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from meaghan1345 :
this is what you posted: "Well I'd rather be a silly girl with a flower than a boy with a horse and a stick" "It's called a lance...duh!!" and that isn't how the quote goes. But other than that, all your quotes are good.
from meaghan1345 :
just so you know, number 7 on your "Movie Quotes" survery goes, "I'd rather be a silly girl with a flower, than a silly boy with a horse and a stick." "It's called a lance...Hello!" Just thought I'd tell you that. Other wise, good quotes! Peace Out
from dlovesj524 :
i'm glad that things are looking up for you. i understand what you're going through, i have depression and such also. i hope things continue to get better.
from glasslipper :
sham! i hope i am still a lucky one that you want to keep in touch with! i adore you and your diary!!! muah muah muah (x a million)
from czarandom :
I kept my HS sweetheart two years into college, and those were two years that I'd never give up. Just hold on tight. You make me wonder, is it better to let go of the past in order to start again anew, or to hold onto your past so that you don't lose who you are? You'll be fine, just have faith.
from kuuipo-2004 :
shamma i feel your pain... since i'm leaving for college tmrw, everyone lately has been asking me when i'm gonna dump mike for some hot college guy. i tell them i won't, or that i don't plan to at least. they don't believe me. just keep telling 'em, they'll all get the point sooner or later. love ya girl, good luck with school!
from wrestlechick :
hah i was in New York last Monday through Weds and i had a blast! We ate at Planet Hollywood too which yea it's awesome! I'm glad you had fun! I'll ttyl!
from sugababie88 :
Funny to see that you just went to NYC... I'm going on Sunday, August 8th. I'm so excited!
from bl-ah :
hey! just wanted to drop you a note and say how good your diary is. I like your layout too. And the rupert grint diaryring is the best, hes so cute :) I think im your 100th member too :D love blah x
from rainy-daze- :
I know but I still feel bad. And now I feel selfish. Sorry :(
from snccharlotte :
You too! Especially after having wisdom teeth removed! ouch! Don't feel so bad....I crave cheesy romantic things too...and I'm 19. So who's the sadder person here? ;) I hope you feel better!
from snccharlotte :
Aw! You're so sweet Shannon! *blush* Thank you!
from czarandom :
Why is Zack embarrassed? It doesn't make sense to me.
from chickie-legs :
Hey! Small world! I graduated from Chantilly high in 97, and I went to gmu, but I recently moved to Alexandria ! I've never been to King Kabob, I had an entry a long time ago about that area and how there is a King Kabob and a Smoothie King and how that made it a homosexual monarchy...hmm yeah
from glasslipper :
awww ohh honey! i'm glad you had a good prom! lol. amidst all the problems. i'm really glad :) :) i'm sure you looked drop dead gorgeous and you know i love you to bits and pieces. but i must say, you should definitely go to all nite grad because i didn't want to go and i did and i really did have an awesome time and it was worth it, contrary to popular belief. and i won a microwave. haha. i love you dear! have an awesome graduation now!!!!
from ruz :
I'm here:
from mlepanics :
shannon i think i ment to write FSU (florida state university) majoring in business marketing...u could write hoping to be at FSU fall of 05 or something like that cuz i'm not accepted or anything like that otherwise leave it blank...thanks babe
from dead-sarah :
hey I just joined your diary rind i-love-zack! Read my diary for details about my zack =D!!! Its cool that you like a zack too... that is if you still like him lol. I know things change so... Leave me a note! Bye! <3 Dead-Sarah
from navychica16 :
the prince and me is a gr8 movie...kristin and i love it. i would have seen it with you!!! :)
from mlepanics :
just thought i'd point out that ur total entries is 911, just noticed and thought i'd share
from kuuipo-2004 :
if you were wondering... "...i was wrong." 4-25-2004
from kuuipo-2004 :
i love your monkey and your profile. the quotes are an awesome idea... i might continue the trend when I've got more time. PS - i love the quote you picked for me. you pegged me dead on! later girl, miss ya!
from zerotwo :
i love your diary!
