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from her-story :
I'm glad you quoted my inchworm comment instead of what *other* people have quoted... makes me seem more lady-like... :)
from dont-stop :
Good luck with the new job. I'm sure you'll do well.
from hissandtell :
My experiences are that you can tell all students of any age that you hate them and I want them to suffer, as long as you say it with love in your heart and a smile on your face...well, perhaps not the really little ones, but my years 2 and over used to take it all - and more - admirably well! Good luck. Love, R xxx
from dont-stop :
Nice message to be sending the kids. Cheat and you can get away with it, if you cry lawsuit.
from hissandtell :
Hi - I just found you through erica and I'm so impressed with your diary! It's compulsive reading and I'm really enjoying it, but I have to stop now and go back to bed since it's 4 am. I'll be back. Love, R xxx
from her-story :
Ahh... the strife of being the bitch to pedagogical system bent on destroying the minds of its teachers. I'm sorry about your situation. I was RIF'd about 2 years ago, and it was a ridiculous situation. I am currently looking to go back (why? why? why?) and hopefully find an administration that pretends to be supportive to its teachers. If it helps at all, I understand FULLY what you went through... fully... and I have my observation from an obscure foreign admin NOT from my building to prove it.
from unfixed :
my mom teaches high school math. she used to give us, a week before a test, the test questions. exactly as is. not scrambled, not in a different order. we could work on them, we could collaborate, we could get help from her, we just couldn't bring them into the test with us on the actual day. the same percentage of students failed the test as when she didn't do that. the average didn't go up at all.
from petrichor :
It kind of reminds me when my grandpapa was dying. My grandmama visited him every day when he was sick in the hospital. And when his daughter (from a previous marriage) dropped by from time to time, he would gush her with praise for being such a good daughter to visit him once in awhile; when my grandmama remarked in anger one day that she visited him everyday and that he never thanked her, he responded: "Your my wife, your supposed to." This, though, didn't go over very well. I think, ironically, some people take for granted the kindness from those that are regularly around them, especially kindness from family, where it is treated more of just what one is "supposed to do" than the fact that it is kindness which should be appreciated and recognized. I do not understand why human nature tends to be most ingrateful to those that are the closer to us, but it seems to be so sometimes.
from erica8378 :
Hi! Thanks for stopping by my diary and especially for adding me as a favorite. You're my first! :) Thanks again!
from unfixed :
key words: 'done well'
from unfixed :
hey, followed a banner to your diary. mind if i read?
from sweet-malice :
hey, thanks for joining my pets ring!! :D You foster homeless dogs?.. hmmm.. does that mean u adopt homeless dogs that u see on the street?.. neways.. thanks again! tata! :) -Blanca 08/15/03
from caspia :
Thanks for joining the blooddonor ring!
from queensdiarys :
i hope everything turns out OK for karma!

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