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from heckafresh :
No--an arTEEST! I'm sorry, I couldn't reseest.
from candoor :
I'm suddenly hungry...
from scubafreak :
I've gone through all the breakup shit lately, too, and while everyone's sage advice is to say "yes, it sucks now, but it will get better," I say that's all horseshit. Yes, it does get easier, but there are far too many stages that one has to go through before that statement even becomes an option. Best of luck through your hardship. I hope your friends can help you pass your time with laughter.
from swimmmer72 :
at first, i joked that i would have to get a "don't blame me, i voted for kerry" bumper sticker, but after a while, the sobering reality of having that shithead idiot back in office served only to depress the hell out of me. "what have they done?" i'd ask myself, "how stupid can they be?" i'm afraid of the very scenerio you just outlined, and w will have no one to blame but himself, although he won't. :(
from marn :
Thank you for writing so eleoquently about the aftermath. I hope your friends can let go of their fear and reach out to you.
from punk-in-pink :
I've never left you a note before, and I almost never write in my journal, because it's really lame, and reminds me too much of other things...I write in a deadjournal now. That's not the point. The point is that I am an avid reader of yours, and I'm glad you've started writing again. I'm sorry you're having a hard time. Things will improve, I'm sure. Goodnight.
from marn :
I am sorry that things got so bad in your life that you couldn't see any point in going on. I am so fucking relieved that you failed at your suicide attempt. Do whatever it takes to reclaim your mental health. Please. Suicide is like throwing a grenade into the circle of people who love you. The wounds may heal over, the scars become more faint with time, but there is always shrapnel under the skin. This year is the 25th anniversary of my baby sister's suicide. In her note she said she did it because she felt she was a burden to us all and that by killing herself that burden would be erased. Except ... well, for the rest of my life I have the burden of wondering if there was something I could have done for her, something that might have averted her death. The big family holidays roll around, her birthday, the anniversary of her suicide, and they are all coloured by doubt and regret. Please, don't repeat my sister's mistake. She missed out on so very, very much.
from gonzostar :
i'm glad you're back, no matter what the circumstances.
from joecartoon :
What?? That's all I get? Okay, I suppose I can live until you return...
from joecartoon :
Now, if you don't update for awhile, how the hell am I gonna know if he's straight or not?? This is like a cliffhanger at the end of a season of TV, and that also pisses me off.
from leebozeebo :
My own booty has been known to entice both man and woman alike. Perhaps if we both shake our sweet asses at this gentleman then the answers will flow like wine. And if he chooses me, then I freely admit that I plan to get dinner and some iced out jewelry before I let him know that I'm straight.
from leebozeebo :
Hey, it's cool, I've been attracted to lesbians before. The real question is, how much do you have to shake your phat booty to convert this person to your team, or, more appropriately, to you? There's a mathematical equation in there, somewhere. Maybe I can write a thesis on booty shaking and homosexuality and unlock THE SECRETS OF THE UNIVERSE. Oh, I just had another thought - what if, by some cosmic calamity, you locking eyes with him at that one point actually TURNED HIM GAY? No, no...don't think about that one. My hypotheticals cause more stress than they relieve.
from shortied01 :
Hey I came across your diary. I can totally relate to your downstairs neighbors. You should be happy they are downstairs. Mine live upstairs. When they bang there headboard bangs. Sucks so bad. I added you :) ~Kat
from mzletty :
Hey I'm Letty...That story about the Brandy chic is sooo funny! I like your diary and adding you to my faves. Take care-Letty
from anibananie :
From one Annie to another, you go! That sounds scary, but completely ace. And now, as the grand finale, you have humiliated him in from of all your readers! Bravo, bravo. *claps*
from phoenixchild :
Annie. Annie. ANNIE. And so Phoebe waits for an e-mail from a friend (barbecued[underdash]iguanaAThotmailDOTcom [I hate computer viruses so I was forced to do it])...hey Annie, why does my heart cry? Please, believe me when I say I love you! My gift is my note, and this one's for you!
