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from jedidiah77 :
I read some of your diary, I found when your banner flash across the screen, it was catchy...You interest me, I will keep an eye on you if you dont mind.
from unicornsting :
this entry was soo sweet - rare moments in life you'l never forget..
from fiyerstarter :
loving the new layout!!!
from wilberteets :
Good luck getting into the condo!! I hope you get the one you want.
from whatevaman :
just saying hello to a fellow esthero fan. luv your lay-out.
from take-two :
Love the new layout - drop me a note if you really move away from d/land so I can stalk your new home!
from fiyerstarter :
happy {belated} birthday!!!!
from fiyerstarter :
have fun in Vegas! I'm going in a few months and can't WAIT! (wish my trip was being paid for...lucky woman! lol)
from vix280 :
Im gonna Add you...hope thats OK???
from fiyerstarter :
they have new baked cheetos! they taste just like the "regular" ones...but are a bit healthier! I had to share since I am a cheetos addict myself. :)
from wilberteets :
You are a dancer, a blogger, and don't ever forget... a cancer survivor. You do have a story to tell and a lot of years of new experiences ahead. Go for it. Make some stories. :-)
from ladygenesis :
I was just in the chi for like 2 days...stuck there actually. But um yeah, speaking of my stint there...I have a thick dick story of my own...tee hee!
from vizionz :
to Zem: nothing yet on the sex toy front, I still haven't bought one. I'm waiting til payday. I'm getting one though, I ain't skurred.
from zemcomplex :
So what ever happened with the Sex Toy Controversey?
from wilberteets :
Sounds like you guys are doing the right stuff to tend to her leg. Lots of elderly people have PVD. I'm glad she's doing a little better today. Even in her late 70's, she's still too young to give up. :-)
from wilberteets :
When Grandma's has a sore on her leg that stays around a while, it can be "peripheral vascular disease" which is a circulatory problem. Not fatal, but the sore can develop cellulitis and can even get into gangrene (and amputation)in extreme cases SO Granny needs to see the doctor and make sure she takes good care of the wound, and prevents infection as much as possible. Make her follow the treatment. If she has PVD, it would be good to know about it. If she is diabetic, it's likely related to the PVD. I work in physical rehab and that is one of our major diagnoses.
from wilberteets :
You had a tear in your eye writing about your dad, and I had a tear in mine reading about him. I'm a daddy's girl too.
from wilberteets :
The reason it is such a struggle is because you are not in love. He is frustrated because he's trying to make something work that isn't ever going to work. You can go through the motions, but you are not going to "get happy". Everything about you screams that you are not in love and are miserable in the relationship. Once you free yourself, you'll have a place in your life for real love. Marriage is SO hard even when you ARE in love, but when you're not in love, it's just an exercise in misery. You deserve a happier life than that.
from wilberteets :
NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! NO NO NO NO NO. You can't do that. The awful, empty, teary, desolate feeling you had last night does not get better with time. It only gets worse. All the bad stuff gets worse after marriage. The tears you had last night were just one red waving flag of warning. You are way too young to throw in the towel. Don't make me come over there. You need to read any book written by Iyanla Van Zant. She will tell you how to find your beloved. You might find him next week, or when you are 35, but whatever you do... don't settle for Mr. Right Now. You know you are not happy with him. Ok, I'll shut up now. Temporarily.
from bleek420 :
no dont do it. dont break down. life does not end at 30 actually if you really think about it, its just beginnning. dont fall into the im doing it just to be with someone category bc what happens when you are 60 and you look back at the past 30 years of your life? you are far from an old maid. i really hope that you are being over dramtic like you said and this will pass. keep your head up. email me @ [email protected] if you need to talk (not that i will be able to help)
from johnnyscaldo :
12/14/2004. Thanks for putting into words what I haven't been able to over the last couple of days. I know EXACTLY how you feel.
from ladygenesis :
lmaoooooooooooo at the Omarion "encoded message" !!
from fiyerstarter :
I can absolutely relate to your "insecure", looks like I could I have wrote it myself. I appreciate your entry, b/c it made me think.
from fiyerstarter :
thanks for the note girl, it made me laugh...but mostly you are right! love your diary by the way. I like how you are straight forward and honest. glad I found your diary!
from wilberteets :
You're just not ready to commit. Don't beat yourself up. Listen to your inner sister-girl. It happens later for some people than others. How come everybody thinks it's the women trying to get serious?? It's always been the men, in my experience.
from wilberteets :
I'm SO curious about your secret. You secretive secret keeper, you.
from ladygenesis :
I just got done reading the entry about your Great Grandmother and tears are streaming down my face....girl you write so well I swear I was there at the gravesite with you! You should email me sometime or chat with me if youre ever on AIM. Yahoo : Liveandbreatherhyme . Holla anytime!
from ladygenesis :
Sorry about L's dad....but Im glad you said something about those two CDs..I was gonna go cop them to listen to on my way to NYC...not now! lol Avoid Talib's new one too...its waaacKKKK!!
from wilberteets :
Work it, girl. ;-)
from wilberteets :
I already prayed for you and good thoughts are coming your way. Be well.
from artofliving :
I stumbled upon you a minute, my dear, are MARVELOUS
from ladygenesis :
Yup...the bold worked! *wink* Ya know...I dont even remember answering some of those questions in mine!
