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from coexistapart :
I know this is ages ago, and not even sure you will get this, but me! me! me! Would love the new link. I had you linked as a favourite under my old blog name for a couple of years.
from custarddream :
Thanks for the link. ;^)
from custarddream :
I would love to continue reading you at your new journal. I have read you and your husband for a few years now.
from llahearn :
Hi! I'd love to keep reading! :) Thanks!
from deepest-blue :
(she was... lovedbyone) Sorry to see you moving, hope I can be a part of your new journey moving forward so would love to know where to find you. Hope N and bub are well, as are you.
from gemofajewel :
hi! I would love to continue reading your journal if you don't mind sharing! I've been a big fan of yours and your husband's writing and would enjoy reading more. :) Thanks!
from nixtress :
I would love to continue reading, if you feel comfortable sharing the link. I've been at Dland a little over three years or so now, and have read you since before your babygirl came along. I was sad to see you stop updating :(
from bunny828 :
Good Luck!
from buppie :
interesting banner. not particularly funny - but interesting enough to make me click
from eggsaucted :
There was a CNN article recently about Sesame Street going healthy and cookie monster getting a new song about cookies being a "sometimes" food. It is all in the big push to address the issue of childhood obessity.
from xraygurl :
Thanks for your advice!!! It's greatly appreciated.
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the advice!!
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the comment. A question - how did you phase out the co-sleeping? Was it to a crib in your room or to her own room? How did it go overall? Thanks!
from inmythirties :
Yep we are. Don't know when, a lot of it will depend on how we do with the house hunting next month. But we're 99% sure that's where we're going next. BTW, Munch has gotten soooo big since the last picture you posted of her!
from chaosdaily :
i would definitely give him something to come back with, but no insults, thats just asking for a fight. but i know what you mean, how can we expect kids to be non-violent if we teach them to use force?
from krugerpak007 :
Your daughter is absolutely beautiful! Have a good weekend! Kathy
from chaosdaily :
yay! happy anniversary!!
from inmythirties :
I'll post them once I get the film developed. Probably next week! Glad she's doing better. He slept a lot for 3 days (and hardly ate) and then poof he was back to "normal"
from inmythirties :
So she's having a reaction too? He had his shot almost 3 weeks ago and just started the reaction now. I met another girl whose daughter had her shots done the same day as my little guy and her daughter started the reaction at the same time too. I'm also surprised Munch got them at her 12 month appointment. I guess every doctor is different. Isn't it just awful to see them so miserable?
from kris-tee :
I will be in the same boat in about two months, I am going to a bridal shower that will be hosted by one of the girls that deserted me weeks before my wedding, and she was supposed to be in the wedding, but she was not. The worst part is, the shower is two weeks before I deliver Blake. Ughh... (haha, he just kicked me, I don't think he likes her either) Women are so evil. I know I am going to be really uncomfortable at this shower. I may just bring my mom... again! Like when I brought her to SIL's shower.
from kris-tee :
Hmmm...I don't really know what happend with your situation, but I can totally relate. One of the girls that read from the BIBLE in my wedding, her and I don't even speak anymore. Girls are so shady and it does not get any better as you get older, I have learned. It would be oh-so-great if we could all have these "friendships" that you see on lifetime movies and TV shows you know? But back to reality I guess. You know, I think I have ONE friend who I consider my "True" friend who would not ever hurt me. I have alot of "Friends" but I think some of them are a little shady. I'm just so glad I have Brad and my family.
from heavenlyging :
Neat list!!! It's funny - those that weren't bolded I could see going through and doing another 100 list, bolding several of yours. That'd be neat - and a little nuts as well!
from kris-tee :
Oh geeze, you just got me breaking out in to a cold sweat, I don't know how I am going to handle situations like that! I have NO experience with children....
from starlight42 :
I love how you have Bert with the yellow terror alert!
from chaosdaily :
gee i didnt think you really named your daughter munchkin lol. and i dont blame you for not using your real names....
from elgan :
Hi! I popped in via your banner and got caught up in your MIL and how to feed your child dilemma. We raised our kids vegetarian and they are healthier and smarter than their peers. They didn�t suffer nearly as many ear infections as other kids, and they never got hooked on junk food. While we looked like really mean parents, I think we were doing the right thing. So don�t let what other people say influence you or even let it get you down. You know best!
from chaosdaily :
you are right, unwanted advice is part of being a parent. but if she is healthy (and the doctor thinks so) she doesnt necessarily need meat, just a source of protein. i had a roommate whos kid only ate potatoes for about 6 months, and the doc told her as long as shes healthy, dont worry about it. just do what you think is right, and what makes you happy, that will make munch happy too.
