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from katiedoyle :
JOEY, WHERE DID YOU GO? DON'T LEAVE ME, JOEY! I know I haven't been around, but I came over to get caught up if you'd posted anything new, and you're gone, and this diary was how I got to the biking toronto diary, and now I don't know how to get there. HELP!!! kd
from haloaskew :
Oh, thank heavens. Now I can sleep tonight. But first, let me ask you: CAN I GET A WOOT WOOT? CAN I GET AN UNH? (Seriously though, did you start having that refrain play in your head again today?) I fucking hope so. I am nothing if not evil! ;)
from celebrations :
Come to Celebrations and join, it's fun and it's free!
from rosedavidson :
Hello My dear Pls read this message and get back to me urgent,pls am serious about this. May this mail will find you in Good condition. It Permit me to inform you of my desire of going into relationship with you. I have the believe you are a reputable and responsible and trustworthy person I can do relay with for a partner and by matter of trust I must not hesitate to confide in you for this simple and sincere transaction. My name is Ms rose mary Davidson single , from Ivory coast , am a banker here in ABIDJAN COTE D´┐ŻIVOIRE I need a very Good relationship with you and open minded so that we can work together as one family. Really ,we do not know each other before,It was also after I went through your profile this morning,I decide to contact you because of what i want to do with you. My plans was that as soon as this transaction get through I will resign from my work and come over to stay in your country. Your statue is good enough, due to the country you come from and I have the belive that if we can understand our self as we will achive something good from this projet. My communicateing with you this morning was very please to me and I don't want to wait due to the urgence this transaction needed . In my department i discovered an abandoned sum of $9.5m US dollars nine million, five hundred thousand U.S dollars) . In an account that belongs to one of our foreign customer He died along with his entire family in a plane crash in the year 2000 in that almost took the whole life of the pasengeres on board Since we got this information about his death, we have been expecting his next of kin to come over and claim his money because we cannot applie for it as next of kin,assocaite or relation to the deceased as indicated in our banking guidelines but unfortunately we learnt that all his supposed next of kin or relation died along side with him at the plane crash leaving nobody behind for the claim. It is therefore upon this discovery that I decided to make this transaction proposal to you ,so that the fund will be release to you as the next of kin. Since nobody is coming for the claiming of this fund and I don't want this money to go into the Bank treasury as unclaimed fund. Pls,this is an cfor you and me. The Banking law and guideline here stipulates that if such money remained unclamed after four years, the money will be transfere into the Bank treasury account as unclaimed fund. The request of foreigner as next of kin or assocaite in this transcation is needed occasioned by the fact that the customer is from your same Area and I am a citizen of this town I cannot stand as next of kin or assocaite . Please my dear,If you are capable to handle this project with me, contact me urgently as soon as you recieve this message so that I will go into details and tell you what you have to do. I Am waiting to hear from you. Remain the same to who cares with love. Miss ROSE MARY. contact me with this email [email protected]
from thedetails :
Hope you had a Happy Canada Day
from kaotykdreamr :
You know I never thought 'bout it but I guess Texans are really crazy 'bout football! Oh well! I've never been one to deny being crazy! But HS football is so much better than pro! HS still plays for the love of the game, not just the money! Former Texan and still a crazy football fan!
from trulypoetic :
Thanks for adding me. I didn't code my guestbook someone that is no longer on diaryland or anywhere did. But I like it too. Check out His book page and reviews...fantastic. Have you read Zadie's other book? I could never ever get into it...and it bugs me.
from everoboto :
Ok, obviously I suck at dates, but regardless, you were still standing practically in front of my job! And on a Wednesday even! That's the day I go buy my comic books -- across from the Flatiron. Sorry I missed you. Glad you live my city cuz I love your country! \m/
from influence :
Have you ever been to a Suds N Duds? It's bar/laundromat. I also once saw a video arcade/laundromat. That one wasn't so popular though. I think too many people blew their dryer quarters on Mortal Combat 18 and had to go home with wet clothes.
from hibiscus101 :
from influence :
Next time, as you're just about to get your coffee, you should "kindly" let someone in front of you.
from influence :
It's from some place in Italy. I don't recall where exactly.
from ittybittycat :
THANKS SO MUCH FOR THE NOTE!!!!!! Even though you said it wasn't you... but I don't care. Later :)
from rishi :
The beer... you are so very close to drinking it! Promise me that if you end up drunker than a cheerleader at prom you'll post pictures. Please. I'm blog-obsessed enough that this would be a huge thrill.
from everoboto :
You dare to be absent on Prank Canada Day??? Pussy!!! Excuse me, Puussy (extra Canadian 'u' in there so you'll comprehend it). Dude, this was the greatest observation in the history of all holidays and observations and your punk-ass was AB.SENT! How's A-BOOT being home next time, fucker! Maple syrup up the ass! \m/
from madatmydesk :
Dammit! Why is your diary so cool? I had to add you to my favorites list, but I like to keep think in alphabetical order, so it took me something like 600 hours to cut and paste in order to get you up to the top of the list. Why couldn't your name be Ultron or something freaky like that?
from zoombeanie :
You are really really funny. I love your diary. I hope you dont mind me putting you on my buddy list
from unfixed :
i followed some links and found this. mind if i stay and read a while?
