ive always been this way.

my name is ashley- ordinary enough. this diary is chock (sp?) full of my adventures and mishaps from the great walmart troll to the grandparents from hell to working drive through in suburban america. believe me- the torture never ends.


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My favorite music:

comments: jars of clay, silverchair,wiseguys, remy zero,red hot chili peppers,poe,otis redding,jan arden, janes addiction,incubus, hives, hole,fuel, garbage,everclear,dave matthews band, blue man group,beatles,monkees,frank sinatra, gershwin, louis armstrong,alanis
comments: offspring,suicide machines,stabbing westward,ACDC,prodigy, rem,radiohead,newsboys,joan jett and the blackhearts, pat benatar,marilyn manson,creed,aerosmith,guns n roses, kansas, led zepplin, def leppard, poison,
comments: antiflag, U2, veruca salt,they might be giants,soundgarden, afi,mustard,supremes,homegrown, ednas goldfish, newfound glory, good charlotte,bodyjar, half pint,
comments: eek-a-mouse, vandals,union underground,van morrison,doobie brothers,sublime, tom petty,tempations,stone temple pilots,matchbox 20,powerman 5000,rob zombie,bob marley, moby,311,korn, lagwagon,lynyrd skynrd,
comments: Ella Fitzgerald, save ferris,naughty by nature,nada surf,Miles Davis,lenny kravitz,who,lifehouse, live, lords of acid,

My favorite movies:

Lethal Weapon 4
comments: I have seen this movie more than any other, about 90 times . I can quote every line, a little excessive huh?Terrific acting, great actors (woowoo, Mel Gibson!)
comments: Ah, this has got to be on everyones list. Who can not like a movie on government conspiracy and pulling the wool over out eyes?
comments: This is a greeeeeeeat movie. You may have to watch it more than once to understand it, but it is worth it. It is unique in that the plot moves intwo different directions, sort of like Pulp Fiction only like, 20 times harder.
Donnie Darko
comments: Beware of the giant bunny! Oh, I loved this movie. Its so twisted, how could you not?

My favorite authors:

Patricia Cornwell
comments: I love her books...she writes mainly about a woman named Kay Scarpetta, a medical examiner who occasionally helps out the FBI withwith gruesome murder cases.
John Grisham
comments: I love this man, his books involve a lot of law and lawyers. He comes up wth awesome twists, Im always suprised by the end of the book.
Dave Barry
comments: Ah, Marcus introduced me to him. Dave Barry is a humor writer who can find the funny in just about anything. Its great.
Neil Gaiman
comments: A new favorite of mine, I just read a book co-authored by him with Terry Pratchett. It was entitled "Good Omes". Very cleverly written, its about the armageddon.
Jhonen Vasquez
comments: Brilliant!

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