from snccharlotte :
Hey I changed the password just a bit. It's the same username, but just add a 1 to the end of the pw okay??
from wrestlechick :
**sniffle** i got taken off the favorites?? It's all good LOL
from glasslipper :
girlie, i love your new template. and i'm glad you have the strength and courage to send that email. you're definitely stronger than me and i want you to know that i look up to you tons. that and your hair is amazing.
from kuuipo-2004 :
i'm really proud of you shannon. that was really brave... but i think that's gonna be a huge weight lifted off your shoulders. remember you can always call if you need someone when zack's not around. love ya girl... miss you.
from mlepanics :
Shannon, I love you. and i think that was one of the biggest expressions of your strength and beauty. I know how hard hitting that send button must have been, no matter what darlin, i understand (to the best of my ability) what your going through...i've seen it as long as we've been friends, and i'm sorry that i can't do so much more for you...just so you know, i'd die for you. no questions asked. and i know i'm not around and that eats me up. I'm here if you need me, i'm here if you dont. you can always ALWAYS fall on me and i will use all the strength i have to help you back up this day i consider you my best friend. over anyone else. do not be afraid to call if u need, leave an asap message and i will call asap. i love you. ~emily
from wrestlechick :
shannon I know we haven't talked much recently but I want you to know that no matter what and i mean NO MATTER WHAT I'm always here for you sweet heart! I heart you so please if you ever ever need anything, to talk, to cry, someone to bitch at to let out your angry then you can pick away at me all you want. Everything will be okay and like i siad i heart you thiiiiiiiiiiis much and more always remember that!
from advice-4-you :
need advice? visit my profile to see how i can help you!
from mlepanics :
DONT GO TO SEE DAWN OF THE DEAD!!!! well u can and i know u will, but just in thinking of u....its freaky as all hell! very jumpy!! scared me and u know how i am at the movies! oh yea, did u get an application? were they rude to u cuz i know u were only there for like a hot minute...lemme know! *muah*
from thirdxacharm :
just wanted to let you know i changed my diary. this is smplstc.
from mlepanics :
1) I am a nerd and I did read all of those 8) SPICE GIRLS RULE 17) I need to go tanning too before spring break to fl, there is your motivation. 28)-30) ROCK ON 1/2 PRICED TUESDAY!!! 38) you will never be alone. 49) nice 54)-58) good to know but TMI 63) Thannks for the info 76) cool 78) Oh 79) Hm wonder why? 80) OMG YES! 92) right on 95) me too.
from smplstc :
thanks for the advice. i know its all true and now i just need to follow it dammit. too bad patience isnt one of my strong points. anyways, thanks for linking me back. i really appreciate. youre a cool chick!
from smplstc :
i actually read all 101 of those. i love your layout!
from kuuipo-2004 :
i'm not even on your buddy list anymore? that's like the equivilent to a kick in the balls. =(
from lotr-girl :
Hi,I've just been searching the diaries on here.stumbled upon yours,it's really cool.Tinkerbell is the bomb :)
from musicchick44 :
your banner is too cute! =)
from goonie32 :
Hey, from what I've read in your profile, you seem really cool and kinda like me. Mind if I add you to my buddy list? =)
from glasslipper :
shamma i love you! you're the cutest thing ever and i couldn't live without you or your diary! (so thanks for making my day!)
from kuuipo-2004 :
hey i finally found the camera with pictures from your birthday, so if you want some copies of your post-it car... gimmie a call or note or something, but call new cell phone 910 257 6115 LOVE YA!!!
from mlepanics :
"you want some?....i said DO YOU WANT SOME?!?!" is that the same episode as the one with "corky?" or was that just on the same tape? iunno but thanks for tellin me i haven't thought about that in a while, i'll be sure to tell jesse, he'll get a kick out of it too!
from glasslipper :
sham, i decided to tell you that if you locked your diary or stopped adding entries, my life would be over. stay safe and have fun your hair looked lovely at prommmm (i finally got the pix developed)
from wrestlechick :
I hope you feel better Shannon! I heart you!
