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from torn-youth :
lol..lucky you! haha i know nobody who will fix mine *sad* lol well yeah DL is ok i guess!
from torn-youth :
awwe dammit.. i tried livejournal but i dont know how to make my layout because i'm fucking stupid =(. so i came to DL..well..thanks for letting me know anyway
from torn-youth :
awwe that sucks!...will you still be writing in yuor journal or anything? =(
from torn-youth :
Hey I tried to join one of your diary rings "brandon boyd" but I'm not sure if I did the code thing right =( because i'm dumb..
from upcountry :
I got your card too! you are always so sweet to me. i think i'll send you a card on every holiday ;)
from alirah :
Then you should come back
from cianne :
we watched two more discs of season five tonight, so i am now all clear on the dawn thing (and riley is gone - awww, tsk tsk). so i must make a livejournal, huh? well, i suppose it can't be that much trouble. off i go ...
from foosgold :
Goddamn SMG won't let me sign! This is Christmas spam, and you just got a nice big lump of it! Have a great Christmas, and I'll catch you soon. Take care - (((hugs))).
from upcountry :
hey chicky-doll, check your snail mail next week :) merry christmas!!
from paperxheart- :
Bush rants are always good. <3
from zenkitten :
ps, why do u hate squirrel x?
from zenkitten :
well DAMN. lol. id hate to get into a fight with you. yes, walmart sucks ass. they do not pay thier employees over time. either way, they are like everyother government guru in this country; liars and cheaters. i have not shopped there for about 6 months. lol. i am proud of that acheivement. i think that you will be interested in my debate journal. i have not updated it because no one goes to it, but i will when people start to. trust me, i have alot to rant about. its PLEASE come and rant. i need support; lol. and please join my sisterhood; its on my personal website:)
from crayola123 :
heyy there i just did ur survey i really liked it to! i'm sorry i hope i didnt waste ur time on some of the questions about the best friends! i couldnt really answer them coz sadly i have no bestie at the mo crayola
from exposedgrace :
boo-yaaa I love emperors new groove thanks for the ring
from sbspsd :
Your review is up at Sepia Reviews!
from ems00 :
Thank you for welcoming me. =)
from dark-cootie :
i really love your diary ring:)... great job... keri... P.S. im with you on the whole george bush thing...
from lumanatic :
Thanx for the C.I. ring welcome! I love yoru diary and will be frequenting it more and more!! I hope you don't really leave :-/..
from orgasmicrevu :
No link=no review
from toastreview :
Your review is up. Sorry about the wait!
from duckreviews :
Hello, I am the �new management� of Duck Reviews. I was wondering if you would still like a review. Please inform me if you would. If not, I will take you off the pending list and I apologize for the wait. (I apologize for the wait anyway, even if it�s not my fault. Er�) Thank you. ~Katie
from jellygrlfrnd :
I just wanted to say that I really like your profile. Incorporating Buffy quotes is always a GOOD thing!
from jomelchaton :
well, I'm outta here for now :) gotta haul my ass to school. catch you next time *kiss*
from jomelchaton :
gee...seems like we're online at the same time :))
from cdghost :
interesting to read..thanks
from jomelchaton :
Could I have your LJ ural please? :)
from jomelchaton :
Dear Bunny, My buddy list stated that you had updated but I can't seem to access your new entry about your new diary...could you possibly email me with the url to your new diary? I really really don't wish to give up reading about such a wonderful person. My thanks and do take care. Love, Jo-Mel
from frozentears0 :
Hi you don't know me but I love reading your diary, Sorry to hear about what's been going on. Hope everythink works out OK. Hugs Sarah xxx
from boxspringhog :
sorry I'm logged into my other account, the review is at
from boxspringhog :
Hey, I left this in your guestbook a while back as well but in case you didn't see it, your review at Blunt Reviews is up. I didn't want you to not find it like the other review you weren't notified of.
from elijah1981 :
hey thanks...yup, Wal*Mart sucks!!!
