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from mittensgirl :
can i have the password to your blog. i'm so nosey. but not gossipy. just nosey. --jodie
from lunasoul :
Friday May 6, 2005 8:07 a.m. Japan time. Oh Amanda! Guess what! I just ordered "The Big Orange Splot" from Amazon-Japan! Wheee! I can't wait til it gets here!
from lunasoul :
Fri May 6, 2005 7:49 a.m. Japan time. Yooooohooooo, Amaaaaaaandaaa! Where are you? Are you still having fun? Living, loving and breathing? Have you set up shop elsewhere yet? Please keep me informed. I misses you mucho yo. Mua. Mua.
from growpeace :
Hi, It seems this is welcome back and hello. Please join a-1-a-diarys diaryring for only the best! Your style is terrrific. Aloha from Joy with Hawaii's Noisy Frog Invasion News.
from shawster :
your eyelids closeeee when youre around me to SHUT ME OUT
from mireillie :
Aw, Cosmic Amanda! What about a break instead of a break-up with diaryland? We'd all miss you very much.
from punkybee :
come back.. come back.. :(
from lunasoul :
Sat. Jun 1, 2002 Amandear, So sorry to hear that you may be abandoning your diary. I have spent many hours chuckling, laughing and crying with you. You have been an inspiration to me and I hope that you've considered my imitation of you to be flattering. You've got great style and I wish you the best in whatever decision you make. Take care.
from greedysow :
Hi Shlippy! (aka Amanda;) a friend of mine (Kim, aka lunasoul) said I should have a read. . . so loving Intergalactic Pooky. And re your latest entries, the "kind of relationship where silence is death" oh yes, I am in that as well. Thanks for the expression, was struggling to find an accurate, brief one;) NOw, I heard that you live in Boston (or thereabouts)--I am a contractor for NPS, so have that lovely email. . . and work at the Armory NHS in Springfield (paper document conservation lab for Olmsted site in Brookline?) greedysow, however, has been sadly neglected due to new job, new city, silent novio. tips??? how do I get tips as a nps employee;)??? do tell.--erin k
from pansygirl :
OMG!! I love The Big Orange Splot too!! I used to pour over those pages all the time when I was younger (and still would, if I knew where my sister (who actually owns the book) has put it!). *grins* I'd be shocked if you don't get this a lot, but I think you're a fantastic writer. You have a real skill for picking out what is interesting and expressing yourself well.
from katress :
Thanks for stopping by my guestmap and signing. :) Cute picture too, very amusing!!
from together :
your banner was fun. so was this. talking in past tenses ruled.
from trealm :
i am here to stroke your ego. and to tell you i love your page. but mostly to stroke your ego. :)
from smartmule :
oh! oh! your birthday is the same as my sister greg's but you are a lot more cool, I think. and Peewee loves you too.
from veryberry :
I always get a giggle out of your diary entries! Well, most of them anyway...I'm not sadistic enough to laugh at the situation with Forrest being so far away from you! I love all the little stories...and I find myself almost fascinated with Justin with the romance novel last a completely harmless, "no I'm not a stalker thankyouverymuch" sort of way. ;) Actually, I think it's just because he reminds me of someone I used to know. Not that anyone cares, right? ;) Anyway, awesome diary (I can't wait to see this banner everyone's been raving about!), and *hugs*...I may never have gone through the same thing as you and Forrest are (me being permanently without a boyfriend, ha ha), but I can empathize, strangely enough!
from spunkygypsy :
Drawn in by your banner, I shall perhaps find myself staying because of your banter, which is witty and wonderful and nice.
from twitchygeek :
don't worry, i still love pee wee herman, too--we all do, on the dl. ;) and of course, i am in agreement with the rest of diaryland about your kickass banner (why i was sucked in) and you're amazingly articulate, ingenius and amusing writing skills (why i'll keep reading). oh, and that little candle guy--a piece of sheer beauty, my friend.
from que-suerte :
that photograph creeps me out to the maxtreme.
from lyncanthrope :
Totally dig your diary!
from angel-oscura :
You`re great.
from trapezoid :
Thanks for checking out my diary, shlippy. I dig the picture with the puppets.