from heckafresh :
puck bunny!
from heckafresh :
yer g-book is wile'n. It's getting hyphie. IRregardless to the fact; eff a cheechoo! I hope he gets his gritters knocked out and then slips on his own gritters, then falls right on his handsome nose and one of his gritters slides into his nostril and roots and grows a gritter tree right out of his snoot. Haha! Cheechoo the gritter tree snooted punk!
from swimmmer72 :
good news, bad news... you could stay at my place and have it all to yourself, since i'm leaving for utah/arizona on the 15th, (that's the good news), BUT, i'm about 350 miles too far west of manhattan to be REALLY convenient. i guess it depends how desparate you get. hotels are wicked expensive in the big apple, or wicked unsafe. that would be the bad news, sorry. ;)
from nowayout :
this is holly, just signed in on my dream diary. I LOVE YOUR PARENTS!! always tell stories about them. that is all.
from ask-obiwan :
Hey, this is Meg...newest staffer of ask-obiwan. And since you have more field experience, I suppose I should grovel at your feet. Just wanted to say hi, so talk to ya later. ~Meg
from madamepierce :
Wait, Twakabelle and Real Brown? Does that mean that Brown is their last name, or that the baby's name is something like Real Brown Jones? Because I think that "Real Brown" is an AWESOME first name.
from swimmmer72 :
i have no doubt that you are indeed the prettiest girl on d-land. i mean, you sound pretty. very much so. you write pretty and give us an awfully pretty impression, BUT, i'm afraid i can't say for sure without a picture to confirm my educated guess. :) and yeah, i'm WAY smarter than my boss, too.
from discothekid :
"Population Paste" is my new favorite phrase forever. Thank you.
from swimmmer72 :
awwww, a cat entry... i miss my cats (now deceased) even though they are the weirdest creatures on the entire planet. :)
from mrs-dunne :
hey, i love you design, im in your pajamas ring, just wanted to tell you if your wondering why its not on my diary its because i got a new template and dont know how to put it into it yet, im currently searching for someone to help me with that, but in the mean time dont delete me please. if you can help, please let me know!
from swimmmer72 :
i'm still firmly in the anybody-but-bush camp, but i'm having a problem with the no-viable-alternative thing. i might even have to go 3rd oe 4th party candidate to find someone i like, but i'd rather have my vote count for something.
from marchsecrets :
Hey, my name is Annie too (I'm asuming that's your name) and I LOVE that Ben Folds song as well...your template is really nice (also asuming you made it because most templates are for like Britney Spears, Ben Folds..).
from unluckyme :
I was looking through my old notes (geek diaryland moment, I know) and reread a lot that you sent me from way back when, and they put a smile on my face. I'm glad you still update. Since you are (still) one of my favorites. Happy holidays. :)
from swimmmer72 :
i understand your concerns. i also work with the kids that nobody else wants. they came from nowhere and are going nowhere, and they are the type of kids that people avoid, on top of which, they have committed horrible crimes. problem is, they are the ones that need the help, much more than the rest. hang in there, you are doing a good thing. :)
from virlomi :
that poor child. you must make such a wonderful difference in their lives, caring for them as you do.
from shortgirl04 :
I have to love your sarcasim. You and booga booga are just alike. At first i thought you were the same people
from slashglamour :
ohh whoa..i love ben folds! :O he's the best. i <3 rockin' the suburbs. hehe..i have his cd (the newest one).. just leavin' you a note. the stacey things damn funny! haha..:D
from surfnskate :
i read lord of the flies... and ben folds is going to my friend's town in a week. we have a lot in common. note me sometime -clay
from lavidaloca-2 :
WEEE! another intelligent californian that didn't vote for arnold! I'm so glad I ran across your site it really made me feel better.
