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from bluer140 :
Crime and Punishment by Fyodor Dostoevsky is one of my faves...The main character is intriguingly insane don't you think?
from and-darling :
Makes much more sense now. Some people have strange encounters like that, though. I suppose I was wondering if that oddity applied to you or not. Excellent read, though. I do enjoy it.
from jonathan :
Thanks for introducing us to Banjo Baby.
from imatwin :
...and starting new.
from imatwin :
Hi, you don't know me, but I just read your last entry. The reason why I love fall is because I can get away with wearing my favourite sweater. And that it means Halloween is coming soon. But that's just mean. Personally, I hate change.
from angryquail :
Wow, this is something like three years later, but I'm returning your note. Thanks for the thanks, and hope all is well!
from repressedgrl :
Great diary. I love the insight you show and your dreams I find very appealing. Take it easy. Bye
from hamiltonian :
Take four multi-vitamins and call me in the morning.
from pyroguysr :
LOL... I work at ren fairs. Of course I love SillyWizard and all sorts of Celtic folk music! *grins* And I knew about that site. There was more to that rant, but it went on too long and lost it's punch by adding it (about meat grades, which I will make into a separate rant)... but I don't think I've ever seen anything that wasn't marked "Grade A"...
from pyroguysr :
I wouldn't have put up with that crap from a receptionist if I were in pain. I'd have reached across and grabbed her collar, then breathed all over her face... then said, "I hope YOU catch this and then try for an appointment, bitch! Either that or I'd have sued her.
from bindyree :
Hi, Sly!... Happy New Year! I'm glad you're on my Buddy List. ♥
from fridayfilms :
That last post was pure gold.
from sugarcooky :
Hullo! Thanks for filling out the survey :) Your last two answers were fantastic, lol. Take care!
from theswordsman :
Well, there was the big server crash last spring that lost tons of diaries and access to images and old entries. Lots of things never worked again afterwards. Tech requests were never ignored. People got fed up and didn't renew their gold memberships. Many left a final entry with their new xanga or livejournal address. Those without gold memberships sometimes try for hours to add an entry and can't do it. I know all of that because I've clicked on hundreds of diaries. Regards. John
from theswordsman :
Hi. Thanks for looking. I'm letting other people contact Andrew about things, I'm just letting them know that he's started fixing things when asked. "Automagically" is a great word. Cheers. John
from nicim :
my banner was "Every woman should love a bad man once or twice in her life". Thanks for stopping by!
from fridayfilms :
If I knew the answer to that one, I'd probably have to give it a shot myself.
from fridayfilms :
Shouldn't you be off writing a book or something? Yeesh.
from gustaffe :
ohh, forgot to tell that I like your journal and have sent a link to your entries to a women I heard in the radio talking about marketing and identity.
from gustaffe :
Hell´┐Ż there Came by your journal through efficient banner marketing. Got stuck there. Since my diary is in Danish and is stuffed with boring, personal stuff, you would have to go to Yes, it is a close commitment to Emporio Microsofti to use an msn space. But it was there... Ciao you, Christian
from harri3tspy :
Thanks so much for your note. I meant to look that up before I posted, but I forgot. I think I was confused because the last performance I saw was Cunningham and Stewart on the Dublin Lady tour eons ago. I'll be following that link next time I get a chance!
from larrielou :
Are you or do know the host of 'kissntell'? If so, PLEASE talk to me ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!! I need an entry to be deleted desperately. (
from candoor :
merry happy new year :)
from dont-stop :
I don't think I've ever seen a complete rainbow. It's always been cut off by something or hidden in the cloudy foggy mist.
from gurrhippy :
im deffinately going to join your diaryring, why you ask, because you appreciate Thomas Hardy and i see your efforts with animals on your homepage. thank you love-peace-harmony
from gurrhippy :
im deffinately going to join your diaryring, why you ask, because you appreciate Thomas Hardy and i see your efforts with animals on your homepage. thank you love-peace-harmony
from ophelias-cpr :
Hi Slywy, I am a member of your poet's diary ring. You are doing a fantastic job! Any chance you can put me in contact with Browning fans? (Robert not Elizabeth). Take care, Ophelia xxx
from jujub27 :
Hello, I'm not trying to be icky but I have had a diary here for a while and I don't think anyone has even taken a peak, so maybe you could check it out. You might like it, but only if your nuts. LOL. Also, if you like it or even if you hate it, sign my guestbook! ~Promise~
from kittykat1221 :
Its cool you like Errol Flynn movies. So do I!
from angryquail :
I visited your personal page and I loved it! You are clearly a very intelligent woman with that essential joie de vivre! I read your review of Wide Sargasso Sea because I'm currently taking a class on pidgins & creoles and my professor and one of the students kept talking about it. Now I see how it relates. (Also excellent writing!)

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