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My favorite diaries:

myramains profile - diary
comments: Get it? My remains. This is my sister's page. Read up!
LadeeLeroy profile - diary
comments: Leroy was great while she lasted.
marn profile - diary
comments: I love Marn. And her kitties. And her spousal unit.
Im2evil4u profile - diary
comments: My sister from another mother.
thedailyWTF profile - diary
comments: Bitter, hate-filled, hilarious. I keep this one in the buddy list...hoping... she'll return one day.
warcrygirl profile - diary
comments: She's fierce and funny. Takes no shit...
haloaskew profile - diary
comments: Wants to kill her boss with an arsenic covered spork. I thought I was the only one with fantasies of spork murder.
artgnome profile - diary
comments: Much more attractive than the travelocity gnome.
toastcrumbs profile - diary
comments: So funny. You had me at "oil sprays from your ass"
nepenthean profile - diary
comments: A blog about dreams! I like it...
yourtipsucks profile - diary
comments: You could learn how to be a good customer from this. heh
hematidrosis profile - diary
ohell profile - diary
comments: New discovery, very entertaining! Yay!
joistmonkey profile - diary
comments: Yes... I will read this one.
princesscee profile - diary
comments: Hoping the treadmill thing works out!!

My favorite music:

comments: Breaking Benjamin, Flyleaf
comments: I love the Toadies. TOOL!! Love me some Maynard! I also like Silversun Pick ups, The Kooks, and ICP. That's right, ICP.
Puddle of Mud
comments: Everclear, KoRn, NIN, Chevelle, TOOL,Incubus, System of a Down, Weezer, Three Doors Down
comments: Audioslave, Dave Matthews Band, John Mayer, Imogen Heap, Poe
Big Head Todd
comments: Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, TOOL!!! R.L. Burnside - song called "It's Bad You Know".

My favorite movies:

So I Married an Axe Murderer
comments: If you've never seen it... rent it. It's great and funny every time.
The Sixth Sense
comments: I didn't see it coming.
Bruce Almighty
comments: It made me laugh. A lot. So did Tommy Boy.
Donnie Darko
comments: Trippy
Fight Club

My favorite authors:

Stephen King
comments: I have been reading King for most of my life.
Anne Rice
comments: "Interview with the vampire" was and still is my fave.
Anita Shreve
comments: "The pilot's wife."
Bernhard Schlink
comments: "The Reader"
Emily Dickinson
comments: Dave Sedaris, Edgar Allen Poe, Dr. Phil

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