from girl-aflame :
Hi, I ran across your ask obi-wan site.. that's hilarious!! I know where you can get free image hosting, btw. hosts images. I also know another place but I don't give that URL out to everyone because I use the same place and if they have a ton of signups they'll figure out people are sucking up their bandwidth and shut down. BUT if you email me at [email protected], I'll tell you the URL of the place.. my boyfriend is a star wars freak and if I didn't help out Obi-Wan if I had the chance he'd kill me :D so you can try villagephotos or you can email me! Good luck :)
from swimmmer72 :
sounds like you have had the year from hell. i hope it gets better. going back to where you are happiest may be a good idea, but i think you should still give san fran a little more time before you do.
from gumphood :
Did you come on a road trip to Boston and visit me, or I am getting confused with the person on liverdiarywire thingy dot com. Anyway...I am on the cover of his new album, Ben Folds Live
from markodepollo :
Hey, someone else with a Ben-themed layout. Go you. Ben is god. If I were female, I would so be competing with you as wife #4. Most excellent.
from moxie-pixie :
I have a degree in Anthropolgy and I almost went to UC Davis...(I went to UCSC and then to CSU, Fullerton). Do you have a degree in Anthro and if you do are you working in a field related to it? I am not....I work with people who want to become teachers.
from gods :
this is weird. i am coming at this from such a different angle and then i get here and there's a note from mr. alien. the pathz we take and the intersections we generate, exquisite :)
from thias :
Hey, I read your stuff a lot. You're a great writer and I can't count how many times I've started cracking up. Swing by my place sometime if you'd like. Cheerio, Mat
from unluckyme :
Tuna for Christmas?! You're awesome.
from dcalien :
You did too have something interesting to write. Glad the Texans didn't send you any note bombs.
from aggiebaby :
hey girl. your diary cracks me up. i just wanted to let you know, I'm a Texan and I have never been a cheerleader, in a sorority or on Girls Gone Wild. Shopping is okay, but not life. I personally can't stand Macys. So, maybe we could get along!
from swimmmer72 :
i have a story i think you will get a kick out of: while using the restroom at chicago o'hare airport, i read a poem on the stall wall. "here i sit grinnin' and flexin', giving birth to another texan" beneath that (in big letters of course) "your asshole ain't BIG enough, SON!!!" the part that amused me the most was that he wasn't disputing his point of origin, just the size of the orifice necessary. texans.... :)
from swimmmer72 :
a second blast!!! you crack me UP!! glad to have you back, you were missed! :)
from tatsuchan :
I love Ben Folds! If you like him try out some Guster and The Clarks. Very good music for fans of Ben Folds....
from swimmmer72 :
yes, i will click, yes, i will link, and yes, i will tell everyone i know to try to help you get to boston, even though i'm not forgetting that you declined to prove your boast of the greatness of a particular set of anatomical wonders. you, my friend, i hope you win your contest, while i survive with the grace of my imagination... :)
from ishouldsleep :
hey there, I just thought I'd tell you that I appreciate your style. every few sentences are appropriately broken into their own paragraphs, which helps me follow you instead of trying to follow some crazy ramble like a lot of people. Like me. Anyways, I just thought that�s cool : )
from swimmmer72 :
should be: TAKE on the whole arab....
from swimmmer72 :
there is another diary entry from lucky-starz that said much of the same thing. it is a sad and hypocritical day in america, and unfortunately, most people are too dumb to realize it and won't until either they or someone they know needs an abortion, their kid's school has to raise taxes bcuz they don't have state money anymore, or friends or loved ones get killed in battle just because we have a president who wants to talk on the whole arab world bcuz a dictator or two called his daddy a bad name. of course, it might just be normal civil liberties, and if that is the case, you KNOW they won't figure it out. i bet they have 3 american flags on their car, though.
from swimmmer72 :
where are all the duck and goat activists when you really need them? :)
from swimmmer72 :
that really was an excellent description of your perfect boobies. the only thing it lacked was a picture, since as we all know, SEEING is BELIEVING!! :)
from amyjo :
i must say...i do enjoy your diary. and ben folds...ah, the joy. and i only half know what you mean about needles, but i can sympathize. i always pass out. last time was when i got my ears pierced the second time. laying out in the aisles of wal-mart...i always do make a scene.
