valentine's Day System. (EVS) This test is to see if leaving notes around DLand will make this a wonderful day in spite of not particularly being with anyone romantically at the moment. (ummm) May the results be that all this love in my heart found some productive use. (smile) And maybe a giggle or few :)
from mrgrey :
I am a big fan of having a girl finger my ass while giving me head. Or, even better, using a butt plug. I don't really understand the reaction of most guys. I guess they think it might mean they are homosexual. Personally, I just think it feels good, so why not do it? Fuck what anyone else thinks.
from fireflyez76 :
That is so sweet of you to ask people to send positive thoughts and wishes to my mom! Thank you so much! Happy Holidays :)
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from wild-fire :
Oh geez, I thought I gave you my password my dear!!! It's wildfire and lavender. I don't update much though....I'm barely ever online for that matter. Just trying to get on track, ya know!
from treewillow :
Yes, your right, she is the non adoptive one. And believe me, I have asked myself that same question more times than I can count. I can't understand why one would adopt someone and then treat them like trash.
from waycoolmama :
Hey... thanks for the words about the child support. But, in fact, we have a 'reevaluation' hearing in one month, for the child support contempt charges he was already brought up on in June (6 months ago). So if he doesn't pay (again) or make it up by the end of the month, he's going to jail this time. :o)And another thing... it's very cool to talk with your kids about anything very young, as if it's just la-ti-da, just another thing. My son at 7 (he's 11 now) knew all about babies (minus the graphic description of the old 'in-out') and periods and what and why they were, and all. But then again, we all still roam around nekked in the summertime. And one last thing... my last boyfriend (of 3+ years) and I led a very 'alternative' lifestlye. It worked for us, because we were both very into it, and I have wonderful stories and have met wonderful people. It takes more 'monogomy' to your partner to be able to do that. You both must be completely secure in your relationship with each other. It's about complete and total trust. Yeah, yeah.. anyway, it was a significant part of us, and we split for reasons totally other than anything to do with that. Funny. Anyway, just wanted to share. To bad we're not near each other. I think we'd be friends.
from peachick :
hey i am a new fan of yours, i love the way you think and write, it suits me
from redhorse :
its not your fault you have bulimia and you know, people whith terminal illnesses may not realize that depresson and eating disorders can be very fucking terminal! jesus!!! take care not to let the wrong words kik your ass, you kik your own already!
from banshee-rose :
hey hun *hugs* im sorry you arent happy with yourself lately. You are really great. Dont doubt that.
from mmeanaya :
great site! like what i've read so far..
from banshee-rose :
Great site. Answered some questions of mine I was too shy to ask anybody.
from raven72d :
I haven't read you in a while... But I'm glad to be back. I do like your writing.
from charminggirl :
:O NO! Why is it that people say I look younger than what I am. I'm 25. That's not good. Well, at least when I'm 40 i'll look like I'm 30 whoohoo! ;)
from charminggirl :
thanks for adding me hun. I've always found your diary very interesting.
from grimm0826 :
If this entry was real...then congratulations, it sounds like you got a fantasy fuck! If it isn't real...well, then, you have one hell of a fantasy life. It got me going!!!
from procrasto :
Haven't been by for a while. So dropped by and laughed at the term "boobal area". Glad it's better.
from fireflyez76 :
I am totally in love with Pearl too! I had the same probs with other tampons slipping out.. like I had a huge crotch or something. I dunno maybe we just have really strong muscles down there LOL
from cumwithme :
Good entry: "Probably in Denmark it's normal." really cracked me up.
from raen :
I finally made time to put a quote from you on my quotes page that I've saved since you wrote it. Just letting you know. :) Later.
from ironmask :
your diary fucking rocks!
from redhorse :
the tori concert was great, but mostly because of the the crowd and its involvement in getting rid of the bigloosers.Tori is pretty heavy handed in her political speach songs and i didnt go to a rally, i went to a concert, know. ben folds was great, and the piano was dead.
