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from minstrelite :
I have finally tuned into you, having seen links to you from many of my acquaintances here on DiaryLand. If your business is about quoting any and all, feel free to include me. Email me for the username/password combo, if you are at all interested. I will be unlocking again, after current issues with my girlfriend are resolved.
from dinosaurorgy :
I miss you, Quoted. :(
from dinosaurorgy :
Broken links! Oh No! (I'll just post my info here.. sorry if it clutters your notes page.) [Quote: "I think that my last straw will be when Brittney calls in some of her femme friends in for a 4-some without me or something real cold like that. I'd rent myself a porn-flick if I didn't think that I'd be able to mute it and hear the audio equivalent all through the apartment."] - [Username of the quoted: Asthmaust] - [URL:] - [My name: Lambert] - [My URL:]
from jehsika :
damn...can't nothin' ever be simple can it. I am sorry. Thanks for keeping up Quoted, it's delightful.
from jehsika :
Re: the broken Submissions page. I think maybe you're missing ( <script ) before this ( language='JavaScript'> ) on the sixteenth line of the source code for that page. Parantheses not included on actual code. I think.
from quoted :
Thanks for the positive comments all. I am having a great time doing the site. I am glad you are enjoying it as well. -- Ploppy.
from empyrean :
this is a note to apologize for not having read anything funny lately. if i do i'll let you know. it's also a pat on the back for trying to bring back quoted. it got a bit lame for awhile and i'm sure i'm not the only one who started looking to other sources for... whatever purpose this serves... but i have a good feeling you can win them back. keep up the good work.
from joiedv :
Well, you just went and made my Mothers' Day that much grander! Thank you for quoting me...funny how something can just pop out of your head while typing and somebody else can pick up on it and think it bears repeating. Now of course I'll have to keep checking back with you; just what I need, another obsession.
from justjones :
Heehee! Thanks for the quote, that was totally unexpected considering my abundance of diary lameness of late. It made me happy! :) ~justjones
from undesirable :
thanks for the quote! i used to read faithfully, but lost touch. so the quote was an honor, and a reminder to put you back on the buddy list!
from dandydandy :
I was wondering if I can submit a quote from Quoted? If not, I might have to start a blog devoted to quoting Quoted. That might be redundant, but I don't mind.
from vinylgirl :
Thanks very much for the quote. It was very flattering. You have a great diary and I will certainly come back.
from fridayfilms :
Wow, thanks for the quote. It's flattering to be taken out of context so dramatically (though I guess it does stand alone in the entry, hence no context). And it also gave me the chance to find your diary, which is a very cool idea. Happy quoting!
from hibiscus101 :
*Happy Holidays*
from missy-17 :
hey you have nothin much to say about yourself according to your profile, but who knows about your diary, let me go check it out!!!
from euphoria21 :
I've missed you...I've been waiting for over a year, and I still haven't been quoted. It would make my year..
from clocks :
id love it if you could read through me and quote... :)
from galaxyrabbit :
where did quoted go?
from opopopo :
when the shingles flatuate themselves in a sardine from sardinia, i uptake my bowels and furnish my meatless charade by twisting the capsule. in other words, lovely.
from izzardgrrrl :
so, how does one gain the honor of gracing one of the pages of your fine diary? *slides a dollar under the table and winks*
from awittykitty :
I just realized that you had to take out the TAKETHISOUTSPAMSUCKS part on your e-mail address. I was wondering why all my fab quotes kept bouncing back. :-)
from slow-down :
this is SO cool!
from dc3caliboi :
what i think you all need are buttons for people to be able to put in their diarys so that they can say they are either fans or one of the quoted few. so far i am only a fan... but who knows. take a look at my diary for an example of what i mean from another "quotes" diary i recently found. and keep up the good work
from woodgnome :
I like it. I like it a lot.
from sufferours :
This is one of the best diary compliations I've ever seen....GREAT. I hope you keep doing this.
from annec :
im lovin what you're doin! it gives me something to waste my time on!! xoxox
from darkfairy13 :
love your quotes. Hope you aren't engulfed by the sun (hope I am)
from darkfairy13 :
love your quotes. Hope you aren't engulfed by the sun (hope I am)
from samantha616 :
Where have you gone?? I found you diary more than a week ago, and have been waiting for another entry! (starting to get worried here...) Are you ok?