from catsmeow1224 :
Hey there! This is Nikki from Who Knew Review. I noticed that you haven't taken us off of your pending reviews list onto your results page and I got to thinking "Hm, she might not know her review is done!" So this is just a note to make sure you got the notice from your reviewer. If you already did, I'm way sorry for bugging you : )
from ladyforash :
OH my Gosh! I had no idea John Ritter had died. I'm shocked sad! I just was reading about him last night, as I was reading some Buffy trivia and it talked about how both he and SMG were ill when they played the final fight scene in Ted. I just can't believe it. :(
from ladyforash :
Bunny, I am Carolee, Allison's(marsterslady)'s friend. She told me about the cookies and card you sent her. You are so wonderful. Thank you so much! She really needed to hear those words, and know that someone like you cares. As her friend, I just wanted to say thank you...thank you for taking care of my girl!
from ladyforash :
You all will be in my thoughts, and I'll say a prayer for you. I don't know if God listens to me..he never seems to, but it can't hurt to try now can it? Hugs to you.
from hunurevu :
you're done at Who Knew Review
from ladyforash :
Hello, I'm a friend of marsterslady and I just wanted to tell you that your layout with Faith ROCKS!
from an6elo :
5 by 5 boss... and congratulations on your 2-year anniversary!
from megl42 :
Welcome to the Common Rotation ring! Cause your momma don't know and your daddy don't get it, and the boys are up on the stage and don't you forget it.
from sbspsd :
Hi. This is Sepia Reviews. We changed image hosts for the link us buttons and the following is the new code:
from sbspsd :
Hi. This is Sepia Reviews. We changed image hosts for the link us buttons and the following is the new code:
from my-matthew :
Thanks for welcoming me to your diaryrings and thanks for making such great diaryrings. *smiles*
from curiosity-r :
your review is done take a look!
from alirah :
::kills Bunny::
from kissoff24 :
thank you! i fuckin love that show :o)
from fleur-review :
your review is complete!
from rpfreviews :
Sorry it took so long for it to get done, but your review is done. ~Rayne
from preciousgift :
Thanks for the welcome. :)
from poppyfish :
Sorry I scared you. Samara is one scary little kid. ;)
from prowlingleo :
Wishing you a happy 4th, and thank you for giving me a great read!
from utter-views :
Your review is up at Utter-Views, thanks for stopping by. :o)
from sinfulreview :
your review at sinful reviews is now finished.
from prowlingleo :
Just dropping a thanks for being in the Glenn Quinn diary ring!
from royalreviews :
Your review is up at Royal Reviews!
from imyourgirl :
your review is up at imyourgirl~hope its what you were wanting ! ~jen
from cinderellen :
Please sign my guestbook or leave me a note at, which is my diary. Thanks!
from squishreview :
your review is up. great job!
from nosferatu-tu :
thank you. With intrigue, Erin
from nikubus :
thanks for the welcome note! and thanks for running a ring devoted to the best disney movie! "yay! i'm a llama again!!!....wait..."
from chuffnutt :
I use to work at Wal-Mart for a few months, so working there sucked.
from vadergirl :
Yeah! Come on you know they are simply meant to be. Dawn/Spike.
from prowlingleo :
I'm glad you found the Glenn Quinn ring. When I first joined diaryland, I couldn't believe no one had a ring for him. Unfortunately it doesn't get much traffic. Poor Doyle.
from usareviews :
Your review is up, congratulations!
from prowlingleo :
I came across your diary because you requested a review at USA; I review there. Consider this a welcome back note, I hope I get the pleasure of reviewing you. Looks like I'll enjoy it around here!
from lastlostpoet :
I LOVE your template. Just thought I'd drop a line and comment on it. Who is that in the picture?
from katehackett :
from megl42 :
Thank you for joining the WillowRocks diaryring. Where everything is, hello! Gay now!
from canofmexican :
hey i took your cool survey, have a real variety of music, authors, movies.. a good author is amelia atwater-rhodes. she writes about vampires, shes an excellent author, even if she's not as in-depth as people like anne rice and stuff.. yeah..uh visit my diary, its pretty boring but, owell, i just started..i have a u-journal before that. p.s: you're cool.
from dependant :
I miss you and want you back! come back bunny, come back. Love you overly!
from muse11 :
Thanks for the welcome!! Too bad you've closed....
from unicornangel :
Thanks for the warm welcome to your B/A ring. I'm a huge Buffy fan. I also like all your quotes on your profile page. (i'm a quote freek too.) --angel
from sp0ngebubble :
Yay! I'm welcome. ~squeeken squeeie~ hehe I love that squirrel.
