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My favorite diaries:

Clarity25 profile - diary
comments: I can totally see us having a beer together, her diary rocks and she kicks ass. She's an American living her dream in Germany... Read!!!
jt76 profile - diary
comments: My new boyfriend!!! Sssshhhhh
wish4u profile - diary
coldandgray profile - diary
mzletty profile - diary
comments: We have the same name Letty................
theshakedown profile - diary
comments: She is so funny, and cute to boot.
megslife101 profile - diary
comments: My sista!! Litterally she's my sister. She doesn't update often but you can try her life is real interesting
inarticulate profile - diary
comments: Basically she is the oppisite of her name. Love reading her
jensanimals profile - diary
comments: Stay at home mom with alot on her mind love her....
gypsy-poet profile - diary
comments: Has so much to say, when i read her i just get sucket in..
starlight42 profile - diary
comments: Sweetie that left me a note, thats how i found her and love reading her
soverycherry profile - diary
Juddhole profile - diary
comments: He's Funny and truthful... Just read!!
artofliving profile - diary
comments: I love her!!!!!! Plus she's HOT!!!!!
krugerpak007 profile - diary
comments: She's me without the kids & soccer.......
jennlynn24 profile - diary
comments: SHe likes beer & so do I
mcearstix profile - diary
comments: PICs & lots of them
bohemianlife profile - diary
girlsmad profile - diary
comments: Left to college but i wont delete her...
irishblueyes profile - diary
comments: Music lover, love her....
brunette99 profile - diary
comments: we used to work for the same trick ass bitch
lonelylatina profile - diary
comments: Cali girl like me
chris-n-ty profile - diary
comments: One of my very first reads, we go way back

My favorite music:

Red Hot Chili Peppers
comments: LA Story, Seen these guys in concert a million time s I love them.
Beastie Boys
comments: Get it together is their best song it's on Ill Communication. Loved them since the 7th grade. Me & my best friend Liz used to make up dance routines to Brass Monkey.
comments: Lovin is what I got. Made me think, there's a part that say's I don't cry when my dog runs away I dont get angry at the bills I have to pay I dont get angry when my mom smokes pot. Read My bio you'll get it.
No Doubt
comments: Who in they're right mind would put everything out there like that, Your heart gets broken and you sing to the world that's so bad ass!
Janes Addiction
comments: When i here perry sing I get happy. Dont know why this is the CD I pop in when i want to feel good.

My favorite movies:

comments: These are just a list of movies that I will watch over and over no
A Bronx Tale
comments: matter how many times I've seen them.
The Color Purple
comments: There are many more but these came off the top of my head.
comments: I love the part when Vince Vaughn is in color me mine smoking!
Old School
comments: I love this whole movie..... Especially earmuffs!

My favorite authors:

SE hinton
comments: I make my son read these books, he loves them SE's a girl and had a bit part in The Outsiders. She's the Nurse Dallas yells at when he's in the Hospital/
Toni Morrison
comments: I love Oprah. She named her Dog Soloman after the Book, So I read Song of Soloman and then proceded to read every other book ever written Mrs Morrison I could get my paws on.
Julia Alvarez
comments: Her books are often made into movies. Salma Hayek protrayed a charecter in the Time of butterflires. This prompted me to go back and read that and then I read them all. Read in the name of Solome
Isabelle Allende
comments: Oh my god I just finished reading Portrait in Sepia. It was ssssooo good some what of a sequal to daughter of fortune but not quite. Loved it Loved it might be my new favorite book

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