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from wonderfulyou :
You're probably long overdue for a note, so here it is. How's it hanging? Besides work, which is majorly cramping my style, I'm doing alright myself. Geez, you never call. Well, nevermind cause I don't really call you either. But you should know I'm not much of a phone person. Maybe I'll just stop by sometime this week to say hey. Well I have to go and decide whether or not the next 2 hours are worth spending sleeping or not. I'll see you later, peace out dude. - Jimbo
from care99bare :
I was reading your answers to the weapons survey (obviously i'm bored), and i thought i'd let you know that, at least in Virginia where I live, if you shoot someone and don't kill them, they consider it malicious wounding and you will be convicted of it. However, if you kill someone who had the intent, ability, and motivation to hurt you, it's self defense and you get off. Granted not the best policy, but the idea is that if you have time to aim for an area other than a kill zone, or you think that wounding someone would stop them from hurting you or someone else, then you didn't need to use a gun in the first place. It's supposed to make you think seriously before you use deadly force (which is what it's considered when you fire a gun at a person, no matter where you aim). I am a girl, i'm 23 years old, and i've been in several major defensive pistol competitions, i carry the gun with me wherever i go and it sits on my nightstand when i'm at home, i ran the gun club at my college, and i don't think you'd be scared of me. : )
from oceanbluevic :
I don't know why you don't like your haircut because I think it looks really cool. Jim and I have been talking about chilling wit' choo, him, and I sometime. Tessa has been saying the same thing so we need to get together n stuff.
from playitloudd :
It wasnt Katie that left the note. I commend you for commenting on it, though. It was a thoughtful, understanding entry. I went back and forth with myself on whether or not it was even my place to comment. I think it was the night of the funeral, and there were a lot of emotions to begin with. Im so sorry if I offended you in any way, that was not my intention.
from playitlouddd :
I think you have unfairly categorized Vito's daughter Angie as a "messed up kid." I was, for a very long time, extremely close to Vito and his family. There was nothing disrespectful or unsettling about Angie and Vito's relationship. In fact, they were probably the closest out of all three girls. I love Katie and Melissa, and Im not discrediting them in anyway, I would just like to point out that there are always two sides to each story. Also, Vito was Italian. He was very proud of that. He would have had a fit if he heard you refer to him as Mexican. This whole we has been very sad for me, as Im sure it has been for your family. Vito was one of a kind.
from dishdeter :
Thank you for reading, sweetie! And I'm dishdeter because my real name is Dawn. Hehe, cuts through the grease, right. I'm looking forward to reading you as well, and thanks for adding me!
from bugbutt33 :
Nice entry the other day, about what you think of summer. I liked howyou linked that all. And I can't wait until summer, sun fresh air, outside, beaches, and making movies!
from oceanbluevic :
Can I make movies with you too in the summer? You only mentioned Chelsey and Justin.
from bugbutt33 :
The next time I play Twisted Metal Black will only be with you, since no one else owns it. And becuase I can't buy it formyself. So YES you need to show me some of the movies. That game is cool.
from oceanbluevic :
Hello. I just wanted to tell you how good of a writer you are. The stories you write are very descriptive and very good. You do a good job. Righteous dude! lol. Anywho, MASH is really cool. My favorite part of MASH is the beginning (seriously) I love the theme song and the feel of it. *hums theme song*.
from madam-rose :
vlad was thinking kinda the same thing about my dream...hmmm
from madam-rose :
ty for adding me to your bl :)
from vicsmind :
Every breath you take, every move you make, every bond you break, every step you take, I'll be watching you. Every single day, every word you say, every game you play, every night you stay, I'll be watching you. Oh can't you see that you belong to me? How my poor heart aches with every step you take, every move you make, every vow you break, every smile you fake, every claim you stake, I'll be watching you. Since you've gone I been lost without a trace. I dream at night and I can only see your face. I look around but it's you I can't replace. I keep crying, baby please. Every move you make, every vow you break, every smile you fake, every claim you stake, I'll be watching you.
from march-hare :
bridget jones diary, about a boy, velvet goldmine, and bend it like beckham are a few good english movies.
from march-hare :
I can't believe your class got punked. I doubt any of my teachers would have gone along with that. It makes for an interesting class no doubt.
from funkbrothap :
7th grade was the worst year for me too. It was awful. I have considered... attempted... suicide with no success (I thank my lucky stars now). You are a wonderful person with a brilliant mind... you are extremely smart and you know how to have fun. You know how to live. You are alive. I love you with all my heart... I love every part of you. I just have to look in your eyes and I can feel your love too. Never do anything to harm yourself, never.
from desheffer :
Well better luck with getting along with your parents. You just got to be open even though we you can't always get along with them. Also good luck with your grades. Next year you start clean, at least somewhat. Use that for a fresh beginning and don't slack off. I can't wait until summer. We have to get together and ride our bikes through town or something, though I still don't know how I'm going to get my bike to your house. Anyways, only 4 days left. Halleluja. Life is crazy. *random*. I just read Vicky's diary, that's all. Lol. Talk to ya later.
from epiphany :
Could I have your password? Or is this extra secret? I won't give it away., but I understand either way.
from bugbutt33 :
DUDE....The 'party' nights are great...wish 'The Crew' could all go to your cottage, that would be GREAT! And I like your movie list... :) (I am also in evrey entry...mostly, its nice knowing I'm liked
from desheffer :
Nice note page Chris. I think my name is in about every entry. Lol. That is cool though. I want to come up north with you sometime. And I want to have someone up to my cottage. The only problem is that it would be 4 people (mom, dad, me, and the dog) plus you. The bad part is that the dog barfs, you do the math. Lol. But I'll figure something out. Well, ttyl. Doug
from funkbrothap :
Hey Chris, when can I go up to your cottage? Is there a lake and a boat...? We could go out on the boat...alone...and "hang out". Can I? Can I?
from chrislo1112 :
This is my notes page. Everybody can see these notes, but leave me a note anyways. I just figured out that the notes are turned on and off, and I've been off, so you can leave me a note now. Good for you.

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