from catpewk :
Hey you :) I used up all my banners today to help a friend get his songs heard. Please could your drop by my page if you get a chance, listen and leave a comment (good or bad?) Thanks! Catpewk
from vanoonoo :
*takes a deep breath after laughing hard then laugh some more* heeheeheeheehee, oh - hi :)
from ergoatlas :
I know. I laugh at myself a lot too. We all use the world around us as a mirror of our own internal state.
from ergoatlas :
Laugh all you want. I think you are doing pretty well yourself. Nothing more entertaining than sex dealt with in an intelligent fashion. Oh, now I can laugh about it.
from opulenceblog :
arrr both comments and guestbook are down. Anyway....When I first clicked on your page I thought that was some kinda weird vibrator. Thanks for adding me as a favourite by the way.
from resonant :
hey there pretty<333
from sailorschica :
It is a pain when that happens but at least it makes sex a little less serious right?? LOL. I dunno how air gets pushed up there but queefs aren't the best thing around. SUre makes me feel like I'm loose and I know that I'm as tight as I can get. LOL. It's talk about everything everyone is thinking, but they never say.
from raen :
Yeah, how the Hell does that happen?? It's not like the head of the penis is flat and can shove air up in there, but I guess it does. It can be funny sometimes though. :D
from neangel :
if only there were something to prevent the ever elusive pf.
from cumwithme :
go ahead, masturbate, write about masturbating, I for one enjoy it
from prowlingleo :
Wishing you a happy 4th, and thank you for giving me a great read!
from taura :
I'm pretty sure it was you that I saw this on. You had a link to a Kuma Sutra website (or however you spell it). I can't seem to find the link in your diary and I wanted to give it to a friend of mine. Could you email me the link if you even know what I"m talking about? hehe thanks. [email protected]
from oceans-depth :
I love your diary you always seem to remind me that being a woman is both hilarious and exhausting at the same time.
from oceans-depth :
I love your diary you always seem to remind me that being a woman is both hilarious and exhausting at the same time.
from slurpymundae :
sweet god, i love the things you say! you're so honest. i love it. anyways, you've reminded me why i'm terrified of having children. i didn't know stanky coochie was a part of pregnancy. i'm not having a baby for anyone unless he's gonna love my stanky coochie and my big fat body. are there guys who enjoy that? i sure as hell hope so or i'm NEVER having children! anyways your diary intrigues me, later!
from redhorse :
i think we are not alone in these things... there are lots of us.
from moviegrrl :
{insert confused look here} I left you a note?? :?
from meowth2007 :
Cool diary name!
from danceizlife :
yea hun you were definitely is a septic tank!! lol just thought id say hello!
from swoosieq :
i want to talk about abortion with you. man, that sounded creepy. but. . . i just had one. and i want to talk about it. creepy.
from lilchrissi :
funny you!
from prowlingleo :
I know this is officialy random guestbook signing week, but I'm making it a 'thank you for reading me' day. So here is me, thanking you, for continuing to read me.
from procrasto :
hey - awesome diary...You are one frickin' honest lady...
from raven72d :
How goes it-- other than too much Vaseline? How's life?
from mommymartin :
Happy Mothers Day
from dominobox :
Hugs baby, hugs x
from ankhesenaset :
I really like the new layout. Much easier to read than the last one. :)
from movieboy :
thanks for the sympathy, much appreciated :) i've been reading your diary for a while now, although not every entry...i'm still undecided what to think on it though...for one thing, it's different :) take care
from neangel :
love the new look!
from dominobox :
What? You mean apart from the fact that you are gorgeous, totally desirable and very exciting. What do you suppose? ;o)
from dominobox :
Golly but I do like you! Get yourself over here so I can do something about it.