from wilberteets :
Nice to hear from you! I got an email notifying me that you had left me a note and I thought it *might* be a note to say I should stop peddling my unsolicited advice! hehe. I'm glad you wrote and super glad you have a time line on when he's moving out. Way to go!
from wilberteets :
Girl, you need him out of your house. Your gut and every atom in your body is telling you that. It's putting a stress on you that you don't need, physically or emotionally. He's scrambling to keep you, but even if you resumed that relationship, you know it's wrong and you would resent him terribly for not getting out when you wanted him to. I hope you'll just put him out. Not to be mean, but to give yourself what you need and to end the futile scrambling on his part. If he keeps scrambling in another apartment, at least you don't have to watch it 24/7. That's a constant stressor. Someone elses love for you doesn't make up for your gut feeling that the spark is gone. He'll be better off if you break it off clean than for him to continue hoping he's wearing you down. Stay strong.
from wilberteets :
You're having a much better time than I am. I won't even say enjoy it, cause I know you already are. hehe
from the-book-bag :
I like your banner. -cat
from candoor :
I know the feeling you write about so well, I call it mine.
from wilberteets :
I am so happy for you. I had the same experience of the scary "what if" feelings, but there was that underlying undeniable peace that told me I did the right thing. I've never regretted it for a moment. Best of luck to you in your new life!
from wilberteets :
This is none of my business at all... but I've seen in your diary that you have some pretty big misgivings about your current relationship and I know your boyfriend is a great guy and has really been there for you, but you owe it to yourself and even to the boyfriend to really think hard about those second thoughts. If the new guy at work is tempting to you, it is a sign that things aren't quite right with your relationship. You know what I mean? It's really hard to leave someone who has been nothing but good, but if you stay with him, you'll hurt him more later by cheating on him eventually and by leaving him after you've tried to make it work as long as you can. Marriage is SO hard, even when you're wildly in love with someone. I divorced my husband because while I love him so much as a person, I couldn't sacrifice the rest of my life in a marriage with a person I wasn't "in love" with. It was hard, but the absolute right thing to do. He's happy now and so am I. This concludes the unsolicited advice. :-)
from candoor :
must have gotten here via your banner, so I leave this note to wish you well and strength and positive energy and smiles (cuz that's better than not leaving anything :)
from smiletenshi :
First off, congratulations on keeping your soul while fighting your battle. It's truly commendable, and I will smile the day I hear it's gone from your body. Secondly... posessiveness is not a bad thing. If it doesn't harbor your everyday life - or your night life - there's nothing wrong with it. If you want to go out at night and he doesn't want to, he shouldn't have a problem with it: just say, "Hi, I'm going out tonight. If you want to come along, you're welcome. If not, then I'll see you later." It will let him know he can't stop you and it will leave the door open that you aren't doing anything that you don't want him there for. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, keep going. The world loves ya, baby. :-)
from poisonsweets :
great site, awesome person, good luck, i hope everything goes well xxx -wil
from elysium1982 :
clicked here through your banner, wishing you well. great site. take care.
from streetfaerie :
it's been a long time since i visited but i'm glad i had you bookmarked. i'll send up some prayers for you and hope that all goes well.
from dragonblade0 :
kudos for the talent in your banner. and holy stripes :P
from banefulvenus :
awesome banner.... Fantastic site!!
from madam-rose :
great layout. I hope it all goes well with the surgery. :)
from bestdesigns :
01/10/04: Hi, this is Mandy from Texy's Designs. That's one of my favorite templates. It took a long time, which makes it more special. It looks good on you!
from omni102 :
Jus saw u on Okayplayer, so I added u to my list, check mine out if u like. One.
from seanandjacob :
It's sad that I don't remember any of this. Pardon. Yes I am the senator.
from ghostie :
Have you ever read that one Forum letter where the guy is cooking a turkey? He gets turned on by the sight of it slowly roasting in the oven and fucks it, then serves it to his family for Thanksgiving. I'm not making this up! Why would I?
from ghostie :
Did you know that we are the only two people in Diaryland that list "Penthouse Forum" as a favorite?
from clauren :
Hey I am so glad you join addict2sims diaryring.......A great addition....And also thanks for answering the second survey...I appreciate it.......
from elateddream :
Happy to hear that things are getting better for you :) Love the diary
from raven72d :
Congrats on selling those 3 tracks!
from clauren :
Hey. Thanks for filling out addict2sims survey. I appreciate it. I learn a lot from you answers. Same thing with me. I was watching tv and saw that and was interested in sims. I do hope you do join addict2sim diaryring...........
from cressa17 :
hey i dont know u but u seem cool so i want to get to know u the names karrissa email me if u want to get to know me [email protected]
from hotsummer :
great layout and diary too...just saw ur banner ad. i just fell in love with it lol...anyway hope things will go great for you and being a songwriter...yeah you can be a great songwritier.
from snoogy :
Glad things are looking up for you. I feel you on the bible thing (even if Idon't believe it's the word of god!) ayo, "religious yahoo"? lmBao ~peace2U
from tearsforrain :
.........i love me some meshell ndegeocello...u are awesome.........later, silver

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