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from stepfordtart :
Cant seem to click on your link today, dear! Will try again later in case its me being a 'tard (which it probably is!). s x
from stepfordtart :
Email on its way! s x
from yankee-chick :
Thanks for the kind words. I have been going back and reading alot of your early entries and you sure went through it, didn't you girl?!?! I do so 'enjoy' reading you. You write so well and you have a very 'real' life happening. Thanks for inviting me into your past and I so appreciate that you can relate to some of my frustrations. "hugs" Peggy
from teachin-usa :
Happy Birthday!!
from bettyalready :
Wow. Thanks for the comment. I can't read your diary because I don't have the pass on Lee's computer. I'll get the computer sometime today...I hope. It doesn't matter how "severe" it was, the fact that it happened is enough. I'm glad I wrote about it. Thank you
from teachin-usa :
Kellbelle, Wow! Thank you so much. What an incredible surprise-- God Bless you (and the baby)! XOXO Ms. Brazil
from mickey225 :
You know... I never got a password either! LOL Hope everything is going well!
from the-moo :
I want to see the pics of the sonogram I can't find them??!!?!?! *sobs* xxx
from opalanne :
Kelli, can I have your password? I would love to catch up with you - my email addy is [email protected].
from turtlemomma :
But the Wellbutrin made me HORNY!!!!! Heh.
from less-than3 :
SHUT UP. an AMERICAN IDOL BIRTHDAY PARTY?!?!?! oh my god. that is the BEST IDEA EVER. i wish they had american idol when i was a kid. hehehe. that sounds like a BLAST! can i have a little somethin' extra in my cup of coca cola on the table in front of me?? ;) THIS was the message i tried to add to your comments -- i SWEAR i only pressed clicked once, but diaryland told me i was a spammer, so i don't know if it showed up!!! ANDREW!!! WHAT GIVES???? c'mon! i've been around for 5 years now!!! heheheh
from nakedbarista :
I forgot to mention that-- I was the assistant troop leader. She wouldn't even let me help. I had no part what-so-ever in the "syllabus" planning. I had no clue from one week to the next what was going on, and that's not from lack of trying, either. I had so many conversations with this woman about sharing the workload. There was no way to miss what I was saying-- I'm a very blunt person. I came right out and said "Megan, you don't have a monopoly over this troop. We all paid our money the same as you so that we could have a hand in this. We deserve to be a part of carrying out this troop's activities, whether it be bringing snacks, leading a song or reciting the pledge. We want to do more and I, at least, should be more included on the planning. I'm not YOUR assitant, I'm the troop's assistant." Still nothing. As for starting my own troop, it goes back to dealing with the council. Now that they see me as a trouble maker, I know we'd get screwed in anything we tried to accomplish. And also, it comes with the whole "leaving any day now" problem. I don't want to start it only to have to leave before I can get someone to take over for me. It's not fair to the girls to start a troop that could disband in a months notice. I'd really like to get her set up, though. She has the daisy tunic, petals, everything. She just needs to earn them. (Yeah, we didn't even get far enough to earn ONE petal. *sigh*) To give an even bigger example of how the council isn't interested in helping us at all, they refused to let us register our girls as Juliettes. I have thought about contacting a council in our hometown and seeing if they'll register her as a Juliette because we're military, but I'm going to see how the rest of it pans out first. (Also, sorry for leaving such long notes, LOL!!)
from nakedbarista :
I'm in the other boat-- We tried to start up a Daisy troop but the Leader was a controlling uber-bitch. She refused to let any other mother have a hand in anything. When we complained to the council, we were basically lectured about how we weren't helping enough as mothers. Um... No, we're TRYING to help but she refuses to give us any responsibility! It would be almost ok if she actually did her job, but she came in one meeting and said "I'm too tired to do anything, so they're just going to play the whole time." We were livid. Had she given us the chance to have roles, we could have covered the meeting so it wouldn't have been a waste. When we saw the council wasn't going to help us, we all just pulled our girls, which disbanded the entire troop. I've contemplated trying to enroll her again in the fall since we're actually paid members, but I don't want to have to deal with that woman again, nor the council. They viewed us as trouble makers, so they'd never respect us as a troop.
