The Belphoebe Chronicles

I am the terror that flaps in the night . . . And no, I am not Darkwing Duck.

My favorite diaries:

pirate-cat profile - diary
comments: There is no gnome like Cat . . .
luciaantony profile - diary
comments: I am still looking forward to that Mama-Thon . . .
giuliana profile - diary
comments: Very cool lady
elsworthy profile - diary
comments: Wicked!
theodora profile - diary
comments: One of my favorite people
meng profile - diary
comments: So much fun!
roland profile - diary
comments: When I grow up, I would like to handle a spear like him
thornbury profile - diary
comments: Nice guy married to a very cool lady
padraiga profile - diary
thjora profile - diary
comments: A fellow proud member of the Ugly Bathroom Club
bdeb profile - diary
foxphotog profile - diary
maggies profile - diary
comments: The Lady Formerly Known as Margaret
barjavel profile - diary
comments: Evil, Evil Duchess . . .
blueduke profile - diary
hun-e-b profile - diary
genvieve profile - diary
cynwrig profile - diary
dreadbaron profile - diary
halimadances profile - diary
ladyiseulte profile - diary
alienor profile - diary
dragonazure profile - diary
Martel profile - diary
halowenslut profile - diary
courtney-d-h profile - diary
comments: Momma of The Boo
ladysusanna profile - diary
balynar profile - diary
havorc profile - diary
colin-g profile - diary
Kyneburh profile - diary
Duchessniobe profile - diary
love2fly profile - diary
psallite profile - diary
comments: I admire her passion for music and her beautiful soprano voice
redswanne profile - diary
adorables profile - diary
comments: They are well, adorable . . .
hazebrouck profile - diary
comments: She who understands the concept of "It is all about the boobs!"
cslhome profile - diary
chaosclyve profile - diary
shalindria profile - diary
justus1199 profile - diary
comments: A Knight and a Bard. What's not to like?

My favorite music:

Country Music
comments: Yup, I like it. So sue me. Besides, Garth is a god.
comments: My guilty pleasure
The Offspring
comments: Pretty fly for a bunch of white guys
comments: Just get the party started.
Cher (and ABBA!)
comments: Except when she's singing with Sonny. What were they thinking?

My favorite movies:

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly
comments: If you're gonna shoot, shoot. Don't talk. 'Nuff said.
comments: I still want a Buddy Jesus . . .
comments: And Rick and Louie lived happily ever after . . .
Anything with the Marx Brothers
comments: Is this the Opera house?
All About Eve
comments: Fasten your seatbelts. It's gonna be a bumpy night!

My favorite authors:

Terry Pratchett
comments: There is no world like Discworld. Period.
Alexandre Dumas
comments: Hollywood will never make a movie that can do justice to The Three Musketeers. I am still waiting for the anime version. That has possibilities . . .
Isaac Asimov
comments: My favorite author of all times. I refuse to pay 8 bucks to see I Robot, especially after what they have done to the Susan Calvin character. Argh!
Jasper Fforde
comments: Bizarrely funny
Emilio Salgari
comments: Why is it that no one has ever translated those novels into English?

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