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from fightn4life :
My brother use to tell me, "don't sweat the small stuff." I try, I really do, and there is too much BIG stuff to turn our worlds up side down. Sandyz
from obscured :
hey! i wanna read too!
from darthuae :
thank you! (your writing is beautiful by the way.)
from luckyjinx :
from darthuae :
hey! alas, indeed, my trip is over. germany wasn't all that good though, but we drove down to austria & it was all worth it (i'll try to play catch up on my diary.) anyway, just wanted to say thanks for the notes and that i didn't get anything from you via e-mail. junk mail mayhaps? :)
from luckyjinx :
Thanks for the note. You're right. Fuck normal I wanna be a space princess with fabulous boots and a ray gun made out of radio parts. When am I gonna get to read your diary? :)
from fightn4life :
I loved reading your theory on the attraction to the gay guys, when I lived in Florida some of my closest friends were gay men. They were open-minded and a blast to go shopping with. Your thoughts are ones worth pondering over. Thanks for this entry. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
It was only a joke from a past smoker, some days the thoughts are strong, I find myself wanting to eat one. Better than smoking the poison. LOL I would love to give you my pass word, my e-address is [email protected] Put, user name pass-word in the subject line and I'll get it and send info right away. Don't always take me serious, I'd never eat a cigarette, I'd gag. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
My husband is a three pack a day smoker; I have been a stop smoker for a long time now´┐Żsome days I want to eat one. :) Sandyz
from darthuae :
random members search!
from darthuae :
is it ok if i ask for a password?
from fightn4life :
I seem to have so much to catch up on, I'll read more tonight as I don't sleep well. Thanks for the add and well wishes, I'll be back under the cover of night. I may lock my diary; I'll let you know if I do. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
I would love to continue reading, my e-address is [email protected] put "pass word" in subject line so I will not lose it as Spam. Thanks for the sweet comment. Sandyz
from greenteacup :
aha, thankyou for the note ^^. yes, they did wash it then but with the amount of dirt in my hair at the moment, I'm safe from the witches. take care :]
from fightn4life :
Loved your post about inner thoughts in battle. Am I nuts I relate to your words? No...just dig deep in my mind and see the picture you paint with your writing. Sandyz
from obscured :
password protected to keep the parental unit away ;)
from partedclouds :
I don't understand most of what you say either, but I find myself agreeing with it. Which is really the most fun.
from vintagepearl :
Haha. There's a little mystery about myself, I have a bio page now though. Which I'm still working on, eh. But there isn't much mystery for Diaryland! Ha!
from death-bloomz :
Gawsh, sorry! I'll try to be more pessimistic in my future entries about college. x
from luckyjinx :
thank you. it's nice to know someone understands. but no, i have no job qualifications for london. that's ok. i'll get there.
from obscured :
it makes you a.... a.... WINE-OOOOOOOO! teeheehee.... hee.
from pikachu1lt :
I'm sorry I just had a note from you and do not understand what you want me to do? I went to your site but didn't see anything that was helpful could you please explain this to me?
from boann7 :
from fightn4life :
Glad to see you updating. :) I must confess, I am jealous, I want a lap top. I want a lap top. Sandyz
from fightn4life :
A day of rest is good, you wake up feel refreshed and it all gets done in spite of our stress. One day we look back and wonder what it was that really stressed us out. (I look forward to that day.) ;) Sandyz
from fightn4life :
Oh yes, it is those day dreams that at times keeps me going. ;) Sandyz
from fightn4life :
I loved your entry about the college "helping" victims. I agree this is insane, taking from those who have lost most everything and likely many friends and family members. At times, it appears our government does more for displaced foreign folks than our own. It is not that I disagree that assisting those in need is wrong. I just wonder where the generosity is for the people born on the US soil. My heart prayers and donations going out for those trapped in a nightmare, and thousands more shuffled about. It hurts my heart. Thanks also for your wonderful comment in my diary; I too believe are lives will be shared as long as we walk this earth. Sandyz
from secret-sacy :
And mare ingenii? She may be deaf (she mentions it constantly, I think she thinks it makes her seem interesting, and more than perhaps a one dimensional society hag), but that's no reason for her to act like a silly twat. I shall forever pat you on the back for your comment - I have no shame.
from secret-sacy :
My diary is locked because I actually reveal every little thing about myself in it. Stuff that was once searched for on google, and found, by a real neighbour who now hates me. But if you want the password I'll give it to you. Especially if you are into making Top 5 lists ad nauseum (ok, ad tedium ;)
from xmemorylanex :
hi, thanks for visiting my site. hmm, not sure about the whole nature veg thing, but it seems a reasonable theory. the guestbook layout was temporary, i wasn't quite fond of it myself. what do you mean by email scam?
from obscured :
im totally using that as my voice mail message! thank you!
from smoog :
Regarding your comment on the poem - yes, the silly sonnet is mine. Yes, it's weird. No, that's not the weirdest poem I've written - the weirdest poem I've written is called "The Doom of Yipsaw Jack", and I may just share it one of these days. Heh.
from lambrini :
time? time? who are you?!
from hissandtell :
Ha - thanks for your note at my place, and for weighing in on the Peanut Butter Debate. I've stopped counting opinions as such, but it seems that 90% of those surveyed prefer to refrigerate it. (Actually, I'm completely making these statistics up, as always, and really I have no idea what the end result was.) But it was lovely to hear from you anyway! Thanks for reading. Love, R xxx
from obscured :
"blah blah blah" was my way of saying that we did the nasty.. nice, huh?!!
from killingjar :
lincoln square, uptown manhatten! i think cillian murphy could've should've played ALL of the roles in that movie.. at the same time..
from love-fatal :
i enjoy drama, surviving, rollercoasters, & being alive. what about you?
