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from browndamask :
love your words
from trapeze-act :
My foot isn't big enough, apparently. Trade shoes with me?
from alwaysinhim :
As always, your words are worth the emotion they inspire.
from partedclouds :
What is an egg, unsegregated?
from alwaysinhim :
I'm sure I have no idea what caused this, but it brings about de ja vu, so even if I don't kow the cause, I can well empathize with the after effects. and for that kind of damage, all that makes any kind of difference is a hug. So, here's one from me. *hugs*
from alwaysinhim :
I remember who you are, even it doesn't matter much to you. I do.
from karmacops :
just doesn't always have to be beautiful...for neither is life (always beautiful)...and things don't always make sense. there is poetry in is raw and real...there is poetry in sadness...there is poetry in senselessness... now I'm rambling! keep writing :)
from alwaysinhim :
and you my dear seem more than a mite better at that than most of us, saying what no one else has said.
from alwaysinhim :
oddly enough, that's probably who hates us the most, ourselves.
from alwaysinhim :
I know this may not be anything to do with what you're talking about, but I know the shake of the head when you realize that what you thought should be at fault wasn't at fault, it was all just yourself, and how it doesn't make you miss the past any less.
from alwaysinhim :
once more.//"another me/relies on me/to find myself again." I'm always reading, but some times, you hit the nail on the head with a sledgehammer.
from windofmysoul :
"Sins" was beautiful. Wow. Your writing has matured so much over the years. I miss you, EmB.
from forbidensoil :
your last entry "sins" was beautiful. just thought id let ya know! <3 samantha
from alwaysinhim :
(as in sometimes I'm tempted to ravish that mind of yours)
from alwaysinhim :
and you, dear, are a temptation yourself.
from alwaysinhim :
oh wonderful girl, whose eyes hold wonderful things.. I am honored that I get to see some of what's behind them.
from windofmysoul :
You are beautiful. :) Merry Christmas.
from pink-circle :
{Cirlce Invite} Hi, on behalf of the circle, I'd like you to join our group! I have noticed your displayed interest in poetry, and think that this writers group is a good place for you. If you're interested, please check out this account, and reply this note. ~Circle Council
from alwaysinhim :
you know, you sound even better to celtic music. Just thought you should know.
from cosmicsloths :
It's a miracle; I found poetry I like to read other than my own. Thank you. Maybe I'll see you someday. In a crowd. A frightened stampeding crowd. Why? Why must the good die young? I'll never know.
from lola-rose :
okay i was just looking up random diaries and I wanted to applaud you on your excellent taste in music and movies- right on!
from alwaysinhim :
funny though. as much as we dwell upon outside ugliness. I find that my inside ugliness far surpasses outside hideousness. (but your poem was lovely and well writ).
from alwaysinhim :
"thin air".. that's it exactly. I can't breathe. (sorry for my lack of notes).
from windofmysoul :
EmB, I absolutely love your poem "Instead"... your writing has really grown over the past couple years. I'm in awe.
from girlinmoon :
Em, I know I haven't been the best friend I can lately, and for that I am sorry. I just wanted to let you know that I miss you, and I know how it feels to feel lonely and out of your element. I would never wish that upon you, and I hope that it gets better. Much love always.
from snow666white :
I've gone through a few of your entries and am inlove with your style of poetry...It is unconventional...and it has depth...I really do appreciate your works... oxox im adding you!
from bonnylisbon :
so, i've worn glasses for about...4 years now. i was looking for diaryrings for people who wear glasses. i favor the thick black kind, the nerdy type i guess most people would call them. i came across your diaryring for people who wear glasses because of the wayt they look. that is so not fare. do you know how much of a hassle it is to REALLY need glasses? you lose them, your lenses get scratched, you get headaches without them. and then you (!) and your fellow diaryring jerks just wear them for fun...for fashion?!! that is not fair! for those of us who really must wear glasses, we hate you "pretenders," amd furthermore the only perk of having to go to the optometrist every so often is knowing we may get to pick out some new frames we like, and you people can just pop on any FAKE glasses you like! why i otta....
from alwaysinhim :
precious dear, I love you. I love reading your work too. (even when it is heart breaking).
from alwaysinhim :
a new kind of love. that's what you are. a beautiful breath.
from false-apathy :
Ah, Lost In Translation was a good movie...
from frozenblood0 :
why do u wanna run away?
from alwaysinhim :
I am still reading.. just speechlessly. I'm enthralled by the fact of love right now, and I'm not sure what to say.