from groovygal321 :
Hi I just read part of your diary. Its Please readpart of my diary. At least my new entry and sign my guestbook. I like to talk to people and your diary was so I decided to try and contact you.
from aperfectrose :
Job lead: The feminist majority recently bought Ms. magazine. Most of the offices moved to L.A. but some moved to D.C.. You could try there. Please come back soon.
from fallencupid :
Hi there! I just got done looking through your diary and I enjoyed it. I am sure I will come back frequently to see how things are going. In fact, I even put you as one of my favorite diaries. :-) Hope you get a chance to stop by my diary and check things out. Leave a note if you would like. Hope to see you around! :-) ~Fallen
from shydime :
Hey,it's great what your doing.I wouldn't send money over the internet.But,there's a girl in my class raising money for the "Walk of Life" fund so everyone's been donating to that! God Bless Ashley
from ray13 :
Check out brandyland, kozmicblues, & mine. We need exposure. Our joyousness fix is wearing off, and the attention cravings are killing us.
from slxckshoes05 :
its nice. please check out mine and while you're there also check out my own quotes pages-the links are on the left-hand side of the page! nice job
from clauren :
This is from PoppaCasey Diary. He has the best quotes every. This is one of his recents. Please but this in your next entry. He is your number one fan. I'm a nerd. Not just your ordinary garden-variety nerd mind you, I'm the kind that comes economy size that you can buy at Sam's Club along with your 30 pounds of mayonaisse.
from ljd :
do you quote them yourself? or is this some open diary where anyone can post? if it is.. i couldnt find a link or bah! help me
from piilu :
where have you gone?
from invaderniz :
I love quotes! Whee! Hurry and update, so I can laugh somemore!!!!
from legallynsane :
the first quote on the latest entry (12/11) is what i posted in there any way you could put my name along with the entry as well? thanks.
from therooster :
sweet site, great quotes are too "serious" to be on it but i would like to take the time to invite you to come check it out...who knows, you just might like it -J-
from legallynsane :
an update? pweeze? *pout*
from tinawolf :
You got a great idea for diaries, but this ones cooler - "Abandoned_diaries" for all those diaries that had so much potential, but were lost after about 3 or 4 entries.
from larawolfe :
Another day when I go around leaving notes for all my friends and favorites. Your diary's a fav. Great idea, really. ~Lara~
from iefow :
This is a great idea! I'll check this page daily... Thanks for the effort of making these selections!
from marle :
This diary is simply awesome. I love it! ^_^ It's interesting to read all the quotes! This is definately being added to my favorites section
from syria :
once, a really long time ago, i think i read your diary and you weren't quoting people, you were just writing stuff... i think.
from mrbochenkels :
from glittermab: just one of those days when you don't even want to change out of your jammies. when the world is gloomy outside, but inside it is bright and warm and you drink hot chocolate even though you usually like cold chocolate a whole lot better. maybe not her best quote but her diary is really cool, you should quote it sometime.
from babyphat :
Quote me please!!! jk jk
from pretended :
hahaha, owww. i think you broke my stomach.
from wildiris :
you are the toy in my cereal box of life. thank you for doing what you do.
from greeneyez4 :
i love your diary! just started reading it, and i'm working my way through the older entries. my old life goal was to crowdsurf when I'm 80, especially in a wheelchair...but my new life goal is to be quoted.
from trixie316 :
Thanks... you're always good fun! Personal suggestions: monkeydoo, saint-louise, mllerwind... all three a daily dose of hilarity. And me of course, well, some days that is...
from dumbdotcom :
(This is from Beuysgirl's diary. She has like a million great quotes, but as an entire entry, this rocks.)) i want some stuffed shells. 07.03.01 - 1:47 p.m. lately i feel like my mind is empty of actual words and it would be best to communicate in nonsense. erk. blee. weediwop.
from onmymind :
quoted makes me smile, helps me find cool new diaries. thanks!
from ayah :
i bow to you.
from candy-apple :
Quoted is the bestest thing that ever happened to DiaryLand.
from action_grrl :
Pure genius!
from mangoes :
I have the honour of being quoted. It's a great idea and all credit to you.
from singsong :
My comment is that you rock.
from glistenen :
Now because everyone's comments are gone, I'm getting in your thingy right quick so that I can be specialler than everyone else. I want nothing more than to have a Quoted mug. That is the neatest. The trick is, I dun want to buy it. Doh!

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