from disarray- :
Wait a second, you got a Minnie Mouse suit for Easter?
from frozen-tears :
It was the banner that pulled me in.. but the writing that kept me here.. i love it..
from mangosplash :
your writing kept me reading. very intriguing. you seem very cool. (sentence structure isn't one of my highlights, obviously)
from daysuit :
Hey there. Just wanted to say "thanks" for dropping by my diary and and leaving a nice comment. I will be reading.
from asteroidbelt :
last night i dreamnt of barbecues.
from elisespeaks :
I love your diary. Not many people are this interesting, you know.
from midnightdust :
*nods in agreement with the other million bajillion people who like your banner*
from vergeoftears :
i love that little mr.dressupeque banner/image you've got goin on there. but, you probably have no idea who mr.dressup is, s o i just look like an ass. anyway, i've read a couple of your entries, and it's like you're me, but a sense. even the description of the office with the 'hang in there' motivational posters. i saw myself sitting in the brown-fabriced chair, underneath the freshly-windexed plaques, staring at the poster of a cat , hanging on to a rope. it was kind of strange, actually. nonetheless, great lil she-bang you've got goin on here..

from painted-fish :
It was the little banner that made me click on your diary. Anyway, it's nice. (:
from sugar-mtn :
hey cosmic amanda~i used to live in salem (in 1999--went to the lack luster school and all)and i remember yer radio show! it's awesome! i now live in montana (in the gorgeous mountains) and i somehow came across yer diary. i love love love it and i gotta tell ya, i went through some very similar feelings as yer going through with forrest. i know that "lost" feeling that you described (and you couldn't have described it better!) because i went through with my boyfriend too--i missed him on sooo many different occasions... but now were out here in montana together and we couldn't be happier. just thought it would be comforting to hear that yer definitely not alone : )
from apotter :
I heart your diary. And I'm amanda too.
from veryberry :
You're from Salem? *sniffles* I loved that town!! Thank you for your Note (I'm starved for attention, hehe)...And I hope you have fun on your trip! :)
from mr-sparkles :
Awesome layout, I think it's the gator and the sausage that ties it all together. Thanks for dropping by, you know, I was "whacking it" last nite and I thought of the kittens and I almost stopped......being high, I almost cried when I finished. Sad State of Affairs. poor kitten.........
from koukladoll :
2/27: amanda, thanks for signing my guestbook! i checked out your stuff. joined the notify list. :) LOVE the cheap art gallery! peace. athena
from retrocarp :
Well thanky for leaving a trace after you read my diary. I reciprocated by tiptoeing through yours. I thoroughly enjoyed the P'zone analysis, as I've lately been intrigued by this ludicrous piece of marketing. The P'shits might almost be worth it to satisfy me curiosity. Thanks again, and take care!
from barenaked500 :
feel better!
from singingcynic :
the tourists steal my voice, too; one of the downfalls of living in a town that's supposedly an attraction. just letting you know that i'm here. listening.
from pearlspill :
Wow... You're so elegant and punctuated. The person whose link connected me wrote, "how i want to write when i grow up." ...pretty much. best vacation wishes.
from unemployed :
oh yea and your guilty pleasures made me laugh. i don't know why but it was fantastic.
from unemployed :
i found you through scanzilla and i haven't read a ton of your entries YET but the ones i've read are excellent, your guestbook is hilarious, you like good music AND you have a adorable pictures on your site. so i will be back.
from wolf21 :
well everbody's doing it, so I thought i'd stroke your ego as well. great site, wonderful art, and very inspiring.
from buenacabra :
Hey Bubbles, your ego is showing... WHAT? WHERE?
from connie-w :
i'm really impressed wz your diary! great job! :o)
from spamdoll :
stroking egos. YES!
from gizmonator :
Heya! Your ego seems to have been left unstroked, lately, so I decxided I would. I think you're keen.
from tek1-3 :
your style and imagination is absolutely inspiring. i, too, am and artist, and felt very honoured, as well as priviledged, to have been able to see your work. u2cool
from icryforemo :
i love you. for real. i know i could give a monkey a great home. <3 meghan
from angelicagirl :
Hey Shlippy, I got Alberto the Monkey in the mail today. He is very cute. He'll have a loving home. Thank you so much !
