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from jamaez :
Hey chica! I just rediscovered the site, so I might be writing more. It's funny that we live right down the street from each other yet I hardly see you anymore. I'm amazed you're still working on this, it's been so long. See you later. Maybe. Bye.
from purplebanana :
ok. i finally made a survey of my own, and i figured you should fill it out since i did two of yours! payback's a bitch, yo!!! also: you like piers anthony? i need help. i'm looking for the title of the first book in a series ...where the people wore different coloured belts according to their social status. i read the whole series in high school, but i can't remember the name of it OR the first book, which was my favorite. can you help?
from purplebanana :
i can totally understand the mixed feelings that accompany the "to delete or not to delete, that is the question" quandry. what it all comes down to is that a diary is a personal extention of yourself, and sometimes pieces just aren't YOU anymore. don't beat yourself up.
from laila726 :
Thanks so much for the note about the Atkins Diet! I've been on it for 1 week now and I've lost 8 lbs! And it is SO HARD sometimes not to go into my cabinets and pull out some Oreo's and just dig in. :) I hope that I can stick to it and watch the pounds come off. Just a couple of ?'s for ya, if you don't mind.... What kind of exercising did you do while on the diet? I noticed that you said that you weren't doing it as of now... did you put any of the weight back on? And lastly, know of any good snack foods to munch on besides pork rinds? (I'll be picking up some of those tomorrow at the grocery store!!) Well, thanks again for the helpful info! It's greatly appreciated!
from supergrover1 :
i love monsters inc too. that little girl is sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute.
from dr-feinstone :
Hi, Thank you for the note,I'm glad you enjoyed my survey answers...ummm...I dunno what else to say here. So I should probably stop writing.
from tuff517 :
I like you.
from tuff517 :
You know what, you don't sound like a 29 year old, but so what?! I'm thirty and have no kids and sometimes feel like I'm about 18. So good for you, that's what I say. And *Palms up, Tick Tick* to you, girl.
from clauren :
Thanks for leaving me a note.....SO sweet of you. It brighten up my day......and the week. I am sorry about your friend and I will be praying for him during this week that he will get better.
from clauren :
Love your poem that you posted. It is so sweet and special!!!!!!
from jamaez :
Hey you!! I was just reading your profile and things and noticed how much we do and don't have in common, though there is very little I don't agree with. And you never cease to make me laugh with all your weird little comments. Well I could write you a book but I only have a half an hour or so online so see ya later!!
from iamopposite :
username: J password: j now you can read if you like !! (caps count) and no problem any time! i love surveys they are so great!
from supergrover1 :
Hey... I'm just a college kid, and I'm very intrigued with your site. I've always had this HUGE fear of having kids, or getting married etc.etc... in a sense, fearing growing up. So I guess your site indirectly speaks to me in an intimate way...

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