from prettytear :
wow those words are really beautiful
from i-am-scared :
I posted a poem on your collaborated site, just wanted to letcha know that alot of it was inspiration from your one poem, and if you could edit it so that maybe it said that..that'd be really great, i clicked the button before i thought to put that, since the first couple lines, are obviously the start of one of yours...just to letchu know, i'm no stealer, learned that lesson in kindergarten. Your poems are extremely well written, very relatable, you have a genuine talent.. [just thought i'd pop in to letcha know]
from driftnportal :
from candora :
I am excited to find a whole world of poetry to read... eventually... ah, if there was only more time :)
from funda :
Since 2001 and I'm just stumbled in. What I do not know always amazes me more than what I do.
from f4sakndauter :
do too much of that.. cry for the moment.
from classicman :
that look in your eye is's sing-songy, but that just adds to the whimsy and liberty of the message. I love it. -B
from rocio717 :
Hi,I've solved this problem.Don't need you help:)
from rocio717 :
Hi!I'm a member of the ring you run "Wethot"and I have a problem with it.the thing is that I put the code of the ring to my diary page called "Rings"but it doesn't appear on my page.I don't know what can be the reason.You can check out yourself.The code is between 2 rings"friends" and"phoebebuffay".I would be very thankful if you could help me.Thanks.+)
from dead2you :
pretty. <3
from misspinkkate :
If you love Musical Theatre, please join the new MusicalT ring, started by me!
from punkymonkey8 :
hey emB this is Carrie, as in Marigold. we haven't talked much since garden club but i just wanted to say that your poems rock!
from jumpinheart :
I will pay you to roadtrip on saturday. I know this is one of the only ways to contact you. email me, ok? or call if you can't. c'mon, fun time had by all. leave a note if you get this. Love you muchly.
from kyraga27 :
happy birthday, darling <3 shira
from the-flash :
i just want you to know...we went all the way. we went all the way back, too. we did it doggy style, pony counts, now that's a good band...and human league, they've got some good stuff out right now, then you have the league of nations, which brings us into the united nations...and then into the whole category of countries. where to start..... (ps you're incredible for having the WHAS ring)
from q-n-a :
Your interview at q-n-a has been posted!! You can go to to check it out. Be sure to come back to q-n-a to see what other diarists have to say in their interviews!
from indie-snob :
I added a review for a Coldplay show I saw not too long ago to my site, maybe you'd be interested. I have a bunch of other concer and album reviews too, so check it out! thanks!
from thefallofart :
i la la love you.
from crazyemokid :
where did you get your template from?
from jumpinheart :
hey hottie. can I have the lyrics to that song we did (well you did, I helped..:) ) I want to post them on Song...thanks. love you muchly!
from dgtlyxstitcd :
your writing is very good... if you would like to join my poetry diary feel free to drop me a note if youre interested...the girls that are writing in it now honestly arent that great, you have talent though, you would be a great contribution to digitally x stitched!
from c4th3rin3 :
yer write really well. many a time, i feel that i speak too much, and i end up messing things up too.. so the next time some conflict happens, (let's hope there won't be a next time, though!) let ur feelings go thru' ur mind, rehearse ur "speech" briefly before u speak. i'm sure whatever's gonna come out from u, will give the other person a shock right thru' his skull. meanwhile, stay positive >> sm:)e <<
from nakedembrace :
let's drive down an empty road and pretend we are going to the best place on earth and fall asleep and survive the worst of car crashes <xo3.
from nakedembrace :
from classicman :
I believe love is many shaded. I would feel well accompanied (in a poetic sense) -B
from leely :
& when I can't write as beautiful as you; I get extremely jealouse of your talent. ex♥h
from be-my-heroin :
you shine ;xo xo xo <3jen
from girlinmoon :
this is def one of my new favs. i miss you embalee, just thought you should know.
from silverbiker :
poetic..i do adore
from reviewscars :
Hey, sweetie, your review was just posted at Review Scars! Go <a href="">here</a> to check it out! Gabriella.
from alwaysinhim :
..not...I guess it just works out for people like us...
from leely :
pertyfull new layout
from xgirlface :
If I lived close by I would send you a big bag of Hersheys hugs and kisses. You're soo sweet[!!!]
from alwaysinhim :
hun, I wish there was something I could say to make it all better for you.
from cant-make-me :
just found your diary... decided to say hi. please take a look at my diary and maybe leave me a note :o) love your layout!
from candid-revu :
Want your diary reviewed? Try candid-revu for your reviewing pleasure ;) *This isn't spam, we just want everyone to know we're open for business!* (shameless promotion, we know�)
from drunkenmime :
ah..yes..The Wallflowers do does Dead Poets Society..and To Kill A Mockingbird made me folds is tha man...i did have him under my list of fav music..but i had to give up his spot to Nirvana..i mean, duh..Kurt Cobain;)
from z0tl :
from childothesun :
hey em - i just wanted to know if you could tell me the theatre website, i lost my tkam program, so i dunno what it is. thanks bunches ali
from haikyou :
this is nym from poeticdiary. take a look at this haiku project of mine! have a great week end! *toodles*
from poeticdiary :
awww ... so very thank you for adding me to your list :) do you like writing haiku?
