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from jane-dreams :
Are you still writing? I used to read you all of the time, I was formerly jane-does. If you are around and want to share your info, leave me a note or email me at [email protected]
from elliemay23 :
I'm locked but if you'd still like to read I'll email you the name and password. Just let me know. xoxo, Ellie
from science-boy :
SO good to see you back! I hope we can catch up! s-b
from gumphood :
You haven't updated in a while. Is everything okayt?
from mspsyched1 :
I hope you'll consider coming back or writing somewhere I can read up on you. You've been a big pillar to me and are missed here.
from hopeanew :
Denise Delene Marjorie :) We call her DD. ;)
from jane-does :
So you've locked up? E-mail me with a password if you want to let me in. If not, I completely respect your privacy. ;)
from science-boy :
Thank you!
from helderheid : Helderheid's new addy :)
from sanetwin :
Happy Mothers day!
from elliemay23 :
I have decided to make this...."Leave all of my buddies a note day" Hope you have a happy day! Ellie
from science-boy :
One of the things the crap-magnet in my head capture is lines from movies. If I've seen it, I'm pretty unstumpable. I love Groove. I call The Goose Eezma from time to time and then she goes "No touchy. No touchy." Yeah, that's right. s-b
from gumphood :
So your not watching me to see right! I hope I am just a fav..hehe. Anyway, thanks for the memories....I won't be boring...anymroe!
from elliemay23 :
I guess you are forgiven. I thought, "what in the world could I have possibly done to bring on the wrath of Dani?" xoxo, Ellie
from thehour :
hey thanks for adding me as a 'might be fav'. even if it turns out to only be temporary, i appreciate you stopping by! thanks!
from mommylap :
Hey- for two days now I find I can't scroll down on your entries, even if I reduce the frame. Not getting to read more than the first few paragraphs is a terrible tease for me.
from elvinarcher :
Thanks for your message; glad you liked my entry. Take care, -Meg ^_^
from science-boy :
Well, they are not the type you would find in your average cupboard or cabinet (depending on where you are from). In fact, I am pretty sure it was imported. So long ago. I don't think I saved the label. I hope you enjoyed the story. My Bride made me tell it to my In-Laws. Yikes! Have a great day! ps I love that I don't have snow anymore!
from science-boy :
Well, my take is that her first line of defense is to lash out, make a pre-emptive strike. If she knows she can hurt, she can't be hurt. Unfortunately, it's subconscious and she doesn't realize. Makes it very hard. Any confrontation, even constructive, is met with such adversity (unless she's in the mood to receive), that it almost doesn't make it worth while. But I haven't given up yet. Thanks for your kind words of support. If you ever need any in return, let me know. Have a great day and turn up the volume! s-b
from science-boy :
I am catching up on your entries. You are an amazing person. I wish that I had 1/10 your strength and flexibility. You must be awesome to behold in person. I have no doubt that you fill a room immediately and command it like the cool-movie-guy. A hush falls, heads turn, camers-pan to doorway: Dani-lou in all her majesty! Thought I'd share! Have a great weekend! Is that your music I hear? s-b
from nuntobe :
Thank you so much for the note. I am so inspired by you. God Bless. *hugs* ~Jamie~
from everwoodrevu :
your review is up. thank you for requesting.
from crashreviews :
Your review is up!
from flyinby :
12/25/03 I hope you have a beautiful Christmas! God bless! ~Jody
from cutie1083 :
Happy Holidays!
from prncsaimee :
Thanks :) I'm glad you like it!
from brgriff :
thank you for the review :)
from preciousgift :
Thanks for wishing Skye a Happy Birthday. :)
from jaguar7482 :
I just wanna thank you for leaving me a note. It made me smile. So thank you. *hugs* AJ
from specialrevus :
Hey Doll this is Miss Rose from Special Revus. I took over the site from Ann Marie and apologize for the wait of your review. I wanted to just make sure you are still intrested. I changed up a few rules and scoring so please re check that and just tell me that yes u still want one and where our link might be found. I know the old buttons are down but we are working on getting new ones up. Thanks so much for waiting hun. Have a great week.
