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from yarnsmith :
Have you ever thought about being a big sister to kids that have no parental input. I know it's not like having your own but you could use your need to nurture to help someone who is already here and needing the nurturing you have to offer.
from forty-plus :
Thank you so much for my card! It arrived at a perfect time. Much love, Y.
from yarnsmith :
Your comments section doesn't work for me for some reason so I am in your notes box. If you ask me, I think many couples are going through exactly what you and Bob are because of the media and all the TV shows that show women as hot to trot as guys. While there are women who are, most of us are not as hot for sex as men are. You are right with the crockpot, microwave theory. Still, it does hurt a guy if he figures he will get turned down, so maybe you will have to initiate it for a while and maybe should initiate it often, even if you don't feel like it and if he does initiate again, fake it until you make it. I guess it is something that we just should do for our men because it is important to them.
from yarnsmith :
We had a tailess squirrel once. We called him Bob (for Bob tail) He was the cutest thing. Wonder how a squirrel loses it's tail. I also have dreams where I forget my pants and am in underwear in public. Funny!
from yarnsmith :
I tried to leave a note on your new Blogspot but the link didn't work, so I will leave it here. Hope you and Bob had a great Christmas and will have a wonderful new year. My goodness you have been through the changes. Here's to a little bit of peace for you two in 2005.
from forty-plus :
Merry Christmas!
from forty-plus :
from saved0803 :
Hello, my name is Rosie. I've been reading your diary for quite some time and have left a couple of messages for you. Not many, I'm sorry. But, I would love to keep reading you and I was hoping, if you don't mind and if you feel comfortable, that you would give me your password to your new diary. I did go to the site but was unable to leave you a message. Thank you and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you and your husband (and kitties!).
from chaosdaily :
you can get site meters from or that will tell you how many page views and visitors youve had that day. and they are both free for the basic meters.
from creme-egg :
just want to say congratulations on your weight loss, i think its incredible :o)
from penmaster :
Grrr...Diaryland wouldn't let me post a comment to your entry. I guess I have to contact Andy to unspam me. BTW, I hope that, in the end, you choose to stay with Diaryland. I'm probably biased because I've been here for 5 years, though. =) Anyway, D-Land is a really great blogging space. The community seems so much more learned and insightful than most places. (I have a private blog on Xanga, but the community simply doesn't compare to Diaryland.) Anyway ... I love "Grey's Anatomy" too. I only got into it during the second season but I'm hooked. Also ... wow, those were amazing pictures on your banner ad. Congratulations; I can only imagine what a challenge it's been. I have 2 friends who had weight-loss surgery and the effects were marvelous on them but I know that they really worked hard to get at it. As for "Joey", I completely agree with your sentiments, but TV storyline continuity has always been stupid like that. I remember when "Buffy" moved from the WB to UPN, there was an intense effort for "Buffy" and it's sister show "Angel" never to mention one another on each other shows, despite the storied history between each show's respective titular characters. Ah well, go figure. Glad you are a "Joey" fan, though. I really love Joey the character but have not been able to watch the show. I was watching ABC's "Freddie" for a while because one of my favorite soap opera actors has a recurring role there, but "Freddie" itself is a lousy show and the titular character is a horrendously obvious second-rate knock-off of Joey Tribbiani. =)
from somstar :
Yeah Joey's a pretty shady friend.
from fightn4life :
Found your diary walking around Diary Land this morning. My prayers are with your hubby and congratulations on your successful weight loss. Your entrees are contagious and I lost many hours reading. Thanks for sharing your wonder's with others with such candor, I will be back to read more. I love your template. Sandyz
from somstar :
Hello :) I'm having surgery too, so i figured I'd say hi to a fellow patient. ;)
from scotvalkyrie :
I saw your banner. Congrats for doing so well with your weight loss! I hope everything continues to do well for you. I applaud how much less of you there is!
from lizardspace :
Hi, thanks for your note! I locked the journal because I started having second thoughts about being so public without actually using pseudonyms now that my older son is in school. Also, I haven't updated in quite a while because...well, I just haven't. No real reason other than inertia. If I do end up writing again, I will send you a password. Thanks for asking!
from hissandtell :
Well, I didn't win the lottery either - but I absolutely admire your list. And happy birthday to your beloved husband, darling. Hope you both have a wonderful weekend and vast amounts of yummy cakey. Much love, R xxx
from yarnsmith :
Just viewed your entire slideshow on snapfish...Wow..what a transformation. The glasses are perfect for the shape of your face and that last picture is one for the permanent photo is so cute.
from for-you-only :
Butterflies are so beautiful...
from yarnsmith :
Wow, what a transformation. You are inspiring and beautiful.
from forty-plus :
Thank you.
from yarnsmith :
I just noticed today that you added me to your favorites. It is always great to meet a new buddy and I read through the last year of your diary completely awed. Not only are you an interesting and expressive writer but your experience with the bariatric surgery is fascinating. I have often thought about doing that myself, but I am way to chicken. I agree with is not the easy way out. My biggest fear is that I would have to be some doctors patient for the rest of my life. I have only been to a doctor once in 13 years and I never get sick. The whole idea of medical anything scares the heck out of me. I will be tuning in for more. Thanks again for adding me to your favorites.
from saved0803 :
Just wanted to let you know that I saw your pictures today and I wanted to tell you that you look beautiful in all of them.
from thedevlyn :
from twobaddogs :
Hey, thanks for adding me to your favorites!
from mommylap :
No no no, our last name ends with P. You actually pronounce it Bukowski, the T is silent, but it still cracks me up anyway.
from wifemotherme :
Marry Christmas!!!! I am sorry about your husbands uncle.
from forty-plus :
I referenced you as an inspirational diarist at my health site: If you would prefer that I didn't, please just let me know! xx, Y.