from kris-tee :
Awww! I hope Munch is feeling better! ~Kristy
from aud-girl :
it'll probably embarrass you something stupid to have a 15 year old reading you diary... but your writing is both witty and sensitive, and i love it! i hope you dont mind me adding you to my favourite diaries. aud xx ps. munch is adorable! i hope she gets better soon...
from chaosdaily :
but once shes on the meds, it will only take a day and she will be back to normal. you are both worried about her, and frustrated, but you'll see, it will all be fine in a day or two
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the comments on my hand problems. I've picked up a brace for now which has been helping, and I'm going to mention it to my doctor. From what you describe, I really hope it's just carpal tunnel!
from kris-tee :
Hello! I have added you to my favorites and I have been reading your diary! I really like it! I am three months (well almost 3) pregnant. Anyway, my husband and I have been watching it, flash dance girl was sooo funny! I felt bad for her friend for taking up for her.. I mean, did her friend ever see her sing?? I feel bad for some of these people. I don't understand why no one ever told them they can't sing. OMG, and then the girl last night who was dancing and then Simon told her to go to the mall!! I feel embarassed for some of the people singing!
from chubbychic :
Happy Belated Birthday, sweety! *hugs*
from chaosdaily :
happy birthday!!
from chaosdaily :
you're right. she is beautiful!
from shewhowalks :
Just wanted to say that your little angel has absolutely beautiful eyes! They're so big and entrancing! She's simple gorgeous!!
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the advice about a good website for beads! I'm going to have to check them out!
from inmythirties :
Yay for Munch sleeping through the night, I smiled at the checking on her comment, did that with the baby for months, still do if I wake in the middle of the night. You will definitely be able to sleep through the night again, it'll take a bit!
from chaosdaily :
stay there and be vested.... you will be glad you did someday
from heavenlyging :
Thanks for the congrats! And something must be somewhere - apparently the person who was in the job I'm in this year left in may for maternity leave. But in the air or no, it's wonderful. I am so looking forward to being a mother!!!
from sad-night :
hey cool diary! i love your template. leave me a note sometime! xox sad-night
from lostinmylove :
Hi, I tried to leave this in your guestbook but my computer is CRAP and I'm not sure if it went through and can't get back there to see... so if this is a duplicate - I'm sorry!: I found your diary through your husbands diary (who I found from his banner)... I just wanted to say I sympathize with you about leaving your baby girl. I did not go back to work after having my daughter, but even to leave her to go ANYWHERE is nearly impossible. By the way, I call my daughter "Munch" and "Munchkin" ALL the time! Feel free to check out my diary if you like - and I hope you have a great time in Portland!
from neangel :
hey like the banner that brought me here & love the layout. kind of gross but original [meaning the fetus] but it's great. not really gross. oh geez you know what I mean!
from jme-reviews :
Hi I just started a new review site named jme-reviews. If you would like to have your diary reviewed please check out my site! Thank you ! -jamie-
from dont-stop :
Wow! I'm fuck too! Interesting banner.
from kbaa :
ill get interviewed, if you want to interview me :)
from heavenlyging :
Hi there! I'll have questions for you in the next day or so. What a cute baby!
from tater-fay :
Good luck, toots! Try to hang in there..I know you will, though. "This too shall pass"..GUH! I love spouting cliches!
from pastrychef :
Thanks Vi. I appreciate your comments. They make me feel 1000 times better.
from kidneygurl :
Good Luck to you! Keep updating us!
from pastrychef :
Thanks for the compliments. I can't wait to see a picture of your daughter! :) I'm sure you can't wait either!!
from xxbeam23xx :
Hi! I'm an avid reader of your journal...and I just wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!! *smile* Hope you have a great one!! *later*
from cosmicshaman :
I just left a comment on your page, but it didn't look like it took. (Maybe it's just my computer??) I'm new to the site and discovered you through your husband's journal (which is fantastic). And yours is great too. I love the graphic. Good luck to you, and glad everything is OK.
from cosmicshaman :
I just left a comment on your page, but it didn't look like it took. (Maybe it's just my computer??) I'm new to the site and discovered you through your husband's journal (which is fantastic). And yours is great too. I love the graphic. Good luck to you, and glad everything is OK.
from deepbluefunk :
love your new photo header. glad you felt your little guest wiggle. when my girl was in there, sometimes she would get so rowdy, she'd kick the remote control off my belly. i am appreciating your thoughts re: bulimia & pregnancy and abortion. you are going to be such a fabulous, thoughtful mama. take care.
from wisa :
Congratulations Miss Violet... I do believe you are now a married woman! It's wonderful and terrible, happy and sad, full of passion, and never boring (marriage that is.) Hope you have a terrific honeymoon, enough to where you'll read this after... Best Wishes to you and your HUSBAND, Lis

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