from everoboto :
Thanks so much for the explanatory email and comments. I didn't even get to write about how we have popcorn ceilings and our neighbors warned us, no more like begged us, not to attempt to paint them ourselves. We're having a little trouble painting the walls because you can't tape those ceilings, so if you know what we should do, let me know. As for the cookies, I make a pretty good cookie, although, my oven is currently not working, so there will be no such baking for now.
from stormyclaude :
Joooeeeeeey! i need your help! i am attempting to insert my damn guestbook onto my webpage, but there's the whole "%% entry %%" discrepancy thing between diaryland and signmyguestbook, since it's not standard HTML. how'd you get around that? i'm going crazy. ughghgghl.
from wvlady :
Dude...if you're this silly sober, I can hardly wait till you are able to drink again...:)
from mightymaeve :
i've been a loyal fan of yours for a while now. you always give me a smile or a laugh or a 'hey, i can relate to that!' by the way, good thing you TM'd your RapidReleasePoo. That's a 'sure-fire' winner of a product!
from starlight42 :
just surfin' diaryland, (yes I'm bored!) and thought I'd leave you a note to say that your diary is pretty cool. Your entry on the bachelor made me laugh.
from everoboto :
Thanks for the explanation of The Bachelor, which by the way, is NOT a Canadian show, and therefore does NOT have that extra 'u' that you guys love to through around. Just cuz YOU'RE Canadian, doesn't make the show Canadian, you dig bro? Anyhow, thanks again cuz now I don't need to watch any episodes.
from haloaskew :
You know it's funny that they underutilized Mark McKinney on SNL because Lorne was the producer of KITH and you'd think Mark and Lorne would be all buddy buddy and he'd give Mark lots of skits to do on SNL...Another question about the universe that will never be answered, I suppose...
from everoboto :
When you wrote in your email that you had seen someone from Kids In The Hall I almost hyperventilated with the thought that it might be Dave Foley. I LOVE DAVE FOLEY. I watch "It's Pat!" all the time just because of Dave Foley. So, you're lucky it wasn't him, because I would have cursed you like only a crazed, Italian, Brooklyn, New Yorker could.
from everoboto :
I love Canadians! Please forgive my American ignorance. I'm not like Disco though. For one, I'm smart; two, I truly do love Canadians. \m/
from mnvnjnsn :
Ahoy hoy. Thanks for including me in your list of faves. If I get the time, I'll start translating my site into Canadian just for you. You and Dave Foley. Well, no, just you.
from everoboto :
Hi! Thanks for listing me as a favorite. I feel so honored that you even noticed me! That's so cool. You rock! \m/
from ramanda :
No Joey, not Power Day, Offtario Day :)
from mightymaeve :
Fellow Canadian! Woo-woo! Honk! Honk! Love your diary. Your thoughts about daily life are interesting and make me smile!
from booberella :
Awww, no love for the Boob? Ah, well. At least I'll be in town in time for the SARS-tacular. Or, as I like to call it "We aren't infected! Please come hug us!"
from diaryquotes :
yo, joey. where's a couple of american kids go to get drunk in your town? i need suggestions for to form a beer tour of tronno. all input is welcome.
from haloaskew :
Thanks to you, now I have that woot-woot song in MY head.
from pattymelt :
go white boy, go white boy go! you are all that!
from katiedoyle :
i dunno; because you're taking a trip which coincides (posting-wise, at least) with Thanksgiving. Call me a dumb American...
from jessie02 :
I like your diary! Feel better:)
from ecstasia :
I call getting a blood test a bloodletting. Your body makes just enough blood for YOU... not more so some wretched wretch can take your lifeforce out of your body. Damn doctors they are too scared to do it themselves, afraid we'll bite them I assume, so they have lowly nurses who have no training whatsoever, and the more afraid you are the cureler they are, they can smell fear, I swear! They might as well put leeches all over my small little body. I'm very happy you share my opinion on blood lettings, I think they should be no more, NO MORE. Thank you - your diary rocks by the way.
from invisibledon :
Thanks for playing in the neighborhood
from ms-m :
You are free to use the 'bonnie wee lassie' term whenever your heart desires. I share this with you, for I am awed by your thinking patterns... and uh identitiy issues.
from saint-louise :
I am terribly pleased once again. That I was able to make you laugh. Lovely, lovely! And now it's time for me to drink a gallon and a half of coffee and yell at some programmers. In a very delicate and ladylike way. Of course.
from saint-louise :
I'm terribly pleased that you added me as a favorite. And here's to hoping that it wasn't just a courtesy-add. (Considering your list of favorites and those listing you as a favorite, that is the way I'm leanin', though. But I shan't argue. Nope.) I would have emailed you this, but I didn't. How's that for logic...
from karokequeen :
You don't know who I am, but anyone who likes the movie BIG, and Sloan is a cool person.
from zamaroo :
you kick ass. that's all.
from lee-starnes :
Hey, cuppa, I'm thinking if my accounting major flops on me, I'll come up there and be a mountie. I just need to figure out where I go to take the Mountie Test...and who I have to kill.
from rlc :
I just read what you wrote about REALLY being Canadian and celebrating the hockey victory and I want to congratulate you. You were right on, there are a lot of bandwagon jumpers out there today and yesterday.
from blueblonde :
Hey cuppa! I'm notes-de-virginizing you!

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