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I hate writing with a passion. To the point that I chose to study economics in school simply because I heard you didn't have to write any papers. So why am I here? For the same reason I was conceived - alcohol.

My favorite diaries:

twobaddogs profile - diary
comments: This broad just flat out cracks me up. Plus, her bad dogs are my bad dogs.
sturge profile - diary
comments: The master of the drunken entry. Was rumored to have a three way with a 12 pack of Schlitz and a bottle of Maker's Mark.
icantread profile - diary
comments: Funny guy. I wish he would update more.
juddhole profile - diary
comments: Like a mentos commercial. You wonder what the fuck it is, but can't look away.
unclebob profile - diary
comments: Not that uncle.
thedailywtf profile - diary
comments: Can spot a mullet from three blocks away.
porktornado profile - diary
comments: None for cracking himself up. I like that.
sirawesome profile - diary
comments: Takes all the infotainment out there, filters out the crap, and puts it in one entry. That's what it takes to get knighted.
bigpimpinmba profile - diary
comments: Don't let the big brim fool you. Satellite radio recently made him their bitch.
saamba profile - diary
comments: I don't know what this is, but it makes me laugh
ienjoycorks profile - diary
comments: Chicken Soup for the Vegetarians Soul. Need I say more.
stayinschool profile - diary
comments: The same as ienjoycorks on a different diary.
rickscafe profile - diary
comments: This guys knows funny, and he's not afraid to use it.
drbigbeef profile - diary
comments: I just stumbled upon this, good stuff.
gushparty profile - diary
comments: Sirawsomes alter ego (the drunk one).
purplecigar profile - diary
comments: She taught me about gizoogle. I'll be forever in her debt.
anenigma profile - diary
comments: I didn't know she came back! Always worth the read.
krazieespy profile - diary
nogooddaddy profile - diary
comments: A parrothead, a fruitcake, one funny daddy.
txgroovygirl profile - diary
comments: Finally, someone else who understands the virtues of alchohol poisoning.
type-a- profile - diary
kungfukitten profile - diary
comments: This is some funny shit!

My favorite music:

The Gourds
comments: They do a bluegrass version of 'Gin and Juice' that will bring a tear to your eye.
The Supersuckers
comments: Good stuff.
Willie Nelson
comments: I'm from Texas. I like Willie Nelson. It's the law.
Jack Johnson
comments: Has me convinced that I'm a surfer.
comments: Never disappoints

My favorite movies:

The Big Lebowski
comments: The Dude abides.
Office Space
comments: Great documentary. Reminds me that I'm not alone when I file my TPS reports.
comments: Horrible storyline, beautiful sailing.
Raising Arizona
comments: Possibly Randall "Tex" Cobbs finest work.
Old School
comments: Earmuffs!

My favorite authors:

Bill Bryson
comments: Anyone who reads In a Sunburned Country and doesn't laugh out loud is going to get a punch in the back of the head.
Jon Krakauer
comments: Had me convinced that I was on Everest with him. So cold.
Thomas Harris
comments: The shiznit. Read the damn books before you see the movies.
Matt Groening
comments: He is so an author. Life in Hell and the Simpsons don't write themselves.

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