Everyone around me is smoking crack.

I am a person...maybe...not much to know about me except that i like Victoria, The Cat In The Hat (also known as da kitty in the hitty), The Secret Diaries and Invader Zim.

My favorite diaries:

insanegerbil profile - diary
Wilberteets profile - diary
porktornado profile - diary
prostituee profile - diary
thebobgod profile - diary
comments: This is Garrick, who I talk about in my diary and stuff...
loathe profile - diary
candy-corpse profile - diary
comments: Awesome poetry writer.
awittykitty profile - diary
comments: a "emotional basketcase" as she puts it who loves a married man. She is HILARIOUS though.
a-nother-me profile - diary
stratic profile - diary
bglchicken profile - diary
comments: My best friend in the whole world Victoria, I love her very very much.
thatsawesome profile - diary
comments: Kylies diary...does she ever use it?
jhm777 profile - diary
comments: Victoria's boyfriend Bryces diary, hesa little beeotch sometimes, but aren't we all?
mylifehowsad profile - diary
uli-shoes profile - diary
darksorrows profile - diary
comments: I really love reading this person's writing, she is sarcastic and hilarious and I see part of my self in her...sorta <3
lfp689 profile - diary
comments: Josh...ua
gerg69 profile - diary
jesbohn profile - diary
catpewk profile - diary
rockchicken profile - diary
clownsrscry profile - diary
comments: K.T.
jetersgrl profile - diary
comments: Shelbee
Felex profile - diary
comments: Amanda
blondedork23 profile - diary
comments: Jenna, I can't help but love the child.
antihoyhoys profile - diary
comments: She is really hilarious

My favorite music:

Linkin Park
comments: Now here is a band that actually have lyrics that mean something.Not only that, but you can actually hear the words! They just don't scream and swear. Mike and Chesters voices are..wow...I am obsessed with Chester Bennington, don't ask me why
comments: Amy Lee is beautiful and has a beautiful voice.Go her.Songs actually have meaning to them.
comments: I love all their songs...
comments: Lead singer has a great voice...its creepy and you can mostly understand the words
other bands
comments: The All american Rejects, The Used, Maroon 5, THE RASMUS, FOO!, Rob Zombie, Good Charlotte, Simple Plan, Outkast,A Perfect Circle,The Vines,Josh Groban,Jason Mraz,System Of A Down

My favorite movies:

The Secret Window
comments: Great movie with a nice plot, oh and Johnny Depp is fantastically hot in it.( I also like Chicago, but there ain't enough room to write it..he runned into me knife ten times ^_^)
Kung Pow
comments: Stupid movie with no point, but its funny...to me
comments: Another stupid,funny movie. How can we teach children to read good when THEY CAN'T EVEN FIT INSIDE THE BUILDING?!
Edward Scissorhands
comments: Directors a genius...weird movie though...I love it...also love The Nightmare Before Christmas, which is by the same director. It used to scare me when i was younger...but no more!
Cat in the Hat
comments: Not sure if thats how Dr.Seuss wanted it, but its still really funny.Mike Myers is a bit strange, but I forgive him.

My favorite authors:

Jhonen Vasquez, Roman Dirge, and Dr.Seuss
comments: Do I really HAVE to explain...?Jhonen and Roman Dirge are comic book writers. They created some amazing characters such as "Lenore", "Johnny The Homicidal Maniac," "Invader Zim", and more.
J.k Rowling
comments: The books are great, but the movies suck..damn child actors...
Lemony Snicket
comments: Hes funny and sarcastic.Love his style of writing.
Louis Rennison
comments: I had to read only one paragraph before I decided she was one of my favorite authors. I quote constantly from her books and try to spread them far and wide.Some may think they are immature and stuff..but they...aren't.
Stephen King
comments: Do I really need to say more...? I am really flattered when people tell me my writing is like Stephen Kings, even though it isn't. A lot of my favorite and most terrifying books/movies have come from him.

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