from crazedweazel :
yes, thanks for welcoming me! i must add that as soon as i saw this particular diaryring beating down walmart, i just had to join, it was perfect for me. mostly because i used to work there, and simply hated everything about it. cheers to you for feeling the same way!!! oh, yeah, and they also blow for putting kmart down! lol
from punk-reviews :
k sorry but i forgot to say the gbook entry was posted by punk-reviews. see you!
from leiaangelus :
Thanks for your very happy to be a member of the Buffy/Angel diaryring..:)
from devouredsoul :
yeah no problem acid bath rocks..why wouldnt i?
from lilmonkichi :
:-D!! hehehez!! thank you for welcoming me into the diaryring!! ^.^!!
from dependant :
Damn the rat fink bastards! By the way you're very pretty, did you lose weight? You look fabulous! If you lock your diary please give me a password :) I can't live without bunny love!
from motherlode :
well, FAAAAKKK!!! kick their ass when you find out WHO HAD THE BIG FUCKING MOUTH! and send me the password :)
from coltpixy :
I did a small rant on locked diaries yesterday, and now I'm regretting it. The fact you had to lock yours is making me rethink my stand on it. I know how hard it can be when you are read by someone who knows you, whom you don't like. *hugs* wishing you all the best. If it stays under lockdown, you will be very missed.
from blood-clot :
thank you. xoxo read my diary sometime you should like it.
from devilish- :
thank u :)
from sexkitten666 :
yup, thanks! down with wal-mart!!!
from our-views :
Your review has been posted at our views. May God have mercy on your soul.
from jekylandhyde :
shit. wrong person. doh. But you like buffy...yes!
from jekylandhyde :
down with nsync!
from neuroticaa :
haha. chicks do rule. especially you! <3
from fuckingfat :
"Hey. Pro Anas. Can I come over and count how many ribs are sticking out of your completely flat chests? If I say pretty please and bring saltines? :-D ::waves to the supporters:: We rock." Sorry but I just found that extremely immature and stereotypical. Fine, have your opinion, but the least you could do is have it with some sense of maturity. And as for the stereotypical part, as I'm sure you know, but chose to overlook, not everyone with an ED or that supports Pro-Ana has ribs sticking out of their chest, me being a great example of that.
from cutejosie6 :
hey im sorry u are having a bad week, im having a bad week too. see blah blah micah blah blah aj.. blah blah i wont bore you with th details of my love life, or lack of. anyay i want u to know i feel for u and i hop u mke te right choices, and this is realy going to ruin te moment, but do u know the quote from buffy, in season 2 after anel goesall grr, and amy says somethin about valentines day and it buffys wittycomment abou card companies? well if u knew that quote, and i happened to let me know it, wel id love u lots.
from shine-review :
Howdy, yo! ...Your review's just been posted... Terribly sorry about the wait, but I'm sure you'll be pleased. ...*winks*
from darknessmine :
awesome template. faith rocks, she's one of my favourite characters. NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER stop liking BtVS...we need more followers, lol.
from buffyslays :
Thanks for the welcome! Can't wait to check out your diary and some of the others you list as your favs. Xander: Damn it! You know what? I'm sick of this crap. I'm sick of being the guy who eats insects and gets the funny syphilis. As of this moment, it's over. I'm finished being everybody's butt monkey! Buffy: Check. No more butt monkey.
from a-black-rose :
Thanx for the welcome! :-D Love the diary!
from goldenshovel :
Yes! Another post promoting cannibalism! (muggers should be eaten)
from nbgtown06 :
Who is that girl in the picture in your layout? She looks familiar.
from k-hun :
check out my other diary, letters written to a guy who will never read them.., lots of hugs..