from chinariquena :
um.. hi! this is like a totally random question. but do you think i can have the link for that questions box? heh.. just wondering. its aight if you don't wanna give it to me. i'm just curious. xD
from officegal :
thanks for the nOte!
from hausfrau :
Thanks for compliment on my diary, I made it myself. I borrowed the graphic though. But I colorized and resized it myself; I believe that frees me from any copyright infringement type issues. I like the colors of your diary, I may 'borrow' them when I switch to my winter motif in December. I agree goober is a handy descriptive, my brothers are goobers too, all three of them - each in his own special way. :-)
from rosereviews :
Hi! Your review is up at Rose Reviews. If you like what you see, spread the word! :)
from idiotreviews :
Like getting reviewed? Check out Idiot Reviews!
from a-little-off :
=) May you be showered with large quantities of chocolate.
from sbspsd :
Your review is up at Sepia Reviews.
from my-reviews :
You were reviewed, check it out.
from cheekyreview :
Your review is up @ Cheeky Reviews! Well done.
from filmstarrevu :
I just started a review site, and noticed you were on the pending list for a site I review for as well... Just wondered if you would like a review from my new site? Maybe hear from you soon!
from la-blue-eyez :
Thank you, I've actually got the code in my HTML already and it's been there for nearly 6 months or more. It just hasn't blocked them all.
from planetcookie :
"Cookie" has been my nick name ever since I was a child. My mother blessed me with it. I'm her "cookie." Then, when I met my boyfriend, he started calling me Cookie, and even got me a gold ankle bracelet with my nick name. The name just stuck and I am quite proud of it. I think it's cute. Hehe..! -Hugs and kisses for you too, Cookie
from reviewgirl :
Here you are. thank you much. :)
from reviewgirl :
Just wondering if you were looking for another review. You'd be among my first. :) Pretty please, I'll be nice.
from thisendup :
thanks, sweetie. i'm in beaumont, tx. an 1 1/2 hours from Houston and three hours away from New Orleans. I really needed the hugs today. you are wonderful.
from planetcookie :
Hey there! Hugs to you too. Don't worry, I wasn't offended or anything. I just wanted to give you some hope that they are teens out there that don't act like the holy terrors that disappoint you. Hehe! Take it easy..! :0)
from katiecat216 :
Thanks for actaully reading my diary. No one ever read its, im happy just to get one person read it. Thanks again.
from jane-reviews :
Your review is up! Thanks for your request.
from muffinbean :
Thank you for complimenting my layout.I love your diary, I love your extras. The "Need to laugh or smile" section is really funny!Luv-Muffinbean:)
from pushpull :
Hey, thanks for dropping me a note. I like your diary too. As for the layout of mine, well, I'm picky and indecisive, and the latest one isn't doing it for me. But thanks, I appreciate that you like it!
from mommylap :
Thanks for joining the cupcake diaryring! Now whenever you're down or weary you are officially allowed to chant "cupcake!cupcake!cupcake!" -or not. The cupcake ethic is totally silly and democratic after all. However I dare you to chant cupcake during your dinner party this weekend. hee hee.
from begrrl :
thank you so much for your note...based on what I read at your site you brighten so many lives (including mine)...I've added you to my favorites, because you are so real. Like a sit-com or something. Real and not OVERLY dramatic or juvenile. Real. Who said reality bites? Thank you!
from everoboto :
Hi, I found you through one of your banners. I notice you like all music. Does that include metal? Hmm? \m/ I browsed around your site a bit and I'm diggin it. I'll be back for more.
from koulynya :
Hi!I�m from Spain and I think your diary is very interesting,how old are you?Where are you from?well,cheers,I hope you answer!
