I'm just a little grrl boi!


it's two in the morning my beeper's going off i'm naked i roll over enough is enough these bitches always calling me morning noon and night gladis and rhonda darlene she's tight right what can i say they can't stay away from the best cock on the block today it's eternally hard it's eternally hard i got five different sizes shapes and colors come over and try them i am like no other you like'em real big i got a gmc brand you like'em small i got a mini pickle i aim to satisfy i aim to please just give me some booty that i can squeeze what can i say they can't stay away from the best cock on the block today it's eternally hard aw shit it's darlene i know it by the code i was s'posed to meet her an hour ago she said baby bring the big one but i left it with brooke my dick it's like chick bait one bite and they're hooked so i'm heading to darlene's but i get distracted got my eye right on her block and then i slacked it slid down to the girl on the bench sipping water she leaned in licked her lips like i was on her she said ooh yer one a dem girly men i need more man in my men we could meet next week we could be great friends nah see i'm a lady lover i'm a lady leaver just one taste and you'll be a believer so girl take that my dick's so big i don't even have to pack it i'm just a little girl boy trying to make my way in a man's world so i gotta go got my forty and my lucky extra firm dildo from the d to the i to the l to the do


a pink moon tonight and my heart is folding over because i think she liked me and i mighta had her but he's got a real one and mine's from the store why is it so lonely in between a boy and a girl they're so glues down in this world and what it means i'm trans alla that gender i'm a bender bi bye girl in the parking lot where we kissed good night and you squeezed my hand a little extra tight well i knew right then that you felt the same if you'd just get out of that boy and girl game but you're so caught up in your boyfriend jock and he fits right in and he hits the spot but the spot you missed as the one of me the boy girl wonder from queens

My favorite diaries:

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My favorite music:

No Doubt
comments: I love the way Gwen can be herself...and how her music makes me feel.
Ani DiFranco
comments: Her poety rocks!
Melissa Ferrick
comments: I ate brunch with her......GO ME!
Bitch and Animal
comments: This is where I got the title for me and this diary.
Lori Amey
comments: We're groupies....maybe because Carrie went to school

My favorite movies:

Better Than Chocolate
comments: Sometimes I feel this is my life.
Bed Knobs and Broom Sticks
comments: I fell in love with this movie from the very first time I saw it
Chasing Amy
comments: We've all done it!
The Shining
The Wedding Singer
comments: :)

My favorite authors:

Eric Carle
comments: Yes I know these are all children's books..if your life revolves around children...that's what happens!
Dr. Seuss
comments: He gets the point across in a funky rhyming way.
Mercer Mayer (Little Critter)
comments: OMG....I have loved "Just Grandma and Me" ever since I was little. I wore out the record...yes the record when I was little!

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