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from leonmcphelps :
Well, well, well. Why don't you tell me what you really think? Ha, that's ok. I can take the constructive criticism. I suppose that I have not been paying attention to my pictures the way that I should, it has been kind of stale lately. I have lost interest. I thought that not many people were reading it and I have been getting fewer and fewer comments so I suppose I may have dropped the ball. I apologize for that, but calling Leon lazy? What is that all about? Look at those pictures of shirtless Leon, does that look like laziness to you? It doesn't to me, but I could be impartial. As for the drug accusations you are totally right, but not about the weed. I have been addicted to heroine for about 6 years now but it has never affected my work. It just causes me to wake up snuggled into bed with shopping mall Santa Clauses in the middle of the summer, creepy huh? Oh well, thanks for bustin' my chops and I hope you continue to read even though I have been sucking it up so badly lately. Good day.
from pantypulldwn :
sorry about that. when i added you about 3 months ago or more i thought that you were a dude until i read more of you diary....then i never changed it i had too many other things going on. thanks for bringing that to my attention. my bad!! lol!
from gumphood :
was it you who reviewed me a while ago? Or was it...someone else? I am just wondering.
from liquid-mojo :
The Iraq T is fucking classic, so wrong yet so funny. Sorry to hear about what your friend is going through with the misscarriage. I hope the best for her.
from pantypulldwn :
hah! got it. i so understand the family thing. they have been my best friends and worst enemies before. high five for holding your head up and taking a stand. most people don't do that much.
from pantypulldwn :
hi! i keep trying to link you but i guess i'm just stupid or something. i wanted to add you to my fav.s i love your writing. it's fresh and honest. i love the rules for women. i printed them and handed them to a few friends of mine!lol!
from justreviews :
Your review is finally up! Thanks so much for your patience and sorry for making you wait so long!
from justreviews :
Since I took over Just Reviews, I have talked to all the reviewers who have reviews pending right now and they are all still with me. I know that you've been waiting a long time, and it's tough to get the diaries reviewed in the order they requested, simply because everything is so disorganized right now. Right now you are top on Anne's list, so she should have your review in soon. That's all I can help you with at this point, but I would suggest that if you want to know when your review will be done that you contact Anne directly. Her email is [email protected]. I'm really sorry about the wait, and I'm doing all I can! If it so happens (which I doubt) that Anne isn't going to do your review, let me know and I'll assign your diary to someone else.
from jenkins16 :
i got ur link from mr grey but i loved your rules entry and i like ur diary too i added u to mah buddy list check out my diary sometimes. Bye----Michelle
from mrgrey :
My word! Those rules had me laughing my ass off. Found you on Clix, and was going to challenge your claim. However, I liked your entry too much.
from exhorter :
your very welcome. it's why i wanted to review you again, your diary isn't full of shit like 99.999999999999999999% of others ;-)
from justreviews :
Hey, sorry it's taking so long to get to your review. We just had an ownership change, but we haven't forgotten you and will get to your review ASAP. Thanks for your patience!
from leonmcphelps :
Well thank you, I think. I am glad you think I am funny, but I don't know a thing about HTML. I would love to build my own page but I am lost. I have tons of ideas and I would welcome your suggestions.
from crashreviews :
Your review is up!
from chadmuska :
since muskaland closed for a bit i've decided to post my stories in guestbooks/notes of people that read me. "yesterday my brother came home from bowling. he broke his ankle/leg bowling. we all had a good laugh. no one is sure how it happened, we just know he did it himself. no one threw a bowling ball at him, he hit himself with one. now he's pissed because theres a show in 2 weeks and we has to wear a walking boot for it. he's a gimp"
from fleur-review :
Your review is up at
from soandsotgs :
hey i found this link and thought it was funny.... since you are a member of the homestar diaryring i thought you mmight enjoy it too tell me what you think
from rbresponse :
Yo. Kimberly here from rustbox response. Your review is up(the first!). Got to
from utter-views :
Your review is up!
from loveisbliss :
I really like your layout.
from lc-revues :
hi! your review has been posted. Thank you for requesting a review from LC Revues. We really appreciate it.
from solstice36 :
thanks for joining the raped and abused rings. can you post the code for abused please? also check out, a place where you can post poems, stories and experiences about abuse.
from punkie67 :
you have succeded in making my day. your so awesome...remember that. <3-anna
from mylifeat15 :
happy valentine's day sister
from okielion08 :
hey, my password is fritoishawt. thanks for leaving me a note. xox- Christie
from chadmuska :
hey, thanks for reviewing my dairy. i haven't read it yet, something is wrong with diaryland i think. but you must have kinda enjoyed it to list me as a favorite.
from love-is-pain :
I am about to review you. Please look at my latest review (sxyangel) and let poppy know if you would rather have a different reviewer. I don't sugarcoat ANYTHING and am brutally honest. I could love your diary. Either way, I will give you the truth . . not some pretty lie to show all your friends. Reviewer ~ Kaila
from clarinerd :
Hey, welcome to the Sisterhood of the Ring!! :D
from ghani :
the password is zardoz

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