sexual confusion comes rather naturally, dosen't it?

george bush is like a father to me.. and my father has an IMPRESSIVE prison record and likes to hit women

I do have a computer, and i will write in my diary because it makes me feel important.

i'm just a lonely dangling participle


you have stupid hair

"When I'm good I'm good, but when I'm bad I'm great." Mae West

I hate you all because you never sign my guestbook. all 23 of you. sluts.

some one told me my slogan should be, "Fummy CHEESE IS YUMMY CHEESE." I told them to play in traffic.

Two pirates are in a volcano one pirate looks at the other pirate and says, "WOW It's hot in here!"

And the other pirate says, "HOLY CRAP! A TALKING PIRATE!"

why did the boy blush when he opened the fridge?

because he saw the salad dressing.. ohhh

a great man once told me, "The world would be better if we all stopped wearing underwear." yeah, i didn't

is it possible for me to be more strange? uhh yeah, you should see my mother.

You're really starting to freak me out.

I swear I'm not on drugs! Well except that crack.... but that's only sometimes!

Irrational fears: Milk, people who work at Mcdonalds (not the little fake McDonalds in stores but real ones), Bunnies, and News Casters...

I just keep adding things to my profile until it tells me, "STOP YOU FUCKING WHORE! YOU HAVE TO MUCH CRAP ON YOUR GOD DAMNED PROFILE!"

I want to know why the switch on my fan goes from off to high, low, and the middle... It makes the mind boggle.

"I don�t get many things right the first time. In fact, I am told that a lot. Now I know all the wrong turns, the stumbles and falls. Brought me here"

My uncle is my pimp!

My profile is more interesting then my diary.

I'm determined to fill out all 75 favorite diary slots, to bad I don't have 75 favorite diaries

So is it every 6 seconds guys think about sex? I can never remember. Hey isn't that an O-town song?

The only reason I do this is for the music.... oh and the idol worship.

::sings:: Dancing with my self, dancing with myself" sorry i said idol had to sing some Billy Idol... FLEASH for fantesy..


My favorite diaries:

realjesus profile - diary
comments: "okay what is with that three dog night song about jeremy the bullfrog or whatever? people in the 70s were crazy or something because i'm sorry theres no way a frog could have wine let alone drink wine let alone share his wine with some jack
alex-alex profile - diary
comments: alex is a sex kitten!!!!!
ddr-freak profile - diary
comments: Sarah is such a whore! Public sex! She also never updates, but i need to have diaries on my list.
zaknafein profile - diary
comments: Corky Corky Corky..... I don't think he even updates.. but he's agressive!
lushuscheeze profile - diary
comments: Whore! But you gotta love her...NOT!! My freaky aunt and her adventures as a Wal*Mart cashier! NOT CASHIER! something.
danawear profile - diary
comments: "do you think george lucas would ever make star wars sex toys?" Dana's spot of fun journal. I think of this as a wall.
ieatcheerios profile - diary
comments: she eats cheerios? and she was a great support when I was thinking about when I was stopping.
darktruth profile - diary
comments: Brett is my other hero. She comes very close to me in the insane department."Suppose I had Compulsive Lying Disorder... And I TOLD you I had compulsive lying disorder. Would you believe me?" AWE! BRETT WHAT HAPPENED! (I can't read diari
madisonagain profile - diary
blackthesky profile - diary
comments: Austrailian... with badass taste in music
tick-my-tock profile - diary
comments: I like her..... read her diary she's nice! and her diary name is almost a sexual refrence... O.o!
migrane profile - diary
comments: he thought I was a guy! "I couldn't understand a damn thing the tour guide said. He was Indian, and his accent was thicker than the leg hair of the average ticket-holder to the "Vagina Monolouges". I think I met him through Brett'
peterbazooka profile - diary
comments: Very music centered, i love it. he has this funky way of writing that leaves me feeling baffled
conversegirl profile - diary
comments: she writes lovely poems, and i love chatting with her
rockergemini profile - diary
comments: i can't believe i haven't put her here yet... she's an aerosmith freak and we talked about buffy
liberteen profile - diary
comments: I love this person... and I don't know them... at all....... I think I read 3 entries... But I'm thinking about stalking them.
bracket profile - diary
comments: Holy moley!!! It's the rta lists very own weblog style posting diary type thing! Care of the danster and Ellie! Yay!
elliewear profile - diary
comments: i only know her because of Dana... but I'm glad I do... even If I haven't exactly read her diary or anything....
anniewaits profile - diary
comments: She makes me want to listen to Ben Folds, and I laugh a lot when I read her diary.
KarmaKarizma profile - diary
comments: Beth is now a diarylander! Took her long enough! Gezz. I set up her template.... not like I designed it or anything but hey i hepled damn it. My best friend.
ohmysam profile - diary
comments: Woo! Friend from the rta. I set up her template too! She's fun.
suckasspoems profile - diary
comments: woo ha! yes! I love this site, it's just a bunch of people suck ass poems!
talibanfan profile - diary
comments: he's dashing.... or not, but he makes me giggle
pure-milk profile - diary
comments: milky is funny as a garbage man with a rolex and that is very funny my friend. Oh and she thinks Willem is a sexy bitch, she rules!
fummy-cheese profile - diary
comments: because it's not illegal to put your self on your buddy list
yoshi-c profile - diary
comments: someone I don't know at all, but I use her diary for her fun list of phobias!
faithnomore profile - diary
comments: she likes fun music, so there for I like her
mamahen profile - diary
comments: I laugh I cry I stare blankly at the screen pondering what I just read...
thisisjohn profile - diary
comments: Hm, he's just one of my favorite people. Anyone that finds that much joy in soil has to be wonderful. It's a law.
glocca-morra profile - diary
comments: jordan is dana's friend, but he's lovely, not that all her friends aren't... but he's just great, he has a way with words... and yeah, he likes that french canadian pop diva, but he's gay so it's acceptable
myhappiness2 profile - diary
comments: I really enjoy reading her diary... and she leaves me nice notes and such
perceptions profile - diary
comments: just because I want to be like the other 2946 people who list him as a favorite.
theeyebrows profile - diary
spinoff profile - diary
comments: see above! hehehehe!
sexyrasputin profile - diary
comments: can everyone say... "Rasputin is a sexy bitch!" HA! This is soo cool!
jwinokur profile - diary
comments: Horse testicles, ass pictures... and very cool glasses... what spunky diary. But I feel like a horrid lemming for putting him here... I'm the umm..549 person to put him as a favorite... jezoo over popular diaryland celebrities!
batman246 profile - diary
comments: TREE SAW! Gots to love the crazy Theresa action!
i-am-a-girl profile - diary
comments: she complemented my cheese.... hey cool! and she wants to be a pop tart for halloween... hey cool!
ms-m profile - diary
comments: Like I told her, "I am gooberfide by the hilarity that is this diary."
urine profile - diary
comments: I think the fact that this person had a entry titled "My grandma likes to watch soft core lesbian porn" explains... well nothing, but none the less a great diary.
snotgirl profile - diary
comments: She's a popsicle fan. Also I happen to very much enjoy the things she types.
mangofarmer profile - diary
comments: God, everyones name is Sarah! Any who, i like this diary and this person..
bobmcgoogle profile - diary
comments: all I have to say is... what the fuck?
vaderman profile - diary
comments: oh look it's Cory again! He's a total goober, but sometimes the things he says can be amusing.
perceptionss profile - diary
comments: Did someone say zombie? Doesn't matter, still love him.
jonnybox profile - diary
comments: Smut, British smut, mixed with sharp sarcasm. I love that everyone thinks he's the sweetest guy in the world, except for me... It doesn't matter, I still love him.
thecritic profile - diary
comments: he's so wonderfully anal
mcearstix profile - diary
twelvebeer profile - diary
comments: one stop shopping for all your favorite diary needs
chuffnutt profile - diary
nudeplatypus profile - diary
tvzero profile - diary
comments: if you see me get drunk in a club and start screaming, "CHURN THAT BUTTER LIKE YOU'RE AMISH CUZ IT'S GOING ON MY MOTHER FUCKING TOAST!" here's the person to blame

