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from sayrah :
Hi joe burke! My coworkers are obsessed w/ finding my web page and in their mad search they found your diaryland. I was thrilled at the connection. you should email me sometime(sayrah at prophetbox dot com. I hope you're happy like peach pie. -sarah g
from burkenstocks :
your case is quite troubling. i will remove you.
from vilntnicoles :
hi it says that i am on your diaryring thingy and i dont know how i got there. could you fill me in on it? thanks... nicole.
from crookedplaid :
you absolutely rock my socks... i thought i left you a note before but upon second glance, i realized that i didn't. so, here it is! you're great. the end.
from burkenstocks :
score! enjoy those bran.. crumbs.
from discodave :
I currently have three boxes of cereal in my cupboards - all with a smattering of bran crumbs at the bottom. Dxx
from magicalpond :
LOVE your presidents banner!
from yburuby :
i followed your banner and fell headoverheels for your diary... fantastic... ...ruby
from sir-inky :
I have an interesting/humorous fact slightly regarding your march 19th entry. By now you probably know the U.S. is at war with Iraq. Well the funny thing is that we are going in there saying we are trying to make the world safe from Saddam and all awhile we only believe very stronglythat he has WMD or biological weapons, and on our other coast we know without doubts that N. Korea HAS the ability to shank us in california. so we are going to WAR with Iraq so they don't get to where N. Korea is RIGHT NOW. Now while this has the possibility to make you more paranoid, when you think of it loosely, it can really make you laugh your ass off and/or hate the U.S. gov't beyond ever wanting to see its flag again.
from jpellecchia :
hi, i always love your banners!
from amberfalls :
Your banner was funny as hell and your entry was equally amusing. Thanks for the laugh.
from captvfirefly :
I found your diary through one of your great banners. I keep coming back, so I figured I'd tell you that I thoroughly enjoy your diary. Great stuff!
from owcowkee :
your entry on overweight Chinese Truckers was thoroughly entertaining--and who knew they were even out there? Novel idea, really. Any movie made on this topic, I pre-approve with two thumbs up.
from starlight42 :
clicked on your jfk banner. I wish i could come up with more creative that green on your diary too!
from miss-edith :
I love the JFK banner. I rarely click on banners anymore, and when I do, they mostly lead me to people like you whom I already read. Anyway, just dropped by to say hee!
from burkenstocks :
wow, thank you. that's super.
from bottleofbluz :
So articulate! So arrogant! So drunk! So excellent! After an ininterrupted 30 minutes of reading your diary (after having stumbled on the controversial preisdential banner, and thus very endearable coming from an american), i decided to add you to my favorite. Quite a priviledge, I know (sarcasm). I'm looking forward to more of your humorously bitter fine-flowing writings...
from lintpickle :
See ya up here in canada bud, I'll save you a spot.
from rumblelizard :
Preach it, preach it. I love the drunk driver analogy. However, i voted for Gore, and I am totally against this war, as you know. I voted for Gore as the only viable alternative as someone who could actually beat Bush. This doesn't mean I loved Gore or even thought he was any good; I just thought he'd win the election. Which wasn't wrong, if you think about it. Also, I'm listening to Seeed right now. You still digging them? I'm still loving that Interpol CD, thanks again!
from always-crazy :
in the words of my good friend philip, "damn you alcohol. why do you have to be so good??!!"
from iheart2rock :
i've been laughing at your banners for a while now, they are excellent. (i like the president's one, but the "one time he loaned me five dollars" one is great.) i'll probably never get around to actually reading your diary, but you made me laugh, so congratulations.
from pb-and-j :
I love your banner! I especially like the first quote-- the "Bay of Boring" one. Very entertaining entries, too! :-)
from zophtic :
i don't like bIrkenstocks, but burkenstocks rocks my socks. umm. heh.. i like your diary.
from energysucker :
i am quite appreciative of your work! well done, old man!! user: sicko, pass: nikki (<I>if</I> you're interested, of course)
from burkenstocks :
yeah! sheep! maybe i should just delete all of the notes that mention the banner, that way people think it's a discovery or something..
from cristull :
right. so i followed the banner, just like everyone else. because it cracked me up, just like everyone else. but your diary makes me happy, so i suppose it's okay to be a sheep just this once.
from unclebob :
I came here after seeing your Presidential Quote banner. Your stuff cracked me up. I like that in a diary. Keep doing what you're doing, you're good at it.
from vilntnicoles :
kick ass. you like all the same music as me! what up homie? nicole.
