Wherever you go, there you are

"We shall not cease from exploration. And the end of all our exploring will be to arrive where we started and know the place for the first time"- from Little Gidding

My favorite diaries:

orpheusd0wn profile - diary
comments: What a beautiful man. If he was a movie, I'd watch him a thousand times and cry every time. If he was a book, I'd carry around the beloved copy until it became soft and the pages yellowed and worn. This diary makes my heart dance.
hipkat23 profile - diary
comments: Sharp, bright, full of angst, and we share a name. She is definately the coolest other Julie I've known.
Fu-Fu profile - diary
comments: *actually* makes me laugh out loud. Quite possibly the funniest diary in Diaryland.
ramanda profile - diary
comments: Beautiful, beautiful designer, great diary. Don't let her fool you- she IS a jewel.
gemini-tiger profile - diary
comments: Fellow Gemini, and the similarities don't stop there. But I'm locked out!! Tiger, I miss ya.
throwingjuly profile - diary
comments: It is possible to be in love with the way someone else thinks
greytanit profile - diary
comments: "Real" life friend. We used to save the world together! Beautiful, mysterious, elegant, regal goddess who I dearly love.
smokinblues profile - diary
comments: About many things, I couldn't disagree more. But if I was in a committee, I'd want him on it just for that reason. Great read, intelligent and thoughtful. Brother of an angel.
elipsis profile - diary
comments: A born storyteller with a gift for making the most ordinary events deep and gorgeous
dcalien profile - diary
comments: The candor and beauty of his entries floor me.

My favorite music:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments: Sexy, sexy, sexy. Put them on, and I'm ready. Funkiest and most distinctive bass in the known universe. I Love everything this band has ever done; they just make me happy.
Dead Can Dance
comments: Oozing talent. Creative. Diverse. Use ancient instruments.
Beastie Boys
comments: Absolutely fucking brilliant guys. I am NEVER not in the mood for the Beastie Boys.
Dave Matthews
comments: Part of the proceeds from his concert tour, and the band's Ben & Jerry's flavor goes toward supporting the National Coalition that I am working within: www.SaveOurEnvironment.org. Great musician who supports me! Gotta love it.
Indigo Girls
comments: I love singing their songs.

My favorite movies:

American Beauty
comments: One of the most original, most beautiful movies I've seen.
Run, Lola Run!
comments: How I think about time, life, destiny, religion. It's all in this movie. Watch it and understand me.
comments: A Woody Allen masterpiece. Touching. Beautiful. Magic.
The Adventures of Baron Munchausen
comments: Possibly the most imaginative and gorgeous art direction in a movie, ever.
No Way Out
comments: Incredibly suspenseful. One of the most astonishing endings I've ever seen. Ignore the cheesy 80's love music and the slow start. I dare you to see the end coming.

My favorite authors:

Kurt Vonnegut
comments: My father, if he was a writer.
Robertson Davies
comments: He writes like I think. His books are a microcosm of life itself-- rich with beauty, sadness, mystery. Plot twists that are astonishing and delightful. Start with the Deptford Trilogy.
C.S. Lewis
comments: Almost makes me think there's something to this Christian thing. Almost.
John Fowles
comments: Engrossing, challenging, beautiful stories. You know there's more there to discover; multiple layers. Read The Magus. See what I mean.
Michael Moore
comments: Quite possibly the greatest American patriot alive today. And the coolest guy you could ever hope to meet. Read Stupid White Men. You'll thank me for it. Watch his movie: The Big One. You'll want more.

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