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from harri3tspy :
I'm glad to see you back. I'm sorry you've had such a rough year. Hugs to CJ! I hope you'll be writing again. I miss reading.
from vickithecute :
Beautiful layout...and how terrific that you're loving being a new mommy...that's the best....anyway, just found you through your banner ad...adding you to my faves now....
from lass :
Kate! You're locked up! Hope everything is going well with the new babe. Miss reading you!
from yuripanda :
from yuripanda :
I feel really bad now... I was born 9 days late... And its gotta be just total hell anticipating this baby! Its like "Just come out already!!!" And I realize how late I was and how my mum must have felt... Well, technically, she went into labor with me only like 4 days after the due date... but then she was in labor for 5 days... which has to be a lot worse than just anticipating a baby for 5 days... And I'm sure this isn't making you feel any better... I'm really hoping this baby gets here soon!!! :)
from sexxxycoven :
Hiya, followed yuripanda's link here. If there is one thing I know about her she is definately a NZ fan!!!! Anyways, I dropped in to give a good luck wish to the new mom. I'm pregnant with my second now. Due November. Wish you the best!
from yuripanda :
OMG... has it been nearly 9 months already??? The baby is due in July??? That's so soon!!!! Didn't you just find out you were pregnant like last week??? seems like that anyway...
from junipersday :
your guestbook seems to be down!! I can't believe your marriage license was messed up!! So, what does it mean if you have to keep the date as November? Good luck with getting it fixed!!
from amomslife :
Ugh, your guestbook won't let me sign!! I took care of the nausea caused by my vitamin by taking it right before I went to bed, that way I slept through the nausea it caused me. And the cramps are most likely your muscles being you said, no biggie! Enjoy this time, it goes too fast!
from sketchedpony :
Good luck with the baby!
from yuripanda :
::is absolutely bewildered to why anyone would want to leave NZ to come here:: I can't stand it here. I want to get out of the states so bad! I would give anything to go live in NZ. I'm absolutely crazy about NZ. I have a big NZ flag up on my bedroom wall. I just absolutely adore anything having to do with NZ. I'm such a Kiwi Wannabe... Its horrible. Anyway, to answer your question... YES YES YES!!! There are some Americans... such as me... who are dying to go to NZ!!!! Especially after the LOTR movies came out. They sort of put NZ on the map. And people are starting to realize what I've known all along... that NZ is absolutely wonderful!!!!!
from wifemotherme :
I cant find the link to the pic page - can you hook me up? Please..... [email protected]
from wifemotherme :
Happy New Year sweetie!! I pray you and A are blessed beyond measure!
from i-am-weezil :
Just to let you know...the Dark Damsel had to take her own life. My Kate will be missed
from lass :
Your guestbook isn't working this morning...but wow, Kate! I had tears in my eyes reading about your big day...I am so happy for you and A!!! Much happiness to you both...I would love to see the pics -- my email addy is [email protected]
from yuripanda :
Oh wow... its getting closer and closer, isn't it?? I'm getting all nervous/excited thinking about it and its not even my wedding!!! Congratulations!!! And I hope everything goes well!!! Have a great honeymoon!!!! :)
from thevow :
Hey you! I left a note in the guestbook but it didn't stick and it timed out. I said I was thinking about you and A all this week. All the best on your big day. Love you loads, Hugs!! kathryn
from mentalblank :
Yeah!! I'm SO happy for you!!! If all else fails, if the bride has a glass in her hand, everyone is happy! That doesn't mean it has to be alcoholic and if handed an alcoholic beverage, you hold/do not sip/and quietly place on an abandoned table. You'll be fine! And use the antibiotic excuse! Anyone would buy that! You're hyper sensitive, which is TOTALLY understandable! NO ONE will think you're pregnant just for those excuses!! Yeah! For!! You!!! Congrats!!
from wifemotherme :
WOW!! Congratulations! What a nice day to visit for the first time.
from mentalblank :
100% of the people that did NOT send back their response card did not come. I guess they think there is no need to send it back if they aren't attending. Morons! Good luck! I made over 200 phone calls to track down our non-responders!
from yuripanda : planning... So extremely stressful, but so extremely exciting!!! I'm sure the big day will be absolutely perfect!!! :)
from cruel-irony :
It would be so great if you could go to JournalCon too! And, you can definitely be our virtual roommate.