from adipose :
Thank you for your note on dudeinski. I have been writting and posting everywhere like mad. I am feeling much better now than last week. The drama got turned down a few notches. The odd thing is that I have never been jealous of my sister. She is the all american pretty one and I have never been nor could never be that. She is little teeny, perky, white, blue eyes. She looks like a 12 year old with a limbdo. Guys are perves and tend to go for that. I have crazy curly hair, wide hipe, a wider smile, and all my body curves. I am thighs, hips, tits you know. Even when I saw her suckign his dick I wasn't jealous I was repulsted, I had been betrayed. Sissy is the cute one, I am the creative one. She is the party girl but I am free and wild. Now I wonder if I will always be less, have less to offer than her. Part of me still says loudly though, that anyone can offer a blow job, how many can offer a mind?
from adipose :
Hey girlie- As always it is fun to catch up with you. I have been posting like mad lately. My sister, the absolute love of my life fucked the guy who wrote Dancer Moth for me, and to say that I have been crazy pissed is an understatement. Just popping in to say hi, and you are right about the underwear.
from jehsika :
Lets hear it for girly-ness...I've been getting my rituals back too...I feel much better taking more time....
from bellhead :
hey i just found you on the top 100 list... ?... anywho i read your latest and i enjoyed it much... you should read my entry devoted to STDs... 'bang' i think it's called... take care... kris
from roftlmao :
I appreciate your talking about everything going on with your abortion. I dont have to deal with anything like that, at least yet, but after having huge debates in school its very good to hear what you have to say, since I've been reading you for a while.
from dominobox :
Boo, baby xxx
from smile4onlyu :
your diary is amazing... i love it i am a new addicted fan!
from wrenfuoren :
Oh Dear! I thought it was a joke and wasnt serious on that aspect, sorry if I came across as such...these things need a "Sarcasm" text type.
from prowlingleo :
lol there he is below me...Yes, that's his email addy.
from sarrowzend :
You should do an entry on Butt Sex *grin* A.D.
from prowlingleo :
Leo's do kick ass! And I let him know what you wrote about his entry...he was thrilled! He's a very good friend of mine, love him to death. He cracks me up. Anyway, thanks for crackin' me up too!
from mangoprawns :
hi prostituee, my email is [email protected] if you want password - ps its really really hard to pee with a stiffy
from adipose :
I went to catch up on your dairy and the page was jsut blank. This lead me into a major deppression. The only logical thing for me to do was to stock pile startchy sweet foods and begain to bienge. The foood only lasted so long. Two hours into the sugar was pumping through my viens heaver than the ether that I had been huffing. The whole world begain to collapse upon itself. I gave myself up to the delsiousions of my sugar fix and begain to scream that the world was on fire, I was on fire, and I liked it. This scared everyone who worked with me. They are used to odd behavior but as off yet my random shouting and hullciantions had not been a problem. They took me into the bathroom and whipped me with a cat of nine tales until I calmed down. I went back to my cubicle and decided to write you alittle note so that you would know somethign was wrong with your page. ;) Take care of you. -Neve
from enn5393 :
e-mail is [email protected].
from lameassgirl :
lol period and a cold... i feel ya
from mommymartin :
lol your welcome. it was irking me what that daniella girl said so i just HAD to put my 2 cents in lol! your not the first to tell me my layout is making them hungry lol i love truffels. have you ever had a lindor truffel? OMG they are choclate heaven. of course i worked at russel stovers for the first feew months when i was pregnate with my son and all i ate was their truffles lol i started out paking them but because i kept eating them they moved lol to a candy i didnt like(the orange cremes) but my friends would send them down the line to me between the boxes lol! so they didnt help lmao! i am always here if ya ever need to talk my messenger ids are on my profile feel free to holler at me anytime!
from tiffsadork :
hey..thanks for bein real in your diary..i just found your site and i've enjoyed readin it..its very glad theres a women out there speakin her mind on things other women*like me* have been affraid to thank u..i wish u the best of luck and take care of yourself
from import-babe :
Love your diary, it's so real. I like how you tell it like it is. Detail is good. lol.