My favorite music:

Eagles/Ramons/Mouthwash/The Bar Flies
comments: OKAY IF YOU WANT TO KNOW MY FAVORITE(oh caps lock was on sorry..) go to my diary and look under big ass band list... I think that's what it's called.. bye!
The Velvet Underground David Bowie
comments: I put these two on the same line because when ever I get Heroin stuck in my head I eventually end up having Ground Control to Major Tom stuck in there latter... go figure
Beatles/DJ Jason/Dirty Vegas/The Clash/Sex Pistols/Ramons/Mouthwash/The Bar Flies
comments: they do something for me
Alice in Chains/Sound Garden/
comments: I have a list of almost all the bands that I love on my diary, it's in my scroll down menu.. go there this thing sucks my ass
Tool, A Perfect Circle, NIN, NSYNC, ICP, Eminem
comments: okay so, A Perfect Circle and Tool have the same amazing lead singer, NIN are cool just because, NSYNC don't ask, i like to put ICP an Eminem on the same line cuz then I get hate mail!! YAY!

My favorite movies:

Attic expeditions Evil Dead I&II and The Army Of Darkness/ anything Tim Burton has done
comments: If I had to fit all the movies I love in this little thingy I'd die. Because i love every movie I have ever seen except three of them... and I don't want to mention them (because I can't spell the titles, except Congo.. I can spell that!!)
Clerks, Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back
comments: I was thinking of making a list of every movie I've ever read and then reviewing them... but the I realized I have seen MILLONS of fucking movies! MILLONS I tell you!
Ghost World/Blue Velvet/Amadus/The Piano
comments: "I think they'er Satanist." "We should follow them." "We soo should" I love that movie
Velvet Goldmine/Trainspotting/Hackes/ Moulin Rouge/Plunket and Mclean/Star Wars I&II/ anything with Ewan or Johnny
comments: Ewan and Johnny gotta love them.
Book Of Shadows: Blair Witch 2/Any chessy B-rate movie
comments: I know all the words to this movie. It was really under appreceated.

My favorite authors:

comments: I'm never going to remember all of my favorite authors... that's like remembering... um something that's hard to remember (SHUT UP! i'm sleepy!)
comments: Hey I should make a list of all the cool... alright never mind that's stupid

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