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from tmvolta :
hi i'm new to diaryland i dont even know if you still use it as you havnt written anything for a while i havnt yet read all of your stuff but i read about you giving up on art dont be a fuckhead whos to say what is good and bad art(apparentely know nothing know it all teachers).i also do art and you seem to want to do it, so do it, the world needs artists who actually like it and dont use it for something to say to others in conversation ie. hey i am an artist am i cool???
from bglchicken :
Yo, Brittany, this is Victoria. I love you like a sister, and I don't mean like an actual sister, but I mean it in the way that black people use it, which is more meaningful I think. I love you man.
from erchick89 :
just took your screwed up squirrel survey... wow, you seem a lot like me... check out my diary and you'll see why....
from insanegerbil :
can i read you diary please?
from eaglel :
Hi, your diary is cool, you have a friend Jessica. Last time i checked her diary was passworded would you happen to know the password? If your kind enough to give it email me at [email protected] please, one more thing. What is Jessica Hill's birthday
from blondedork23 :
Hi Brittany! Just letting you know that you can come over on Friday for sure and spend the night...and I'm glad to be your friend too. :-*
from jetersgrl :
hey this is shelbee and i know that gerrick changedd the pasword and if yore reeding this gerrick i think u r a dickhead and u can go 2 hell becuz no one gives a shitt about ur ugly ass!!
from insanegerbil :
damn..i'm sorry bout the drama.he doesn't sound like a real friend, just a classmate you've known for a few years who became an aquaintance.
from insanegerbil :
I so totally love your profile..ha. Movies:genius.. Depp is such a sexy bitch. did you see don juan demarco? *drool*♥
from darksorrows :
eek. no. my diary isnt passworded. hell, i need to change that. it WAS passworded.
from mylifehowsad :
hey uh i noticed you added me to your favorites, awesome. i hope i dont bore you to much. well im going to go take a look at yours. hope you stop by again.
from euthanizeme :
Took your quiz, took a gander at your diary. Nice. :)
from laura-diane :
thank you for adding me to your list.
from kimdan :
*Gasp* NO! Mr Hat ROCKS! *Dies* And I shall read your diary... Because.. You said so.. That and I'm scared of your stuffed koala.. *Backs away slowly*
from ophelia2love :
msn, i have. do you?
from ophelia2love :
pretty good, that sounds amazing. you must be smart, oh how i love that. giggle giggle yay! sweet kisez sent yer way..;)
from jetersgrl :
from ophelia2love :
thanks for leaving me a note, its been a was a long time ago that i added you, but it doesnt mean that we cant chat it up! ;) how you been lately?
from candy-corpse :
Wait...IF he has a girl friend...then isn't it not smart to tell him? Eh... Go for it anyway. If your prettier then his present girlfriend maybe it doesn't matter. Plus I wish I had a friend called stoner steve.
from ophelia2love :
hey hun...yay! for your survey! horrah!! i wuv you already...13 eh? hmm if you want advice on anything i can try to help ya out, if you wanna be my kinda shy, but i think im good with advice. been through a lot and stuff! im gonna add you to my fav. journals if you dont mind..? xox L.
from glass-maya :
hi kids so...i took your survey. and it said to leave you a note. so...i'm leaving you a note. ...grand diary. check mine out if you feel like it. ..i love chicago. good stuff man...good stuff ...bye
from goonie32 :
Helloooooo! I took your survey and you said to read your diary and then leave you a note, so here it is! You're profile and diary are cool. Yup. Well...I don't have much else to say so...keep on bein cool! haha L8R Dude!
from vinprima :
Took your survey, leaving a note, Ill get around to reading your diary.
from goldylockz22 :
HEY THERE! Thanks for filling out my survey...but I must say that Carrot Top is not ugly he's sexy and yes I might be on crack...ok bye....
from crackheadred :
haha..thanks for signin the book...i feel bad about that...cuz WAY more people signed it than i i dont hit em all back..OH WELL...anyways...YAY phoenixs
from wilder3 :
That Note Box on Your Site Was Way to Small. about A size and Half Larger will do. The PTS advice still stands. More Surveys Dahlink.
from wilder3 :
Hey If He's Not A Powers transmission specialist Forget Him. Thats what I tell My Daughter Anyway ,She's your age. The Sit Is niCe
from wilder3 :
[email protected]
from wittyschnity :
You are too young to be controlled by dumb guys. Reading your emails is never cool. It would be illegal if it were actual physical mail, you know...DUMP HIM!

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