from glazecovered : - My trading card
from neuroticaa :
hello... i just added you to my d-land hall of fame... aka, my favorite diaries... because, well, you are just that cool. lol feel free to drop me a line some time! <3
from love-in-vein :
Well fuck me gently with a chainsaw? HEATHERS! My best friend loves Christian Slater, I can't even count the times I've been forced to watch it. Haven't seen you lately, just wanted to pop in and say hello. Take care. :) -Mel/Lali-
from miss-edith :
I love it when people get that quote! Hope you keep coming by. Much love, Miss Edith
from ravenclaw42 :
And Red Dragon is..... correct! :) Hehe, anyway, thanks for the note. (I don't get many.) I like trying to give honest answers to surveys instead of blowing them off. What's the point in taking them if you aren't going to think about them first? Further up and further in - Raven
from princess1978 :
I left you a message earlier today,sorry if I may have seemed rude.That's just me.I went and read your diary,and must say that you speaking of being insecure of yourself is absolutely ridiculous.Not only are you fine as hell,you have an amazing personality.I always speak my mind,nomatter what,rude or not.......I prefer to keep it,take what I said to heart.Your exceptional.
from short13 :
i read you note about the beautyisthin diaryring and had to agree and left a lil' piece of my mind there too. thank you for saying such touching words. it may not have affected that b!tch but it affected me. thanks again..
from aeternum :
I think your diary rocks! I thought i'd better comply and let you know I was reading so, just to let you know, I think you're one hilarious chick - the quotes page is an especial fave! Keep writing.
from glass-fairy :
yay bunny!!! i love the new ring :)
from cabbie :
Well I had to put the code up... it matches with my main page so well! It's a whole Eliza theme.
from hendrixview :
your review is posted at - claire
from almostlegal :
Hey, just to let you know, there are new questions up and available for answering at Almost Legal! Feel free to stop by!
from alonereviews :
Your review has been posted. If your guestbook actually worked, I'm sorry for the slamming.. ;)
from enigmotion :
Bunny power.
from rudereviews :
Oh yes. Just like that, baby. Mmm. Ahh! -spasm- Thanks for the note.
from corie7 : i know you are a Btvs check this's crazy...lovely Btvs Tattoos.
from corie7 :
hey,i put the codes. by the way what ya think bout the new style of my site? leave me a note..
from chicknamdgoo :
from mewreview :
Your Mew Review review is finished. Go check it out!
from monkiebob :
Thanks for making an Emperor's New Groove diaryring. I love that movie as much as i love cheese. Eliza Dushku is a goddess. anywho later.
from hotlikefire :
hey, thanx for the note...yeah, i know my dairyrings dont work, i gotta fix them but i just had a bajillion ppl talking to me last night so i gave up for a while...
from diamondviews :
i finished your review!! :)
from invaderniz :
WOW! Your room rocks! Do you have posters like that all over your walls?! I've tried making collages, but they always turn out... not good. You must have lots of magazines ^_^
from panjandrum :
Buuuuny! I was going to tell you! I was I was, but I only made the rings 3 hours ago. Less than that probably plus I'm currently googling for an image for an Interview with the Vampire Ring. I know, I know another one. But I more rings for a week after this ok?.....Now please stop crying and come out ot the corner.
from rockergemini :
heya! I read the first one or two chapters of your book. I must admit I like it! I used to be a rabid buffy fan. But Angel had a son and that ruined it for me ( i was far too in love with david boreanaz to imagine him having any son other than one he made with me! LOL) Where I live, none of the cable set-ups pick up UPN, so Im lost to that now. :( I'm writing a book too! The username is Mekael. Its not about the occult, but its about vampires. But its not like Buffy, its more anne rice-ish. whatever. I just wanted to say i liked your book! Rock on! Manda
from hemopoetic :
i just took your sister survey to the word association one. i liked it a lot. silly me, though, i messed up on the second question. *blush* *hides*
from xxxemogirlxx :
I read your diary becuase i like it and i am sure i have told you this before i just wanted to let you know after reading your most current entry...much love peace out
from missprisy :
Hey! Thanks so much for joining the vanilla coke diary ring! I was actually surprised nobody else had done yet!!
from no-rest :
Very strong person. I admire that greatly.
from neverclear5 :
Hey, I just went to your diary from the banner thing at the top. Your even more obsesed with buffy than my brother. We both watch it when its on tv and sam has all the videos. I tend to borrow them. When I was off college last I had a kinda marathon and just watched it all right from the first episode. I'm not sure if that makes me weird or not.
from demonyuzuha :
ill join the cult of bunny worshipers.
from moonreviews :
Whheeee! Your review is done. �
from grenjelybean :
Ahhh!! I so jealous! I havent seen mine up there yet. Or yours! I can't beleive it! Anyway, just wondering...What's your click through %? Mine is 6.2 ... I heard that is like super good. But you probably get like so many more hits than I do...I'm gussing yours is like 8...atleast. Right? hehe... :) Toodles!