from faith5by5in :
Just letting you know, my new username on Diaryland is MarineBoi. Hope you come check it out sometime. Luv ya. Ta.
from kuuipo-2004 :
hey... i noticed the word ENGAGEMENT in your diary regarding the ring Zack gave you. Two things come to mind: 1) WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME ABOUT THIS?!?! and 2) the present i'm sending you is now going to be a small engagement gift... since I got it free... and it's kinda a re-gift. ANYWAY - ENJOY!!
from yellow-pages :
Hey, sorry about that. You did tell me where it was before and I had totally forgotten. Sorry once again and of course you are back on the list. Sorry about bothering you. I'll have to write it down somewhere so that we don't have to go through this for a third time. So sorry. -Alex
from yellow-pages :
You've been taken down off our listing. Once you've put our link back up or tell us where it is located than you may reapply and we will add you back to the list. Thanks. -Alex
from desertrose17 :
hey there!! i'm switching diaries, so if you'd like the new info just email me at [email protected], and let me know!! lots of love!!
from slutreviews :
from kuuipo-2004 :
what time is this airport trip happening? if i were there, i'd skip school in a second to go with you, but since i can't, i can at least offer you to call, i get outta school at 130, so if you need me... gimmie a ring, i'll always listen. 703-209-1017 love ya shamma.
from sillieshamma :
guys, please start using the guestbook more. i like that more than the notes pages. thanks.
from imanass :
read my diary
from wrestlechick :
Happy Thankgiving Shamma! I love you SO incredibly much and i want this to be a good one!! love you!
from desertrose17 :
Of course you can have the password :) Username: lockdown Password: unlockme
from wrestlechick :
just so you know Shannon that no matter what i AM here for you! if you ever need someone to talking to about ANYTHING you know i'm always here and i always will be! I heart you Shamma!
from wrestlechick :
i love the new template!!
from mlepanics :
i read your last entry and then i read zacks are the luckiest girl ever shannon...i'm so happy for u and zack, i read and hear how yall are doing and even if your having a fight its obvious that you two are in love...congratulations.
from wrestlechick :
hey Shannon...i'm leaving you a note just in case i annoyed you today and so Shnnon if you read this once again i am extremlly sorry if i pissed you off! i heart you!
from kuuipo-2004 :
PS - I miss you girl...
from kuuipo-2004 :
YOU CUT YOUR HAIR!!??!?!?!!! I WANT PICTURES! SEND NOW! [email protected] NOW!
from wrestlechick :
Virgin Suicides is an AWESOME book!
from wrestlechick :
i heart you shamma! I hope you feel better!
from wrestlechick :
i forgot to add! here is the webpage for my other diary! there you go so you're allowed to read it!
from wrestlechick :
YAY you named it after me??? I'm in a better mood now! i heart you shamma!
from wrestlechick :
aww Shannon...i love you! It'll be okay...just because you don't know a whole story doesn't mean you can't have a side LOL. I hope you feel better about everything! Oh yea and Ash Weds.(i can't actually spell Weds) is an awesome book! You and Meredith were right...OH and you'l get you're late birthday present on Weds. LOL ~Allison~
from aries03angel :
Awww, i'm going to miss uberhopeless! Your a fantastic writer and you put so much emotion into what you write. Its great! I would love to keep reading. You said you had another diary...
from oramacgirl :
I love my Shannon... just letting you know I HAVE decided to follow the crowd and get an online diary... send me an e-mail and I'll set you up with a user name and password! XOXO! ~Andrea~ [email protected]
from kuuipo-2004 :
yeah i did change it but i'll change it back to what it was before otay? or just email me at [email protected], that always works - anyway, my diary will remained locked for a long while b/c i don't believe in deleting entries. I almost deleted the andrea one today, but decided that everything i said, though harsh, is my opinion, and i don't want to forget what i thought back in the day... i have a feeling it might be useful later on. I AM LOSER. love!