from swimmmer72 :
i agree with you about dentists. one time when i was in a dentist's chair, he was telling his female assistant, in a very condescending tone of voice, "you see, you MUST approach life with a certain amount of arrogance..." and i thought to myself, "that's easy to say when you are the one with the drill in your hand, ASSHOLE!!" besides that, wisdom teeth removal was a blast!! i love the gas!
from swimmmer72 :
i agree, putting pictures of your ass on your diary wouldn't be a good idea. HOWEVER, feel free to put as many as you want on MY diary!! :)
from swimmmer72 :
his socks are rockin' whether he likes it or not!
from biensoul :
Good. Your guestbook isn't working. Here I am, thinking it's because I'm Greek and there's no Windex around for me to fix it...ha ha. Great entry today, btw. It's not just ethnicity that makes people weird. For example, my friends' moms were always giving me diet soda and low calorie snacks instead of brownies and rice krispie treats because they just assumed I was always on a diet. "Jess, you must be on a diet because you look like you're thinning out." "Um, that's because I ran 3 miles at soccer practice yesterday. Could you please pass the ice cream?" Riiiight.
from btchelicious :
You're mad at me now because I am a stupid white girl. I'm sad now.
from invisibledon :
thanks for visiting
from swimmmer72 :
this is from the link with your old entry: i do weird little ritualistic things while eating m&m's too, except with me it is kind of a competition to see which color lasts the longest. yes, i do this every time i eat them.
from cjkrazy05 :
I stumbled onto your diary today and I couldn't stop reading it! Its so funny yet, its very intelligent. You are very funny but you also have a way of making your points and knowing why you think the way you do. Your diary is awesome!!!!!!!!!!
from toothbrush :
I used to have a gay friend who was (legitimately) obsessed with my breasts. He was always "Toothbrush, if I were a girl, I'd want to have boobies just like yours!" Somehow I always found this to be the greatest compliment ever. Also, BEN FOLDS RULES!
from hachieangel :
I stumbled upon your diary today, and it's absolutely fabulous! I really enjoy it, and your guestbook isn't working, so I'm noting you. :) Have a spiffadelic day, yo!
from swimmmer72 :
your diary is hilarious!! i've been reading for just a couple weeks; today i laughed my ass off (burritoes/boob/roger). i like your range, too, you hit the whole spectrum.
from swimmmer72 :
it is a very wise thing to search for ALL the answers instead of stopping when you get to a quick, easy, agreeable one. as a history teacher, i am blown away by your diligence in attempting to hear all aspects of the truth.
from swimmmer72 :
you are exactly right. we haven't stopped evil, instead it triumphs again and again every time an innocent life is taken. the pain continues. i'm sorry your co-workers are so ...ignorant...insensitive..i'm not sure, but you are entitled to grieve in your own way. i think you are very wise.
from shallowwater :
i dont like coffee, but i bet its an energy boost. rock on!
from madisonagain :
i still continue to love your diary. your a pretty kick ass chick. "I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex. " i liked that one. i say 'true dat' to you on the lesbian thing. your refreshing, you know that?
from pig-snicket :
What MTV needs is Ed the Sock. Oh yes, just add an angry sock and watch the magic happen!
from harakiri :
The best show MTV ever aired was The State. God I miss that show. Also, I must be some sort of freak because I am the only person I know who hates El Pollo Loco (I was "born and raised" in Southern California, northern LA County.)
from perceptionss :
Annie, sorry to keep you waiting. I actually try to find time to read everyones answers to my surveys but I wouldn't say in a timely manner. I hope you do get that apartment, even the one with the pizza smell:) Love, Booby
from swimmmer72 :
interesting and admirable sentiments. it is especially rewarding to read something from someone who is well-read, informed of historical perspective, and has compassion for the less fortunate. i love what you write. :)
from swimmmer72 :
my pee has also been red-orange, and i also thought that has pretty neat, dehydration aside. however, i thought the luminescent green poop has even neater, AND, it worried me a little more since i didn't understand why. and yes, i have driven more than a half hour for fast food. they were closed when i got there. figures.
