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from thoughts159 :
wow, i didnt know anyone was still here!!!! Hi guys!!!!!
from bantenhut :
you're back! yay! congrats on the pregnancy! i really enjoy reading your stuff.
from grandbeach :
OMG. How exciting!!! You sure do move fast eh? I can't believe how much has happened to you in LESS THAN ONE YEAR. Have we forgotten you had your first kiss only 8 months ago??? WOW. SO FREAKING EXCITING!!!!!!! Congrats!
from luckeme :
congrats babes. i've been reading for awhile, but i've been gone, and now that i've read you again, you're gone! xox!
from wait4you :
Hey, I saw your banner and I came to your diary. I'm so happy for you that you're getting married :-D I've always wanted to get married, unfortunately I'm 15 and too young to :*( but oh well, I will someday hopefully, I'm pretty shy too around guys and people I don't know. Anyways I like your layout, and I hope everything goes well for you. Take care, McKenna
from imazook :
Hi, i just started reading your diary and am sad that I won't be able to anymore. You could start an engagement one...or something...Anyway, congratulations!!! I wish you the best. Amanda (also oil-n-water)
from oil-n-water :
Hi, i just stumbled upon your diary tonight. I hope you don't mind that I read. I'm reading your past entries and was wondering where you worked...the dustiness and stuff threw me off. :)
from thoughts159 :
Ya know, the 'notes' page is ment for general comments. The 'comments' page (linked from the bottom of every entry) is for entry-related comments....
from fan4 :
I don't believe in soul mates.
from neonlemonz :
Wow, you mean that? That makes me feel like...a million times better about everything...I feel so...angsty. I just want to get out of this phase and grow up and be happy, but right now, so much pressure, so much unnecessary drama. But you make me feel real, like it's alright to feel this way, that it's normal. And I need people to reassure me of that. So, thank you.
from neonlemonz :
my gosh, that note was amazingly helpful... =D THANKYOU...i'm not sure why you thought to read my diary or to leave that note, but geezapalooza, it means so much to me that you would tell me that and cheer me up...cause i was really letting it get to me. i am so grateful for your kind words!
from starlight42 :
clicked on your banner, used to be a cashier, in another life, so thought I'd pop in. I'll read more later.
from candoor :
welcome to Florida, from Orlando :)
from bluemeany :
I like your "gullible" banner. I actually have fallen for that one before, too, just so ya know.
from adelnye :
Just thought I'll drop you a line to say hi and that I enjoy reading your entries. Also... now that it's finally hit you, maybe you should tell him. It's amazing when it finally hits you on the head that, "This is IT!!". I really hope that he feels the same way for you too.
from thoughts159 :
from banefulvenus :
really loved your gullible banner!!
from krazieespy :
I liked your gullibile banner.. I said really.. LMAO.. Good Banner :)
from nerryna :
hello!i found you clicking on your banner i must say.. it's funny! good one! =)
from cunegonde :
Shop around the corner is sweet (much better than cheesy remake *shudder* 'you got mail') I love Jimmy Stewart- you should also check out "Pot O' Gold" and "You Can't Take It With You" they are some little known gems. More in the romantic comedy genre, I purchased Pot O Gold a couple of months ago, and it is now easily one of my favorite movies. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT!!! :) cheers!
from thoughts159 :
no i dont really watch a lot of tv unfortunatly after i went full time. my life's kinda like: work, sleep, repeat. what time is it on?
from gumphood :
It is on. You work at a paper store? Have you seen the office on NBC? Or the BBC. BEing from Michigan I am betting the NBC.
from thoughts159 :
*TAP* *TAP* Is this thing on? *TAP*

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