from lacorneille :
Welcome to the Diary God/dess diaryring!
from camelot04 :
I know it doesnt work. Wasnt sure how to do it. Im no longer updating that diary. My new diary is Jamebug04. Check it out~
from panzer-kitty :
I�m glad you liked the survey, I�m also a big fan of word association games and all that..
from ryanpaul :
okay i filled out a couple more. see what boredom does to oneself?
from ryanpaul :
i filled out 21 surveys in a row. ow...head hurts. random.
from morguecrawl :
Yes, I did actually think that was pretty idiotic, once the excercise in extreme boredom was complete. *inclines her head* Sorry to have marred yout notes page yet again. Have a good day.
from bitch-review :
Your bitch-review is complete.
from shawntasy :
Hey Miss Bunny!! Just dropped by to say hello!
from ryanpaul :
More surveys please. I'm a boy the is doing nothing for the summer. I need to answer surveys.
from panjandrum :
LoL! Ok What do you mean funny things? Oh the text? Yeah it does tend to jump around a bit doesn't it? See ya
from ryanpaul :
you have too many notes and i have none. boo hoo. wait, i didnt come here to complain. well kinda. i didnt know your answers in the survey gets cut off if you answer too long. two of my answers got cut off. oh well, no biggie. just wanted to tell you so you dont go all "wait, that's it?"
from dependant :
Damn you! for like ages we were neck and neck for diaryland fans but now you've just zoomed on ahead in the popularity polls. What is your secret? If I weren't so lazy and uncompetitive then I'd be jealous as it is I'll just shake a fist in your general direction. :)
from shawntasy :
Whats up chick! You know you ROCK!!!!! As for me, I's in mexico chilling! Waiting for my job to call me and stuff! And as for Buffster and Angelus..... at the beginning please. :o)
from shawntasy :
Is there a Christopher Rice diaryring? If not there dang well should be!
from shawntasy :
Ooooh! Ooooh! Tell me! Tell me pleeeeeeeeeeease! They show Buffy and Angel out here but they are like 3 to 4 months behind and they show them out of sequence!:o(
from shawntasy :
Oh yeah, what's going on with Buffy and Angel?
from shawntasy :
Have you read Chris' second book? Density of Souls great. Guess he comes by his talent naturally.
from pinkwolf :
look, im sorry for ranting before, but i see no point in being mean for a mistake. people have so much to deal with in the first place,so there is no point. i dont think its amusing to piss people off. i dont. i think its sad u do. u said to me that the only comfort that u could offer is hugs, and thats true, and a really nice thing to say, but the other thing u could offer is being courteous. it doesnt take much effort,and it makes life easier.lou didnt deserve to be called stupid. i wont b saying uch more, its just i cant sit still with u thinking its funny to b mean. save it for people who deserve it. all the best. lara.
from pinkwolf :
how is somebody writing a nice note explaining why she likes bunnies stupid? whats ur damage? why be so fucking rude to somebody who was being nice? and its a perfectly valid reason to join the ring, liking bunnies, what are we all supposed to bow down and worship you/ fuck that! im just so fucking offended how u can b so rude, to somebody that hasnt even been mean. it comes across as petty , and tacky, and god knows why anyone joins the ring in the first place if ur going to b so childish. what u said was really bitchy, for no good reason, and i think u should think about how big headed u sound before u start mouthing off to people who have not done anything to u.
from louloulau :
Hey, cheers 4 your note! I joined the Bunnyworship diaryring coz I love bunnies!! Every1 slags them off and talks bout them being evil but no! Bunnies ARE just cute like everybody supposes!!!! My friend Lara (aka pinkwolf) stole my bunny and killed it & my other friend Eddie talks about wanting 2 run them over in his hula-mobile. Seriously, it's upsetting! Whats with your barney song in your diary by the way!?! fellow bunny worshipper, Lou x
from slash-mel :
Thanks GBG, yes I run GOGA... Glad you like it!
from ryanpaul :
Hey there Bunny! I just realized I never wrote you a note before. How dare I. LoL. Well I tried the Virtual Model thing. Ick. I'm right I AM ugly. So there. And I seriously should stop messing with my HTML. Right?