from doombilly :
yeah, the fecking HMO's want to cut back on Pap smears...but I bet they pay for Viagra in a heartbeat. WTF is up w/ that?
from dreamcallie :
Thank ya, darlin'...
from redhorse :
from ms-trudy :
I really really enjoy reading your diary. You rock. Its nice to read that someone else is thiking what I am thinking. I don't know if that makes the sense that it was supposed to. Oh well, never stop speaking the truth in the well crafted way that you do. Cheers!
from dreamcallie :
Thank you, thank you. Now, I've already got two men lined up. Interesting how things come about.
from fiercelingua :
I'm sorry. :-( Yea, macs are the most evil thing in the world. I have yet to attempt to view my diary with a mac, and it sounds like I won't be able to anyway... hmm... well I change my layout once a month and maybe when I change my layout, it'll fix that? Hmm. Perhaps. Besides the whole evil mac thing, what browser are you using? - Sincerely, Amy the computer nerd with a personal clit
from ingerrr :
shit, you make it seem o.k for me to discuss my re-occurring bacterial vaginitis.
from mroutt :
nice diary
from jessicam :
Oh, haha, sorry to totally dominate yr notes but there was something else I was gonna say in reference to online porn. I think it's funny how people start websites that are like, really popular websites spelled one letter wrong, so that when people inevitably mess up, their porn sites plaster the screen! Like, my credit card site is, but if I mess up and type instead, its porn! Aaaaaugggh! Crafty bastards!!
from jessicam :
Dude, I felt really bad cos I feel like the guestbook msg I left is kinda self-righteous, then I read more of yr diary and was engaged and I felt bad, and I wrote this other big guestbook msg and it was like "not allowed to sign so quickly in a row" so I lost it. Anyway, cloth is neat but I read that you were already thinking of ditching tampons. You can try using folded up scraps of cloth, or I find that socks of different thicknesses do well and are already basically pad-shaped, or you could check out, which has a ton of products like washable rags and like, black panties with extra cloth already sewn into the crotch so that you can just bleed all over yrself and its copacetic. (all dependent on yr flow of course.) but anyway. nice diary.
from comment-anon :
Did I forget to mention I've used the Norelco on my ass hair?
from neangel :
Hey I am gonna be adding some private entries, if you would like the pw email me & I will send it to you...
from kelcsdiary :
lol, Does masturbation really burn calories? Never heard that.
from putmedown :
holy wow i love your diary.
from danny930 :
Hi my name is Danielle and my web site is I saw on your profile that you like shere hite... what books of hers did you read? PLease tell me in an email to [email protected] or sign my guestbook at my site thanks.
from treewillow :
Thank you, I did get a Where do babies come from book when he asked me that. And yes, he told one lady all about the sperm in line at the store. Twas a bit embarassing lol. But at the same time I read a book that said to call things by there proper name, it helps the child to feel comfortable talking to you about anything that might happen to them. I didn't get embarassed when he asked. And well I can only hope he says something to the outlaws lol. Since they can't call it a penis, they call it a noodle which I keep telling them not to. Thanks for your note, it helps :)
from mangoprawns :
wow! i've coated myself in ice-cream and choc sauce to celebrate!
from adipose :
I was tickled as shit to see that you had listed me as one of your favorites. I am at my desk at work listening to Tori, and that jsut tickled the shit out of me. I was wondering though, why did you list me as one fo your faves?
from dominobox :
I agree about the piercing - I can just feel it now ;o). The diary ring? Well it kinda fits how I feel - is that ok?
from raen :
Thank you so much for that link! That's what this is then! It's good to know that it's not serious and won't lead to problems in the future. It says that pushing on the area helps, but I don't know if I can do that since I can hardly move when it happens. But, yes, thank you for taking time to look that up for me! It never even crossed my mind to search for it online. You have put my mind at ease! :)
from poppyfish :
No hard feelings, pumpkin. I guess we both just went over the deep end. I have to admit, though, it was me who started it. So . . . apologies accepted all around, and happiness is here again!
