one man,loved and harmless.....

my rants raves and memories,*sigh* some not so good,but this is the place where i set down my day to day events,write about past events in my life that have shaped who and what i am,and generally things that i find might be interesting to the rest of the world.

hmm if anything is interesting to the rest of the world that is.

i enjoy things such as dancing,( im an avid DDR player)any wheeled/board sport,reading,working( yes i know its sad,but i was always taught to enjoy whatever you do,it makes things so much easier and you tend to do better)good music,chatting,and several other things.

well,drop by and give me a read ifn you want to,to find out about me just scroll thru my past entries,dont worry,theyr not ALL dull and uninteresting!

My favorite diaries:

Hcatty profile - diary
comments: the love of my life,turned friend
treewillow profile - diary
comments: chat room friend
dangerspouse profile - diary
comments: an addiction
angelmum profile - diary
comments: everybodys favorite angel
radiogurl profile - diary
comments: shes gravvvvyyyyyy
cutielatina profile - diary
comments: hey she comes highly read by Hcatty,had to check it,had to love it when i did
jackkellyo profile - diary
comments: a pain in my butt,but a very good friend when you need one.....
cheatedwife profile - diary
comments: hmm a locked diary,but one id like to be able to read,ifn she lets me....
nicim profile - diary
comments: an inspirational woman.....from what ive seen so far........
unclebob profile - diary
comments: funny as hell.....
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: nice stories....mebbe more....? let ya know

My favorite music:

comments: missing you,the bedtime version,one of his best.
all 4 1
comments: i swear,thats all there is to say.
boyz 2 men
comments: i cant list all the favorites,but many of you know them alsready
one twelve
comments: peaches and cream,sweet love,anywhere,cupid,and their other freaky ones.
comments: if they do techno or electronic,you have to love the rush those give you!

My favorite movies:

Barbershop 2
comments: "ok,lemme get this straight,that'l be three orders of hell naw,two side orders of ask yo mama,and a large cup of negro please!
The neverending story
comments: hey,the bullied,beats up the bullies in the end........soft spot!
Dungeons and Dragons
comments: always loved dragons,this movie just took it to an eperience!
Iron Eagle
comments: the idea of flying jets,resuing a father,and jamming to music at the same time...priceless
Top Gun
comments: ive always wanted to fly a jet because of this movie.

My favorite authors:

David Eddings
comments: the Malleorean,the emerald rose,the Belgariad,too many to list
Terry Brooks
comments: the landover series,as well as the elfstones series
Piers Anthony
comments: the Xanth series,
Raymond E. Feist
comments: mgician master and magician apprentice,and well as prince of the desert
Lillian Jackson Braun
comments: The Cat Who series.

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