from are-you-sad :
I love your site, it keeps me in endless smiles. You are awesome. I must find a way to pay you back for the smiles, any ideas?
from shawntasy :
Still in Cali. I feel like I've been here for like years instead of days. Still trying to find out if that is a good or bad thing. Sighs! Well talk to you later. Hope you're doing great!
from grenjelybean :
Being the bored loser that I am, right now I happen to be playing with some HTML stuff so I can just give her a new one. So far I just have the empty boxes. I hope she liks somethign Buffy. That's what I'm making. hee. See how helpful I get when I get bored. ::loser:: toodles :)
from shawntasy :
ooooh Valentine was such a good movie! David of course was soooooo yummy in that movie! I'm trying Rancho, but I'm not sure if I want to do the whole picture layout again. I really loved the one Feeorin did with Gwen, that was cool!
from shawntasy :
Hey Miss Bunny, just dropped by to say meow! Hehe, meant hello!
from tk-reviews :
your review is up
from tk-reviews :
Dare to try our review site? Let's see if you're a thriller!
from ambrianna :
Ok, code added.
from potireviews :
You have been reviewed by Pretty on the Inside! Your not only Pretty on the inside, YOUR BEAUTIFUL darlin! It was my honor to review you. I will be adding you my favs list, any one who loves Buffy as much as I do is one kewl chick! Any comments or questions can be directed to the Pretty's notes section. We also have a diaryring if your interested. =) Thanks a bunch for letting me review you! Peace, Joy and Blessings- Shawn
from motherlode :
you bearing my children would a be a feat of scientific engineering and innate weirdness. let's do it.
from punkrockho :
hey sorry about the whole locked diary/no ring thing. I cant unlock it because my sister is a bitca and would tattle to my parents every little snippit of info about my personal life on there. but i totally understand! buffy still rocks! :)
from dependant :
Hey! Guess what!...ok don't guess it'd only raise your hopes but Xander and Harmony are coming to Sydney for the sci-fi convention! Yay! If I meet him and get him to sign stuff then I totally promise to get something, anything signed for you and I will mail it to you if it kills me! Which barring any bizarre accidents with stamps probably won't.
from alirah :
And ICQ would be...?
from alirah :
::Throws a banana cream pie in your face::
from grenjelybean :
Oh my dear dear Bunnificus! I knew that I had it open to everyone and had planned on closing it when we all joined. See, I think about these things. And the Image, OY! I have tried 3 different servers! Angelfire, Geocities and Tripod. None of them worked. Tripod worked on my computer for the first few times I loaded it then it stopped, so I assumed it was my computer. Oh well. Unsing Raunchoweb now! Um. Off to class. Buh Bye-ees!
from grenjelybean :
Hey there my Bunny Goddess!! Just wanted to say that I got your note and I made a SS ring. So go join! Woo Hoo!! I'm gonna leave notes for everyone else too. Bye my Bunny.
from alirah :
Bunny!! How is my wonderful, superb, fantabulous, benevolent goddess, Bunnificus?
from devilish- :
heh, be as honest as you like
from alirah :
Ok Buns. I just created RingedSaturn the Lupe, just for you.
from ills :
hehe you have a fan club how kawaii heheh
from ills :
oh yeah she was in true lies hehe, it pissed me off when they kik her off of buffy i stoped watching it for like a couple of weeks when she left i was madd, though i liked her in "bring it on" that was kewl i liked when she was doing the flips. Heheh well anyways i have to go my brother just got home and is being a dick and telling me to get off grrr well bye blessed be!!! <3 ills
from ills :
yo that is the chick from buffy the vampire slare?
from quackreviews :
Hey.. it's just "Quack Girl" testing if all your links work.
from devilish- :
after reading this entry, i requested a review from a review site you work for, diary-score, umm, i just want to ask if you could review me, 'cos i think you would do more than just look at a few links and judge me, thanks,
from miscellaneo :
haha thanks for the good word about my 'review.' it was fun and your on my list of interesting lives. i will probably come back and read your diary often because not many people have the life that you live. thats why its so damn interesting =) thanks again! masked graffiti artist (if you were a school teacher would students call you Ms. Goddess?)