from whoselinefan :
yo thanks for signing my guestbook (and being the first one to do so, for which i salute you (bows and waves at nonexistent object off in the distance) pajamas rule! oh, and of course obi-wan/ewan mcgregor (they're wan in the same! heeheeheehehehehhehehehehe) Moulin rouge rocks my socks also.
from fummy-cheese :
Freeway does kick a whole lot of ass. You know what eles is fun to do in upper class resturants? Fake sneeze on other peoples food. I once got kicked out of the resturant for asking the waiter, "Is that a menu, or are you just happy to see me." And did you know it's a law that when you go to the olive garden you have to pretend it's someones birthday, so they all have to act like idiots and sing the stupid birthday song... I love eating out.
from fummy-cheese :
I just signed your guestbook, but then I read your profile and I just had to say, "My dick my not work but at least I have my smile!" Just because Reese and Kefier kick ass in Freeway.
from madisonagain :
thank god for stupid people. they make me laugh. isnt it the young pregnancy thing crazy? i found out about a girl who got knocked up at the age of 12, by her moms boyfriend. her mom had her tubes tied, and the boyfriend wanted a kid. so he got her 12 year old daughter pregnant. thats seems very, very wrong, i think the guys in jail now for rape. anyways, ive been reading your diary, and i love it. i like your entry about your family. ok, c ya
from swimmmer72 :
50 copies? that's one of the funniest things i've ever heard!! :)
from swimmmer72 :
i hope you make it to NYC, it's an awesome place. here's a suggestion for your list, if you have time: chinatown - buy $5 oakleys and rolexes, it's a different world.
from swimmmer72 :
i don't have a problem with your "deception" at all; i understand completely as i may be faced with the same type of thing myself down the road. i'm also glad you "came clean"; it's better for your head. i enjoy your diary, in any case. i think this is my first note to you, but i've been reading it for about a month. you're smart with a good sense of humor.
from holdasecret :
hey. i worship the almighty ben too. have you seen him in concert? i saw him for the first time this year. the most fun i've ever had, for real!
from holdasecret :
i'm sorry that you feel sad. i feel sad sometimes [well, a lot of the time]. ben folds rocks my world.
from enidhere :
"anniewaits" 1 of my favorite ben folds songs! cool.
from dumb--blonde :
Eat your cheese every day and don't forget: Bug 12 people every day for a feeling of complete wholness.
from madisonagain :
hey- keep being cool. u make me laugh and thats a good thing.
from harakiri :
Just go to a dry cleaners or dress shop and have the bust of the dress taken in. It shouldn't be too expensive, or take long.
from vomitruckus :
Hey, thanks for deflowering me. I didn't have much time to look around the site after setting up, but I saw the pajama circle and had to join. I'm definitely a fan of pajamas!
from dumb--blonde :
You haven't cleaned your room in a month? AMATUER! jk. But, seriously, my room hadn't been cleaned in longer thant that, and the last time it was cleaned, my mom cleaned it because I was at a friends house for the night and she couldn't stand the sight of it... not to mention I couldn't find any of my socks. BUT........ just know, you aren't alone in the world of messy rooms. In fact, you're most likely very low on the Hiearchy. Love ya, girl.
from alimountain8 :
To Anniewaits (chick) You are so funny. Your family is quite amusing. Keep up the funny stuff. My Room is a mess too!
from debanne :
You cracked me up with the happy dance for your family, you make me giggle with your concern over people dropping you, you made me pensive with the big band mistake (I did something similar to that years ago, as well), and you reminded me how lovely my relationship with my husband is. Thanks, and keep writing!
from castigada :
Muchas gracias for reading my diary! I hope you like what you read.
from espagnola71 :
Thanks for joining "escribiendo" y bienvenida al club! :-)
from unluckyme :
pajamas rock the casbah!
from sunkissed17 :
Hey, thanks for stopping by! I havn't had a really good chance to see things lately but I noticed your pj diary ring, how do you join those?