from wrestlechick :
Hey i understand why you want ot lock it it's all good...i would like a password but if you don't wanna give it to me it's all good! later! ~Allison M~
from kuuipo-2004 :
from lilieno02 :
hey horny, i would love a password if it's cool with you. if not, that's cool too.
from wrestlechick :
i'm stilly not on your list of fav diaries?? it's okay i still love you
from idowhatican :
no i didn't. just though she had some big ones.
from kuuipo-2004 :
Hello Shamma Girl. If you ever need someone to talk to, and Zach is unavailable - don't hesitate to give me a call. You know the number, and I'm always willing to listen. Or just hug. I like to hug. HUG ME! Love ya - Jenn.
from blindessence :
You seem like a totally honest person, and that's awesome.
from calicocubed :
I hope to God that some day I'll have what you have. That was such a sweet and sincere entry. Thank you!
from wrestlechick :
aww Shannon...that entry was awesome...and at the end when you say you're not prepared for anything...don't worry no one really is. They may say they are but really they aren't! You'll be fine! Love you! ~Allison~
from poetgrl224 :
thanks shannon...I'm trying.
from treewillow :
Have a wonderful birthday.
from preciousgift :
Happy Birthday!
from seenuh :
Happy birthday
from ruz :
Hi, I locked my diary, so if you still want to read about my very uninteresting life, username:Draco password:Harry
from dombilly :
Happy Birthday Shannon! hope its a good one :)
from dlandbdays :
Happy Birthday! Hope your day is filled with joy.
from kuuipo-2004 :
i love shamma. i love shamma. i love shamma. i love shamma. u: seven i love shamma. i love shamma. i love shamma. i love shamma. p: eleven i love shamma. i love shamma. i love shamma. SHAMMA SEVENTEEN IN 5 DAYS! i love shamma.
from wrestlechick :
Congrats little miss Unicorn! love ya! ~Allison~
from evilmaryanne :
I love you shannoneeeeen. I see you in the halls the then we go by like this <------> you me hehe oh well I miss you and remember as beth always says Jesus loves you! hehhe.
from calicocubed :
Hey Shannon! Thank you so much for the message. You know I miss ya girly. Have fun senior year!
from blackfetisha :
Hello Shannon. I'm Shannon too. My diary is at I love Michelle Branch, she is so awesome. I noticed you like her too. I live pretty close to you, in TN. Well I hope to talk to you later. Toodles!
from navychica16 :
thanks so much...i miss you too! i feel like its been forever since school got out....shows you how fun my summer HASN'T been :)
from poetgrl224 :
Dude! I love that aquarium!
from thewanted :
Looking for a review for your site? Looking for a place to review? Check out the Wanted Reviews!
from poetgrl224 :
ok here's the deal. Alas, Georgia is straight (but at least it gives me an excuse to go on hating her.) Our dear Kat however is apparently not. So now we know...and I really wish we'd put money down on that one -Meredith p.s- I got the info from Kelley and I think she's a reliable source...journalistically speaking so...yeah.
from jadedbitch :
i am also a libra. that is very scary and true. strange how they can guess so much about you, eh?
from poetgrl224 :
girlie, where have you been?... then again, where have I been? Anyhoo when you're not working, or having sex or getting smarter you busy thing you, give me a call. We NEED a movie night - Meredith
from born2roll :
Marry me?
from keeds :
from born2roll :
hey baby I love you
from lilieno02 :
FIRE! sorry that you're having a bad day sweetie. FEEL BETTER!-Justin
from fallengrace7 :
Hey just clicked on your banner to read. I like your diary. Your style is familiar... Well i think I'll add you, leave me a note sometime.
from calicocubed :
Yaaaaaay! I opened it just for you! Hahaha. You're the coolest my fellow missionary/tight yanker friend!