from coldnightair :
Awesome diary! Your banner with drunken quotes from ex-presidents and such is great. I will be back, keep up the good work!
from intheory27 :
Beautiful diary, I really like your words. :) (Well...maybe not so much the words themselves, considering I speak the same ones, but the order in which you arrange them. :))
from burkenstocks :
c'mon, there are lots of interesting lads on diaryland.. uh.. like.. that one guy, and that other guy.. and that guy with the banner that has the really bad 'prodigy' reference.. oh, the pain.
from prolific :
This shit is good. I like it. Also, it's written by a man, something you rarely see in Diaryland. Proper.
from burkenstocks :
truetrue. i'm feeling better already, honestly. things are looking okay. thanks.
from bluenadia6 :
I'm really sorry to hear (read?) about your grandmother. I know how that kind of crap can be... Mine died a year ago from stomach cancer, and I lost the other one to Hodgkins disease when I was two. Cancer is a bitch and a half, but don't let that keep you down too long. We all have to cry in the shower sometime.
from burkenstocks :
you are quite spontaneous, it appears.
from nitejohnboy :
Random notebook signing.
from jetbot :
your last entry made me want to listen to that song skip tracer.
from burkenstocks :
uh! uh! uh! i will check as soon as i get home! i will let you know!
from rumblelizard :
Did you get the package? Did you? DID YOU??
from discodave :
Another delightful property of Botox (in addition to it's propensity to give people paralysed frown lines), is that it apparently also prevents sweating. Not that I'm saying you need it, mind. Lazy Line Painter Jane rocks. Dxx
from bluenadia6 :
So glad I got to meet vancookie. Maybe when I get the chance to pop into the city, I'll ask him for one of those infamous manhattans. Thanks for the advice.
from multiple :
alright, not only did i seriously love that mastercard ripoff banner... *cracks up* but that entry about the homeless really made me think. i mean, i always thought i was being cynical when i thought that people would be using that money for drugs and booze and shit, but seriously, now that i think about it, you're totally right. why not help anyway, right? awesome diary... i'll be back to check you out again. *waves*
from crowhihs :
I saw your banner and thought it was very creative and funny. I just had to see the diary behind the banner. Thanks for the laugh! TTFN
from snailpetal :
NY-LON, baby...just feel free to walk on by...
from mindfighter :
That was an amazing post (taking it to the streets) are a great writer...I will be back for certain....John
from littlecough :
hi sissy. you are rad. but i'm even sissier. boys are funny. i love whiskey. je r e my.
from burkenstocks :
oh, excellent. i'm really glad you like stuff.. and also thanks for the congratulations on my recent raise. i'm really excited, honestly, probably to the point that when i finally notice the difference on my paycheck i'll quit my job out of a strange, irrational arrogance. aw, snap.
from thrennion :
I love your diary. It's one of the few I keep coming back for. Have a nice day, and congrats on the raise.
from burkenstocks :
huh? what? who is in that self-portrait? the SELF-PORTRAIT on my page? you mean the photograph that was taken OF the subject, BY the subject? it's a SELF-PORTRAIT, as they say.. and no, he is not a vegan anymore -- that lasted a whopping day-and-a-half. vegetarian, yes, self-portrait, yes, vegan, no. uhh.
from jnickole :
who's that hot guy in your layout? and if you are a vegan that means you get lots of points from my point machine. unite! start a revolution! free the chickens free the chickens! but really, who IS that guy?
from daizychainz :
ahhh sissy, do i love thee? let me count the ways...haha you are very original and funny. I loved your banner and you're a fresh new and balanced voice! congrats on telling a story and conveying an idea while keeping me interested and laughing...this is quite a feat. my attention span is about --- that long. haha...keep kickin ass!
from discodave :
I only wish I got to hang about with Miss Manda...Belle and Sebastian wander round my neck of the woods most of the time, though. She will be mine someday - mark my words. Dxx
from burkenstocks :
uh-huh. you've got it.
from rumblelizard :
Can you burn that Interpol CD for me? I'll burn the Twinemen and Seeed for you.
from burkenstocks :
i don't know anyone who's ever read 'ghost world' and not liked it. regardless, i really appreciate the compliments and i'm glad you liked things. cheers. -joe.
from thaliafay :
Even though I think the Mastercard spoofs are getting a bit old, your banner still caught my eye. Not only was your banner cute, but you write well, AND you've read Ghost World and actually liked it. An impressive combo. I throughly enjoyed your diary.
