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from irishblueyes :
Hi. Found you through your banner, and was very inrigued by your first entry...especially on the coast guard guy thing since my husband is in the coast guard (and gettin out this summer thank god)'s great to find a cool, intelligent, adult here in diary world! peace - Kristina
from musicchick44 :
i LOVE your made me want to go read and mark up the book.
from smilefactory :
Congratulations on the new car! Sounds great!
from diary-viewer :
Would you like a new diary review? If so, check out the site at
from wonderwall :
hi, i ran into your diary and just wanted to say i think you are really cool. the thing that caught my eye is the entry with bono's drawing, since bono is one of my heroes. and also, the billy collins poem-- he is a graduate of the college i go to! so rock on, and i'll be back for more.
from smilefactory :
Congratulations to you and to everyone who contributed to make you all number one!
from weymouth66 :
Hiya! Could you please let me have your passwords? Thanks, much love x x
from serendipity- :
just ask me, ask me, ask me
from sparklytears :
I used to really enjoy reading ur diary and u r on my favorite's list. But now everytime, I try to, they are all locked. Is it going to be like this permanantly? Should I stop trying?
from intheory27 :
Beautiful banner, beautiful writing.
from serendipity- :
from epiphany :
Any chance of you giving your fans your password?
from ugotsoul :
cool diary sweets...
from serendipity- :
That stinks. It works for me, though. Maybe it varies by browser. I don't know how to fix it. Sorry.
from sweetbabypea :
Just wanted you to know that when you put up pictures on your page, the picture takes up the whole entry and you cannot read it. Ex. The picture of a letter enveloped the whole page except for a few words.
from starsforarms :
..i stumbled across your diary because of your banner...and i must say..i absolutely LOVE it! dont take this the wrong way..but reading through your words sort of makes me glad that i abandoned the idea of becoming a teacher. x
from phonics :
I felt I should leave a note as an ammendment to my guestbook entry. I hate it when people write "theirs" instead of "there's" and I somehow decided to do so in my entry. Knowing you are an English teacher I could pretend that I did this to test you but instead I shall blame the late hour and tiredness. Ooopsy. Mxx
from raven72d :
Great layout... And Laine is a wonderful new name...
from sweetbabypea :
Just wanted to wish you a Happy Holiday. Take care and be safe!
from serendipity- :
Um, okay.
from stonedflesh :
im left with this smile behind my eyes, fears witheld for a time-lapse guise as paths to dreams seem compromised. let truth be truth, and fear be fear - ideals exceed the horizon so just start from here. a trail of bloodied footsteps reveals a heart that beats pure, despite sullied karma your compassion endures. i was left with your scent that your words led me to, but for now i will keep swimming for you.
from sweetbabypea :
Good morning. Just wanted to say you are a great storyteller. I've been sitting here reading your diaries from this past weekend and beyond. Oh..loved the pics you posted. I noticed beer is a common theme in them. :)
from sweetbabypea :
I've read off and on where you would like to move out of your parents house...PLEASE STAY AT HOME! Just read my entry from the other day. For god's sake..stay in the comfort of your parents home. If they dont chain you to the bed or make you wash their underwear, continue to live in comfort. :)
from powerpuffmoi :
I've been catching up on you rdiary for the past 20 minutes or so. I want to comment that I especially love your entry on being pro-choice. I've never had an experience like that before, and hope I never will, but your entry captured why I always will, and always have, supported the right of choice.
from catsnapples :
Some days are just like that...boring. It's hard when it is hot in class. I have a new school, with freezing air, so I keep my little squirrels nice and chilly, so they don't fade out on me.
from sweetbabypea :
Hi. Yes I do know the poem Questions Of Travel. Im a huge Bishop fan. My fave is Filling Station. Glad to see someone out there likes her too. Thanks for leaving a message.
from sweetbabypea :
Just wanted to let you know I enjoy reading your diary. I have friends that are school teachers and i like reading about their days at school. Plus I love to grade papers for some reason! Good luck this school year!
from neighborhood :
signmyguestbook is acting like a fool, so i will leave this here. "the yellow wallpaper" is one of the first stories to really push feminism beyond the "angel in the house" concept of victorian times. the woman in the story kind of feels her assertive, independent side coming out and this, as was the case back in the day, was interpreted as some kind of illness by her husband, representing repressive male-dominated society. so the woman behind the wallpaper really is her "feminist" side lurking in the background and looking for a way to push through. in the end, if i remember right, she starts peeling the paper off, finally looking to unveil her true self and break free from constraint. thirty second thesis, there you have it.
from dialzero :
I've been told that either one space or two is acceptable, but it needs to be consistent within the paper, and probably within the course. I always use two, though.
from karysemily :
from the ranks of the freaks who suspect, they could never love anyone.
from mindspin :
it is entirely too wonderful to read a journal of a teacher. i love it too much. xoxo.
from thisisjohn :
absence makes the heart grow desperate? perhaps. maybe. i think.
from serendipity- :
No, I didn't watch the movie serendipity. I just like the word. Maybe I should watch the movie.
from myhappiness :
so did you watch the movie, serendipity? interesting take on things. hope you keep the experiment up. good luck on the photography. peace out.

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