from lilieno02 :
"Do not go gentle into that good night Old age should burn and rave at close of day Rage, rage against the dying of the light Though wise men at their end know dark is right Because their words had forked no lightning they Do not go gentle into that good night Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay Rage, rage against the dying of the light Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way Do not go gentle into that good night Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay Rage, rage against the dying of the light And you, my father, there on the sad height Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray Do not go gentle into that good night Rage, rage against the dying of the light" (stolen from mike's profile) Shannon, i'm not going to sit here and tell you that you should not feel the way you should. that is what i want to say, but i don't think it would be helpful. what i do think will be helpful is to let you know that you have made a colossal impact in my life personally. just observing you in your element, you have made me realize never to lose sight of what it means to be unrestricted by the "rules" and sterotypes of our modern society. you take your youthful spirit as a character flaw, when it gives you so much flamboyance and effervescent charm. you do not understand how much i personally hold this characteristic at heart. i don't know if this helped at all, but what it shows is at least someone else is listening to you. if anything, take comfort in that. also take comfort in the fact that i can and will be there to support you in any way possible that is in my power. never forget that. -Justin
from slash-mel :
Thanks for joining tatu diaryring.
from sunnflower :
Hi from Suburban Island. Just wanted to say that your quiz page is great!
from oostaroo :
ty so much for your comment on your profile, i appreciate it more than you know. you're just so kick ass. damn! omg. ian mckellan is gay? i didn't know that :X lol that's so cool!
from rottengrrrl :
hey!thats a pleasure to sign the goldfinger ring eheh they kicks ass =P im no quitte sure if I have lef you a note memory sux! but nway...sTay Rad and hear a lot of gfinger ;)
from oostaroo :
ahh yes! the used! i've seen that poster, but it was too expensive when i saw it and my pocket has flies in it so :-\ another time i guess. that's sweet you thought of me! lol yeah! <3!!
from catercow :
I was looking at your survey...and you want to hear something scary....I knew the awnser to this one:16. "Yea they were these little pudgy aliens in these cheap green suits...eugh"'s Spice World.....scary huh?
from mylifeat15 :
happy valentine's day sister
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the arachnophobia ring
from oostaroo :
ahhh yes yes! i NEED the chicago soundtrack as well! God that movie was incredible, yes?
from jaimyn :
Thanks for the note. I've been on such a long hiatus lately, that I forgot what it was like to have contact with other HP peeps. Thanks for the welcome, and I'm glad to be "hip" wiff ya! *LOL*
from lilieno02 :
SHAMMON!!!! Please, for the love of all that is holy, don't change one bit! Harry Potter rules!
from hobbitmuser :
merry Christmas! i wish you merriment and much hobbiday cheer, from one lotrsister to another. *God bless us, everyone* ~Taya
from ambermorning :
hey i saw you put a movie quote from ghost world in your quote survey. i thought at first that's what it was from but then i was like, no couldn't be. i don't know anything from the comic book only the movie. did you just really notice the movie couple weeks ago or are you into the comic?
from clauren :
Hey Shannon, Thanks for joining addict2sims diaryring. ANybody that is into Harry Potter books and movie is a great. And plus you read addict2ski...That is one of my close friends...If you have time, check out addict2sims surveys to see what other d-landers say about sims or answer them yourself...
from poetgrl224 :
Hun, it's not just Zack that sees it. You're an amazingly beautiful person physically and otherwise.
from poetgrl224 :
Hun, I know I'm not Brandie, and I'm sure as hell not Zack but if either of them is ever busy you can talk to me. -Meredith
from poetgrl224 :
Shannon! yeah it's better with the Bianca voice. Thanks for the note, but how did he say "just wondering" ?Was it nonchalant or was he trying to cover his ass? sorry. Had to be a stupid little girl for a second(just one?) Anyway, thanks for the update. -mer-bear
from goth-hippie :
Hey Shammon, hope you liked Tolkein. It took me the better part of 8th grade to finish the trilogy. I still haven't found a fantasy series I like more so I've been thinking of rereading it (not something I do often). Next time maybe try reading the book before the movie... way before so that you forget some of it. Anyway, this was Lee saying hi! Hope I see you when I come home to visit. Bye!