from grimm0826 : know, vibrating hands MIGHT have their uses... ;-)
from dust-settle :
sorry to read you're having a rough morning. wishing you better days.
from jordanbakeit :
I like it alot
from lovemonkey13 :
ok, well the homosexuality thing was compleatly and utterly wrong to say such a thing. Muders shouldnt be compared to that, u hipacrit! instructing the ignorent, my momma's ass u! but otherwise I liked what u wrote.
from mommylap :
'Lying in bed' is maybe my favorite thing I've read since I've been exploring diaryland. You are great!
from gumphood :
Bro. I like it. I read the rules for dating you daughter too and that was radical. Anyway. I hope you are doing great man. This is the Gump
from wifemotherme :
I visited because your banner said please - I will stick around because I like what I see.
from sapphire292 :
Hahahaha. Your banner. Haha. wow. Maybe it's cause I'm tired but.. I laughed. A lot. Funny stuff. hmmm
from beagle47 :
dani wrote: "Didn't click on my, hoo. ~Dani" and the beagle barks: "if i'd a seen it, i'd a clicked it -- sorry, 'lou. run it again and i'll try to look more." peace. (and i really mean that).
from a-little-off :
I saw your banner. Your site doesn't suck. You're hilarious.
from brushstroked :
At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self. (Brendan Francis) Use this time to rediscover who you are. :)
from thespark :
I tried to e-mail you from thespark through your d-land addy, but it didn't work. Please e-mail thespark at [email protected] with your current e-mail addy. Plesae include your username, in case I don't recognize your e-mail!
from ldybug1113 :
hehe, i don't have any sugar...well, i take that back- i have sugar CUBES, you know, the kind the horses eat. They're just my size! what can i say ;) It's fun being me, hehe. thanks, katie :)
from r-e-v-i-e-w :
ah, your r-e-v-i-e-w review is up, sorry it took a while to finish
from renewedgrace :
Just passing by...nifty diary...Have a great day! >>>----->
from ldybug1113 :
hey, i found you- don't worry you don't know me, and 2- i'm not a stalker. know what i always say? "breathe~ it makes the day seem a little lighter" God Bless & keep you always, kate
from kinky-gurl :
my email is [email protected] ok? thanks bye HAPPY INDEPENDANCE DAY
from gumphood :
Oh god...its still good.... WHY WHY
from dramatizer :
Hey, I have a question for you. I am reviewing your diary, and I was wondering if you self-designed your own diary template. I need to know ASAP. Thanks, Chaucey
from just-fine :
Thankyou beautiful xo
from internetchik :
i really havent read much of your diary, but i just read the entry with the useless fact about the king of hearts. did you also know that he is the "suicide king"? check the card, hes stabbing himself in the head. wierd-ness
from puccapeach :
I tried to leave you a comment on your diary, but there wasn't any button for me to push to sumit it. So I figure this place is better than any. I wanted to say that I have ran in to the stupidest people, just because I work at walmart in hicks ville!!!
from darkfairy13 :
Great diary, the template is so cute! Yeah spiders scare me too....
from chipsgalore :
ya totally ignore the before note...i thought you were someone else and i was being a total idiot! sorry! HAPPY RANDOM GUESTBOOK SIGNING WEEK to you too!!! anyway, have a great day, smile lots!
from chipsgalore :
hey, thanks a ton for the note, i feel loved now! i'm sorry you have to leave the children your teaching...that has to be hard! well have a smiley day!
from la-douleur :
Thanks for the message.
from lilchrissi :
Welcome :)
from lilchrissi :
Love your diary- I can relate. Hugs Chrissy
from solstice36 :
thanks for applying for my cancer sucks ring. could you please let me know where in your diary you mention cancer? once i see that i'll gladly add you to the ring. thanks :-)
from diaryreviews :
Your reviewis up at Re-reviews are in thirty days, if you want one. ~Vicky
from about-a-goth :
Heyo! Love ur point of view :)
from widower :
Welcome to Diaryland.

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