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from lollirottt :
My email is thanks!
from lollirottt :
Can I have your user/pw? You have great taste in music btw. :)
from brokenwords :
I don't know when you left me a note for my password or if I ever got back to you. I haven't been around much but I remember you and I remember how much I adored you and how you never failed to commiserate or uplift me when I needed it. Thank you for that. My diary is locked but if you want to read it again its there Username: Casses Password: Mots xoxo
from lobo21 :
I get a sense you're a pretty strong person now, and it sounds like you know what you want. Or at least you know what you won't settle for anymore and that's huge! I pray life eases for you, your relationships strengthen and your daughter comes around. My oldest took a long wile, my younger daughter may take less time, and thankfully I am blessed with a son who just accepts and loves. Wouldn't it be nice if we could all do that. take care.
from lobo21 :
Thanks for your note. I was here a few days back. Yes, I've been through similar. Taken more of the blame than maybe rightfully mine from my children and I think it's because I choose to be there through all of it. To not let go of my kids even if they're trying to push me away. I am glad I've stuck it out and I am seeing a better relationship develope with my kids as they are starting know life doesn't always turn out they way they want, but they know I will always love them. That's not to say life isn't still hard, but I'm thankful. Sorry got a little long winded. Hope you are well.
from lobo21 :
Hello. Wandered in and wanted to say I feel for you in your struggles with your daughter as a single parent. I have a strong willed tween who was pretty angry for a long long time. Thankfully it's gotten a lot better between her and I. Partly because I'm more patient less prone to anger explosions and partly with her maturity. Guess I'm saying there is much hope to look forward to. Hope you don't mind if I wander back from time to time. Take Care.
from bunnymama :
Hey. Not trying to be nosy, but I read random diaries when I get the time. You sound like a pretty cool chick, even through all the crap you deal with. My diary's locked, but if you want, I can give you the password. Leave me a note with your email address if you do. If not, that's fine too. I'll still read you, if you don't mind...
from tommy212 :
Hey Capri. Just checking in on you. Haven't heard from you in a while, and I hope everything's alright.
from rockboy :
hey thanks for checking in :O). you've always been good to me, and i thank you for that, dear friend.
from justlivingit :
Again I love your diary. ::Amazing:: I couldn't agree more with your "vows" entry and actually it is something that has been on my mind alot lately. Every little girl dreams of there wedding day.. It scares me shitless. Because its something I only want to do once..but the likelyness of that in todays age is very unprobable. Like you said it is completely meaningless to people these days. Those vows are suppose to be a promise you make to the other person in which you live up to for the rest of your life. But no one seems to believe this nor think about and its really quite sad. Im still in search for the fairytale, an unrealistic expectation im well aware of. That near impossibility of love ..true a difficult universe where no one seems to believe it anyway..Maybe truly trusting in tomorrow is something that we can't do as we grow up and realize that trusting that much in another person is just kind of foolhardy in that we can never really know the secrets of someone else's heart, no matter how deeply we look into it, so all we can do is trust in today. I wish I had a more optimistic view point and could offer some words of encouragement for you.. but im lost in a downward spiral with thoughts of empty promises, meaningless dreams and worthless nonexistent trust.
from dell-dude :
Hey, It was very sweet of you for leaving a note.I appreciate the caringness. thank you
from justlivingit :
I like you diary. Actually I really enjoyed reading it. Oh and i noticed in your profile you like audioslave - right on!
from brokenwords :
I know! It is almost like a big flashing warning sign. If someone has to tell you they won't hurt you, chances are that is exactly what they are going to do. I hate that, but if nothing else, I guess I was fairly warned right?
from brokenwords :
Exactly! When things are good, they're great. But when they're bad they're terrible. I don't know what it is but it's undeniable.
from rockboy :
wait, you shouldn't be ashamed for what you DIDN't Do. meaning you didn't ask for it. it's a really bad typo. i apologize.
from rockboy :
you shouldn't be ashamed for something you did. i don't think of you any differently. and i respect you even more for coming out and saying it and sharing it with people. you never should be forced to do anything you don't want to. period. i want you to know that you're a great, wonderful, beautiful girl. you deserve the best. and the people who care about you will care about you, no matter what.
from thecrankyone :
Happy belated birthday!! Hope it was a great day!
from seenuh :
Happy very Belated birthday
from sketchedpony :
Thank you so much for the advice. It's been really hard being torn up inside about this.
from macfarlane :
Happy Birthday!
from cutie1083 :
Happy Birthday!
from toxicdesire :
happy birthday!
from skaistarr :
happy birthday! hope u have a great day n many more!
from glass-fairy :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY! hope it's g-r-e-a-t like frosted flakes! ♥, Martha
from dombilly :
I love your template, and have a very Happy Birthday Becca!
from watty :
Happy birthday! Hope you have a great day celebrating! Best wishes to you. =)
from mickey225 :
Happy Birthday! Hope you have a GREAT day! šoš
from kathiec :
HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Have a great day... heck, have a great year! Love and birthday hugs, Kathie
from dlandbdays :
Happy Birthday!
from treewillow :
Happy Birthday, I hope you have a wonderful day.
from rockboy :
thank you dear, i just wanted to let everyone know that you can be postive in your life, even if everyone else might not. and i think you're beautiful, rah :O)
from curable :
thank you! but hey, i never write in curable anymore... but i am writing in SHEBURNSX. read and add that diary if you like :) its an older one i kept that i went back to. thanks again
from gumphood :
I like your style and layout as well. Cool.,
from gumphood :
Hi there I found you via unclepumpkin. Just wanted to see what was up. Whats up?
from wllybere :
Hey there! Thanks for adding me to your favorites. I love your layout, but I wanted to let you know that your previous and next links aren't working. Doesn't matter... I can always go to the archive page to read more. Take care!
from draygonanon :
Thank you for your kind words :) and i would love to chat with you sometime. Everything is just a blur at the moment, take care
from decemberguy :
Thanks for reading. I thought your diary was pretty good too. Keep writing and I'll keep reading.
from drawingflies :
hey, sex is all kindsa good... when you can get it. me i never can get it. but from what i remember. it rules!
from drawingflies :
hey, i can't believe that anyone reads that crap. but thank you. i would love to chat sometime. my aim name is "buymegirls" and my email is or well i am off to email ya.... bye
from erica2175 :
thanks for joining the angels diaryring!
from unlucky13 :
thanks for joining the bittersweet diaryring.

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