Annie, 18, UK. Lover of Shakespeare, user of peculiar phrases, and League of Gentlemen obsessive.

Moody suburban teenager, teasing the kitten of life with the squeaky mouse toy of irony. Or something.

Diary locked, password on request.

My favorite diaries:

strawberrri profile - diary
comments: Sarah - always has a funny story to make me smile.
meloncide profile - diary
comments: If I were you, I wouldn't ask.
clairecav profile - diary
comments: Claire - "We were standing at some railings looking down at people, when Scott suddenly said �That man has a Jew hat on.� and then kissed me. It certainly won the award for the most unusual kiss prelude."
just-dreamin profile - diary
comments: Claire's subconscious is a strange place.
kousa profile - diary
comments: Rachel - friend from school and she doesn't really update. Beyatch.
skinnylizzie profile - diary
comments: Zoe - wonderfully witty and I always look forward to reading her entries, which is obviously a good thing.
skinnypics profile - diary
comments: That doesn't mean the photos are all thin and anorexic-looking. Obviously.
gaffor profile - diary
comments: Creator of lists, purveyor of hilarity, and brilliant speciman of humanity. Has put up with me for a long time now, and has even suffered me in person. Good man.
gr8delphine profile - diary
comments: Caroline - another friend from school who also never really updates. Tsk.
buffylass profile - diary
comments: Holly - one of the nicest, most wonderful people ever, and to top it all off she makes me smile.
leggierox profile - diary
comments: Lianne - bonkers but brilliant. Also has an excellent taste in comedy and, for the most part, music (I will never like any Fall Out Boy, ever :P)
onlyemma profile - diary
comments: I read Emma's diary a long time ago and took her off when she stopped updating... then I find out she's back! Hurrah. Let the randomness and indeed the hilarity continue.
the-moo profile - diary
comments: Mandy Moo - stumbled across it and how can I NOT add her?! She's absolutely wonderful and seems to have a limitless capacity of love.
randomrabbit profile - diary
comments: Tim - sadly not a fire magician, but I wish he was (and he probably does too). There's always something he says that makes me laugh out loud, kudos.
ava-reborn profile - diary
comments: Ava - I love her already.
flufflebunny profile - diary
comments: Enola - a fellow Top Gear fan and has the coolest life possible. Compared to my sad and boring one, it certainly is.
zoe-great profile - diary
comments: "The Boyfriend is into all that though so I put up with it, he's not pretenious or arty, but he is just a big ponce."
the-it-man profile - diary
comments: "It seem in our company to err is human, to forgive is Not Company Policy."
random-ditto profile - diary
comments: "Travelled up to Newcastle for the weekend. Managed to not yell out 'Byker' and get myself beaten up though, which was good."
boredlaura profile - diary
comments: "I'll grant you that I may have over re-acted a teeny tiny little bit - and I have no excuse for wishing simian sodomy on anyone..."
uber-shaker profile - diary
comments: She back! Again! Booya.
vintagepearl profile - diary
comments: Jill - "Yesterday in Math, Mr. Donovan rapped to us. The song was "I pimped my calculator" and he had a large calculator around his neck."
big-bean profile - diary
comments: She's back! Hurrah hurrah chiz chiz!
theswordsman profile - diary
comments: In his own words, "It's John of the funny and sometimes disturbing notes."
antom profile - diary
comments: "Other things from the night included dancing to Dire Straights (nothing better than clenching your fists, holding them close and screaming "We've got to install microwave ovens!")"
tphi profile - diary
comments: Tom - has yeti legs, apparently. One of those people who is just incredibly cool without even trying.

My favorite music:

comments: Ben Folds, Damien Rice, Delays, Editors, The Feeling, Franz Ferdinand, The Fratellis
comments: Guillemots, Idlewild, Jack Johnson when I'm too tired to care, Jimmy Eat World, Kaiser Chiefs
comments: Keane, Michael Buble, Muse, NeatPeople, OK Go, Pulp, Queen, Radiohead
comments: The Rakes, Scissor Sisters, The Shins, Slow Runner, Snow Patrol, Starsailor, Travis
comments: Seth Lakeman, We Are Scientists - and soundtracks, eg, Phantom, The Producers, etc.

My favorite movies:

comments: My Big Fat Greek Wedding, any Monty Python, Airplane!, Wayne's World
comments: Rebecca, Along Came Polly, Bride and Prejudice, Nightmare Before Christmas, Much Ado About Nothing
comments: Silence of the Lambs, Long Time Dead, It, The Sixth Sense, Don't Look Now
comments: National Treasure, Sahara, Johnny English, Legend
comments: (TV) League of Gentlemen, Doctor Who, Top Gear, The Day Today, Futurama, The Simpsons, The Office, Blackadder, The IT Crowd, and anything David Tennant is in.

My favorite authors:

comments: Mark Gatiss, Jeremy Dyson, P J Tracy, Sherry Ashworth, Helen Fielding, Sue Townsend, Lionel Shriver, Anne Fine
comments: Louisa M. Alcott, Roald Dahl, Daphne du Maurier, Zoe Heller, Lynne Truss, David Klass
comments: Michelle Magorian, Jacqueline Winspear, Susan Coolidge, Mark Haddon, Adeline Yen Mah
comments: Philippa Gregory, Cecily von Ziegesar, Barbara Kingsolver, Julie Gregory, Kate Fox, Amanda Brown, Alex Garland
comments: I like Shakespeare. I have Much Ado About Nothing on DVD...

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