from amberfalls :
Not only was your banner funny as hell, your diary is hillarious too. Very cool. Thanks for the little laugh and I'll try to stop in again sometime. -a-
from burkenstocks :
thanksssssthhh. (that's with a lisp for added enthussthiasmss)
from ramanda :
Best banner ever. My crappy banners are hanging their heads in shame. Good show!
from toothbrush :
Your banner is wicked.
from overlyemo :
You have great taste in so many things!!! But the red balloon???? We would watch that every rainy day in elementary school. I got tired of it. It actually scarred me for life. Other than that you rock the casbah (a little but of a Clash moment there). Talk to me sometime! I would love to hear from you. And uh...can you loan me 5 dollars?
from kill-soma :
i LOVE apples in stereo...few do..but you ...hoorah
from ithappens :
You are really funny! and your entries are cute. I enjoyed reading your diary, its fabulous.
from carlilly :
love your time i loaned whitney housten five bucks too...except she told me it was for some 'medicine' for some 'kids' that had some diesease...maybe it was pancreatic measeles. wait, is there medicine for that?
from rumblelizard :
Good lord. "I'm not a crackhead, I just smoke it all the time."
from zzishzz :
hahaha i LOVE your banner! Awesome job!
from wowgilly :
how did you get a banner? I made one but I dont know how to put it on diaryland. Do I need a gold membership?
from burkenstocks :
fuck. i don't have insurance.
from moonrattles :
You! You are so funny! I was holding my sides all through the "diva" entry and think I may have fractured a rib. You'll be hearing from my doctor.
from laura-jane :
$5. great banner.
from soitgoes- :
good music, good movies and good books... good job.
from burkenstocks :
i'll adjust the APR ASAP, 10-4.
from ryan8-5cut :
so I am having some trouble with Chase MAnhattan lowering my A.P.R. and I know you're a graphic designer, but if you could...ya know, help take care of that for me, there's a bright shiney quarter in it for you...and a frito pie....hmmmm? ryan8-5cut
from souldoubtnow :
what i wonder most about ny weather is...why can't it make up it's mind! jeebuz! and would the snow stop. thank you. god.
from tater-fay :
Far worse than corn vomit, is corn poop!!
from burkenstocks :
well, there you are then. i hope that works out well for you.
from few :
I cannot stop listening to Pop Goes the World by Men Without Hats.
from burkenstocks :
see! i knew i should've taken a photo of myself vomiting and blowing kernels of corn out of my nose. i could've EMAILED to you post-"AH HA HA HA." curses, vancookie, CURSES!
from vancookie :
ah ha ha ha ha. AH HA HA HA HA HA HA HA.
from gcchick182 :
hey cool. like a hill of beans cool.
from burkenstocks :
i am so glad to know i am somebody. i am somebody!
from ryan8-5cut :
Thanks for taking my survey. So you are Runaway Charlotte. Why? Well like Charlotte you refused to answer all of the questions with the answer provided. Charlotte too enjoys a video and drinking at home. She also prefers Trojans. Charlotte, oddly enough, is the only one of the people listed that lives in NYC. She also has no idea about Buffy or Real World BUT she does like football and you said you liked the Huskers. So you are Run-Away Charlotte, stubborn, individual, somewhat out of touch with television pop culture and funny. CONGRATULATIONS! Now I em hoppy to goteat China Stal er Buffet Parace.
from genghis-jon :
Hey, you're funny. You know that?
from rockbaby14 :
Also....Scroll the botones!! (or however you spell it) :) lol
from rockbaby14 :
I swear, this Diaryland connects EVERYONE! It's like, people on my buddy list are going to the diaries I read and its this whole chain. Kinda like the whole Swappington's comment you made. Since just below me is one of my favorite reads! Mr. Ryan8-5cut! :) Well anyway, I'm lovin you're awesome shirt. I want one!! :) And Strong Bad is so kickass! I first started going there last week cuz my friend Vanesa told me about it and he cracks me up! Her favorite one is Guitar, but mine is the Techno one! I love the Cheat! :)
from ryan8-5cut :
hey came across your diary and glad I did. Reminds me of when I lived in NYC. Stop by my diary if you get a chance man.
from burkenstocks :
whoa. holy shit. thank you.
from ciaramyst :
You have a wonderful talent of writing. :)
from burkenstocks :
it's from a song on "featuring 'birds'" by quasi called "please do." that line is the tip of the iceberg, my friend.
from jonathan :
'hollow hopes and empty dreams and blind pursuit of worthless schemes is all there is to life, it seems.' Thankds for this; it put a smile on my face. Better than, 'life's a bitch and then you die.'

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