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from warming :
bad habits haunt... there's only one place to see me these days. xo.
from x-ray-specs :
the suspense is killing me, too!
from arizabif :
Happy Birthday!!!!! Yay!!! Hey, did you know that I am now living in the 'burbs of Chicago? We should get together one day! If'n yer interested, send me an email at arizabif2 *AT* diaryland *DOT* com.
from bkwrds :
that's so incredbly awesome about f&g. i had totally forgotten about that show. you made my day.
from unofficial :
: ) i was hoping it'd ring bells.
from indie-anna :
you are gonna be the coolest mommy EVER. :) and dude, it is freaking hot in chicago. i about died yesterday. word. xoxo
from suspenseful :
I came to your diary just to find out who the nice person who writes sweet, supportive notes on my own diary could possibly be, and now I'm hooked. And from the "small world" file, it looks like you must be residing in my old stomping grounds - hell, I even went out with one of the "Barrel of Monkeys" guys when we were both angsty NU artsy types. Anyway, my best vibes to you for a happy, healthy gestation - thank you for all your kindnesses.
from ethercat :
Wow. That is amazing. If you weren't already in love/pregnant I'd propose to you. hehe - keep in touch...I'd love to know another first day of pisces red red meat lovin fool. Oh by the way, I JUST saw Ghost World, and it is in my top five movies ever. *hugs* - jackster
from illiac :
happy birthday, my friend. i will dress up as the bionic woman in your honor tonight. rock on, poppa pants!
from illiac :
no, yours would be "pregnant." oh wait, you're already there! congratulations! xo!
from mel839 :
from toothbrush :
You are so cute! Do you really have that many tattoos? I couldn't picture that!

Oh well, I hope you have a nice time at the wedding!

(Hi, Albert.)
from illiac :
as always: you rule. merry xmas!
from illiac :
i hope all goes very very very well with your new pineapple under the sea. i know it will. xo.
from toothbrush :
No, you didn't offend, silly! I love that word.

from indie-anna :
you're totally a super-hero. :)
from indie-anna :
you're totally a super-hero. :)
from dorkfysh :
Oh you little shit...rub your youth in my face why doncha??
from dorkfysh :
Feb. 27, 1970 whoo hooo
from toothbrush :
You are so cool! You are one of the few people on this earth that I am in support of them procreating! (Did that make any sense?)

Anyhoo, no pressure or anything but I just wanted to point out that your next diary entry will be #200! Isn't that insane? I just recently cleared #200 myself and I didn't even realize it.
from geekyrobot :
squarepants, my your a hep cat! i enjoy your diary too much! xo beth
from toothbrush :
Thank you geek of trousers! Hee hee. Pirates are funny. Did you hear about the new Pirate movie? it's rated Aarrrrrr!
from toothbrush :
Hey! Oh my god... are you actually pregnant like right now? Or is that what kill the rabbit means? Cuz, like, I have never ever heard that one before. Sorry, I'm nosey. Also! You like Peaches! Like as in "What else is in the teaches of Peaches? Huh what right unnnhhh!" She's from Toronto, you know.
from snarkymarky :
Yes! If I were you I would expect to lose a toenail any minute now. You should wrap them all in bubble wrap and spray foam, just to be on the safe side. Although you're walking on the not-so-safe side with that rockin' font, I'll tell you what! ps. I nearly had a second mushroom, but it died just after it began. Sigh. My days as Snarkymarky Mushroom Grower have past. I think it was something in the soil from the begonia's earlier incarnation as... a Wild Begonia Among the Mushrooms.
from illiac :
my dear squareness, mister tinsworthy is the big big boss in nine to five. (not dabney coleman's character by the way.)
from toothbrush :
It should be Elliott with two t's anyway, right my dear?
from illiac :
miss squarepants, you really are too good to me. thank you for being the sweet henry thomas in my life. we must get the video game to morris as soon as possible.
from toothbrush :
Hmmmm... no, I haven't seen the Blues Brothers. I suck. Maybe I'll go out and rent it sometime...
from toothbrush :
squarepants! Damnit, girl, I have no idea how I am the Dan Aykroyd to your Carrie Fisher! Although I love Dan Aykroyd even though I am unsure of the spelling of his name. But I looked on Google and it was no help to me this time. Please! Please disspell the mystery! Oh pleeeeeeeeease!
from illiac :
i remember when that old lady with the crazy hand knocked you out. it made me sorry i was a figment of your imagination.
from toothbrush :
Hi! Don't you think these notes are strange? Why do we need them if we have guestbooks? I am almost tempted to turn my notes off because I would rather have people sign my guestbook but I don't think I will end up doing that. Anyhoo, hi.

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