from rexicrain :
Hey Kate!! Just a note saying hello, I haven't posted in such a longtime. I am mindless these days. How are you? The pictures from Africa are beautiful!!!
from flyinby :
i wouldn't call the layout adorable - ya know? but it /is/ cool. ;)
from persacanzona :
Your diary was quite entertaining, and your layout is adorable. Cheers!
from mentalblank :
Hang in there Girl, at least you didn't leave the church name and address off of your invitations!
from eirien :
My cousin had a daughter several years ago, so I looked up the term. I'm pretty sure they are your first cousins once removed, but cousin-neice sounds alot nicer =)
from littlemoose :
headache, nausea, baby-wish... do we see a pattern here? Sorry, It just popped into my head! Question: I know my diary is not a lot of fun (yet, just started) but how do you get all these people to read your diary? Cynthia
from atomic-poppy :
I have no idea what Dippity soldiers are. I just heard about them on a TV show produced, filmed, set in, NZ. I thought you'd know.
from eirien :
Thanks! I'm getting used to it, slowly but surely.
from eirien :
That veiw is unbelievable! I wanna move to New Zealand now. Enjoy your new house!
from mariaisa :
wedding plans are so exciting aren't they?! i hope you're having fun plannint yours
from mariaisa :
You live in new zealnd? Oh wow thats so cool. Pardon my ignorance in thining everybody lives in North America ;) I'm glad things worked out between you and your friend Nat
from mariaisa :
A new house is always exciting - congratulations
from mariaisa :
lol that does seem weird that you wouldn't even talk about it in the morning. are you sure it really happened and it wasn't all a dream?! jk ;)
from mariaisa :
Hi it's maria_isabella from tf. I found your diary from a thread in TOT and i added you as a buddy. Hope you don't mind :) Congratulations about being asked to speak at that wedding it is a real honor
from keeds :
hi. write back.
from godzgirlz :
Great Diary...Just dropped in via your ad and thought I'd leave you a note, you can do the same if you fancy? Peace & love Piper/Anj
from paprikstar :
thanks for thanking me. did i say it was fun? well i was bored so it probably was. maybe see u around. pap
from dasauce :
Thank you. I'll read your diary, Ma'am. I've always wanted the time to go to NZ. Perhaps in the coming year. Best, Rick
from alysia :
Happy 1st Anniversary! You are chica fantastica. Ha ha. I am dumb but anyway thanks for writing for all this time. Most people don't keep a diary for more than two months.
from ronia :
Hi Kate! I just wanted to let you know I saw your b-day on the new TP, and it's the same as my son's. :D So ... happy (way!) early birthday! :) ronia
from potireviews :
You requested a review from Pretty on the Inside a very long time ago and I was just wondering if you'd still like that review. If not I understand, please forgive us for the atrocious delay. If you would still like a review please leave us a note. Thank you.
from loll-y :
thought you would be interested to look at this
from tosh21 :'re welcome, i love questionares. got anymore? you seem interesting.
from nothing-much :
All fine and dandy. It was good fun!