from dernhelm :
10 Things I Hate About You, Harry Potter, Empire Records... you have good taste. Found you through the LOTR sisters ring! It makes me so happy whenever I see that someone new joined! :)
from aviclark :
Hey, welcome to the LOTR Sisterhood! Make sure to keep an eye on our diary ( to check out the rules, news, and other fun sisterhood stuff! See you around! :D
from manchichi :
thank you for joining the viggo diaryring. kazowi!
from megwan01 :
Hey thanks for joining the 10 things I hate about you ring and putting your code up. You have a really beautiful diary btw.
from forleafclovr :
Welcome to the Now and Then diaryring and thanks for joining!
from ravenheart :
Thank you for joining my Frodo ring, you are welcome!
from clarinerd :
Hey, thanks for joining the Rivendell diaryring!
from phoenixtease :
and thanks for joining the bigbrother diaryring too! :o)
from phoenixtease :
Thanks for joining the dramaqueen diaryring - love your layout! :o)
from panjandrum :
Welcome to the Romeo�Juliet Diaryring!
from ille :
from oostaroo :
i *heart* you. you're the greatest.
from oostaroo :
from oostaroo :
aw :( i hope you feel better soon. and i wish you a ton of luck on the R & J play. get going on the monologue!
from aviclark :
Thanks for joining the Aragorn and Gandalf diaryrings! :)
from oostaroo :
hey! you should make a theused diaryring :) lol i've been meaning to hear goldfinger but after i saw that backstage stuff on theused cd's, john feldmann is not on very good terms with me!! lol :) but i'll hear them eventually. thanks for passing by my diary, you're a cool chick! and you're going to florida, which part? i live in miami :-\ lol. laters girlie.
from abamini :
i liked your survevy... neatO
from marieh :
welcome to the goonies ring and thanks for joining!
from incupark :
Yeah Incubus is cool. I like their old stuff like S.C.I.E.N.C.E or however the hell u spell that that. I love punk covers they're cool, kinda gay and stupid but still cool.
from incupark :
How come MxPx did a cover of Barbie Girl? That was just creepy...
from mandypandy83 :
I saw that you took my first survey and just so you know, we did name the other parakeet Jesse because of Dude Where's My Car. LoL Thanks for taking the survey!
from sharpsecret :
cool diary u seem really lovely:)
from stolensouls :
hey, cool diary. where do you live in nc?
from away-king :
Thanks for joining the Brandon Boyd diaryring.
from nicebox :
Hey, welcome to the Norweigan Diary Ring and thanks for posting the code. VERY cool layout!
from from-my-view :
About your "Truth & Aliens" entry. I don't think the Truth commercials are trying to make everyone just stop smoking. But for younger kids, they see the commercials and thats how they learn. And besides, if you don't smoke then they encourage you not to. *8-1-02*
from engelchen :
Hi. Your diary is really very good. I enjoy reading it alot. Your writting style is great, very ... refreshing (sounds stupid I know). Also your design is very cool. So I surely will come back to read some more. Take care !
from mlepanics :
here bizzatch i added a entry finally and my computer acually excepted it..YAY...and here i left u a heart filled note....I LOVE YOU
from freshjoy :
Hey. I enjoy this journal and thought i would say so!
from czarandom :
Nice, simple enough to be an easy interface, complex enough to be interesting. Also very pretty and palmy-like
from no1sgirl :
Got here via your banner. I know another diary that is using your layout...
from sheilasrs :
Got here via your banner. You have a beautiful diary, and I had a great time reading your entries. Keep up the wonderful work.
from legolas2931 :
The Orlando Bloom Files is pretty good- lotsa good pictures and there's this other site that shows how to make Legolas's outfit, but I'll have to find that for you.
from legolas2931 :
Thanks for stickin' me on ur favorite diaries list! :)
from jadedbitch :
i'd come kidnap you, but i'm in another state!
from skittle23 :
Hey, thanks for being cool and listing me as one of your favorite diaries! I don't know why you did, but thanks!! Keep kickin' ass Elise~ (
from itsmylife :
Welcome to the Shannon ring, Shannon! Shannon :)

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