from monkeywrench :
i'm glad to hear that the chunk in your mocha was not a bug, at least.
from sunkissed17 :
I was really impressed with your "last 5 entries"! I however cannot aford to buy a bra a victoria secret, let alone pj's!
from unluckyme :
oh man.. you like mystery men too?!?!? I thought I was the only one! I actually got it on DVD for Christmas. BOO yeah.
from unluckyme :
no, YOU rock! And just to let you know, I didn't see American Idol. I've been such a bad fan recently. Is it on every day still, or just certain days?
from unluckyme :
Your last entry was insanely good. I am speechless. And I feel terribly bad for the girl.
from unluckyme :
I hope you feel better, annie. Don't worry. Everyone has moments like this. Surround yourself with stuff that you love (for example reruns of American Idol! And Ben Folds, of course. There is no "old" age to get married and have kids - you'll do it when you're ready. Don't forget about the finer things in life. If you ever want to chat, feel free to leave me a note or e-mail, I'll be here for ya :D
from lostincoma :
hey, first of all, i LOVE your layout, it's the cutest. and second, your entries are one-of-a-kind. you're a really funky, unique chick, and i like that!
from pig-snicket :
Hey! I am in fact, from Saskatoon as well! Go me!
from unluckyme :
Annie, I think that you and me are very similar. Except for the fact that you're 100 times cooler.
from angrydwarf :
love your username as well! horray for benjamin scott folds<3 :-D
from unluckyme :
That show was... too priceless. I laughed throughout the entire thing. Almost everyone I know watched it, or based their daily schedule around it. When the woman fell, and there was a brief pause of silence, the look on my face, man... It was GREAT.
from phoenixchild :
Hey, I just thought I'd tell you not to freak out when you discover that four people unlisted you from their favorites, because I figured now that you have over 16 people listing you it was kind of pointless to have you listed five times. You know?
from unluckyme :
I wish I went, I wish I went, I wish I went,... Ah heck. I was lucky enough to see the Ben Folds Five once before they split, and then I saw a Darren show. Fate of me seeing both together is slim. I dragged my sister to both BFF-ish shows (my sister who isn't as much of a fan) and her ex-boyfriend dragged her to a ton too, so in total, she's seen more Ben Folds than me.
from unluckyme :
You say Saugerties, and the first thing I think of is Mr. Fallon. I'm happy to know that I was right on target. And don't worry about the getting hit on by girls thing. It happens to the best of us.
from unluckyme :
thank you so much! you are so wicked cool! :) -Karen
from e-for-mess :
i think what totally kicks price is right's arse, is celebrity squares on the simpsons. like the diary.
from dammitjoe :
Love? Hmm, the question isn't what am I doing about it, the question is what aren't I doing about it. This supposed diary is merely a tendril, a sliver of who I am, a tiny gander into my complex life if you will. I would like to be every one: a cripple, an orphan, a dying man, a whore and then come back and write my thoughts, my emotions as that person. But I'm not omniscient. I have to live and write about my life, it's the only one I'll have. True, I do write about lost loves and harbored desires, but that's because I choose to write about it. I have never been confidant with showing others my writing, much less random strangers, and so I was hesitant to begin an online writing site, wondering how I could allow the entire world to glimpse the words I'd never even shared with my closest of friends or family. But it seems this new medium is an ideal solution to my creative impediment. My writing here is timid and cautious and I share only a few inconsequential anecdotes of my life, devoid of anything too personal. But I'm starting to depend on this site to expel the words within me. My aim is to channel this site to be a looking glass into my soul, instead of simply being a creative medium. My contrasting moods are reflected upon my choice of words, my fears embodied into metaphors, and thoughts forever captured into black-and-white. Plainly said, I am not depressed, nor am I exceptionally jubilant. I am me and if you choose to read my words, that's entirely up to you.
from intruudir :
Greetings, I have a new post..
from dammitjoe :
Shit, I hope I never get a bitch slap from God like that. Even though I'm in no way, shape, or form gay, nerds appeal to me as well. Hmmm.

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