from vampyrenot :
ahhh!!!!!!!don't touch me jk :) tag now you are it!
from fightn4life :
Thank you for letting me know there was hope in learning. :) Some day I will work on a web page design and dress up my diary. I am learning more everyday. :) Sandyz
from killingjar :
sweeet. so do my friends, their house is one of the student condo places. maybe you KNOW THEM... too bad i don't know their names, heh.
from fightn4life :
Hi...I am fairly new at ths site and also noticed my comments are showing up in two's. Do you have a clue how I can fix this? Thanks, Sandyz
from killingjar :
if i didn't say thanks before, then thank you.
from findingsami :
i dont have a guestbook but thanks for trying. you can email to me what ever you were going to say tho at [email protected] or leave it in my notes.
from agoatnamedaz :
The words of George Carlin: "... if it's true that plastic is not degradable, well, the planet will simply incorporate plastic into a new pardigm: the earth, plus plastic. The earth doesn't share our prejudice towards plastic. Plastic came out of the earth. The earth probably sees plastic as just another one of its children. Could be the only reason the earth allowed us to be spawned from it in the first place. It wanted plastic for itself. Didn't know how to make it. Needed us. Could be the answer to our age-old egocentric philosophical question, 'Why are we here?' Plastic... asshole."
from neuroticaa :
thanks for the guestbook message. it's nice when people know what you're talking about.
from cyb3r-punk :
so using a design someone else made for your diary layout that doesn't seem to fit your advertising, and putting wingdings in your banner is challenging your mind? i was hoping for something interesting
from starzero :
there are no easy answers to this question. no easy way to handle it. all i can suggest is that if you're feeling this way, this uncertainty and doubt, then probably neither of these guys is a long-term prospect for you. i'd re-examine things with the boyfriend and decide why you're with him, and if you're ok with that. as for the friend-guy, i wouldn't suggest risking the friendship with something like dating. no, i'd try to meet someone else. or do date the friend-guy, if he puts butterflies in your stomach. it may not work out, but then you can try again with someone else. unless you're pushing forty (which from your language and issue here i'd assume you're not) you have plenty of time to make more mistakes, learn a lot about yourself and others, and eventually find the one who is right for you.
from liquidhuman :
Interesting entry. When you asked the question if I would want to cure a relative at the cost of many animal lives, I would have to say yes. If you asked the same question, but at the cost of human life, I would say no. I do agree that much of the animal testing is unnessary, and even cruel, especially when it comes to frivolous things - like makeup or something. At the same time, researchers do have to go through an ethics review before they can experiment on animals, hopefully to rule out needless cruelty. Animal testing is a tricky subject, and I certainly respect your argument and your opinion. Just contributing to the dialogue :)
from tool-nin-fan :
you think I'm too angry to drive?? *cries*
from tool-nin-fan :
the drug thing is's fake yet it's real at the same time.
from iamabeachbum :
I honestly cannot tell you why on erth I am getting a marine bio degree...alll I know is that God opened all the doors and made it happen....why not? Its always something I've wanted to do, but I still wanna do marine bio and be a CSI so I really don't know...all I can say is that in fifteen years, I'm going to have a whole bunch of initials following my name...
from thehippo :
I broke my foot at the arped tour but it didnt stop me from going to six falgs.
from zamorak :
I'm sorry. I just can't agree with your current topic about dressing. I dress very differently than all the other teenagers in my school. I really don't care what they think about me. I got my own set of friends(And no I'm not the kid who sits in corners and shit) that practically do the same. Its called not caring what others think. Just like a shirt I have it says: You laugh because I'm different, I laught because your all the same. Cause practically people with the same clothes and shit just want to fit in, and care what others think. And they want to show off their money. Thats just not me. Thats just my opinion though guys.
from neuroticaa :
username= neuroticaa, password=upthewall
from squee-laced :
sorry it took so damn long to get back at you. your layout's very pretty, but your content's even better, and you're going on my loved list.
from thehippo :
you are dylan by the way
from gumphood :
I think the real question is do YOU know who Simba arnasta is, cause he's my best yes. I do know.
from gumphood :
Oh I liked it VC. That was a great description. And I agree that not ALL girls have it, but since DMB is the fouth richest band in the world, I figured that I wouldn't find to many. Kudos. I think we are gonna be friends. This is my guess. I am often wrong.
from thehippo :
except from my html <font face="verdana" size="1"> <P><a href="%%PREV%%">oh well </a>|whatever|<a href="%%NEXT%%"> nevermind</A></p></font> and it still doesnt work
from gumphood :
What that entry was about was this site that has a link to another site on it. Its called One Word. You are assigned a word and you write about it for 30 seconds, whatever comes to mind. Its silly, but fun. That entry misrepresents most of my diary.
from thehippo :
i do too have a next/prev link...they just dont work and im too lazy to fix them :P
from funda :
I have a busy week ahead, what with life and all, but I have made a date with myself to return here.
from thehippo :
Wow....amazing writeing.defently one of my favorites
from leonmcphelps :
Thanks for the note, but the only way Charlie Brown would have had a better life is if he had not been bald, and severely overweight at the age of 10.
from gnometits :
virtual crack, for when you care to send the very best.
from unknownmind :
hey :) thanx for readin my lil journal thingy lol. and thanx 4 replying with some help. i'm grateful. ok well umm yea...i dont know what to say..wel i'm gonna take ur lil quiz even though i dont know what its about yet tata 4 now!
from squirrelx :
Thank you for takin' the time to read my diary --- and for respondin' to it with such a charmin' note! Love, Xtine / Squirrel X P.S.: more THANKS for addin' me to your list of favorites. You do me a high honor thereby and I sincerely appreciate it.
from blue-belle :
from testify :
Sweet. Sweet ass sweet. Diabetic!

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