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from bacon-bits :
This is bacon-bit's "leaving random notes on diaryland due to extreme boredom service" enjoy!
from bacon-bits :
I was laughing my ass off too. Maybe I need to read some complicated hardcore porn! Oh wait... I'm at school.
from bacon-bits :
"extremely dirty minds, and could find the most gutter-worthy ideas in the most innocent of phrases" Now you remind me of me, and that's scary.
from remixx- :
hey thanks a bunch! it works, i think lol. thank you :) and youre welcome for the compliments.
from remixx- :
hey, i hope its not too much trouble but i was wondering how to get your dd so you can go back and forth to previous entries and such. i cant seem to do that on mine..or maybe you could point me in a direction so i may find out? if not, thats fine! i love your template :)
from bacon-bits :
"You can pretend to be content with your life. That's easy. You just keep telling yourself that you're perfectly fine with the fact that you're no one, and you're doing absolutely nothing with your life. For the most part, you believe it. It moves you forward, gives you a reason to take your next breath." Same here... it's so me... except that it doesn't give me reason to take me next breath.
from velvet-heart :
Oh how I [f u c k i n g] love your template ~~ *drools and licks the screen* Muahaha! No seriously I love it..
from alookcloser :
damn signmyguestbook will not load!! GRRR well i dont recall now what i was gonna say,,,meh i will be back when i know what it was
from alookcloser :
Hey enjoy the vegging time. You deserve it.
from alookcloser :
yeah, my grandmother is .... special to say the least, the women stil chops wodd. I *wish* i was in shape like her. lol i prob couldn't even LIFT the ax, let alone swing it. as for the job, my father knows someone who runs a job placement thingy..he called him and said something about telemarketing for $9 sn hour or so. I am gonna go tomorrow and see how it it. *shrugs* i am NOT an old navy(current new job) person, i am seeing that now. Hope all works out well with your class and such. I am sure they will change it to a W if you need to, its not like you just flaked out. good luck. hmm sorry i wrote so much. BAH EVERY GB i try to sign says NO ALLOKCLOSER YOU CANT!!!! *ahem* thats why this is a note instead!
from keeds :
hi. write back.
from xpaperdoll :
eclectic. wow, i learned a new word. what does it diary, it's :)
from babygyrl19 :
Hi Blue rayne! I love the name. I have one question where did you learn how to use hotmail? I think that your diary layout is pretty cool.

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