from loll-y :
a few times things have happenned to prove im not crazy one time i was walking in a small crowd trying to get into a mall this man came right up to my face about 10cm from it and said either 'youve seen me' or 'ive seen you' i was too freeked to remember the scarry thing was his eyes were clouded over like he was blind but he was staring at me and as he walked away he keep staring not even watching were he was going ...ive seen stationary objects look like they have been kicked across the floor with no one having actually moved them i have the same dreams as other travellers and one time my brother told everyone the cats are coming sharon knows shes seen them i was like what? and then months later i saw these creatures they looked like people covered with fur snake-ish looking eyes and they wanted to fight. my brother thought that only select people could see them but a while later my boyfriend told me about the same dream ...i have no idea what they are they dont really look like cats mabey hyennas i know this seems soo crazy but thats the only non human thing ive come across in travel ....ive also seen white figures you could call them gosts, i think sometimes when you travell things can follow you back have you read my diary? the thing about the top hat man?....well im sure you are very confussed now
from loll-y :
astral travel is when you go to sleep and you can "dream" of past places and people see the future or present situation see people before you meet them know all languages walk around other cities in other places some people claim they can do it when awake but i dont believe them some people dont realise that they do it they think they are just dreaming when i do it i usually start of running then i start running faster through a field off very tall grass untill im going so fast i cant tell which way im going and then im at the place i cant control where i go but i usually go to the same places not many people understand this ive done it all my life and still dont understand it sometimes the people you see while you travell recognise you as a traveller other travellers can sometimes see you in a travell and tell you and yet you wont travel there till later
from cozycriter :
Hi, hon'.. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. *HUGS* Hey..I hope your puddings turn out okay. They sound like they are a common staple in New Zealand, no? Is it like the pudding we have here? Hope you enjoy the second Lord of the Rings..and geez..I totally forgot it was filmed in NZ! :) I never saw the original, but hear it is great. I just saw the latest James Bond film and that one was good. If I don't hear from you sooner, I hope you have a great Christmas, as well. :D And thanks so much for taking interest in my diary. I'm so flattered. *HUGS*
from loll-y :
hi just took your survey i a nz-er i like 'v' better than l&p was amazed at some of the answers i hope you told that aussie chick that nz acutally have older evidence of pavlova therefore it was here longer i think they should make different flavours like strawberry and chocolate ohh and she said we where dull!!!! i dont see aussies creating thing like lugeing and zorb balls and extreme bungy off the highest place in the southern hemishere and all other cool things nz-ers have done we rock!!
from potireviews :
Are you stin interested in a review? If you are please send an email to [email protected] Thanks!
from grahamc :
kate, I'm locking my diary because a friend got the link and I don't want him reading it. username- grahamc password- phoebe
from dreamer2003 :
Thanks for signing my guestbook :)
from futurebird :
from jennstarr :
Wonderful diary!! Chow! -Jenn
from weymouth66 :
Hi Kate, thanks for your note and for listing me! So do you have Vanilla Coke in NZ now? We still don't in England :o( Much love, Jess x
from skippsta :
hi kate thanks for letting me do ur kewl survey it was funky. i unlocked my diary now, coz a nasty person i knew saw the site name and my username and i thought they were gonna read stuff bout them (twas the dyke) im off to read urs now bye love skip
from crepeguru :
Thank you for taking my rant seriously and not seriously at all. I think you got the tone of it. I actually did not mean to offend anyone but you have been quite a good sport about it. It's just a small pet peeve but an endearing one. I'll take a survey, sure.
from crepeguru :
I'm shocked that your reviewer attributed the use of the word "quite" to your being from New Zealand but then assumed that you were "confused" because you spelled "organised" with an "s." It's shameful how ignorant we Americans can be. I apologize on behalf of my countrypeople, profusely. If I could have it my way, we'd use an "s," too.
from crepeguru :
I don't think your diary gets boring at all. Keep up the good work! And thanks for all the little notes you've left. I'd fake a kiwi accent if I could, believe me!
from jason75 :
hey Kate, thank you for your note, is good to see you are doing well. There is hope for us Kiwis yet
from jason75 :
hey Kate, I almost cried when the poor All Blacks went down. Goddamn bloody *sigh* I give up... and the the silver ferns lose the netball.
from skylar711 :
Don't feel bad, I also spent a day reading diaries and instant messaging friends all day. Work doesn't seem to keep my interest lately. Again, I love your matisse layout.
from jason75 :
just stopped by your diary and really enjoyed you writings. Keep it up
from bella-amor :
I found your diary from Kessa's links. I'm on the Thin ring too. Anyway, your diary rings alot of bells for me.
from aussie36 :
Hi luv. Just thought i'd leave you a note. We both my thin diaryring members... and i'm guessing by the NZ add on to your name... that we hail from the same hemisphere :) So - hey. like your diary. ciaos.
from trancejen :
I've been trying to send you e-mails, and I keep getting some kind of message back from your server that says I need to delete an attachment? (there are no attachments) So I'm not sure if you're getting them or not? Let me know.
from trancejen :
*clapclapclapclapclapclapclap* :) Welcome to Diaryland. :) So nice to see a good friend. I'm looking forward to obsessively reading you every day. :)
from kate-nz :
Hi, i'm testing this out... Kate

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