from nakedbarista :
Also, I noticed you're in charge of some girl scouts!! When we first moved here, Kyle saw that there was no Boy Scout troop on base so he (an Eagle Scout) started a troop. He stayed for a year until things were running smoothly and now he has turned his focus on his career a bit more. Scouting was fun. I just wish the Girl Scout council here didn't have their heads up their butts.
from nakedbarista :
I would be all for starting a group, but the problem is what originally brought me to consider homeschooling in the first place. We're coming up on our third year here, so it's about time for the military to start jockeying us around. More than likely, they'll leave us here for the rest of Kyle's enlistment, but there's always that chance. I don't want to start a group from the ground up only to leave and have it not get anywhere. It's not fair of me to ask people to back me up when I might have to pull out in the early stages anyway. *heh, Nikki said...* Once we get where we're going permanently, I'd be more than happy to head something like that up. I'm chock full o' initiative. I just don't want to start and not follow through.
from nakedbarista :
We're in the middle of nowhere, SC. The closest town to us is Savannah, GA. We actually live on a military base, so I thought there would be a good homeschooling community here. Well, I learned my lesson about thinking. Ha. The "closest" community is an hour or so away.
from bettyalready :
OH MY GOSH! NO WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY NO WAY NO WAY!!!!!!! t gunby at gmail dot com/PLEASE EMAIL THE PASSWORD!!!! That is SOOOOOOOOO COOOL!!!!! I hope you're not sick!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO WAY! I'm sorry I've been so not writing anyone. I just read this! It's Sunday
from lou-bee-doo :
Hey!!! I've been taking time to catch up on your diary :o) (should have done it AGES ago though) and I just want to say CONGRATULATIONS!!! I'm so happy for you and I hope your pregnancy goes really well *lots of hugs* you seem like an amazing mom already and I bet Aubrey can't wait to have a little brother or sister :o) lots of love and kisses to you!!! xxxxxx
from hothead :
helloooo! decided to get off my backside and come say hello to the wonderful person who leaves all the wonderful notes... password? maybe? so i can read and comment right back?? you know you wanna... :)
from blazingstar :
!!! Exciting!
from thedetails :
Tried to leave a comment but it wouldn't allow it, so I'll leave it here. I think you should leave the Canadian a message as well. Tell him "Sorry, but you weren't thinking about him at all, your too busy being happily married!" ha ha
from lou-bee-doo :
Thank u for the lovely note!...I was just looking at your profile :o) how weird and co-incidental!! *hugs u back very much* I still can't get into your diary so my arms, opened for a hug, are also welcoming your password ;o) if that's okay? My email is [email protected] (I forgot that bit last time I asked u...doofus and messed-up-chick am I)...thank u again, for making my heart feel a little lighter :-)
from the-moo :
it won't let me in today!! :-( sad sad sad have some love I LOVE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
from blazingstar :
Hey, just wondering if I could get the password! Hope everything's okay. My email is [email protected].
from sallydallydo :
:::::::Waving::::::: Password? Please?
from the-moo :
I love you so so so so so much I just read what you wrote on hotheads diary and I cried!! I don't know why on earth you're always so nice to me but I honestly.. almost every prayer since I met you I have a new reason to thank God for putting you in my life!! I ADORE YOU xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
from lou-bee-doo :
I'd love to return the favour and peruuuuuse your diary chuck a password this way too (if thou art chucking them!) :o) SPONGEBOB ROCKS! (well, he sponges...but in a rock stylee) x x
from dadeeli :
I've been reading your journal for a while, and was surprised to see that you had locked up. I miss reading your journal and hearing about you. It would be much appreciated if you sent me the password. If not, I understand. Hope everything is well with you.
from teachin-usa :
I would also like a password if you're giving it.
from la-blue-eyez :
Ack! You've locked up! Like everyone else, I hope everything is ok and if you're offering passwords, please email it to me.
from irisheyes70 :
I ditto what the last two said. I hope everything is okay!! *HUGS* I'm worried about you.
from thedetails :
I hope that everything is alright with you, if you are offering passwords can I have one please. If not, oh well hope everything goes well for you. ~hugs
from joiedv :
Hey...are you okay? Are you offering passwords? :)

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