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from heartshaped :
thanks for the book suggestions. i'll look for them. <33
from fuschia :
no. i've never seen that diary before. but i like it.
from brokenwords- :
aww thank you<3
from gaunt :
Thanks, I hope everything is well Love, Remy
from heartshaped :
just fixing things up a bit. i'll unlock soon. <3
from heaven911 :
love your diary.. just saying hi *Tara
from mandywarhol :
if i didn't know holden caulfield and i just met him on the street, i'd think he was a whiny, immature little prick. he'd hate me too, and we'd become great friends.
from ihavenojokes :
Hi. Who are you?
from floatnangel :
please, give me the address to your new thoughts! =)
from pinktaco :
its about the secret lives of girls. or maybe not so secret. its just about true life. your real mind.its called "Its Real" becasue theres so many things that go on in our minds that no one knows about. you can write about anything, love, sex, relationships, eating disorders, self harm, family, friends, whatever you want. it just has to be real. and i guess its a book to show people that they're not alone. and i'd really like to hear from you, my email address is [email protected] thanks
from gloryxxfades :
i ENJOY your diary.<3
from pinktaco :
TRUE not rue gol im dumb
from pinktaco :
hey i really like what you have to say. the way you put words together, they fit. anyways i'm writing a book about rue life girls and i was wondering if wanted to write something for it. let me know
from brokendollie :
*gasp* You have The Words
from sourkandi :
My own ugliness is enough to bear.inside,inside-out.
from neuroticaa :
julia, um, have you heard from ryan lately?
from soandsotgs :
hi i saw your diary and i wanted to show you this website.... i found it really funny, and i think you might find it humorous as well......... leave me a note and tell me what you think
from insertsmilex :
at the electric factory in philly.
from insertsmilex :
i am seeing them on the second & third ;you?
from penguinwhore :
Hey, I noticed we were both in the exploding dog ring. Im a big fan of sams drawing, and have been sad that hes not drawing so much anymore, so I came up with my own site. You may enjoy it -clare
from insertsmilex :
i miss reading your words.
from lolasavage :
Your diary is lovely and your taste is ///superfanatsic///. You effing rock. Drop me a note.
from fucked-raw :
you fucking rock//♥
from che :
thank you. i won't lie and say yours is my favourite diary. even if that would be nicer. but you're definitely in the top 6, someplace. keep on keepin' on.
from heartichoke :
peachy pie? oh julia... you so sly
from guiltyspark :
congratulations, you are approved for JUSTINxCORE! please link to somewhere on your site.
from that-freak :
Aw! I love you too Julia my love!
from roftlmao :
Nooooooooo *fists in air* ooooooo *falls to knees* oooooooooo *head in hands* oooooooo *voice trails off as she realizes this is the stupidest note ever, but wants you to know that she loves your diary and doesnt want to see you go*
from leely :
oh gosh this is pretty</3
from oostaroo :
yes, please give me a password. i always look forward to your entries... [email protected]
from brokenskin :
yeah, hey, i.d like a password. [email protected] <--e.mail. Thank you so much. xxoo
from che :
i would adore a password: [email protected]
from fuschia :
yes :) email: [email protected]
from xbrokengurlx :
Oh yes, please. I would love it if I had the password. exoh <3
from mandahm :
i'd love to know the password, if your entries are going to be private... :)
from herrabidglow :
hey beautiful. <3
from mandahm :
you always take the words right out of my mouth. every time you post an entry it is exactly what i'm feelig at that time. its good to know that someone else can feel like i can. xo<3{youre one of my favorites}
from xhardcorex :
why is that?
from biohazardous :
you are so beautiful {{ not so dead. you got the username wrong }}
from tanked : would you mind filling it out?
from xbrokengurlx :
Stay so hopeful. It's beautiful.
from that-freak :
Guess what! I am SO not Kendra ;)
from notquiteoct :
simply stated and sometimes're diary is beautiful and i enjoyed it.
from fraggle-r0ck :
<33 your diary; your beautiful
from oostaroo :
did you know i anticipate your next update, every single time, simply because it's beautiful, honest, and intensely inspiring? well i do. never stop. <3
from nakedembrace :
we are one and the same. <3.
from heartshaped :
i love this. xoo.
from your-libido :
Hello,I'm steph, and this is...? Nice diary. xo.
from justenough :
from boyhips :
hey, this is rotfromview. i've moved to boyhips.
