Blah, blah, blah... You figure it out.

My favorite diaries:

boogabooga profile - diary
comments: VERY funny...highly recommended.
mcclain profile - diary
comments: It's like recognizing a complete stranger.
phoenixchild profile - diary
comments: "You're scary...Brilliant, but scary."
andrew profile - diary
comments: duh.
alookcloser profile - diary
comments: She's pretty cool, if I do say so my-non-cool-self.
squirrelx profile - diary
comments: Hilarity with a Southern accent.
lv2write00 profile - diary
comments: Another (very entertaining) read.
chaoswalking profile - diary
comments: *huggles* One of my little Sisters. But shh...don't tell her. She doesn't like being called a "little Sister." ;) Love you to bits, girly!
hannah13589 profile - diary
comments: *huggles, too* Another little Sister. Love ya, Hannah!
onepinksock profile - diary
comments: ..... My vocabulary is too limited to do her any justice.
mzauberman profile - diary
comments: A recent find... interesting, witty... what's not to love?

My favorite music:

comments: I've loved them forever!
comments: You wouldn't know, so don't ask.
White Zombie
comments: Actually......just ROB!
Damien Rice
comments: One song: Volcanoes.
Just about everything else
comments: Who am I kidding, really? I'm in love with all sorts of music, so long as it suits my mood. Except country. That, I don't think I'll ever take a liking to.

My favorite movies:

Breakfast At Tiffany's
comments: Reminds me that sometimes you CAN let down your guard...for love.
Scooby Doo
comments: "Man, like, why am I wearin' a dress?" [A bit out of place, chronologically speaking, but better than what it replaced!]
comments: Because that is just how it should be...only it'll never be like that...
Harry Potter and The Sorcerer's Stone
comments: Yes. I saw the movie first, realized that the books could only be better, and was thus lead to the life and talent of J.K. Rowling.
Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of The Ring
comments: Mmmmm.....Pretty Elves. *__*

My favorite authors:

J.K. Rowling
comments: My idol.
J.R.R. Tolkien
comments: Literary genius, God of The Imagination.
Nora Roberts
comments: I only like the stories with the magical or mystical twists.
Janet Evanovich
comments: Stephanie Plum Novels. Seems a bit out of place, in comparison to the others, but damn good just the same.
comments: WTF? There really needs to be more spaces in this section. I haven't even covered poetry, the classics, or non-fiction!

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