Don't take me seriously unless i tell you to.

Smart but lazy. Dye my hair cause I like it. dress like a bum. My friends are hos; I am their pimp. If you were to say, "I am a traveler from the east," then I would says, "I am a guardian, from the west. I am whom you seek."

I am the gatekeeper -and- the keymaster. *wink*

Have pride in what you are doing today.

My favorite diaries:

assclowns profile - diary
comments: I'm now the proud owner of this bad boy. I'm rippin' new assholes left and right. It's the best Q&A diary since "hey-ghandi" left us.
mazokuheart profile - diary
comments: My big sis is short, but she is also very loud. -_- But she's my favorite person in the world!
demon-angel profile - diary
comments: Angel, my bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world. I love her so very, very much, even though she never posts. (I made the layout.)
k2of6 profile - diary
comments: Yay, I made Kate a diary now! Hopefully she will really use it. It will help a lot in the "training-of-Kate-to-be-the-next-me" process.
biscuitman18 profile - diary
comments: Cousin Jeff... he's weird, so he's cool. He's nine months older than me and he likes Kevin Smith. So many cool things...
a-secret profile - diary
comments: It's an awesome place to post if you have some stuff you HAVE to say and don't want to say on your own diary.
canbebought profile - diary
comments: This is JD's new diary. If he actually starts using it on a regular basis, it'll move up the ladder.

My favorite music:

nine inch nails
comments: Trent is pretty....
comments: I don't drink, it's the band, silly! They totally sum up being a poor, white, teenager.
No Doubt
comments: about it.
comments: Catchy.
comments: Only concert I've ever been to, but that's not the only reason why the rock.

My favorite movies:

comments: The most impure tale ever to spread from the mind of a man.
The Professional
comments: No women, no children...
The Princess Bride
comments: As you wish... ^_^
Rocky Horror Picture Show
comments: I was only away for a minute...
Edward Scissorhands
comments: Most beautiful movie I've ever seen. I love this movie so much.

My favorite authors:

JK Rowling
comments: If Harry Potter is the Antichrist, I'm satanic!
Shel Silverstein
comments: More of a poet, but awsome!
Edgar Allen Poe
comments: Once upon a midnight dreary, HE MARRIED HIS THIRTEEN-OLD- COUSIN! AHH!
Chuck Palahniuk
comments: Weird guy, great insperation.
Augusten Burroughs
comments: I'm working on reading more of his stuff, but he reminds me a lot of Chuck Palahniuk. He's way awesome.

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