from wifemotherme :
Happy Birthday!!!!
from mizlizzy :
Hello! Happy birthday!!! I hope this next year of your life is prosperous and happy! ;-)
from mugwhump :
Cosmicrayola sent me here - I wish you a very happy birthday!!!
from cosmicrayola :
We LOVE lost! I got upset thinking that Charlie died too! I wonder if The bad guy, what's-his-name is the French woman's son. If he is, it will be one of the biggest bloopers in prime time. Cause if it is, he should have a French accent and where would he have gotten the men's clothes? Just wondering.
from poolagirl :
Thank you for adding me to your faves list! I look forward to browsing your journal - especially interesting since I used to live in St. Paul! WOW!
from mommylap :
A friend of mine picked up a bag full of yarn and a set of flower looms at a garage sale, and I am addicted to making the flowers. We should make a crochet/coffee date just to play with yarn.
from mommylap :
I was so sad I missed you at the boutique, but being there Saturday and having to bring the girls would have been a nightmare for me. I told Kathy that I loooved how your area was merchandised especially Bob's poems! I wish I had more money to spend! I might have to e-mail you a special order post Christmas because- I love those knitted dishcloths although I completely admit that I think they make great loofahs, and use them on myself in the shower rather to wash my dishes. The colors you make are my favorite too. Hot pink and such.
from forty-plus :
Happy Thanksgiving Day to you and Bob! I hope you have a wonderful time with your loved ones.
from cosmicrayola :
WOW! Look at you! Your half the girl you used to be! I mean that in a good way, of course. I am so in awe of your determination and your strength! Happy Thanksgiving. We both have a lot to be thankful for.
from forty-plus :
I dropped off a fir tree!
from sunnflower :
Thanks for leaving me a birthday note last week! That was so nice and I truly appreciated it.
from cosmicrayola :
I had it wrong. UB is outside of Montgomery, AL, not Mobile. He is ok for now, I guess. He updated this morning. I got an email from Leslie, so now I only have to worry about sister Nancy in western NC. Whew. Now they're saying Jeanne is expected to pick up speed and turn into a hurricane. Enough is enough!
from mrsbahling :
Hey, my mom had the gastro in october. it is like having a new mom. i am very happy that you are recovering so weel. the first day back at work was tough for her too. She just lost her 150th pound - we celebrated with peach smoothies! all the best and please, please do everything the doctor says!
from plopphizz :
I gotta say, you and Bob are going through quite a journey together. It can never be easy but your progress is quite exordinary. -- P.P.
from inkdragon :
Hi Amy! I have a Canon Rebel EOS, the zoom lens I use is a Canon Ultrasonic 75-300mm. I love this camera!
from cdghost :
hey, i enjoyed readin your entries..all the best--thecdghost
from xnavygrrl :
Your layout is lovely....
from cornnugget :
Stumbled across you in the members area and read about your upcoming surgery. Hope all goes well for you~!
from hissandtell :
Hello - I just stumbled onto your diary through inkdragon and dangerspouse. I've read a few of your entries and wanted to tell you that it's such a lovely experience to read your words. Love, R xxx
from l-empress :
I saw your comment to Marn regarding weight loss surgery. My daughter had baryatric surgery a couple of years ago and, though she lost about a hundred pounds and looks terrific, her "frontals" still enter the room before she does.
from mommylap :
I totally remember from your former diary you stressing about getting that suped-up chair for him. That's so cool that you got it. And we work SUPER close to each other. I am in the "old Prudential Bldg" now it has a big bullseye on it.
from brain-dump :
I also live in the Midwest and we have some other stuff in common. Just wanted to say hi, ok, guess I did! I have to go read some more of your diary now :-)
from sunnflower :
I saw your note in trinity63's diary and had to laugh. The thought does go through your mind - I hope she's not hating my diary! I too have been traumatized by a coffee drink made with splenda - it was horrible. My only thought with American Idol is I don't believe some of these folks can't realize they can't sing a bit.
from trinity63 :
Oh amy its not you love!! not in a million years!!! Its one that isn't even a diaryland one, sorry to freak you out!
from wifemotherme :
Hi! Thank you so much for adding me to your list. I poked around some when I came over to leave this note. I will be back for sure!
from robertall41 :
you the bomb baby I love you!!!!
from dangerspouse :
Hey, thanks for alerting me to your new diary name, and for the nice note over at my place. Sorry I've been gone, but I'm at the mercy of dark forces beyond my control (stupid computers that won't fix themselves when I'm too stupid to do it for them). Have a great weekend! Tom :)
from lobsterchick :
Dude, how much sense does the 350 rule not make to me. Cause there are some people out there that are way over that who desperately need the surgery and are unable to lose enough weight to get under the mark. That seems like something that should be fixed.
from amomslife :
I didn't read your old journal, but I am enjoying your new one! I'm glad you enjoyed your holiday!
from jennjennlpn :
I am very very happy that you aren't quitting writing. Your diary brightens my day. You have a true gift for writing. I write about my inlaws, too. If I didn't write my thoughts down, I would probably commit murder...ha ha...just kidding. It is a way to process life. If people are given the priviledge to read your diary, then they need to respect your feelings and what you write as an opinion. There are times when I write out of anger, and I am sure that I sound like I hate my inlaws, which is not the case. I love my inlaws. They just are a bunch of kooks, and my journal is an outlet to deal with them. I look forward to reading more and consider myself blessed to be able to share in your lives this way.
from chubbychic :
Wow, its so beautiful!
from sunnflower :
Hey cool - another sunflowery user name! Thanks for adding Suburban Island to your diaryland favorites list. Just reading a little about you and what you plan to do with your diary makes me know I will be coming back to visit soon.

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