from raven72d :
Thanks! Do come by and read.
from raven72d :
You have the most wickedly sardonic worldview... I do like it.
from xof :
Not spelling, just the defination of "unnecessary head"? Is there such a thing? It had to laugh as such a thought.
from jehsika :
but I did really want to join...because I can't stop thinking about men, men, men...check out boys, decent looking neighbors, male friends I shouldn't be looking at. I definitely have a wanton mind.
from jehsika :
You noted:"Oh come on! Join whores-r-us. you know you want to." Oh, twist my arm why don't ya? Okay, I screwed up my courage (it's the only thing getting screwed at my house) and did it. The link is on my rings page.
from gwenllian :
I found most of the pictures by searching the web for "vintage erotica." I think I have links to some of the places I got them from on my Links page. I was pretty picky about which ones I chose -- I picked the ones that were, I guess, more in shape. I doctored them a bit in one of my imaging programs (I think it was Adobe Photo Deluxe) so they'd all be the same tone of sepia. I also, probably illegally, removed any markings put there by the web sites where I found them; however, they are old enough that I think they're public domain. I'm not sure.
from pinky77 :
from raen :
Have you see how many linkers perceptions has? That's mind-blowing. 1k+ is nothing!
from ladyvaduva :
I admire the fact of how you just approach the whole topic of sex, and that you're a go getter! in a way (from u're entry about the apology to lady gwenllin) I think u mite be trying to better your husband in bed.. for yourself and for himself.. i hope maybe he sees what u need soon or u'll have to walk those "blue balls" off :-S love your diary!
from redhorse :
on so many levels i hear you.
from gwenllian :
Hey, don't sweat it! It's okay! I really, really like your diary. I read all of it. And after I re-read the entry, I thought you kind of had a point!
from cuntgirl :
question, on your banner, a letter in the curse word was *ed out. You not alllowed to use a curse on a banner (aka, why would I get a banner I can't put my name on?) you're the closest I've seen yet
from bice- :
Love the diary!! And what is wrong with gratious blow-jobs? Safer than shaking hands >G<
from dreamcallie :
I think you are wonderfully vast and brutally honest. I like that.
from dreamcallie :
I think you are wonderfully vast and brutally honest. I like that.
from roxygrl15 :
That is so awesome. She came to my town, but I couldn't get tickets. But I did get some to Cyndi Lauper, I love her too. haha.. ok, anyways... your layout is very cool.
from raen :
OK, I was just reading the latest entry and this time I finally remembered to ask. *ahem* Out of curiosity, how do you pronounce prostituee?
from roxygrl15 :
Hey I like Tori Amos as well. Go us!
from darkember :
hey your diary is really cool. i'm a phone sex operator so i can relate
from raen :
Ooooh, I didn't know that you were... and she was... oooooh. I really had no freakin' clue. Now it makes sense. :)
from dorkfysh :
hmmmm....color me curious
from raen :
Oh no...I don't know your email address to ask for the password. :( Would you email it to me (if you want to of course)? I've only just begun on your diary. Wahh, I only read the past 12 or so entries so far and poof! *sniff* :)
from invisibledon :
I liked your banner - like the reading too
from cursedfemale :
I just got here through a banner.. You rule.. And are going on my favorites list.. So yeah.. Later. :)
from neo-geek :
Hi, I really like your layout. Actually, on second thought I'm just starved of compliments and was hoping by leaving vain, self-serving notes on other people's diaries more would look at mine. Anyway, try not to hate me more than's warranted. Oh, and keep up the good work
from midesigns :
If you look in your html ther will me this: <a href="">leave a vague descrpition of you</a> You want to take out the percent signs (%) next to prostituee. This should make it work. If it doesn't please email us with your username (so we know who you are) and password, and we can easily fix it.

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