from kittiesrcute :
Where's the shlippy ring? *lost and confused*
from kittiesrcute :
haha, I didn't want to muck up your guestbook anymore, but beside's Percy's digital karaoke jungle bar, here in my house he's tucked behind a picture of me as a tot. It's so cute because it looks like he's peeking out from beind it and waving at me. If you'd be okay with it, I'd like your mailing addy, I have a big sticker that says "Flammable" that I'd like to send to you.
from jpmarx :
bitch betta have my money...
from sprhrgrl :
hmm. . . cute cute cute. *g*
from wobbly :
all i can say is that you rock-- one of the wonderful bits of diaryland. everyone should be so lovely.
from ravieslave :
*gently strokes your ego*. I am still virgin to the whole karaokie thing. Wait. Kareoki? Karaokie? Nevermind.
from chaney :
Oh yeah, you simply must love the fat/skinny hockey game. It's about all skinny vs all fatty. Mmm, memories of times less stressful.
from sicko :
you. good.
from kittiesrcute :
*bats eyelashes at you*
from netdiva :
Cute journal and cute picture! :) Just here to stroke your ego, but it's definitely deserving of the flattery.
from bonkrood :
Anyway I just happened to notice that everyone signs your guestbook but it's been a while since anyone has stroked your ego. Thus I decided to give you my own little analysis: you are so beyond cool. Okay, time to go work on my Amanda Fan Club membership cards.....
from sadpuppy :
I'm really sad. See I went to your 'cast' page and I was all excited to hear audio clips, but this computer doesn't have any blasted speakers. oh me oh my the daily trials and tribulations I experience here in the candyland diaryland world. But I like your diary.
from surly :
you're my favorite ranger dork. yes, you trooly are. & that, miss amanda, is noooo lie.
from yosei :
I like your diary. ^.^
from gizmonator :
Couldn't let you go a month without me stroking the ego, so I just wanted to yell "Hey you, with the upright stance on moral fortitude! Keep up the good work!"
from fuzzytomato :
I don't know why it has taken me so long to stroke your ego because I simply adore you and the way you write. You rock chicky! and (this may sound a little weird so brace yourself) i'm proud of you.
from ford :
finding shlip was like running into a long lost friend. she's all warm and fuzzy, even when she's a little down. hugs! hugs! hugs!
from notahilbilly :
I love you! you are always and forever a Flawless Bitch� and don't you EVER forget it! and WHEN are we gonna go shoe shopping, you tastycracka?
from gizmonator :
Yeah, so I was just checking the internet, and reading a few diaries, and then I passed out. When I come to, all I see are your legs, plastered across the screen. Why do you torture us so? That's like when your older brother held a bowl of icecream just out of reach (not that I know what that feels like, I was the oldest)... Anyway. Just wanted to let you know that someone reads. Jaa, ne.
from bonkrood :
you're not the only one who's frustrated about the whole justin thing--I'm on the edge of my seat here.....
from llamita :
this is me stroking the ego. you deserve it.
from pixgrrl :
cosmic amanda is the bestest of the best out here, and undoubtably, everywhere. i think she is amazing and funny and witty and intelligent and should go into television writing to amend for the all the shite that's currently on tv...if justin can't see your fantastic and amazing person, love, then move the caboose. it is so BLATANTLY obvious to me that you are worth adoring adoring adoring. i ADORE you.
from notahilbilly :
you know I worship the gravel you tread on while wearing your hot goth shoes :-) Just wanted to say that. You are completely fabulous.
from gizmonator :
I would like to say that your are a fool for not moving to CO and giving me your sweet, sweet loving, and instead wasting it on that Justin chap. Sheesh. Nice guy can't catch no break.
from bonkrood :
I got a special edition Coca-Cola barbie. You are the person I felt would most appreciate my purchase. Cuz you rawk!
from Genghis-Jon :
Yes! More New England Diarylanders that rock the house! Your diary is cool. Mine is not. Mine couldn't be any worse if I wanted it to be. Can I have yours? Kidding. Cheers, GJ
from gizmonator :
Noooo!!! All of the comments have gone! I will attempt to seed them, so a comment crystal might grow from the solution.

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