I'm just here

*sigh* I dunno what I'm doing, or where I'm going, but there is ONE thing I know I want. The only question is:

Can I get it back?

My favorite diaries:

kellybutton profile - diary
comments: Kelly's regular diary - to an extent she got me started...I had a diary (I STILL have it) before, I just very rarely updated it and no one knew about it. She talked me into getting this one.
cueball profile - diary
comments: Kelly's poetry diary
alternamommy profile - diary
comments: Joanna - (I think that's how you spell her name, and if it isn't someone please correct me!) One of the very first diaries I ever started to read. Mother of 2 great kids.
babicharmz profile - diary
comments: Tara - I'm not sure how I got the link to her diary, but I started reading her diary when she was still pregnant with her lil cutie pie Riley.
lukeysmama profile - diary
comments: April - Stumbled upon her diary somehow and was very glad I did. We used to live in the same area, but then I move out-of-state. Mother to adorable lil Lucas.
marlen816 profile - diary
comments: Marlen - I started reading her thanks to a link from another diary. BUSY mother of 4 and day care provider - - I have NO idea how she does it!
machogirl7 profile - diary
comments: Jen - I started reading her diary after she left a note in my guestbook. Her and I have quite a bit in common, including the fact that we both moved away from home for love :)
mynormal profile - diary
comments: Sam - I started reading her thanks to a link from another diary shortly after she gave birth to beautiful little Amory.
littlemummy profile - diary
comments: Shannon - I can't remember how I found her diary, but I know I found it the night before she gave birth to gorgeous Rhianna. She had an entry about how her husband would be back with an update after the baby was born, which of course got me curious,
mamaness profile - diary
comments: Aisling - I'm not sure how I stumbled on her diary either, but it was shortly before she gave birth to little Lochlan. She's the mother of 3 cute young boys. (This is her personal diary)
themama profile - diary
comments: Aisling's diary for her youngest Lochlan.
pebsmurf profile - diary
comments: Robbi - I started reading her diary thanks to a link from another one. Mother of 3 beautiful children.
mamarobbi profile - diary
comments: Robbi's diary for her youngest, Chase.
only1lunatic profile - diary
comments: Aaron - is, well, Aaron....and a rather entertaining read.
nacwolin profile - diary
comments: Nicole - I started reading her diary thanks to a link from her sister Marlen. She strikes me as a very ORGANIZED mother of 3 who just started back to college.
cleanstart profile - diary
comments: Karen - I started reading her old diary from a link from someone else. She's a great read, and mother of 2 beautiful kids.
cassiopeia- profile - diary
comments: Cassie - I stumbled upon her diary from a link in someone else's - - Adorable little girl!!
janie12975 profile - diary
comments: Janie - I was linked up to her through her sisters, and have enjoyed reading her. Please pray for her family right now...they need it. I understand her pain right now.
drivenbyl0ve profile - diary
comments: "Kelly"
eggsaucted profile - diary
comments: I have no idea how I stumbled on her diary - but I'm hooked...and her daughter is beautiful!
surprisepg4 profile - diary
comments: Robbi's pregnancy diary for baby #4!!

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