from poeticdiary :
thank you for letting me in to yr ring :)
from almostlegal :
Hey, just to let you know, there are new questions up and available for answering at Almost Legal! Feel free to stop by!
from adugan :
wow. i've been reading your work for a while and i had no idea you were 15, going on 16. you'd never be able to tell that from your writing. you seem (seem because i dont know you) to be wise beyond your years. never stop writing. you have wonderful talent.
from adugan :
wow. i've been reading your work for a while and i had no idea you were 15, going on 16. you'd never be able to tell that from your writing. you seem (seem because i dont know you) to be wise beyond your years. never stop writing. you have wonderful talent.
from worlds-apart :
hey there, i just wanted to say that i have been reading you for a while, and i absolutely love all of your stuff. when you wrote about yourself, and said your age, i was very surprised, as i had assumed that writing this mature must have been written by someone at least 20. please keep writing, you are my release.
from nakedembrace :
i really like your diary. ♥
from diarylove :
your review is up at diarylove. great job
from pisceschrist :
there's a lot to be said for the healing power of poetry...
from childothesun :
Em, I love your entry lovely, its absolutly amazing. I love reading your diary, you express yourself so wonderfully. ali
from goexplore :
I have just seen that you have put me in the favorite list with one of my entries. Thank you! It made me happy. Oh, keep writing good poetry :)
from suzuakablur :
hey i've been reading ur diary for sometime and i really liked your style of writing =0 it's real nice
from childothesun :
Hey em - yea i do have a gold membership. Emily - you are so cool, i love your diary, even though i dont usually understand what your writing about. luv ya, allison
from goexplore :
Thank you very much for listing me and for the coment. Keep writing because we love it!
from girlinmoon :
emb, i just read blurrystars...whether you believe it or not, i AM here for you. you are there for me and if you ever need to talk, you have my #. i will always be an ear to listen....
from girlinmoon :
yes, yes, i like your entry today, well, i always like them, but i can relate to todays...
from moon-dusty :
you write beautifully...keep giving your inspration to the world.
from lorn13 :
wow, Em. I wish I had people telling me I was wonderful. :o) You really are an amazing poet. Don't ever lose the spark to write. Blurrystars will be great. Thanks for all the help with it. Love ya!
from alwaysinhim :
WOW.....I totally understand what you are saying.....
from alwaysinhim :
you've been on my fav list for a bit, but I don't think I've written you a note was cause I don't know what to say......actually I still don't, but I love your style, and don't ever stop...
from adugan :
hello...i found you from childothesun. her info on you said you wrote your entries in poetry, so i had to read you and i really love your writing. i hope you dont mind that i've added you to my favorites. i love reading people who really express themselves...especially when its not in jumbles and tangles of words (like me...i suck). anyways, just wanted to say hello and love your work. keep writing!
from classicman :
Your thoughts twine through mundane syllables to become so much more. Thank you for writing! -B
from worlds-apart :
you're writing is amazing. those pictures for this layout aren't of you, are they?
from lil-kitteigh :
your words are so beautiful, they make me cry.
from dieren :
A Tree Grows in Brooklyn is written by Betty White. I love that book, too. Have you seen the movie?
from thisisjohn :
rising and falling. its the sinosoidial pattern of life, and depth. perception. composition of existance.
from fallencupid :
I really enjoyed looking around your diary. I love the images and I will come back again! Your name is being added to my favorites list :)
from classicman :
Your poetry is delicious. I'll have to come back and read more. -B
from sinnsleyer :
I love the images on your diary but I enjoy your words just about as much if not better. Thank you for writting...
from screeche :
how COOL emily i just got yr banner! hehehehehehe. (this is katie, by the way. on my back up diary that i had to make for all of my entries from this summer since it's like, making ya pay now. yep. anyway.)
from fuckingdrunk :
from ask-ender :
your diary is beautiful. just thought you might want to know.
from jeskasentari :
Wonderful images, sad and deep. :)
from pixaholic :
the author of 'a tree grows in brooklyn' is betty smith.
from blue-scribe :
sad :( but wistfully blurring to the pain.. respectively retrospective.. if only i had yr vibes
from the-fields :
re: your message in my guestbook - yeah that would be fine with me, so long as you can move your rings to their own ring page, since i dont think the code will work if it has to scroll down the main page. know what i mean? send me an email ([email protected]) and i will get you the html.
from mindspin :
wow! you capture emotions so eloquently, even though you merely use a few sentences, at times. please, stay strong. you are a gem to read. i can only imagine how wonderful you would be in person.
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the weeeeee diaryring. Drop me a note or email if you want the squirrel pic! WEEEEEEEEEEEE!

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