from devilish- :
Awwww! "You like me, you really like me", yeah so anyway, i love ya diary, i read almost all the entries last nite, im not sure where i got upto, but im going to go carry on readin now


from sovain :
Your review has been posted. Thanks for submitting!
from miscellaneo :
green bunny goddess, i have finished your crazy writings from a weirdo. ~the masked graffiti artist
from kettlereview :
your review is up!
from almostlegal :
Hey! You're invited to join the Almost Legal diaryring. I really appreciate you taking the time out to take part in Almost Legal. It was really cool. More info can be found at the diary.
from xander :
Tell your friend Ronni to add me to the Xander diaryring. It's bugging me and I don't know why. I mean, damn I named my site xander for god's sake. Ok, sorry about that. I don't know what came over me. Much love and endless orgasims. Later Days;-)
from hitz-reviews :
Hello! Well your diary has been reviewed, sorry it took so long and now go check it out
from timdangerous :
You are way too cute, did you know that?

Follow only your heart...
for only it knows the way.

from taintedviews :
Your review is up!
from timdangerous :
Happy 100 entries sweetheart!


from themagicdude :
Although I have to disappoint you in saying that I disagree with the contents of it, the quote's structure is...awesome. ;-)
from ronni :
As you wish, we now have Xander, Dawn, Ripper, and Spike. I have now reached the limit of my diaryring space. :-)
from menthe :
One of my assistants did the questions for you and she even sent the answers for me one time but I have lost them somewhere. However it's her job to post the answers up to Crossexamine diary so she should have the original mail with the questions and answers on it. I'm trying to contact her (I've been trying to contact her the last two weeks to be honest) but until now have heard nothing. As soon as I know more I'll let you know :) I'm really sorry about this mess. But what comes to your answers, they should be safe if I just could get hold of them. If we can't find them in a week I'll make new ones for you [with five extra questions or even more if you insist ;)]. Does that sound fair?
from ronni :
Hey there, just letting you know that I finally took your advice and made a Faith diaryring. It is simply called Faith. The AOL server I use to hold the graphics isn't working so well so if it doesn't come up right away bear with it. :-)
from badcompany :

A Cult of Green Bunny Worshipers was here!

from timdangerous :
omg! i misspelled counter! doh me!
from timdangerous :
boring? boring????
take a look at your conter!

bunny hugs & bunny kisses!
from belle-chan :
I think I'm going to cry... Oh Gods... *hugs lots*
from timdangerous :
*major hugs*
you know why.
from misfitmonkey :
dude, you left me an awesome guestbook message and plugged me on your website and filled out my slambook with kewl answers TWICE. you are rad dopus and gets lots of kudos for such awesome deeds. :) Thanks for likin' my diary and such and I'll be back again to visit. ;) Lerv, monkey.
from dazy81 :
Thanks for joining the weeeeeee diaryring. Drop me a note or email if you'd like the squirrel pic :)
from dork-review :
Hey, it's Kelley from Dork-Review. We posted your review at - congratulations on a great diary. <3 Kelley
from timdangerous :
hot hot hot~! *grin* go bunny!
from squashpie :
Hey, you reviewed me. I was just writing to let you know that the Joe and Silent Bob thing is all fixed and done. It was a typo, I swear. Thanks for pointing it out to me. I bet there are a bunch of people that read that and think I'm a total da. Heeeeh.
from xander :
I swear I wrote you a note once, maybe not. I've become a faithful reader, but I think you know that. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year, ummm right. Do love your site though, I guess like does attract like. Later Days;-)
from dearshabby :
i've got some advice for you hon... better go take a look for yourself i think....
from seasa66 :
Hehe. You left me another note! Oh, Joy. ;) Lol. Bunny, I love your diary. And all the tests/quizzes/surveys/dolls rawk my socks! And...I kinda forgot about the guestbook. :/ ::will look into it tomorrow:: Love ya! Melissa
from timdangerous :
how do you get to be a yellow bunny?


from sabec :
It is rare for me to find a profile with cool things in all the inerest areas. Yours is one.
from lexdesigns :
hey! i'm really glad you like my site. thanks for all the kind words! :)
from typicalme :
Hi there :-) Thanks for joining my Alyson Hannigan diaryring! I love yer journal! - TypicalMe!

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