from sarcasmkills :
came across your profile. would love to read your diary. if you want to give me your password just leave me a note. thanks.
from herbalized :
im new...haha juss seeing how this works
from neuroticaa :
i've been reading you for the longest time... i'd love it if you emailed me your password but its alright if you don't want to... hope you're okay. xoxoxo
from glasspromise :
i really enjoyed reading your diary. so if theres anyway, could i get a password or something. [email protected], if not thats cool.
from roadsideleft :
locked??? *whimpers* i worry.
from shy-n-quiet :
you locked your diary!!! :`(
from wantstheboy :
i would love to read your diary again...
from oostaroo :
it's locked! i can't believe it's locked :(
from insertsmilex :
from xroxyx :
from chikbeatnik :
i know it sucks. if there was a way we could break the rules... we'd definitely do it for you. but we've actually had to up the punishment after you applied to banned for life because so many people do it and its so frustrating for us to rate a journal and then realize we have no way to contact the writer. and i will not send accepts or declines via notes or guestbook. not personal enough. plus we do email updates occasionally. i'm sure that month will be over soon enough. and you'll definitely make a valuable addition to kod at that point.
from chikbeatnik :
this is kristen from kod. i really dug your diary, but you didn't read the rules & did not provide me with your email address. you now must wait 30 days before you can re-apply. you're an awesome gal... but next time you should read the rules. hope to hear from you in a month. yours, kristen
from vexmix :
The book will change the way you look at the world, other people, and yourself. It's wonderful. A lot of people are afraid to read it because its a really long book, but its really worth the time. aw, im all an advocate for Ayn. haha.
from vexmix :
Just noticed you liked Ayn Rand, shes an excellent writer... Have you read her novel Atlas Shrugged?
from thisisjohn :
if you look at things from the mountain's point of view, everything is inconsequential, and time is irrelevant. we are barely existent in a geological time scale.
from justenough :
from o0twinkle0o :
smile dear, and i hope your 'not so great' turns out okay.
from ohmakemeover :
i posted after you on a-secret. i spied on you, and i could barely bring myself to type after reading you. gorgeous.
from so-dead :
i think if i wasn't me, i'd want to kill me
from heartichoke :
my hands look really long right now. wow. i am feeling happy today. are we doing something saturday? i hooooope! till next time-<3 u lots
from o0twinkle0o :
anytime =)
from o0twinkle0o :
hello beautiful.
from z0tl :
from heartichoke :
from heartichoke :
i think ur beautiful julia!!! in a non-lesbian way... wish u went last nite it was fun i guess but i wanted 2 c u!! (still do) eh... call me later or sooooomething.. much loves (p.s. that girl IS a skank!! arrrrrgh hated her at first sight)
from heartichoke :
yay!! hey hott julia, this is hollie... just saying hi, miss u, love u!!
from brokenwords- :
from justenough :
beautiful. thanks for adding me.
from neuroticaa :
boys who look like girls! 3 words --> yummmm... xx
from brokenwords- :
thank you<3 you are great, i love the way you write. muchlove, april.
from roadsideleft :
pppssss.... i can't seeee you!
from seanandjacob :
You're right.
from timefreeze :
cool diary! drop me a note
from timefreeze :
cool diary! drop me a note
from just-fine :
beautiful, beautiful words...<3
from thisskin :
thank you. :)
from neuroticaa :
things are better now... well, in comparison to the way they were. thanks for the note :) you have the gift of saying so much with so few words. xx stay beautiful xx
from neuroticaa :
i will never get sick of this freakin diary. you rule. xx
from neuroticaa :
wishing you happy days and happy nights. i'm listening to so dead right now as well. i hope your new year's was better than mine, take care love. <3
from brokenwings3 :
i love you && your diary.. *hugs* Meredith
from unlucky13 :
thanx so much for joining the bittersweet ring. and thanx for being one of the few members who doesn't all out suck.
from tanked :
from empty-cuts :
indeed alkalin trio is a beautiful thing, but so are you. xXx ♥
from i-hate-u-all :
whats up??
from tanked :
you should join my salinger ring.
from raven72d :
I can spend a morning reading your entries, reding each piece and trying to put it all together...
from neko-carre :
Congrats on joining the girl-alone diaryring. You are very cool.
from so-dead :
i'm leaving a note for myself...wahh

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