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from emmazchaos :
Hey, thanks for creating it. I love Superman, he rocks my pants!! Oopz, I mean tights. ^-^
from emmazchaos :
Hey, thanks for creating it. I love Superman, he rocks my pants!!
from janna182 :
Sorry for not getting back to you sooner.. The only thing keeping us from being kicked off the air is the FCC, and one of the things we have to do is take a transmitter reading (because we can't broadcast at higher watts than the FCC lets us) every hour, on the hour. I forgot to take a reading until 45 minutes after the hour, a serious no-no.
from meeyapede :
Thanks for taking my suveys- yr answer to Why do you write? was the *best* I've gotten ("I am damned special...") Though the survey was sort of joking, most folks did NOT get it. So, yay you! In fact, I'll even forgive yr inclusion of uncle bob the arrogant turd on yr buddy list. (Hey, I never said I was tactful.) :) JL
from bluering :'s to hoping.
from agitated :
thank you mandy- you saying that actually means more since you've actually read my diary for quite a while now. a lot of people will say nice things but then they notice i always write the same and junk, so they get bored.. totally understandable.. but that's why it's really nice to hear from you. love <3<3
from saxifrage :
hey suge, the whole email linky link doesnt work, so could I perhaps have your email so I could plead for a template? merci beaucoup, xoxo
from agitated :
hi, i'm sorry i didn't mean to sign the gbook so fast, so i'll finish here since i "can't sign again that fast".... What i was saying is that journalling is really important to me, and that's fine- it's the ONLINE aspect of it that i worry about. Sometimes I unconsciously start writing more there than i do in my plain old paper one, and i don't like that. Because if it's online& public, it becomes more vain and exhibitionist-like.. I just don't know how long before i outgrow THAT. if that all made sense :) xoxo

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